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  1. thank you Jan I also agree with you, Rejuv should stay the same, just add gen 8 pokes if and you can and thats it I am personally not a fan of gen 8 mechanics and changes and I love Rejuv just the way it is
  2. As much as I read posts on reddit they completely removed that and some other moves from the game and made some exclusive moves TMable (mystical fire, aura sphere etc). and changed movepools of some pokemon.... I really really dislike what they did with moves....
  3. I hope Jan won't overwrite previous gen pokemon moves like SWSH did with nature power hidden power etc... I am not a fan of these changes
  4. the one you get from Kimono girls. It has Transform as one of his attacks, and its a shiny
  5. Or just use that special eevee/vaporeon, transform into rift gardevoir and enjoy
  6. Thank you, btw E4 virtual badge is bugged, after 1st battle I battler with my own pokemon (ofc I wrecked E4 and Lance with my lvl 85 mons)
  7. what about virtual badges? I dont know where those trainers are
  8. I cant find culvier clan member on route 6 dive spot and also can someone tell me where are all the virtual badge challenges?
  9. You can find wimpod in Kakori villafe safari zone, but you have to pufify the cave with pyukumuku in battle (entrance is in route 5, that route which leads to Valor mountain, you need rock climb). Basically, you go to route 5, find that corrupted cave and purify with pyukumuku. Then you exit the cave, return to village, enter safari zone and find cave entrance from safari zone. Golisopod has been my ace ever since I got him. Really awesome addition to my team and brought me many wins... For Tyranitar I used chandeluer (because he changes to normal type and ghost is supereffective in inverse field). Mega aerodactyl gets one shot with 1st impression if I remember correctly
  10. I used only 2 pokemon against adam. Golisopod, the MVP, and sylvally which was backup. Just spam those first impressions and easy win even on intense
  11. tried to download, I keep getting The site can't be reached error
  12. That would be really dope if those 2 would work together on desolation Imagine the possibilities
  13. Yeah I really liked that game and the idea of credits and stuff
  14. I got the true ending and know where all the pokemon are. You can PM me if you want
  15. @Jan I still have no idea how to use all 3 capsule keys. I am in last chapter and Kenneth just discarded all 3 capsule keys saying he finds no use for them...
  16. Seems like you actually cant since every single mon is breaking free when I use it (I am soft resetting to see if I can catch something). EDIT: You can actually catch something
  17. Can you use pokeballs? I just found ultra ball
  18. Anyone know where and how to use them?
  19. I just figured it out LOL. Its actually so obvious yet we missed it. btw where do you find roselia? I cant find it on my 2nd run. Also I found 1st capsule key, Nihilego capsule key is a bug
  20. So I am replaying my run and this scene is much different that in the 1st run. What did I do different? I cant figure out LOL. EDIT: I know what triggers this scene
  21. I just returned to one of previous saves
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