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  1. Yeah I did that I applied all patches and it worked so thank you
  2. omg i am so thankfull to you i finally fixed the problem
  3. i cant play the game i play on linux and the patch doesnt work for me
  4. i applied thepatch in linux but it doesnt seem the work i get this message everytime i tried to delete everything but it still happens
  5. yeah i did that but id didnt work maybe its only for windows ? i use the linux version
  6. hello i dont receive money when i beat trainers i play the game on linux is there a fix ? can someone help
  7. okay i fixed it i found the game files thank god thank you for the help
  8. i tottaly restarted the game and it was after i get my starter
  9. so i started the game on linux i changed the gamewindow size and i saved but then restarted and now i cant play the game i ttried to delete my savefile but i cant find it cause im new on linux can someone help me
  10. blue the blueish green and red to make white

  11. so i have a little problem when i got the tm fly i learned it to my shiny charizard after that my charizard turnt in a gogoat and my seismitoad turnt in to heliolisk two perfect clones can someone help me i want my original poke back
  12. i am at the cave at route 5 only with rockclimb but then when i go in there is a sentence the cave is corrupted how do i change this
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