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  1. Every time my dawn lycanrock uses thrash it instantly gets confused after the first hit
  2. my character is stranded just at the end of the puzzle so i cannot actually reset the map, escape rope and dig dont work. i transfered the file into data as instructed and did multiple soft resets hoping for something to change. Any help would be appreciated linked my game file aswell tell me if i did it incorrectly Game - 1489 - Blacky - 178h 58m - 13 badges.rxdata
  3. i had already done the sidequests available like the help center, package delivery and mosely but not much else popped up. I cannot go back to gearen so extra stuff i could do there are closed off aswell (like strength puzzles). Anything else i can do?
  4. self explanatory, a/b/start/key items are responsive but movement keybindings are not the only odd thing that i have done is switching them to 5123 instead of the arrows since the keyboard is bad, but that had not affected me so far so thats probably not it
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