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  1. I cannot put into words how much I hate aya's team right now.

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    2. squirmey


      the nidoqueen ind dragalge are the the main problem

    3. ShatteredSkys


      Wait till you meet Noel:D

    4. Knight_Teutonic
  2. ... I feel disappointed. I level grinded my pokemon, but Tangrowth went down way easier than I wanted it to.

    1. Takosher


      I'm sure your disappointment will soon be made up for

    2. Bearadactyl
    3. Kanaya


      Tangrowth is like a Care Bear. Wait till later.

  3. I've had a boxer and 3 Pit bulls growing up as well, but I wouldn't really call them my pets since they mostly belonged to my mom. Thanks for the rundown on the forums I've never watched it, but I've seen it on tv every now and then I used to watch things like Tales from the Crypt and cheesy scifi movies though. The things I watch are usually paranormal, though I'm always open to recommendations
  4. Level grinding like crazy.

    1. Bearadactyl


      Sounds like Destiny.

    2. Doechi


      I hate that darn tangrowth so much, especially its forest field ;A;

  5. Hi~! I'm Doechi, and I've been playing reborn for a few days, I haven't really been in the forums too much. My starter is an Oshawott (Or was, rather, since it's evolved already.) I'm not too sure what to add, so it'd probably be good to introduce my personality and hobbies for now. I'm an animal person and have a 3 year old chihuahua - I've mostly had dogs my entire life, but have also had 2 ferrets, 2 gerbils, and a hamster. I'm really into creepy stuff/ the horror genre - I love creepypastas and scary movies. I have a little less than half of the main Pokemon games for DS/3DS ( Pearl,Platinum, SS, Black,Black 2,X), Fire Red, and used to own Ruby (which was my first Pokemon game.) I think that's good for now? Anyways, It's nice to meet everybody, and I hope I can make lots of friends
  6. ...So. I accidentally used the status update instead of the search bar. Oopsie?

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    2. Shing


      Eh mistakes. You aren't the first one. And you wont be the last one.

    3. Takosher


      Definitely not the first... There's a reason we have this: http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8622 #totally not just an excuse to post that

    4. Doechi


      Thanks for the thread link, KosherKitten. I'll Definately read up on that and hope I don't make the mistake again. How embarrassing...

  7. vivillon

    1. Azeria


      This always happens XD

  8. I'm still a little unused to them having six pokemon, so it felt a little bit more like challenge (Also my teams not really that diverse in pokemon types) Thanks
  9. Maybe >> Didn't feel like drawing an avatar last night; might do that later
  10. Oh my god I'm shaking, I was absolutely sure that I was gonna lose Part of my brain still feels like "What just happened?"
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