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  1. Woops, didn't see the reply until now. Sorry for the late response. I start off with 6 pokemon, each from a different gen. The last time I did this, only Gen 1-6 were available pre-Julia, so Gen 7 was the first one on rotation since I didn't want my starter to be Gen 7. After I release, then the gen on rotation comes in. So after Julia I had to pick a Gen 7 to put on my team. Whichever gen was released (I believe it was gen 1 when I did it) goes on rotation. So after florina's release, the next teammember has to be from Gen 1. I also had a few other restrictions like no duplicate evolutionary lines and no swapping once they were on the team. Forced me to stick with Gumshoos and Liepard for so long it was terrible. If you look at my run, you'll get the idea
  2. I find it ironic that you posted this so recently. I just remembered this game today and went to look up what happened to it. I think you could make this game if you were interested in the procedurally-generated design. The main issue is the tileset, spriteset and branding. TemTem is a great example of a game that looks and feels like Pokemon, but isn't. There's several Humble Bundle packs that offer tilesets and sprites too, so that could be a way to avoid needing custom artwork.
  3. One of my favorite styles is Russian Roulette. Every badge I get forces me to release one of the pokemon on my team (picked via random.org), and requires me to pick a new one to replace it. I have paired this with a Rainbow Gen run (1 from each gen, alternating which one comes in as I lose team members). Let's me keep a decent team without ever being complacent and just going with my favorites. It's the reason I learned how good Sudowodo was as a utility mon.
  4. Diglett (Kantonian) is only available on Grand Stairway and Tanzan Depths, not Pyrous Mountain. Diglett (Alolan) is only available on Pyrous Mountain. Dugtrio (Kantonian) is Tanzan Depths, Tanzan Mountains, All Desert Regions. Dugtrio (Alolan) is only available on Pyrous Mountain. Source: This is taken straight from the `encounters.txt` PBS and PokemonMultipleForms script for E18
  5. Hey Folks! I have been working the past 6 months on another batch of improvements to the UPR. While there are a host of awesome features that you will love, this iteration also saw quite a bit of code refactoring. Ideally this inspires others to try making their own adjustments and features to make this even better! Download can be found on my github under releases: https://github.com/brentspector/universal-pokemon-randomizer/releases/tag/v1.9.0 Changes: When random retaining types with follow evolutions checked, Pokemon with two types evolving into Pokemon with one type now passes the new type instead of retaining the shared type. Fixes issue where Weepinbell could evolve into Snorlax and not share any types. Added code tests to ensure new features do not break existing features Settings are now tested using a robot framework from AssertJ Swing Functions in RomHandler are still conducted with JUnit Pokemon with BST above 490 are now tagged as BIG in the logs when randomizing a Gen 1 game due to there only being 5 stats instead of the usual 6 for Gen 2 onwards. Log generation has been consolidated into one area of the code. This should make future log enhancements easier, as well as improve code readability. Table of Contents added to top of log to jump to section of interest Gen 3 and Gen 4 Feebas can now evolve by happiness when removing impossible evolutions Gen 5 and Gen 6 move updates can be applied independently of one another Black/White Cilan, Chili, Cress now have types that are superior to the player's chosen starter As an additional option to the previous change, players can opt for a defensively resistant opponent. For instance, Magnemite would normally face a Ground type, but this option makes the Gym use an Electric type as Electric resists both Electric and Steel. Modified the following sections of Gen 5 Black/White in-game text to match choices Striaton City Gym leaders will use their true types when using type-theming on Gym Leaders, or use generic terms when completely random Nacrene City Gym Guy will use true type and appropriate weakness when using type-theming on Gym Leaders, or use generic terms when completely random Castelia City item guy will use correct starter names when giving type-boosting items. Items will not match the types of the new starters Castelia City cafe guy will use correct types when referring to Striaton City leaders, or use generic terms when completely random Castelia City Gym Trainers and Burgh will use the true type of the gym when type-theming, or use generic terms when completely random Cheren will use Burgh's true type when referring to him, or use generic terms when completely random Nimbasa City Gym Guy will use true type and appropriate weakness when using type-theming on Gym Leaders, or use generic terms when completely random Professor Juniper will use Elesa's true type when speaking, or use generic terms when completely random Driftveil City Gym Guy will use Clay's true type and appropriate weakness when using type-theming on Gym Leaders, or use generic terms when completely random Mistralton City Gym Guy will use Skyla's true type and appropriate weakness when using type-theming on Gym Leaders, or use generic terms when completely random Monkey giver in Striaton City will use correct types of Pokemon and a relevant strength when randomizing static Pokemon Gorm in Pinwheel Forest will use correct type for Burgh and Lenora when type-theming on Gym Leaders, or generic terms when completely random Skyla in Celestial Tower will use her true type when using type-theming on Gym Leaders, or use generic terms when completely random Added Normalize , Klutz , Multitype and Stall to list of negative abilities that can be banned Static Pokemon are randomized before trainers. Should have no noticable impact Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour (elemental monkies) now are replaced with a type that trumps Striaton gym if type-theming on Gym Leaders, or covers a random weakness of the selected starter Evolution Methods can now be randomized In order to make this compatible with Metronome Only mode, all pokemon that evolve due to knowing a move (e.g. Bonsly) now require Metronome regardless of whether evolution methods are randomized Fixing impossible evos occurs after movesets are randomized, and selects a new move from the randomzied moveset to replace the current one used when evolving while knowing a move regardless of whether evolution methods are randomized Evolutions like Nincada and Karrablast are excluded due to lack of support in game for randomization of these methods Starter Pokemon selection has been condensed to use a slider to select whether the starters have at least 1, 2, or any amount of evolutions Added a checkbox to make starters have that exact count. This removes the ability to have 1 or 2 evo evolutions, but can be achieved by selecting "Limit Evolutions to Three Stages" when randomizing evolutions and selecting option 1 on the slider. Fix Starters No Split to only activate when Random Starters is selected There was a bug discovered in version 1.81 where the values of Starter No Split and Starter Unique Types were restored in the wrong order. This has been corrected and should allow the settings file to be used as expected. Trainer pokemon held items can be randomized for Generation 3 or higher. Items are restricted to battle tower viable. Gyms and Elite 4 can be given a type theme when chosing Random for trainer pokemon A new Randomize Settings button has been added. This will randomly select settings available for the game (randomize the randomizer). You will still be required to click Randomize (Save) to confirm the settings and generate the ROM. Fix Minimum Catch Rate checkbox to be selectable regardless of what the Wild Pokemon radio button is set to Starters can now be required to be a Super Effective triangle For instance, the traditional triangle is grass-fire-water, but this could make it electric-ground-water or flying-rock-fighting While this generally creates a perfect triangle, there are edge cases that were deliberately skipped to save runtime. Better chances can be obtained by selecting "Unique Types" in addition to "SE Triangle" Trainers can now have pokemon swapped in a global 1 for 1, similar to the global mapping option of Wild Pokemon Gym type theming is respected by prioritizing type consistency over global swap mapping. This should create a fresher game experience by making route trainers adhere to global swap rules while making gyms, elite 4, champion, and other themed teams stick to one type. Fix Wild Global 1-to-1 replacement erroring when restricting generation pokemon to correctly use all pokemon as replacable rather than just those that are allowed Starter Pokemon can now be filtered to only allow certain types (particularly useful for monoruns) Elite 4, Champion, and Uber class trainers can be buffed to only use Legendary and BIG Pokemon (BIG is 590+ BST (490+ Gen1) or 190+ in one stat) Generally not advised until Gen 3 since the pool of Pokemon will be really small (7 in Gen 1, 16 Gen 2, 30+ Gen 3 and higher) This also works with type theming (global or gym) and global swap
  6. Sounds good dude. I'm in no rush for a release since I got life events to manage currently. I am watching the progress though.
  7. @Commander I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that gets project fatigue. Today I spent 2 hours to type 8 lines of code. That's after a 1 month break.
  8. What if the Meteor Admins make Battle Frontier?
  9. I recommend PeaZip since it is free, admits it is free, and offers numerous other file types like 7z and zip.
  10. In regards to a flashback, perhaps this E18 moment.
  11. I like Cain with Primarina since his main personality trait is his singing. I could see them doing duets in their travels. Sceptile for Fern would break the gen 5 circle you see. I agree with removing the "hold until last" from Leaders, other than Julia, Florina, whoever the first mega is (Like when Ciel breaks out Mega Altaria at the end of the fight, it has that wow-factor).
  12. Made it up to Julia, but still can't win. Gonna leave my remarks anyways as I pretty much give up on it at this point. Aster and Eclipse are the second combo of Solrock/Lunatone in that factory. Could you replace the earlier one so this feels special? Getting crushed by Rock Slide and Flamethrower really makes this fight hard because Fern will be dead almost every round. The only reason I finally beat it was because my Decudide avoided a Rock Slide and wiped them both out with a Razor Leaf. Magby and Elekid are also really powerful (and Mach Punch Magby makes clutch plays nearly impossible). Not sure if Rockruff is needed here since those 4 are already difficult enough. I really like that Julia has 3 options of fights. Master is a great level of difficulty, especially if you're not using broken mons. I tried all 3 modes but could not get past Master at all. Overall I enjoyed this game and think that this will turn out well. As for starters, I like that Fern has both, but if there needs to be a decision one way or another, then Unova offers the most for the rivals.
  13. WOW I actually caught up on this. Make sure you watch out for Jared in there. With Toucher and Jared together, who knows what kinky shenanigans could occur? Also please do something about those Wailmer blocking the harbor. They're illegally parked.
  14. HYPE Time to give this a go. Since it's short I should be able to finish it quickly enough.
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