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  1. so whats going on? I cant find it anymore, is Jan still working on it?
  2. Tomek

    Regarding Intense Mode

    I completely understand and support your decision Jan. Although Ive been playing on Intense all the time and am gonna miss it, I have to say even for me intense has become nightmare (seriously wtf was that Hazuki fight?) and I can imagine how much harder it is to even balance something like that. Rejuv is my fave game and I cant wait for it to finish! Anyway keep up the good work guys! I absolutely love the game and every single update!
  3. I used all the characters teams just because i figured their team is better optimized to deal with certain opponents, and I was not wrong. since there is no PC you cant change which mons you have so if you use interceptor wish and have kinda not good mons for etc Angie youre much more screwed than with Erins team. And yeas i beat it on intense pretty easily
  4. Thats a lot to read but I like your theories. I agree that Nim is actually Nimyera and that we have to return to past 1 more time. However I think that Melia is not fused Maria with Meloetta
  5. I also think about that, it could be possible
  6. Yeah it feels kinda bad when youre bad to them and they are still like: I trust in MC etc etc lol
  7. I just finished Mariannete battle and she said quote like: I wanted us to be friends, but you have been nothing but mean to me. FEELSBAD
  8. I like the characters too much as well,. except Texen, and Angie, Geara.... ewwwww hahahha
  9. But its so hard, i feel sooo bad after being a meanie to Mariannete :(
  10. She also mentions Anju and Hazuki right after so she must have been from the PAST, which means she most probably IS corrupted Nymiera
  11. you need to put the candle on the grave to get litwick, you get candle from one of the doors in wispy ruins
  12. as you can see its happening on my save file as well
  13. Remember the flashback when Variya calls our past character Adrest? And that she is happy when he finally calls her mother. Now I have a theory that the world was reset 2 times! 1st time our MC reset the world and got Adrest in him but failed to make anything better. The flashback is from after 1st reset. And 2nd reset someone else did it after Adrest tried to do it by himself after Variya made him stronger by making him interceptor, probably Kieran and Clears boss so we dont know anything that happened cause someone else reset instead of us.
  14. I have a theory that world didnt reset 1 but 2 times because MC has Adrest with him and doesnt remember the reset. So MC might do 1st reset but 2nd reset could be done by someone like Madame X or Kieran and Clears boss cause they know everything. Also i just remembered the scene in Blakeory Atheneum where Erin asks Melia that if she is sure that she is simply traveling to past with time crystals? hmmm
  15. It is same for me on my file idk what this is about but its weird
  16. I picked poplio for mine and it served me pretty well in the begining I dont regret it one bit :)
  17. yeah host 1 died once by a strong psychic attack which way obviously Clears Beheeyem, as you can see in the picture
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