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  1. So I found a weird bug, it's the one that at times some mons will evolve when you add them to your party, like cubone or Lickitung for a couple examples, but i just found out it can happen to shadow mons as i just caught the shadow chinchou and after adding it to the party it instantly evolved
  2. So far I got up to the first gym and everything looks so nice and great job on the new art Ruby! I love the new blonde boy MC. Also since I saw the new starters, my question for Posty is why you picked those 5 mons to replace the original 5 and why did the three old ones stay? Just curious and just great work guys!
  3. IT HAS ARRIVED! As Mario would say "Let's a Go!" So hype to play this!
  4. From what I remember what The devs said is that story wise nothing change in the previous versions except 5 out of 8 of the starters being change, mons you can encounter and changes to important characters teams
  5. Ok so I thought of another fun question for Posty and Ruby. What mons would you like/want to get a mega? And what head canons do you guys have involving the characters before and after helping with development?
  6. The devs already confirm that there will be a speed up button in v5
  7. Oooo all these looks so nice! I think my fav is Ava out of this batch, also rip green Charlotte lol
  8. It’s great knowing this game is being worked on and already getting into the testing portion of the development, I can’t wait to see all the changes and the hard work you guys are putting into the game! Also can’t leave without asking a question. For Ruby which characters, except for those in v5 obviously, were the most challenging to redesign if any were difficult at all? If that question goes under spoiler territory then just ignore this lol
  9. Yeah I found out the game does not like having the border on apparently, thanks!
  10. I keep getting this error right before the battle with cain 1 starts and I don't know why
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  12. Gen 1: Charizard Gen 2: Houndoom Gen 3: Absol Gen 4: Gallade Gen 5: Haxuros Gen 6: Halucha Gen 7: Bewear Gen 8: Grimsnarl
  13. So far I’m really enjoying this mod as it really brings the challenge that is fun to figure out, as I’m still stuck on Julia so I’m going to find trubish and do the good old toxic spikes! But anyway great work on making this mod really fun!
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