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  1. Gen 1 : Ninetales Gen 2 : Typhlosion Gen 3 : Blaziken/Gardevoir Gen 4 : Infernape Gen 5 : Serperior Gen 6 : Aegislash Gen 7 : Alolan Ninetales Gen 8 : Zacian
  2. I'd go for contrary Snivy. It kinda sucks early on, but when you can get leaf storm and grassy terrain, around lvl 40 so not very late in Reborn, it becomes OP. With its very high speed, it can change the annoying field of the leader into a grassy terrain that will boost your Serperior. Then you can spam leaf storm and destroy even grass resistant pokemon, or switch to another pokemon that will transform the field into a corrupted or burning one. My favorite strategy in Reborn is to set the grassy terrain with Serperior, switch to a drought Ninetales that sets the field ablaze with heat wave, then throw in a flash fire Typhlosion with a 759 base power eruption to wipe out the enemy. Not even Amaria could resist that.
  3. The nature can affect speed too. A speed boosting nature for vikavolt, a speed lowering nature for your luxray and you're outsped. There's also the possibility that vikavolt is holding a choice scarf. If your trouble is speed, maybe you can use the leavanny you get early on to set up a sticky web
  4. It reminds me of my first run. When trapped in the nuzleaf cage in rhodochrine jungle, I refused to beg Fern, and didn't know Chatot would come and free me after a minute, so I used an escape rope and freed myself. And nothing wrong happened. In your case, the trigger to activate the next part of the story is most likely defeating Taka, to avoid multiplying switches, so it should do nothing. And in case it prevents you from going any further, you can just go back and activate the cutscene.
  5. Usually I'd say character, game then author, but this is a tricky case. Reborn's gym leaders are based on roleplay characters from an online league. With such a characteristic quote, it's likely that Ame herself can't take credit for it
  6. Have you tried reverting to a previous save ? I can't tell you where the save files are on mac, but if the bug comes from something you did in the game maybe it can unblock you
  7. I'm keeping old episodes for history. I have episodes from 9 to 15, tell me which ones you want and I'll upload it. And if someone has 16 and 17, I'd like to get them, I lost them when my previous computer was stolen
  8. The best is Blaziken, no surprise here. And for me Serperior comes second. Even if it learns Leaf Storm rather late (though in Rejuv lvl 60 is more the middle of the game), it's the fastest user of Grassy Terrain that allows you to change a gym leader's annoying field. Greninja would be great in another game, but in Rejuvenation you don't get the good TM it need until very late. And for the others, maybe you should chech which ones are available later and when. Bulbasaur for instance can be obtained around lvl 40 if I remember correctly.
  9. I know Nintendo usually hits finished fan games, but here if you come for Reborn you can hardly ignore Rejuvenation. But I just wanted to raise that concern, if you're aware of this I'm sure you'll find a solution.
  10. I think we all know here that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are very strict with their intellectual property and could have all the fan games made by this community stopped. Until now, we managed to stay off their radar, but I'm afraid it will change in the next months Reborn's final episode is underway, and when it is finally released, it will likely make some noise. We saw it before with pokemon Uranium, big video games news sites started writing articles about its final release, and a week later Nintendo sent a C&D to the creators. Reborn's team is already expecting that, and is prepared for it. But now there are many others fan games hosted on Reborn's website, Rejuvenation first of them. I'm afraid that when Nintendo starts looking at Reborn, they'll see all the other games and take them down with Reborn. Did Rejuvenation's team think of that ? Do you have a plan to protect your game when Reborn's final version is released ?
  11. Venam : Toxtricity as a new ace (that pokemon was mede for her) Ren : Grimmsnarl, dark but also fairy, fitting for him Keta : Falinks Marianette : Dubwool Narcissa : Polteageist or Runerigus Valarie : no change or Cramorant (with a field activating its ability each turn) Bug leader (can't remember his name) : Frosmoth, mountain protector and protected by the rain in his gym Angie : G-Darmanitan with zen mode, powerful ice type getting on fire when hurt like her Amber : maybe Cinderace Erik : Toxtricity (fits him and his murky water field) and maybe Arctozolt Flora and Florin : Flapple and Appletun, sour and sweet, fitting here again Puppet master: Hatterene Souta : nothing Adam : nothing Adam's brother : Sandaconda, the desert snake Melia : G-Rapidash Aelita : Falinks, and if she ever gets a legendary Urshifu
  12. I don't think terrain setters will be overpowered. Sure, their abilities will be powerful, but once an Indeedee created a psychic field, its only an average pokemon with a now useless ability. A Gardevoir, on the other hand, may need a turn to set a psychic field, but then thanks to the Telepathy ability it can outspeed nearly anything and dish out massive damage with its great Sp.Atk stat. Same for Rillaboom, after creating a field effect its still a good pokemon but very vulnerable due to its low speed. If you think about it, a Rillaboom that sets a grassy field upon entry but then attacks after the enemy is not so different than a Serperior that moves before the enemy to use grassy terrain, then can attack first on the second turn. Rillaboom will be one of the best starters, but I doubt it will be the best I'd be more concerned byCinderace. Prothean-like ability, overall stats better than Greninja's (much better offensive stat for only 3 points less in speed), and gets a good movepool by leveling and breeding where Greninja heavily relies on TMs we get very late. That thing will likely beat Blaziken as the most broken starter
  13. Look in the repertory C:\Users\"your username"\Saved Games\Pokemon Desolation to find your saves, and replace the "Game.rxdata" file by one of the older backup in the repertory For the battle, my strategy for most fights of the game is to setup on weaker pokemons. Blaziken with Bulk Up is my favorite, but if you don't have it, Lilligant with Quiver Dance, Petal Dance and Giga Drain does wonders. Place it on a pokemon that won't easily kill it, use a couple quiver dance, and tear though her entire team
  14. I noticed Desolation's script already has the code line to detect mod files, and I myself used the sharedPC mod, so other mods should work. I would advise you to take the Reborn version of the mods though, Desolation seems to use its script files while Rejuv has some special scripts causing compatibility problems (with sharedPC at least)
  15. Hawlucha can be a great asset here indeed, especially with the unburden ability. Give it a flying gem and after one acrobatics it will outspeed anything, and probably kill anything with a field boosted acrobatics. Another alternative if you already have the flame charge TM is to use it on Infernape. If it can take a hit from Hariyama, get a speed boost with a charge, then acrobatics them to death. You should also consider teaching Flare Blitz to Infernape (through the move relearner in Agate I think) to replace the weak flame wheel More generally, with its field effects Reborn favors offensive pokemon, defensive pokemon hardly handle field boosted moves. So in my experience Toxic spike isn't great here because you can't really survive long enough for it to kill the opponent. Personally, I would replace Toxic Spikes by Grassy Terrain (through move relearner) that can replace annoying field effects boosting the enemy and boost you instead. My favorite strategy is to use Roserade to set grassy terrain, then switch to drought Ninetales to set it ablaze, that makes your fire type moves so powerful that you can OHKO even fire resistant pokemon. All that to say you should consider exploiting field effects instead of suffering them
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