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  1. Hello! After a lot of years I've begun this game again. Does anybody know every story difference and how to get the different outcomes? Since I want to do the "best" possible run. Thank you!
  2. The same thing as above, I went from one of the new places to GDC and there after saving and closing the game the message appeared. Game.rxdata
  3. I'm having a problem. I have started playing the version normally and kept with the story going. So after going to I went back to GDC to change my sprite since I wanted to try a new one. In the end, there, I closed the game and opening it the Sprite Resizer line 151 error appeared. I can't change the screen on V10 since a lot of errors start to happen, I guess it's because I have already started V11's plot. Does anybody know what to do? Edit: I also have tried deleting files but for some reason the only files that appear are from when I had 10 badges and the last one. Game.rxdata
  4. Haha, no, thank you. You are right, I'm sorry. And thank you for your long explanation.
  5. I've been wanting to play this game and Pokémon Full Moon for a while, they both look awesome. Story wise, which one do you think has a better plot? Which one should I start with? Thank you
  6. You're very welcome! Thanks to you for all your hard work.
  7. Today I finished v4. It was awesome, I have really enjoyed it!! Thank you to @Caz for creating this amazing game!
  8. Haha, thank you I had one of those left when I fought him
  9. Yeah. Since it evolves at level 45, it's oretty useful.
  10. Peefect, thank you. Leveling my Trapinch now.
  11. Oh, well. I said "I can at least try it to see how it goes". Wow. Just wow. That Mega Lopunny is a nightmare. My poor Froslass. How did you get Gengar? I have a Haunter, but I don't know how to evolve it.
  12. Haha, thank you. I will try it next weekeend. I'll probably die about a thousand times.
  13. Thank you so much! You saved me today
  14. Do you also have to take off the blue ones around the stair? I thought I had took all of them off.
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