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  1. Yeah I did that I applied all patches and it worked so thank you
  2. omg i am so thankfull to you i finally fixed the problem
  3. i cant play the game i play on linux and the patch doesnt work for me
  4. i applied thepatch in linux but it doesnt seem the work i get this message everytime i tried to delete everything but it still happens
  5. yeah i did that but id didnt work maybe its only for windows ? i use the linux version
  6. hello i dont receive money when i beat trainers i play the game on linux is there a fix ? can someone help
  7. okay i fixed it i found the game files thank god thank you for the help
  8. i tottaly restarted the game and it was after i get my starter
  9. so i started the game on linux i changed the gamewindow size and i saved but then restarted and now i cant play the game i ttried to delete my savefile but i cant find it cause im new on linux can someone help me
  10. blue the blueish green and red to make white

  11. yeah the first character that you speak the final room before the arena has a secret
  12. Im stuck in the first poison gym the last room where you need to make the white color
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