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  1. yeah, like said above music can be slowed down in rpgmaker so that is why you can't find it.
  2. Starter only i think. For future reference:
  3. After you unlock the fight club, you speak to the girl to do regular trainer battles, 4 of those are regular trainers but the 5th one is an elite trainer. You have to do 5 of those so essentially 25 battles.
  4. You need to get another one by interacting with a orange spice can of sorts. Look around and you'll find one (hint its near the lake) this is intentional.
  5. If you started the quest, its in one of the rooms in the sewers, should be in the easters side. Shouldn't be too hard to find
  6. I posted a screenshot of the place, its on the map, you need to go to the westernmost place of that map
  7. If you are talking about the one in the photo, you can't, its not meant to be open.
  8. Post your savefile so people can have a look
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