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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Hey yall, been ages since I played this game. Just recently updated it v12, and now I'm stuck inside a tree in West Gearen. Please unstuck me. Thank you very much Game.rxdata
  3. That one probably isn't from me since I don't even have someone that has Poke Virus (unless it's yours). And Emma isn't my OT, but glad you got one though!
  4. my online name is FiREofAcE (i guess caps don't matter). Feel free to PM me on forum for inquiries
  5. I'm giving away Mimikyus as I'm breeding one with great IV's. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, they'll have at least perfect IV's in either HP, attack, defense, and/or speed so far.
  6. Man it's been a while since I was last here. I see that a lot of things have changed and personally I think it's good change. Thanks for creating this topic. I'll give this a go too. Known as: Ace; Joe Age: 24 Gender: Male Birthday: 2/11/94 Location: California, USA Height: Been a while since I measured it lol. Probably 5 ft 3" ish Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black Lives with: Parents (for now) Pets: None Relationship status: Single Favourite Food: Protein Favourite Drink: Water; Orange Juice; XS energy drinks Favourite Color: Black; White Favourite kind of Music: Trance, specifically hardcore trance is what I first gravitated to; epic music; video game music Favourite Band: Not enough of a music connoisseur to tell Favourite Album: Not enough of a music connoisseur to tell Favourite Song: Ummm... Favourite Game: Top 3 in no particular order: Dark Souls trilogy; Chrono Trigger; Witcher 3. Reborn is the Dark Souls of Pokemon games, so it's included. Favourite Genre of Game: Is Soulsborne style of games a genre now? Cuz that's what I would pick... Favourite Hobbies: Reading positive and applicable self-help books. Motivation, attitude, life training audios. Games. Favourite Movies: Avatar (James Cameron) Favourite Shows: Gintama, but otherwise I don't watch many shows except for some anime here and there. So who am I? Been ages since I was here last, just recently came back due to life stuff, very negative, but also positive. I "kinda" left at some time around 2016 and only lurked here and there every few months. But I actually joined since this game was on Episode 10 and just releasing Episode 11, so some time around 2014. I'm fortunate to have a former coworker who cared enough about me to open a door for me to meet some really successful people, and I really treasure the relationship I have with them. I found out about this game just through some google searching as I was looking on info for playing Pokemon B2/W2. Needless to say, I was so blown away by the scale and quality of the game that I registered and almost immediately, supported the game with a donation. Not trying to toot my horn, because the game is just THAT good in my opinion and I'm grateful for finding it. What am I responsible for? Honestly now that I'm considered a veteran, I feel like I should have some responsibility lol. Back in the day, I posted on some team showcases, trying my best to help others on having optimal teams despite me not knowing everything myself. I've also helped some members hunt rare pokemon and showed them the way forward if they don't know where to go next. In the old days there's also the Ace Members (not sure what happened to that), I've also helped bring awareness to many bugs in this game, most minor, a few major ones. What can I talk to you about? I don't mind anything really as long as it doesn't break man's laws and divine laws. If anything, a major thing I've learned about is to take interest in others, something that is not easy for an introvert like me, not because I'm mean (quite contrary actually), but because I'm overcoming my fear of speaking with others. I've been complimented many times in real life for being amiable and having a great smile. Sometimes I wish I have vampire teeth though just for cool. Closing statements I'm glad the community is still very active (not a surprise given the hard work of the staff and everyone else). I'll be around more often and contribute positively wherever I can. Be seeing you all around! Thanks for reading.
  7. So Melia was incapacitated due to being sick after Angie's ritual. I just battled Aelita and she said we had to go somewhere. But I totally forgot what she said and now idk where to go. Help needed!
  8. I found Rorrim and he told me that it's at Sheridan and can only be accessed by a boat. But I can't find the boat now Edit: Nvm, I just had to go back to Augustus and sail there
  9. So I gotta look for Crawli's secret base. Melia wanted to stop by Gearen, and she's partying it up with Venam. Problem is, where I do I go from there??
  10. And also something else I noticed very early is that Rock Smash has a base power of a whopping 75 instead of 40. My Combusken having a STAB 75 fighting move so early in the game snatched so many souls that it's ridiculous... I even tested it myself because I couldn't believe it. Comparing the damage output of Double Kick vs. Rock Smash confirmed that it was indeed possibly intentional?
  11. Just finished with the most recent episode. Gotta say I'm a fan now. I can't wait to play the next update!
  12. 0_o/10 Dem eyes doe... 3creepy5me
  13. I got flash and explored the cave as much as possible but still no luck. If it's at Jirukala Stage then nothing's happening... Never mind, I just had to talk to Tesla after going to the gym. Thanks guys!
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