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  1. Rejuv question: Has anyone found the virtual badge quest ridiculously difficult playing the totodile route?


    And when I mean ridiculously difficult... I mean, I'm playing intense mode.

    1. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      Set mode Intense was ok for the first two badges.

      But for the next two, I allowed myself switches and items because winning required haxx.

    2. Commander


      Try the Chikorita route. Bugsy was hell.

    3. RedAlert


      I'm on Claire and the battle starts off with an overleveled feraligatr refusing to cooperate, leaving us with 5 Pokémon. Add to that her dragonite does not budge, despite throwing billions of rockslides and ice punches at it.


      It's entirely dependent on RNG and not strategy, which is unfortunate because the only reason I'm playing games like these is for the strategy.

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