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  1. no i'm referring to the entire team. the battle was literally wide guard, block rock slides, nasty plot, wide guard, block rock slides, blizzard Double KO, wide guard, block rock slides, blizzard doubleKO, wide guard, block rock slides, blizzard Double KO. gg
  2. honestly idk if this is by design or a bug, but he literally did nothing against my icemono but spam rock slide, to which i retaliated with wide guard and blizzard to sweep him without losing a single HP
  3. i mean at least its not shiny, or we'd have a yu-gi-oh lawsuit on our hands
  4. literally just get another mon with fake out and lead with it + growlithe to burn the field its that easy. Liepard works wonders
  5. yeah its not difficult to set your PC clock to a saturday and double battle the rich couple, they give a ton of exp. alternatively it might take a tad longer but finding a good wild area with a healing station nearby can help with the grind too. do note depending on your team you may want to look at the daily trainers and set your clock to fight one of those instead if you cant handle the rich couple, especially since there are parts where they outlevel you.
  6. in my experience Spellbreaker at least in skyrim is one of the best shields in the game. in past games it just gave a decent magic resist but in Skyrim it straight up gives you a free ward spell when you bring it out. which is strong enough to block dragon breath in some cases never mind rogue mages.
  7. 1. oblivion 2. shivering isles 3. assassin archer 4. sheogorath 5. Expanded Cities 6. sheogorath 7. knights of the nine final boss 8. single 9. Skyrim's Spellbreaker shield
  8. i will say Golem isnt the greatest rock type. i think by this point (or a short while later at least) you have access to Rhydon, who is better and you can (i think) have a Protector by this point to evolve it to Rhyperior for a far better rock/ground. also +1 to ability capsules, Bronzong loves levitate/heatproof (given your common ground weakness i think levitate) Heavy Metal isnt a great abil
  9. noibat isnt dragon type yet tho... also the field dosent let you soak up toxic spikes... are you guys even playing the same game? i do agree though a solid poison type can tank pretty much everything except seviper's bulldoze. Trubbish did it for me and acid spray allowed it to fight back and kill (Intense)
  10. is it just buffed levels or something more? i'm tempted to try a playthrough on intense sometime.
  11. MachoPony


    one thing i seem to recall stating being added was Save Files. no more moving around your game.rxdata file, so that makes multiple playthroughs a lot easier if so. i'll finish my icemono but then i'll try again with a new type probably
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