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  1. If its location wise, not sure since i havent played much of Deso but a lot of the games change the evolution method to a thunderstone
  2. Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooojo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Food Wars)
  3. DS4Windows would do it, PC's have more inate workability with xbox but DS4windows is made to make ps controllers work https://www.pcgamer.com/how-to-use-a-ps4-controller-on-pc/ UwU
  4. Also Also Depends on what version your playing >Empyrean: game doesnt load the character and you cant open menu >Reborn and any other game with a game-z.exe: Joiplay cant use those exe's
  5. Changes how hard you want the game to punch you in the face Serious note though, as what above says Harder AI's - They predict moves and counter you more Some Leaders instead go Double battles to mess with you more with their field effects Boss characters either have more pokemon or higher leveled or stated mons
  6. i dont know how to go by fixing mac issues but it seems like the error is being caused by it trying to load a save file
  7. Debug for Empyrean borks all the mons, i had random encounters be messed up as well [some wild mons having the wrong cries and types] >Also Debug causes Script hanging issues during debug pause menu usage
  8. Should work, you just need to change all graphics Rosa replaces to what reborn/Rejuv use I.E girl_walk \ girl_fishsurf \ girl_run \ Etc
  9. keyblade336


    Cat's Cute Charm! Ame and Cass are immobilized by Love!
  10. There is not but you can breed the Event Magikarp after it becomes Gyarados and it learns Dragon dance with your Scrafty {Scraggy} to pass it down Horsea line, Gyrarados, Dratini line, Axew Line, and Jangmo-o line all learn it by level up Drain punch is breed via the Meinfoo/Meinshao line
  11. If you had the keyboard unplugged and it was still doing it, you had some hardware still plugged into computer that could enter text I.E a Razer Tartarus, A gaming mouse with keyboard buttons bound to it
  12. Common Candy it then Level it up, sometimes it takes the mon leveling up for EV's to be correctly applied
  13. Its also to encourage training other mons at the same time, Granted this statement is more for Reborn but still
  14. Moxie if you plan to run Dragon Dance cause it allows set up faster if you start killing Intimidate if you plan on using defensively, ive survived battles with intimidate making 1 shots into 2 shots on my mons
  15. Its in the top right dropdown menu of Rejuvenation up there ^ https://www.rebornevo.com/rejuvdown/
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