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  1. CONCEPT: pokemon let's stop

    1. Plok


      pokermon lets stahspšop

    2. Hycrox


      pokemon let's 🆘

    3. Plok


      🆘 forry together

  2. the first few weeks pokemon go was launched and everyone got up to play it was the closest thing we ever achieved to world peace on this planet tbfh

    1. seki108


      Really?  I thought that was the worst time to play said game, since everybody wanted to play it but nobody could play it because the servers were crashing due to high volume.   It was more rage inducing.

  3. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  4. i cant believe bakugou chapter 166 katsuki single-handedly saved my life

  5. I DONT KNOW HOW TO casually message my mutuals AND AT THIS POINT IM TOO AFRAID TO message them

  6. man i really wanna do an irl meetup with my internet friends.................... yall can finally kill me in real life once and for all,

    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      sorry I dont hit the lil ones

    2. Aishi


      nani THE FUCK?? just because im short doesnt mean you wont feel the wrath of a god 

  7. *vapes menacingly*

  8. bakugou katsuki is the best anime character ever conceived you cannot convince me otherwise, thank you for coming to my ted talk

  9. *calls someone a fool* that was for my girl Franziska von Karma 

  10. "Almost Christmas" means it wasn"t Christmas!!

  11. boy i sure did just sleep for 12 hours

    1. IntSys


      I am here to let you know that I am jealous

    2. Aishi


      not when you havent seen sunlight at all today and realize how fucked  up your sleep pattern is.  i can assure you!!!!

  12. *sees N harmonia literally in the most badass official art ever* ah yes, the sentient pine tree

    1. The Grinch

      The Grinch

      I see you, dude, you're cool :]

  13. no offence but why is every unova song a fucking bop

  14. im so hungry but i also dont want to be That Thot who makes garlic bread at 5:37am

  15. my friend microwaves bread and i know we cant all be perfect but

    1. Candy


      I microwave milk for my cereal, and I personally think it might be weird to some xD But bread? That's new...

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