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  1. My favorites rotate between Jolteon, Leafeon, and Furret. I know, I know...not the best choices...
  2. I'm not sure if this is alright or not, but I was wondering if someone could drop me a Pokemon with False Swipe and or Spore? I am not doing a Mono run or anything, but rather as a Inspired Shiny Hunter trying to encounter and catch as many shiny Pokemon as I can in the game. I'd like it to be shiny, but it doesn't matter. I just worry I'll encounter a shiny on my journey and fail to catch it because I couldn't weaken it and ran out of Pokeballs or I mistakenly killed it. Thank-you kindly in advance. Game.rxdata
  3. I feel really warm and welcome with all these greetings, thank-you so much. *bows repeatedly* (Ironically, I don't know what to say). xD
  4. Hello, my name is Misty, and I am a shiny hunter. When I learned that Reborn had new, interesting shiny sprites, I jumped on board and started my play through and started hunting right away. I play semi competitively, mainly with VGC rules, although I am learning singles slowly. My main focus on Pokemon, though, is Shiny hunting. I've been a hunter for about four years now, and have not stopped enjoying it. It has helped me get more patient with things, because that is what you need when you hunt shinies. A LOT of patients. My favorite Pokemon is Fennekin (I say as my Reborn starter was Oshawott), followed by Furret and Jolteon, and because of this, I collect almost any merch of these guys (along with Meloetta and Jirachi). The list of my favorites seem to be always changing (and with Sun and Moon around the corner, some new faces might appear), but these Pokemon never leave the top favorites. I hope to one day be a story teller. I love letting people feel emotions through words, and hope to one day touch the hearts of others in some way, and maybe even teach them a thing or two. That is my dream. ...I think that is really it. I hope I don't cause to much trouble, and maybe I can tell my Shiny Hunting journey in the world of Pokemon Reborn. (I just...don't know where I would post that...). I do hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day, and do remember to smile.
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