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  1. Maybe. I've been busy playing Fire Emblem. I'm a lot less motivated to work on the Reborn speedrun route now that Bunnelby's encounter rate dropped from 34% to 5%. There are other viable, more reliable alternatives (Woobat is still guaranteed in the shadows), but Bunnelby is so much faster and more fun to route for. A 5% encounter rate is technically still usable for a segmented run, but it would be impossible to transition to a possible single-segment or marathon run.
  2. Lostelle, can I request a video for the Exp. Share sidequest? Thanks.
  3. Can't you just evolve Braixen? It learns Psyshock at L34 and Delphox has psychic STAB. I don't remember what the level cap is at this point in the game, but if it's L35, Common Candy it down so it obeys you again.
  4. Tentacruel is way more likely to KO Diggersby during setup with Muddy Water if it has to take an extra turn to use an X Attack. Icy Wind also pretty much loses the battle for you.
  5. The greatest favor that you can do someone before correcting him is to double-check your information and make sure that you're not going to make a mistake.
  6. Your Torterra should run Curse and Leech Seed, so remedy that at the next opportunity. The move tutor isn't available until halfway between Aya and Serra, but you could at least de-level Torterra to L33 for Leech Seed and then relearn Curse later. I forgot what Kiki leads with, but as long as it's a physical Pokemon without Ice Punch, Torterra could set up with Curse to +3 or +4 and then sweep with Earthquake. Something else that you can try for now is to grind Vibrava up to L45 and evolve it into Flygon, then boost it up with X items and sweep. Again, watch out for Ice Punch if Kiki's lead carries it. Unfortunately, your Vibrava has a pretty terrible nature.
  7. If you didn't rescue all of the police officers, there will only be a corrosive field, and you can Belly Drum sweep with maybe a couple of X Speeds. If you did rescue all of the police officers, there will be a corrosive mist field, which is going to make setting up difficult.
  8. I have E14.1 and she leads with Typhlosion and Darmanitan.
  9. Just with your team, you can probably craft a successful strategy, though it'll require trial and error. Charlotte has a lot of specially offensive Pokemon, so Alakazam might be able to CM up and sweep. The problem is that you have to get rid of her lead Darmanitan, which I'm 99% sure has a Choice Scarf. Her Typhlosion also likes to fire off Eruption, which does a ton of damage and transforms the field into a burning field.
  10. You'll have to elaborate in which order Aya sends out her Pokemon, because the best way to deal with her Gengar is to OHKO it with Blaziken at +1 speed and maybe +1 atk. If she sends out Gengar before Dragalge, then you have to get Blaziken in early; if she sends out Gengar after Dragalge, then you have to try to KO Dragalge before it can attack. No, it's just choosing attacks randomly. I've had PULSE Abra use Dark Pulse against Blaziken and it was a 50-50 tossup whether it'll use Dark Pulse or Hyper Beam.
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