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  1. i will say Golem isnt the greatest rock type. i think by this point (or a short while later at least) you have access to Rhydon, who is better and you can (i think) have a Protector by this point to evolve it to Rhyperior for a far better rock/ground. also +1 to ability capsules, Bronzong loves levitate/heatproof (given your common ground weakness i think levitate) Heavy Metal isnt a great abil
  2. noibat isnt dragon type yet tho... also the field dosent let you soak up toxic spikes... are you guys even playing the same game? i do agree though a solid poison type can tank pretty much everything except seviper's bulldoze. Trubbish did it for me and acid spray allowed it to fight back and kill (Intense)
  3. is it just buffed levels or something more? i'm tempted to try a playthrough on intense sometime.
  4. MachoPony


    one thing i seem to recall stating being added was Save Files. no more moving around your game.rxdata file, so that makes multiple playthroughs a lot easier if so. i'll finish my icemono but then i'll try again with a new type probably
  5. +1 to Hardy/Aya i also loved the brief interaction between Serra and Radomus too bad something as silly as dating or romance would be out of the question for Postgame content, too many legendaries to code lol.
  6. yeah iirc you can now max your EVs off vitamins. considering how scarce money can be in reborn at times this may end up actually taking longer than straight EV training so i see no problem with changing that mechanic.
  7. thats basically what i'm going to do. finish up my icemono then use the passwords for like, a different randomizer idk what.
  8. shamless plug but uhh. try this for some ideas i will say a couple of things here though. 1. Vanilluxe is underestimated as all hell 2. cryogonal is amazing early with dual screens, freeze dry and later aurora veil 3. Frost Rotom is amazing in doubles paired with mamoswine 4. Avalugg's wide guard can be very helpful in doubles. especially hardy's gym.
  9. Mandibuzz can work as a solid bulky offensive or even wall-ish pokemon that keeps Murkrow's typing. something like claydol or bronzong might be worth looking at too if ground and psychic are a problem Weavile. my usual suggestion to everyone actually fits this role well enough, immune to psychic and can hit both psychic and ground ludicrously hard especially with a choice band or life orb. its wicked fast too. can also learn taunt i believe which while not having priority is still useful. infernape wants thunderpunch or grass knot. the latter especially tears rock and gorund types a new one. granbull should not still be using headbutt and bite. Return is a better normal move and it learns fking crunch. can also learn elemental fangs if you want to consider replacing roar with coverage. Golem is honestly just, not good. Gigalith does the same job better and you dont even need stealth rock overly anyway. you'd be much better off with krookodile or mamoswine, rock isnt a great offensive typing. jellicent is fine though you may want to try and get it scald if possible. Roserade desperately wants sludge bomb. thats all remember even though reborn limits your OP tms and tutor moves. breeding is an option to get certain moves on certain mons
  10. You can literally solo adrienn with a duo of good steel types that resist/immune ground. bronzong, magnezone and metagross all come to mind (magnet rise/air balloon) poison types can also corrode the mist field. if you're really desperate there's a few moves like defog and tailwind that can blow the mist away for a fairy tale field, where you can destroy her with steel types.
  11. how tf did he get unown? did he count that one room as a new area or just go through the entire cave with repels on?
  12. i for one am glad the game is being handled with such care and treated this well. other devs might see clamour for a new update and rush one out the door half finished to appease the ravenous vultures rather than handle it as well as it deserves. i'm also looking forward to where the team goes from here. maybe a multi-year project as huge as reborn isnt on the cards again. but i'm sure if inspiration strikes, then something will happen.
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