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  1. RPGMaker XP -> Pokemon Essentials -->Added with their own coding
  2. 0% When Windows is reset, it Wipes the entire drive other then the recovery part of it and freshly installs a new installation of windows :C The game is saved in the same drive as windows is installed to Normally C:/User/Namegoeshere/SavedGames/PokemonReborn
  3. With Charlotte, focus on breaking the field as soon as possible A lot of the gym leaders's focus on the fields that's created to highly benefit them Amaria for example lets her annihate you with 1 turn dives and surfs because of it
  4. Now realized its Rejuv, not reborn Should still be the same method though
  5. C:/users/[NameOfYourPC]/Saved Games/Pokémon Reborn Delete game.rxdata and rename an older backup game.rxdata ex: my last game save is named 840 - Marisa - 93h 4m - 13 badges.rxdata I delete game.rxdata then rename the above to game.rxdata and now ill load where that save is
  6. So lowkey, That's not supposed to happen In the more recent games, they're listed as Nidoran[Male Symbol] and Nidoran[Female Symbol] Pokémon Essentials runs how Ruby/Sapphire is, which I don't think they had the symbols forced onto name and could have genders bound to them
  7. keyblade336

    Happy Hour

    Tbh, that move in my opinion would most likely not be added in since it doubles prize money and theres trainers that are infinitely rebattable Amulet Coin + Happy Hour + Payday is an extreme amount of money gained per battle, thus nulling having any grind for money
  8. Rebrand Pokémon Essentials: Cass's super duper works much better then your old-fashioned essentials version 100.2.6 Ive already copyrighted it for you, Your welcome
  9. Future note, Posts asking for help go in the Reborn City forum listing https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/42-reborn-city/ But to answer your question though
  10. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  11. Debug>Variable or Switches 1500 entries / 800 entiries im checking through them now Edit: Edit these at own risk
  12. Cannot wait to have Cain to have Yvental against my poor cactus boi again
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