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  1. Another way to beat her is using air ballon (this way your speed isnt cut as long as you wont take a hit) I beat her using a fire mono once. Was pretty funny using drought ninetails and thyplosion or other pokemon with solarbeam against her. Most of her pokemon perish this way with only one or 2 hits, plus if you do take a hit because of drought you may survive one or even 2 hits to then take her out. Its important to beat the dive pokemon before they can attack
  2. this sayan medicham looks really god (or thunder god)
  3. You are right abot the outline Anyway I am glad you like it
  4. Its what is bellow the text, in my case its about the malkcosh guild Anyway I would suggest you to look at the outline of your sprites It seems to have a little bit of a strange colour (you have the normal colour, the outline darker and then a small line, that small line shouldnt be there) but they look great The only sprites I recolored were or scrap or were used in rejuv (I participated in the spriting personalization) but don't get me wrong, my sprites werent as good as a lot of other people participating Here some sprites that werent used If you would like to have a specific back of one you can ask and I may do it
  5. I think in the alley of either (maybe both) team aqua and magma
  6. As Alistair knows I give cookies But for you too Njab, I think you were a good mod
  7. Just wanted to say, you can get growlithe before corey I know there isn't a spoiler lock for this part of the game but still
  8. I can confirm events that are still the same if you are interested
  9. I assume you are updating this for EP 17... Just to make sure do you want me to post my findings for the new episode? I saw some parts that aren't fully correct
  10. @Alistair I was joking, I meant with that since you two won, who of both of you is Mr and Ms And Congrats to all the winners
  11. 8/10 Don't know where its from but I like it
  12. You should go see a doctor, throwing up blood is never a good sign... And get some rest, a lot of rest. I hope you get well soon
  13. Is one of my favorites, another would be tyranitar
  14. So I would like to do a poison mono, but i dont really like bulbasaur, well he is ok but not a pokemon I really like, so instead of bulbasaur as a starter something else, like a Skrelp My ideal skrelp would be (not necessary) Thank you for your time Game.rxdata
  15. I have 3 or 4 save files and i just rename the folder. Like Pokémon reborn_ice for my ice run when i play with another save The one the game starts is pokémon reborn. Any other name is just for you to know what tha save file is
  16. 10 alright (since I saw them break it most of the times when it was going to end on a 7 and that pool...)
  17. 8, could someone explain to me when can it be reset, I tought that only on numbers that ends in 7
  18. So they get the boost (and the item is consumed) when a field of that category is activated, does the boost change when the field change from one field to another (for example super heated and burning, to me they make sense to be in the same group) or they keep the boost even after the original field is destroyed? I think the most logical would be keeping the boost but the most fun would be an ever changing boost depending on the field (but that would be better for a non consumable hold item or if it produces an aura or similar for the pokemon) Anyway it seems those little seed would be a nightmare or a blessing... Nice work
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