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  1. I know I can find them there- I actually already dug one from there out of my PC and evolved it into a Mothim before I ever set foot in Route 1. The problem is that the Trapinch guy's Trapinch's level will match the level of the Mothim that you trade to him, and a fresh Seacrest Garden Burmy will be like 30 levels behind the rest of your party by that point in the game. The question I have here isn't about that, though- it's about whether or not it's even possible to catch a Mothim from any of the headbutt trees in Aventurine Forest (and about whether or not the wiki is currently displaying ou
  2. According to the wiki, Aventurine Woods contains both high encounter headbutt trees and low encounter headbutt trees, which appear to have identical encounter tables aside from the high encounter headbutt trees having a 4% Wormadam encounter rate and the low encounter headbutt trees having a 4% Mothim encounter rate. Because Flygon is a pretty cool Pokemon and there's a guy who'll give you a Trapinch of equal level to a Mothim you give him, I decided to catch one of the high level Mothim from these low encounter headbutt trees. I headbutted every headbutt tree in Aventurine Woods (
  3. I don't know if this qualifies as a bug, but after using an item (such as a pokeball) in battle, your cursor will default back to the Fight command on your next turn. This means that just mashing A to try to repeatedly throw pokeballs at a weakened wild 'mon can very easily result in you accidentally commanding your Pokemon to KO it. Each time you want to throw another pokeball at a wild Pokemon, you'll need to move your cursor right one space (to the Bag command), THEN mash A, which can be quite irritating. I don't know how this is handled in other Pokemon games, but within Reborn
  4. The top of my head is cut off in my reflection in this water in Tanzan Cove.
  5. Reproduction steps: 1. Have a full party of Pokemon (and empty space in Box 1). 2. Catch a 7th Pokemon. 3. Select the option to replace a Pokemon in your party with your newly caught Pokemon and select a Pokemon to send back to the PC. 4. Notice that the message "[Pokemon] was sent to Box 1" lacks a period.
  6. Video footage of the bugged rocks: Reproduction steps: 1. Smash a train through a pile of rocks as a part of the main storyline. 2. After the train stops in Chrysolia Pass, head back to the place where the pile of rocks used to be. I haven't gotten very far beyond this point yet, so I don't know if advancing the plot too much will fix this error or make it irrelevant. Note that, at this point, I had not completed the puzzle to unlock the barrier on the left side of this area. 3. Walk through some of the rocks here as if they weren't there.
  7. Return to human form, find a nearby trashcan, and jump into it before/as it is being assimilated into the junk golem. If the trashcan gets assimilated, keep track of the relative position of the center of the golem to me.
  8. Stab the nearest child. Actual action: Observe the party; join in if it looks like I can do so.
  9. "A cacophony of loud merrymaking can be heard from inside" Upon hearing this, Old Man Jenkins heads to the party. Hopefully, there's booze there.
  10. "Ah [incomprehensible mumbling], not again." Use my wooden fishing pole to trebuchet one of the chairs next to the meal table into the weird guy on the road that looks incredibly suspicious.
  11. Try using trash as bait- maybe I can catch some pollution-fish.
  12. Old Man Jenkins snatches the rose out of the air with his fishing pole before it hits the water's surface. "What're ye wasting a perfectly good rose fer?! Wasteful son of a [incomprehensible (more than usual) mumbling]..." He watches as Issac heads to the rest of the group, then quietly puts away the rose in one of the innumerable pockets of his coat, pulls out a FEESH that he had caught earlier that day, and begins munching on said fish raw. He finishes eating it, then arrives at the meal table just in time to hear Jill comment on wanting a power boost from the wheel.
  13. Name: Old Man Jenkins Gender: Male Position: Fisherman Dream: He wants to catch the Omnifish, a legendary fish that is rumored to grant 3 wishes to whoever manages to catch it. It is said to reside in an extremely dangerous area. Bounty: 0 Stats: Mystery: 6 Power: 2 Will: 2 Treasure: 2 -- Abilities: Instant Fish Appraisal III: Old Man Jenkins can instantly determine almost anything about a fish (or, to a lesser extent, other sea creature) by looking at
  14. "... Yeah, you could say that." "If I may ask, who are you guys? What are you doing here?"
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