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  1. Sorry, I don't have any of those Pokemon, but start again and go strong! Had the same thing happen to me after I completed E17 and quit for a while, but about a month and a half ago I came back and am even further than before. Don't give up!
  2. It's because of the Iron Ball held item, pretty sure.
  3. Hey sorry, completely forgot about checking that, got preoccupied with getting back into my dorm. Thanks for checking that, and good points made. That's definitely the way I should have approached it, just got my theory-trigger finger excited when I saw that NPC, haha. You're right, I completely forgot about that! We can also assume that the young Narcissa was from the time period we travel back to, as our older Narcissa was able to come back to our time from that point in time. I'll be looking more into placements and what-not later.
  4. Hello everyone, I made a post a while ago here: Explaining a theory I had on what the Terrial region looked like before the Calamity mess. I decided to replay the game again so that I could see if there was anything I missed the first time, or anything that made more sense now that we have a bigger picture to the entire puzzle that is the pre-Calamity world. Well, I found an interesting NPC that I somehow missed the first time in Gearen City's Violet Building that says the following: Wait wait wait, so hold up. All of the regions were connected at some point? I don't know about you guys who probably didn't skip it like I did, but that means our new Terrial region should connect to the other regions somehow. Here's the Floria region and what, in my last post, we considered to be the pre-Calamity Terrial Region: Well... either Jan planned this out and we got it right on the money, or this is the biggest coincidence ever. Let me highlight exactly where Terrial fits into Floria: The edges look pretty similar. Obviously they aren't perfect, as the map of the Terrial region is a rough mock-up, but let's try to align these edges a little bit... Okay cool. Fits together really nice. We also know that the Terrial region is to Floria's north-west, as shown by the cutscene in which the gang travels from West Gearen to Route 7 (sorry, don't have a screenshot on me). I'm just gonna quick fit these things together, and let's see what it looks like: Looks sorta clean, right? W R O N G And I'll tell you why by putting in where, but with this setup, a lot of things don't match up. FIRSTLY... I'll create a map here of where I deduced things should be, and we'll go from there. 1. Modern Route 2 / Vivian's cherry blossom was planted in this general area. Needs to be buy southern coast. 2. Modern Amethyst Cave / Sheridan Village, DIRECTLY North of coast. 3. Modern Goldenwood area / SHOULD be Kugearen Woods, not matched up correctly 4. Modern Goldenwood area / SHOULD be Kugearen City (not near any coasts and far inland as it's north of Route 4, not matched up correctly 5. Modern Abandoned Manor / Past Abandoned Manor? I'll come to this point later. 6. Modern Akuwa Town / What should be Ambrette Town as Ambrette town is on the Northern coast 7. Modern Route 4 / What should be Route 3, also connected to some unknown cave system to the East See what I mean though? There's hardly any room! And things definitely aren't arranged as they should be. The region almost needs to be at a slant to fit everything in as it should fit in here. Not to mention from Ambrette Town to Sheridan Village is coast-to-coast in this version of the Aevium region, making things seem pretty cramped. So this is where the call to action comes in: what do you guys think of this? I'm not sure what to make of it. So I'm just going to do my best to fit everything in as I think it would fit in here, sorry guys. Don't got much here. > i tried Things just do NOT fit well in terms of how the map is lookin'. Let me just... ... ... eh. Well, the point I wanted to make about the Abandoned Manor was that these two signs: May be referring to the same thing, being the Abandoned Manor that we see Maria living in during the prologue/introduction of the game. It would make sense in the context of our new map: south of Hiyoshi City, south-west of Kugearen City. And that's all I got. Obviously, Terajuma still exists and should be placed somewhere, but I wouldn't know where to put it. I do have a theory though, regarding the placement of the Spring of Preservation. It reacts to Anju's Pendant, so obviously the Spring of Preservation was guarded by Anju before she went Angie-mode. You'd think that this means Kristiline Town (which we know existed pre-Calamity, as Anju mentions that being her home) must be somewhere close. This leads me to believe that Terajuma originally was located in this general area: but I can't be sure. This is where I'm trying (emphasis on trying) to start a discussion here on what a more complete region would look like. I could've gone wrong in multiple spots in this map which is why it didn't line up right (like the original alignment of Floria and Terrial), and two heads is better than one, and multiple heads is always better than two. So what do you guys think? Where could Terajuma be placed, is my placement of these spots correct considering my theory from the other post, or is everything just super wrong?
  5. Oh, while going through the quest I thought he said he and his wife were somehow teleported/transported to the Voidal Chasm. Maybe I misinterpreted that. Currently boarding a flight back to college so I’ll be sure to check it once I get there.
  6. The Abandoned Manor actually isn't accessible, it's blocked off by meteors from the whole Deoxys thing. I was just pointing out there was a sign on Route 4 that said something along the lines of "<- Route 6 + Abandoned Manor" only to then be pointing to a pile of meteors. Edit: Sorry for any confusion I may have caused in my post. I do encourage you to look around the past to see if you can find anything though! I'm super interested in finding out more about the pre-calamity world.
  7. Hello everyone, I recently started playing Pokemon Rejuvenation again after a super long hiatus, as in I haven't played it since V9. I went ahead and started a new game and played through everything, and I just wanted to point out some things I noticed about the pre-calamity world, which may seem obvious to those that have played through all of the various side quests, but I figured I'd point some of the things out. I want to make a series of posts like this that take a look at what the pre-calamity world was like, starting with this new map of pre-calamity Terrial. First and foremost, before looking at the pre-calamity world, we have to look at the post-calamity world and how the world as we know it was brought about. In the pre-calamity world, we visit the modern-day Terrial Region and Floria Region, specifically where we now know as Gearen City, Sheridan Village, and Zone Zero. One thing that we can basically confirm at this point is the massive land shift that the Calamity had on the Terrial Region. Below is a map of the Terrial Region: As you can see, there's a thin divider splitting the two islands of the Terrial Region, showing some land divide that was too large to be put onto the Town Map. However, if you payed attention to the graphic showing the gang's departure from Grand Dream City to Zone Zero, you could see that the islands were canonically placed aside each other like this: Nothing really out of the ordinary, right? At face-value, it's just a region split up into two islands. And it makes sense that Jan had to put the divider for the Town Map/Fly version of the map, as it's too large vertically. However, as I'm about to show, this map actually gives us a bit of an insight as to how devastating the Calamity was, at least to the land. Firstly, for those of you that have completed the Dufaux and Narcissa questline, you will know that Narcissa's full name is Narcissa Altair, of the Altair family. A family, her grandmother said, that was just as powerful and renown as the Theolia's and Blakeory's. First of all, this mention of powerful families is notable, but we'll get into that later. For now, what we wanted to get out of that questline was that the Altair Manor is right outside of Hiyoshi City, modern day Zone Zero. That's immediately striking to those that know the layout of the Terria Region, as these two locations are placed at these spots: So how the heck did they get so far apart? As of this point I'm going to be creating a map alongside our discoveries (not an artist), so to start our map of the pre-calamity Terrial Region (as none exists in the past), it SHOULD look something like this: This map includes what we know about Hiyoshi City and its surroundings so far. With Hiyoshi City in the middle and three branching paths at the top (West, Rejuvenation Co., East, Ana's Grave, North, Vacation Home), Route 5 to the south and Altair Manor on the north-eastern side of Route 5. Route 5 also has an exit to the east that is blocked off by a rockslide, so we can't see anywhere past that. As such, we don't know at all what the southern part of the Terrial Region looks like. There is also an unaccounted area called Gregorian Lake which we are taken to through a bus ride, but let's save that for a little bit later. For now, we need to figure out how Altair Manor traveled such a long distance. I believe the Calamity is responsible. Look at these two edges of the islands of Terrial: These edges seem to fit rather well together by the looks of things. Lets shift around the islands a little bit (and get rid of any unnecessary details for the sake of fitting) and see how well they fit: Yikes that's messy, but I think you get the point. They fit extremely well together, and they were most likely at one point a part of the same land mass. I've once again highlighted the locations of Hiyoshi City and Altair Manor, and they're pretty close. At least a lot closer than before. But wait, there's more! If you take a closer look at the island that Grand Dream City is located, you'll actually notice it's separated by a river. Here comes the conspiracy theory part, but what if this island is ACTUALLY two islands! AGAIN! Then there may be a better fit for the top half of the island, as it doesn't fit well with the rest of the placements from the previous map. There's a pretty good fit for it on the northern side of Hiyoshi City's island, and it ends up looking a little like this: Okay, once again, looks really messy-looking. BUT do you see what I see? Between the two halves of our island? A small spot where none of the land meets. A small spot of water. As in, a SPOT OF WATER THAT MAY NOT EXIST IN THE FUTURE? A certain... GREGORIAN LAKE? Of course I'm not just placing Gregorian Lake there because it's convenient with the way the maps line up. Notice that we have to take a truck ride to Gregorian Lake, just like we have to take a truck ride to get to Hiyoshi Pass. We need to get through the northern part of Hiyoshi City, which we are not able to access due to the coming of the Hiyoshi Festival, to get to Hiyoshi Pass, so we can assume we would also need to go through northern Hiyoshi City to reach Gregorian Lake, as it's only accessible by truck. Again, a little bit on the reaching side of things, but I don't have a better spot in mind for Gregorian Lake. So lets rework our map from earlier a little bit to see what our new finished result is: Okay, well... at least everything is sort of accounted for? There's a lot of unused space, and there's not much I can really do about that. Without knowing what's on the other side of Route 5, there's not much that we can do in terms of deducing what's on the rest of the island. I tried going south of Kugearen City to Route 4 to see if it connected to Route 5, but it actually connects to Route 6, which has something called the "Abandoned Manor." The Routes in the future all got re-worked so there's no point in trying to figure out how the Routes from the past connect to the future, because they simply don't. So what can we conclude from this? The Calamity was such a destructive event that it shook the very foundation of the Terrial Region (and other regions as well, as Aelita pointed out Sheridan Village looked nothing like it does in the present when visiting in the pre-calamity Floria Region). Not much we didn't know already, but at least we have a visual now I guess? Well, I hoped you liked looking through my process of creating a layout for the Terrial Region of the past. I'm hopefully going to be doing more of these in the near future with a map of the Floria Region and some lore and a timeline we may be able to follow. 'Til next time! EDIT: I would also like to point out a few things I won't necessarily be adding to the map, but will make quick note of here. During one of the sidequests from Sashila Village, involving the Voidal Chasm, we know there was a victim of the chasm that was somehow transported there from Gregorian Lake. This means that the Voidal Chasm obviously exists in the past, although we aren't sure necessarily where. Another thing that exists in the pass is the Eclysia Pyramid, just north of the Vacation Home on Hiyoshi Pass. It is inaccessible, however. We know this as it's shown in-game that the Eclysia Pyramid was made by the Garufans. The Garufans existed before the pre-calamity world we visit, as Nymiera used it to create the barrier that protected the Floria Region from the calamity.
  8. Well false alarm, there were actually two instances of her at once. There was one outside the police station, who I had been talking to, saying she was waiting for someone, and then a Jenny inside of the police station. I guess it's just a small bug.
  9. Hey all, Just beat the Puppet Master's "gym" and the first thing I noticed was the Judicial district of GDC was unlocked. I had accepted the help center request a while back and went over, but Jenny said that no one had accepted the request yet. I cancelled the request at the help center and re-accepted it to no avail. Does anyone know of any fixes or any reason why I'm not able to do this at the moment?
  10. This is a cool thing you got going on here, can't wait to see where this gets in the near future. That game was my shit back in the day. xD
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