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  1. 3 minor bugs: Clipping error in the jungle with the totem pole Grammar error after the end of a major battle in the last town (spoilers) There is an unobtainable item in the Hidden Mansion (this is when returning there after EP 18 content)
  2. I found a reproducible 'quirk' with doom desire. When used by the opponents Shaymin it produced the following error message and did no damage or animation. Then the battle continued as normal. I reloaded a backup save and could reproduce this behaviour. I can provide the save if desired. log:
  3. I tried this mode for a few battles and failed miserably :D. Nothing like getting oneshot by a random trainer with Diamond storm on Opal bridge. I also found the first "quirk" with a pokemon I caught. I don't know how this is coded internally, but I would love to see this mode extended and polished in the far future (maybe in ep. 20? ) A cool feature would be random abilities, because they can lead to awesome and pretty hilarious situations, like a Darumaka with Drizzle. But don't stress yourself about it. In the end I just want to say thank you for giving us something to do in these times. Stay safe!
  4. Minor visual error in 3 tiles at the factory in route 4. 2 Tree tiles are clipping into the large mountain, when they should be in the background. Also the second tree has 1 dark green tile and 1 light green tile in a sharp contrast. Compare it to the correct looking trees on the right. It should probably only use light green tiles.
  5. Hi, I was also one of the people who used escape rope in the old version Devon building before the ZEL fight. I will now set my backup saves to greater than 10... Help is greatly appreciated! game.rxdata
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