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  1. Yup! Currently only the team and our envoys (community leaders in our discord) know. We'll probably make it public to the discord server at some point before the episode is released. I'll leave it to @Octavius to decide when or if he wants to inform people on the forums about the starter changes prior to the EP3 release.
  2. Im sure a handful of people are wondering if they should pick the game up or wait for episode 3. There's still A LOT of work to be done before we even start testing internally, and there will not be that many changes to the first two episodes minus two major(ish) ones. 2 starters will be replaced due to not achieving the level of balance and viability we wanted, and the overall difficulty of the game is going to be reassessed due to us fixing some damage scaling issues on certain fields, there will likely only be minimal changes, but there is the possibility we have to overhaul half the encounters and then the timetable for Ep3 gets delayed further. So really its up to you, Episode 1 and 2 will be in there best form after episode 3 drops, but the changes aren't going to be so drastic that it feels like a different experience.
  3. Hey folks, quick update and announcement Update: We're making progress, dialogue is done minus revisions, eventing has been underway for awhile, most of the art related stuff is done bar any new pokemon / pokemon forms that may or may not be on the way. Rebalancing is done, coding is being worked on. We don't do timelines here but just know things are rolling and we'll let you know when we start testing. Announcement: As a "thank you" gift to both the rest of the dev team and our wonderful player base / community. I got some artwork commissioned for our male protagonist Perseus! Shoutout June for the incredible job! As always, thank you for enjoying our game, keep an eye out for updates, and long live the Empire!
  4. Quick update. We started alpha testing for Episode 2 recently, so you guys won't have to wait another 2 years before you hear from us again. (That said don't get used to progress being this quick, Covid-19 has given us all much more free time than we'd otherwise have.) We've been taking all your feedback to heart and applying it to EP2 (Higher difficulty and some QoL stuff). So if you have any suggestions, critique, opinions, etc feel free to post about it!
  5. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to give us honest feedback. It's the sort of thing we need and I'm sure many other players may have the same criticisms. Secondly, this will be a mixture of expanding upon what Octavius has said in his reply and actually addressing some of your concerns with the direction of the game. 1) As someone who does a fair share of the writing, I hear you loud and clear. Episode 2 dialogue has been in the works recently and there is a lot less wall breaking and reference drops. While I agree that they can be immersion breaking at times, in our minds they still have some value so you'll still see a few. Anything that could be construed as "out of bounds" or over the top has already been removed from Polaris for the episode 2 release (due to some issues with other platforms), so if you or anyone else choose to start over in the future I hope your immersion can remain intact. 2) This is the main reason I'm making a post, as I feel like a lot of others may feel the same way. So I'll assure everyone that not every NPC in Telius will make you feel like an a hole. It's mentioned by a few NPC's that Polaris has become a hot spot for the Yo'ak after the war, so it is natural to assume people being on edge after a large group of culturally distinct people move in to your neighborhood. I agree that we can probably lay the framework for it better. That said every major area in the region is culturally distinct, without spoiling anything we have in the work for episode 2 I'll simply say the NPC's in that area will interact with the player completely differently than in Polaris and for good reason. While the intention wasn't to make anyone "feel bad" after getting the cold shoulder in one area you'll likely feel something completely different in the next, it's a "controlled" roller coaster of emotion. Also I believe there are only 2 cases of people kicking you out their homes, out of the dozens of buildings in Polaris that seems okay. As Octavius said some NPC's or events are made to catch you by surprise, you never know what's going to happen in a region still in the infancy of its rebuilding. 3) Starting with the field effect manual. (Which I recommend everyone who plays the game to check out or have open as they play) everything the field does is listed in black and white (like why you get frozen more often in the ice rink). I don't really know how we could make it more clear besides making it accessible in-game which we may consider doing in the future. A change-log would be a welcome, but I don't think it would be that useful even if neatly formatted onto a word doc, with practically every single Pokemon being re-balanced and many moves and abilities getting the same treatment it will come down to people hitting ctrl +f to search for what they want to know, that would be the same in PBS or a word doc. As Octav said idealy we'd just have a website to streamline the process in the future, but while our dev team covers a lot fo professions none of us are web developers so that will be a long term goal. Thanks again for the feedback!
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