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Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

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4 years have passed since Bonnie had her adventure with Ash, Serena and her brother Clemont. She learned a lot throughout her journey but after that, she hadn’t really done anything else except for a couple of things. That would be collecting a full team of Pokemon. But in order to tell this story, we have to go back to when she turned 10 years old.


In case you all forgot about it, when a girl or boy turns 10 years old, they are qualified to go on their very own Pokemon adventure. They go out on their own, or with friends, collect Pokemon, battle Gym Leaders and once they get 8 badges, they are qualified to take on the Elite 4. If they are able to defeat them, then they are able to challenge the Champion to a match and if they are victorious against them, they will become the new champion of the league. But Bonnie’s story didn’t quite go down that road. In fact, she didn’t even challenge any of the Gym Leaders in the Kalos Region. She wanted to go on a journey like the 1 she had 2 years ago but to a different region. A region she never heard of. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me tell you all how Bonnie started her very own Pokemon adventure.




Bonnie was sleeping. It was her 10th birthday and she knew that. She went to sleep early the night before just so the day would come faster. Her alarm clock went off and she shot up in bed and shut it off. She was already beaming with excitement. She would be leaving home to start her Pokemon adventure. She went running to her brother’s room to wake him up. He had been working on an invention the night before and had stayed up late. She ran into his room and shouted at him.



Clemont: Whoa! Wha… Quiet down Bonnie. I didn’t get much-


Clemont: Ow! Stop yelling! Alright. Alright. I’ll be downstairs in a bit.


Bonnie ran downstairs where her father ,whose name is Meyer, was. He was making breakfast. Bonnie sat down at the table and waited for her meal to be made. It could have been the last time she had a home cooked meal for a while. Her dad put the food on the plate and put it in front of her. Clemont then made it downstairs and sat down at the table.


Meyer: Good morning you 2. I see you got a rather loud awakening son. -chuckles-

Clemont: Yes. I didn’t get much sleep. But I suppose that doesn’t matter. Most likely more Gym Battles today. Gotta work on more inventions.

Bonnie: And say good bye to me! I get to go on a Pokemon adventure all by myself today!

Clemont: Yes I know. I am actually going to miss you when you go believe it or not.

Meyer: I am too. My son is a Gym Leader and now my daughter is going to become a Pokemon trainer. You both are growing up so fast.

Bonnie: Aww daddy. It’ll be ok.

Meyer: I know sweetie.

Clemont: I guess that means someday me and you will be having a Gym Battle.

Bonnie: Ummm… About that…


Meyer and Clemont weren’t expecting that to be what Bonnie responded with. They thought she was going to travel the region to collect the badges, challenge the elite 4 and maybe even the champion but it didn’t sound like that with what she said.


Clemont: What do you mean?

Bonnie: I just… I don’t know if I wanna go on an adventure here.

Meyer: Ohh. Is that all? That’s fine then. So where are you going to start your adventure? Kanto? Sinnoh? I know I heard about a new place called Alola.

Bonnie: It’s actually none of those places.

Clemont: Then… where?

Bonnie: I honestly don’t know.

Meyer: I don’t understand sweetie.

Bonnie: I want to go on an adventure like we did with Ash, Pikachu and Serena. But in a different region. A place I’ve never been to before. But I just don’t know where that is.

Clemont: Hmm. I suppose that makes sense. It doesn’t sound like a bad plan. The only thing that’s bad with it is that you want to go somewhere you’ve never been to which means basically somewhere you never even heard of.

Meyer: So what are you going to do then?

Bonnie: Well I’m still going to go out traveling through Kalos. I’m just not gonna be taking on any Gyms. I’m gonna try to revisit some of the places we’ve been to in our old adventure.

Meyer: Well… if that’s what you wish to do, then I won’t stop you. I just want you to have fun Bonnie.

Bonnie: I know daddy!

Clemont: Maybe you can run into those Pokemon that you made friends with again.

Bonnie: Do you think they’d remember me?

Clemont: I’m sure they will. Friends never forget a face.

Bonnie: Hmm. I think I may do that then. It’d be nice to see them again.

Meyer: Well, you should hurry up and eat dear.

Bonnie: Ok daddy!


As Bonnie was eating Dedenne ran up onto the table and nuzzled (not the move) against Bonnie’s cheek. She patted it on the head and gave it a piece of her pancake that she was eating. It quickly ate the pancake and smiled at Bonnie satisfyingly.


Clemont: So I take it that you’ll be taking Dedenne with you?

Bonnie: Mhm. It’s my starter Pokemon! -chuckles-

Clemont: Ohh! I almost forgot!


Clemont ran upstairs into his room. Bonnie, Dedenne and Meyer could hear a lot of rustling going on. Whatever Clemont was doing was causing a lot of ruckus. After a couple of minutes of throwing things around from his room, it stopped and he came running back downstairs.


Meyer: What in the world were you doing that was causing that much noise up there son?

Clemont: -nervously chuckles- Sorry about that dad. But I was looking for this.


Clemont then held out his hand and in it was a PokeBall. He gave it to Bonnie but she seemed confused.


Bonnie: Uhh… Thanks brother but why are you giving me this?

Clemont: Don’t you remember? This is Dedenne’s PokeBall. I caught it with this when you begged me to catch it.

Bonnie: Ohh yea. I forgot about that. But you know Dedenne hates being inside of a PokeBall.

Clemont: I know but it doesn’t hurt to keep its PokeBall with you at all times.

Bonnie: Well… I suppose that’s true. Thanks Clemont.


Bonnie took the PokeBall and put it onto her belt. The 2 embraced in a hug which Dedenne also participated in.


Meyer: I’m so glad you 2 are my kids.

Clemont: Dad.

Meyer: I know. I know.

Bonnie: Welp, I’m done daddy! That was really yummy!

Meyer: Alright hun.


Meyer took the dirty dish and put it into the sink. Bonnie quickly went upstairs and got dressed, washed herself, as well as Dedenne, and put what she needed in her bag. After about an hour of getting ready, she ran downstairs and bolted for the door but before she could open it, her father stopped her.


Meyer: Hold on there.

Bonnie: What daddy? I wanna go!

Meyer: I know sweetie. I know. I just wanted a hug and to say good bye that’s all.


The 2 embraced in a hug. It was a touching moment for Meyer at least. Bonnie just wanted to start her journey. Clemont also hugged her as soon as their dad let go. Unlike their father though, this was a more quick hug. He knew his sister wanted to start her journey.


Meyer: Be careful Bonnie.

Clemont: Take care of my little sister Dedenne.

Dedenne: -squeaks excitedly-

Bonnie: Bye you 2!


Bonnie swung open the door, ran out and shut the door closed. Her 2 family members stood there looking at the door for a couple of seconds before Meyer broke the silence.


Meyer: You think she’ll be alright?

Clemont: She’s clumsy but I’m sure she’ll be alright. You can’t worry about her all the time dad.

Meyer: I know son. Welp, it’s time to get to work.

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It had been 2 weeks since Bonnie had left home and went on her Pokemon journey. She and Dedenne had been in a couple of battles against other trainers that were around her trainer level. She had won some and lost some but that didn’t bother her. But she didn’t catch a Pokemon yet. She had seen a lot of Pokemon but none of them had caught her interest. As she was walking with Dedenne on her shoulder, she came upon a rather big house. She stopped and stared at the building. It seemed familiar to the young trainer. Then she remembered. It was the house the gang ran into when it was raining really hard and that’s when they all met that Espurr. She got all excited and ran up to the door and knocked in hopes that she would not only see Elise but also the Espurr. But to her surprise, Elise didn’t answer the door. Instead, it was a rather big man in a proper suit who answered the door. He looked down at her with a annoyed look. As if she had done something really bad to get him like that. The 2 stared at each other for a couple of moments. Then the man talked.


Man: Well? What is it?

Bonnie: Um… I thought a woman lived here?

Man: You must mean that Elise girl. She used to but now she doesn’t now. She couldn’t afford to keep this place anymore so she had to move away.

Bonnie: Ohh.

Man: Is that all you wanted? You are interrupting my time here girl.

Bonnie: I’m sor-


Just then, a noise could be heard from in the garden in front of the house. It wasn’t scary or anything but it was definitely loud enough to be heard. Bonnie looked up to the man. He seemed even more annoyed than when she had 1st knocked on the door.


Bonnie: Is something the matter?

Man: That blasted Pokemon! Ever since I moved here, it hasn’t shut up. I tried getting it to leave here but no matter what I try, it stays here.

Bonnie: Maybe this used to be its home.

Man: Well, it’s not anymore and it needs to leave before something drastic has to happen!


With that, the man shut the door closed. Bonnie was concerned for this Pokemon. She didn’t like how the man talked about it as if it were just some kind of annoyance. She decided to go into the deeper parts of the garden and look for the Pokemon to try to rescue it. After what seemed like hours of searching, she decided to sit by the tree and rest up. She watched as Dedenne was eating an apple it found on the ground. As it was eating, it raised its head up and looked around. After a couple of seconds, it darted towards a huge bush. Bonnie ran after it, scared that she may lose it. Dedenne ran into the huge bush. She got to the big bush and slowly started going through it. Since she was a lot taller and bigger than Dedenne, she had a harder time getting through. When she came to the other side, she saw Dedenne chatting with another Pokemon. Bonnie ran up to it and hugged it, thankful that it was ok. When she looked at the Pokemon though, she was surprised to see that it was the Espurr that she had befriended 2 years ago.


Bonnie: Espurr?

Espurr: Purrr? Purrr!!!


The Espurr jumped up and down with joy. Bonnie was overjoyed. Even after all this time, it still remembered her. Bonnie looked at Espurr’s body and noticed that it still had the pendant.


Bonnie: You still have the pendant from that old lady huh?

Espurr: -shakes its head yes- Espurr!

Bonnie: It’s so good to see you again friend.


Bonnie picked it up and gave it a hug. Espurr returned the favor. She put it back down onto the ground. Even though Espurr was happy to see her, it looked like it seemed sad by something. It didn’t take long for her to figure out why it felt like that.


Bonnie: You wanna go inside of the house don’t you?

Espurr: -shakes its head slowly- Espurr…

Bonnie: I know you do but Elise doesn’t live here anymore… And that man seems awfully mean. He doesn’t want you around here anymore.

Espurr: Purr?!… Espurr…

Bonnie: I know. It’s horrible. But he also told me he’ll do something drastic if you don’t leave. That’s why I’ve been trying to find you all day today.


The Espurr seemed shocked that the man would go that far just to have it go away. It looked down onto the ground. Tears started to show on its face. Bonnie sat next to it and consoled it. Dedenne even nuzzled up against it to try to make it feel better. Time had passed and Espurr started to feel a little better. She didn’t know what to do to make it feel better. She knew it couldn’t stay here but she also didn’t know where she could take it so that it would not only be safe but feel comfortable.


Bonnie: Ohh man. What do I do?

Dedenne: Denen!

Bonnie: What is it Dedenne?


Dedenne ran over to Bonnie and rubbed up against her belt she was wearing. There were some PokeBalls on it. 1 of them fell off and rolled on the ground. It then rolled it over to Bonnie. She seemed confused at what the little mouse was getting at. It kept tapping the ball and then pointing at Espurr.


Bonnie: The PokeBall and Espurr?

Dedenne: Dedenne Denene!

Bonnie: Hmm… Ohh! I get what you mean now! Nice thinking Dedenne! -pats it on the head and then looks over to Espurr- Hey Espurr?

Espurr: Es-Espurr?

Bonnie: I know maybe we aren’t close as you were with that old lady and Elise… but I also don’t want you to get hurt if you stay here. So… why don’t you come with me on my adventure.


The Espurr was shocked to hear Bonnie suggest such a thing. All it ever really know about the world was this place and the graveyard of her old friend. But now everything had changed. She was gone, her daughter had left and the man that now owned the house was desperate to get rid of it by any means necessary.


Bonnie: I’m not trying to replace what family you used to have but with me… Well, you’ll be part of a family. Forever. I promise you that.

Espurr: Espurr?

Bonnie: -holds out the PokeBall close to Espurr- I’ll leave it up to you. Do you want to come with me?


The Espurr looked at the ball then back at Bonnie and back at the ball. It pondered on what to do. Bonnie was almost sure it was going to decline but what it did next proved her wrong. Its eyes glowed and the PokeBall in Bonnie’s hand floated up in midair. This frightened Bonnie for a second but she quickly realized that it was the Espurr using its psychic powers on the ball. It had the ball float for a little and then joyfully floated up into the air, touched the PokeBall and went inside. The ball fell down to the ground, shook a couple of times and then stopped. Bonnie didn’t really know what happened. She stood up, picked up the PokeBall and stared at it. Then she started jumping up and down with happiness realizing she had just captured her 1st Pokemon.


Bonnie: Alright! I caught Espurr!

Dedenne: Dedenne!

Bonnie: Isn’t it great Dedenne? We have a new friend with us. Alright. Come out Espurr!


Bonnie threw the PokeBall and out came Espurr. It floated near her face with a happy expression on its face. Bonnie was happy that it chose to go with her. Now she knew it wouldn’t be harmed and it would be happy again. With all of that done, the 3 friends then ventured away from the house and continued on the adventure.

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Bonnie was tired when she came to a town called Calanthe Town. It had been a couple of weeks since she could rest properly. She couldn’t wait to get to the PokeCenter and rest not only herself but her Pokemon as well. When they got to the PokeCenter, Bonnie gave Nurse Joy her Pokemon and then went to sit down. As she was relaxing, waiting for her Pokemon to heal up, an old man came walking into the building. He looked around the building and then spotted Bonnie. He got a curious look upon his face and then walked over to her.


Old Man: Why hello there.

Bonnie: Uhh… hello.

Old Man: How have you been doing?

Bonnie: I’m well. Umm…


Bonnie was so confused. She didn’t know who this man was and he came right up to her and started a conversation as if they were close friends. The old man quickly figured out that she hadn’t recognized him and chuckled.


Grey: Ohh. I’m sorry. You must not remember me. My name is Grey. We met a couple of years ago when you were with here with your friends.

Bonnie: We did?


Bonnie tried remembering but couldn’t. Maybe it was because she was still tired and couldn’t think fully because of that but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t remember.


Bonnie: I’m sorry but I don’t remember you.

Grey: Hmm. What if I said Flabebe? Does that ring a bell?


She thought again but this time, she did remember something about a Flabebe. 1 had landed on her head because the flower it originally had had been ruined. The group helped it get a new 1 and it was able to visit Grey’s wife, Florence, in the hospital. Bonnie smiled and the memory of that.


Bonnie: Ohh! Now I remember you!

Grey: -chuckles- I figured that would get you to remember.

Bonnie: It’s been so long since I last saw you.

Grey: It has. I’m glad to see you’re doing well. Are you here with your friends?

Bonnie: No. I’m 10 now and I’m on my own Pokemon journey now.

Grey: Ahh. I see. Must be very exciting.

Bonnie: It is! How are you and your wife doing?


Grey’s smiling face then turned into a frowning 1. Bonnie was afraid she said something wrong.


Bonnie: Did I… Did I say something wrong?

Grey: No no dear. It’s just… Florence is no longer here anymore.

Bonnie: Why? Where did she go?


Bonnie could see that Grey was trying to hold back tears. She felt like she did something terrible for asking that. Grey noticed this and quickly reassured her.


Grey: No Bonnie. Don’t be sad. It’s ok. You didn’t say anything wrong. Florence… passed away last year.

Bonnie: Oh no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to make you think about that!

Grey: It’s ok. You didn’t know.

Bonnie: What… happened to her?

Grey: It was just her time to go. She passed away in her sleep.


Bonnie looked down onto the ground. She could feel the sadness inside her. Grey could see that she was about to cry. He sat beside her and hugged her, comforting her. She cried for a bit but started to let up. He got out a napkin and handed it to her and she blew her nose into it.


Bonnie: Th-Thanks Grey…

Grey: You’re quite welcome.

Bonnie: So… is Flabebe ok?

Grey: It’s been very depressed since Florence passed away. I haven’t seen it smile since the day she left this planet.

Bonnie: I think I would feel the same way if someone I loved left…

Grey: Would you like to come over the house and rest there? It’s getting pretty late out. You can stay the night there if you want and even meet Flabebe.

Bonnie: Yes! I would love to!


Nurse Joy had called Bonnie over to her and gave back her Pokemon. After that, Grey took her over to his house. Bonnie remembered the place. It hadn’t really changed much since the last time she was there. Grey showed her to the room she would be staying in. She put her stuff in the room and then joined the old man back in the living room. When she got in there, she could see that he was holding a PokeBall.


Bonnie: Is that Flabebe’s PokeBall.

Grey: Mhm. Ready to meet her again?

Bonnie: Yes!

Grey: Alright. Come out Flabebe!


The PokeBall opened up and out came the Flabebe. It appeared to still have the same flower that Bonnie and her friends had gotten it. But it was very sad. It kind of mad Bonnie sad as well.


Grey: Flabebe? We have a visitor here.

Flabebe: Flabe? -turns around and looks at Bonnie-

Bonnie: Hi Flabebe. You remember me?


Flabebe stared at Bonnie. It’s facial expression didn’t change. Bonnie kind of felt sad about that but Grey expected it. But Flabebe was still looking at her. But, its eyes widened up. Flabebe now went from sad to what appeared to be happiness. It started to fly around Bonnie’s head and laughing. This shocked Grey. He never thought that it would ever smile again, let alone want to laugh or play.


Grey: This is astounding! I’ve never seen Flabebe this happy since my dear Florence passed away!

Bonnie: -chuckles- Well, I’m glad I could make it smile.

Grey: I am too. It seems to be very fond of you Bonnie.

Bonnie: I’m fond of it too. -chuckles again-

Flabebe: Flabebe! Flabebebe!


Grey could see how much happiness Flabebe was having with Bonnie. And it got him thinking too. He let Bonnie and Flabebe play with each other for a bit. Afterwards, Bonnie got ready for bed and went to sleep. Grey went to put Flabebe back in its ball but it frantically shook its head no.


Grey: What? But where are you going to sleep then?


Flabebe floated into the room Bonnie was sleeping in. When Grey went into to see what it was up to, he saw that it was already fast asleep on top of Bonnie’s head. Grey smiled at the little flower Pokemon. It seemed like it was starting to enjoy life again. He then went to go to sleep. The next day, Bonnie woke up. She noticed that Flabebe was in her hair.


Bonnie: Good morning Flabebe!

Flabebe: -yawns- Flabebe!

Bonnie: Hope you had a good sleep. I know I did. Hey. Why don’t you go play with Dedenne? I need to get ready. I’m leaving today.


Flabebe, upon hearing that, seemed to get depressed again and slowly floated out into the living room. Bonnie was concerned about that. She got ready as fast as she could and then she headed out to the living room too. When she got there, she could see Grey was already out there sitting on the rocking chair. He seemed upset and shocked to see Flabebe upset again.


Grey: My word. What happened to her?

Bonnie: I don’t know. I told it to go play with Dedenne and told it that I was leaving today.

Grey: Ahh. That’s the cause of this then.

Bonnie: What is?

Grey: You leaving. It doesn’t want to see you leave.

Bonnie: Aww. If I could, I’d stay here and play with you a lot but I can’t.


Flabebe continued to float there all sad like. Bonnie didn’t want to leave her friend sad but didn’t know what to do. Grey didn’t know what to do either.


Grey: This is a problem. And just as it was becoming so happy as well. Hmm… Hold on! I’ll be right back!


Grey got up from his chair and walked into his room. Bonnie was curious as to what he had come up with so Flabebe wouldn’t be sad anymore. Within a few minutes, he came back out. He walked up to Bonnie and handed her a PokeBall.


Bonnie: What’s this?

Grey: This is Flabebe’s PokeBall. I haven’t seen it so happy like I did last night. And while I would love to keep it in memory of my lovely wife, it would never be happy again and I want it to be happy. Flabebe will be a great addition to your team.

Bonnie: Wait!? You’re giving me Flabebe?!

Grey: Yes.

Bonnie: But… what about you? You’ll be here all alone.

Grey: Maybe but I’ll be happy knowing that Flabebe is happy and I’m sure Florence would agree with me. So please, take Flabebe and make her happy again.


Bonnie looked at Flabebe’s PokeBall in her hand and then back at Flabebe. She didn’t want to take it away from its home but she could also see that it wasn’t any happy staying there. Bonnie walked up to Flabebe and held it’s PokeBall up close to it.


Bonnie: Well Flabebe… Do you wanna come with me on my journey?

Flabebe: Flabe? Flabebe?! Flabebe!


Flabebe floated all around the room in happiness. Grey smiled at the sight of this as did Bonnie. Bonnie then returned Flabebe back into its PokeBall. She looked at it and smiled that she had acquired a new friend. Grey walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder.


Grey: Thank you Bonnie.

Bonnie: I should be thanking you. But you’re welcome. I’ll try to visit more often so you can see how she’s doing.

Grey: I’d love that. Take care.

Bonnie: You too!


The 2 embraced in a hug. Bonnie then exited the house and continued on with her journey and happy that she had a new friend to come along with her.

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Bonnie and her Pokemon decided they’d take a break from all the adventuring and relax for the day. She saw a beautiful lake and decided to go take a swim in it along with her Pokemon. She changed into her swimsuit, called out all her Pokemon and went swimming. They were all having fun. An hour later, they all heard something. It sounded a wailing scream in pain. Bonnie and the rest of her Pokemon looked out far onto the lake. They could see something big swimming up towards them. Bonnie and her Pokemon got out of the water. When the figure came closer, she could tell that it was a Lapras. She could see that something behind it was chasing it. When it got closer, she could see that it was a Tentacruel. The Lapras got as close to the land as possible. She could see that it looked like it was beaten up and poisoned.


Bonnie: You stay there Lapras! Come on Dedenne! Jump up and use Thundershock on that Tentacruel!

Dedenne: Denene!


Dedenne listened to its trainers command and launched a Thundershock attack on the Tentacruel. It connected and after the attack, it swam away. Bonnie was glad that it ran away but she was worried about the Lapras. She swam up to it and tried to inspect the damage. As she was looking it over however, she noticed something.


Bonnie: Wait a minute… Are you the Lapras I met a couple of years ago.


The Lapras weakly shook its head yes. Bonnie was shocked. When she 1st met Lapras, it was when she was part of the Defense Force. She helped it get better and then reluctantly had to say good bye to it as it returned to its family. It was more grown up now but badly hurt. While she could have found a PokeCenter and brought a Nurse Joy there to tend to it, it might take too long. So she did the only thing she could think of.


Bonnie: I’m sorry Lapras but this is the only way I can get you to the PokeCenter fast.


Bonnie pulled out a PokeBall and touched Lapras with it. It went into the PokeBall and was instantly captured. She got dressed, returned her other Pokemon and raced off towards a PokeCenter as fast as she could. She luckily found 1 relatively soon.


Bonnie: Nurse Joy! You’ve got to help me! I rescued this Lapras from a Tentacruel! It’s hurt bad and poisoned!

Nurse Joy: Give me the PokeBall!


Bonnie handed over the PokeBall to Nurse Joy. She ran off to the back. It was a couple of hours before she came back. Bonnie ran up to the desk wondering about the status of the Lapras.


Bonnie: Is it going to be ok?

Nurse Joy: It’ll be fine. The poison is gone from its body and a good nights sleep will completely help it heal from its injuries.

Bonnie: What a relief. Can I go see it.

Nurse Joy: Yes but I recommend you don’t wake it up.

Bonnie: I won’t. I just wanna make sure it stays good throughout the night.


Nurse Joy took Bonnie to the back where Lapras was being kept in a really big tank filled with water. Nurse Joy left the room and Bonnie walked up to the glass and placed her hand on it. She felt so relieved to see her old friend doing better. It was kind of ironic that she had to help it get better just like the last time they met. Bonnie stayed in there all night and at some point, fell asleep. The next morning, Lapras woke up. It felt completely better. It looked around and saw Bonnie laying on the floor asleep, It appreciated her so much for helping it out in its time of need. Lapras hopped out of the tank and back in, causing a lot of water to splash out and land on the sleeping Bonnie. She woke up with a fright but then realized it was Lapras. She got excited and ran up the ladder and onto the platform. She hugged the snout of it.


Bonnie: Ohh Lapras! I’m so happy you’re feeling better! I was scared something bad was gonna happen to you yesterday!

Lapras: Laaaaa!

Bonnie: And I’m sorry for catching you too. I just wanted to get you here as soon as possible. I promise you I’ll release you back into the water later today.


The Lapras shook its head no and wailed out loud. Bonnie was surprised that it didn’t want to return to the water. She wondered why it wanted to stay with her. After talking to it for a while, she got her answer. It was grateful for her helping it out all those years ago and also this time and it wanted to repay her. Bonnie was really excited.


Bonnie: Alright! So Lapras, are you ready to go back inside your PokeBall?


Lapras shook its head yes. Bonnie took out the PokeBall she used to catch the Lapras and returned it back. She felt very happy that she had another friend to travel around the region with.

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It had been a couple of months since Bonnie had left her home and started her Pokemon adventure. Even though she wasn’t collecting badges, she was enjoying herself. She was also happy that the Pokemon she had made friends with in the past had now become her trusted and loving partners. As she continued walking down a path, she saw a big building. It looked all technical and things. She stopped at looked at it for a moment.


Bonnie: That place… Is that-


Bonnie stopped in mid sentence and ran over to the building. When she got closer, she smiled a big smile with gleaming light in her eyes. She knew what this place was. This is where her old friend Tyrantrum was living. She 1st met it when it was still a Tyrunt and took care of it. It evolved into a Tyrantrum when saving Bonnie from Team Rocket. Later, her and the rest of the gang learned that it lived with a bunch of its own kind in an area so the scientists could observe them. It was hard for her but she eventually said good bye to her old friend. She was excited about possibly seeing her friend again. She walked up to the building and walked into the door. She met someone at the front desk.


Receptionist: Hello. Can I help you?

Bonnie: Is there anyway I could look around in here?

Receptionist: Certainly. Let me call up 1 of the scientist that’s responsible for showing people around.


She called someone on the phone telling them that they had a guest that would like to take a look around the place. She then hung up the phone. A minute later, a scientist looking guy came up to the receptionist desk.


Scientist: Hello there. Are you the 1 that wants to take a look throughout this building? We have many fossil Pokemon here.

Bonnie: I know you do. I rescued a Tyrunt that evolved into a Tyrantrum and learned that it lived here. I was hoping you could take me to where you usually keep them and I could meet with him again.

Scientist: Ahh. That’s wonderful. Of course we shall reunite 2 old friends. Follow me.


Bonnie followed the scientist down halls and through rooms. The place seemed to have gotten bigger than the last time she was here. At least they came up to a magnetic door. The scientist entered a code and the door opened up revealing luscious green land. They both walked in and the doors behind them closed. There lots of Tyrunts and Tyrantrums around but none of them were the 1 Bonnie met all those years ago.


Scientist: Do you recognize any of these?

Bonnie: -looks around- Umm… Hmm… I don’t see it… Maybe it saw me and didn’t recognize me.


Bonnie was about to give up when she and the scientist felt the ground shaking. They didn’t know what was happening. They were about to run back towards a safe area but when they turned around, they were met with a big Tyrantrum. However, this 1 was all happy and jumping up and down. Bonnie was taken aback for a second but then realized her friend.


Bonnie: Tyrantrum? It’s you! -runs up towards it and hugs it-

Tyrantrum: -roars excitedly-

Scientist: So this 1 is your friend huh? Well then we have a surprise for you.

Bonnie: Huh?

Scientist: Go on Tyrantrum.


Bonnie watched as Tyrantrum turned around and roared out. She didn’t understand what it was doing. Again, the ground was shaking but not as bad as when Tyrantrum was running towards them. She looked towards the side of her friend and could see 2 Tyrunts running over. Bonnie found them adorable but she was confused as to why they came running over.


Bonnie: Aww. They’re adorable. But I’m confused.

Scientist: This Tyrantrum is a parent to these 2 Tyrunts.

Bonnie: -gasps- You had babies Tyrantrum!?

Tyrantrum: -nods its head yes-

Bonnie: They’re so cute! You must be a good parent to these little guys.

Scientist: Ohh it is. It’s taken excellent care of both of them.

Bonnie: Do they act alike?

Scientist: -chuckles- Far from it. 1 likes to play around while the other leans towards more fighting?

Bonnie: Fighting? That’s not good.

Scientist: Well I suppose the term battling would be better used here.

Bonnie: Ohh. Well I guess that’s not bad. Hey. Would it be ok if I played with these guys for a bit?

Scientist: I don’t see why not. Go have fun with your old and new friends.


Bonnie looked up at Tyrantrum and smiled and it returned the smile back. The 4 of them spent the day playing around the area together. They were having a lot of fun. The 1 that liked battling a lot seemed to really like her a lot though. It kept using Tackle attack against the wall trying to show its strength. She did find it very strong. After about 2 hours of play, Bonnie started to feel tired. She could also see that it was getting late and that she should get going if she wanted to get to a PokeCenter to stay overnight. She went over to Tyrantrum and pet its head.


Bonnie: It was really nice seeing you Tyrantrum and your children but I need to get going.

Tyrantrum: -gives an understanding roar-

Bonnie: Hopefully sometime I get to come back and play with you all again. Bye baby Tyrunts.


The scientist was taking Bonnie back to the door and opened it. They were just about to exit when they heard a loud roar and tiny stomps from behind. It was 1 of Tyrantrums babies. It looked up at Bonnie and nuzzled her with its rock hard head. Bonnie was shocked that it did that.


Bonnie: What is it Tyrunt?

Tyrunt: -does multiple roars suggesting for Bonnie to stay longer-

Bonnie: I know you want me to stay Tyrunt but I have to go. I’m sorry. I promise next time I’m here, I’ll play with you longer.


Tyrunt got a depressed look on its face. Bonnie felt bad. She didn’t want to make it upset but she had to get going before dark. The scientist could see that the 2 had a special bond even though they only spent a short time together.


Scientist: Hmm… I think I may have a solution to this dilemma.

Bonnie: What’s that?

Scientist: Well we do usually like to keep all the Tyrunts and Tyrantrum here to observe them but we do have a lot of them. And that 1 seems to have taken a huge liking to you and I think you really like it too. So, if you want, I will allow it to be with you.

Bonnie: Really?!

Scientist: Yes. You may take it if you want.

Bonnie: But what about Tyrantrum?


She looked up at her friend. The Tyrantrum looked at Bonnie and nodded yes in approval of what the scientist said. This got her real excited.


Bonnie: That’s great! Thank you! Hey Tyrunt! Wanna come with me?!


The Tyrunt looked up at Bonnie with a smile upon its face. It was jumping up and down with joy knowing that it was going to be going with Bonnie wherever she was going. Bonnie took out a PokeBall, touched Tyrunt with it and it went inside. It was officially caught. The Tyrantrum and Tyrunt came up to Bonnie. Bonnie petted them 1 last time before saying good bye and walking out of the building.

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As Bonnie was walking through a forest, she spotted a Pokemon floating through the air. She got up closer to it. It was a Phantump but it looked different. The colors were off. The body was somewhat of a light gray while the stump part of it was pure gray. It’s eyes were light blue and the little twigs it had on its body were red. The Phantump turned around and noticed her. It looked shocked to see her and then it started floating around her in an excited manner. Bonnie was surprised but wasn’t scared of it.


Bonnie: You’re a happy little fellow aren’t you?

Phantump: Phantump Phan!

Bonnie: Wait… Do you know me?

Phantump: -nods its head-

Bonnie: Oh my gosh! You’re the Phantump that got seperated from your friends aren’t you!?


Phantump went from being all excited to being sad. Bonnie didn’t know why it got sad all of a sudden. She asked it why it got sad and why it was away from its friends. It started to float all around and trying to explain to her what had happened. From what she had gathered, Pokemon intruders tried taking away the Phantumps food. It tried to attack the Pokemon but accidentally hit its friends which resulted in the other Pokemon stealing the food. No matter how much the Phantump apologized, the group of Phantumps made it leave the group. Bonnie felt sad for the little Pokemon but had an idea.


Bonnie: I know what to do! What if we gathered some food for your friends and brought it back to them?

Phantump: Phantump? Phantump Phan!


Phantump liked the sound of the idea. For the next hour, Bonnie, Dedenne and Phantump found as many berries, fruits, nuts, any kind of food to bring it back to its friends. When they were finished, they carried all of the food back to Phantumps home. They reached the home of the group of Phantumps. When they saw the shiny 1, they all came out of their homes and went for it but Bonnie stopped them all.


Bonnie: Wait! This Shiny Phantump didn’t mean to attack you all. It was an accident. But to make it up to you, it got all of this food for you.

Phantump: Phantump.


The group looked at the display of different foods. They were delighted to see such delicious food. They started eating it. Bonnie and Phantump hoped this would be enough for it to get back in with its group. After they were all done eating, the shiny Phantump asked the group if it could stay. The group thought about it and came to an agreement that it should stay. Bonnie was happy but also sad at the same time. She didn’t want to say good bye to it so soon but she knew she had to keep going.


Bonnie: Hey Phantump. I’m glad you’re back with your friends now.

Phantump: Phantump! Phan Phan!

Bonnie: But… I have to go. I’m gonna miss you. Maybe someday we’ll see each other again…

Phantump: Phantump?


With that, Bonnie turned around and started to leave the Phantump’s home. The Phantump could tell that Bonnie was sad. Even though it was accepted back into its group, it felt like it should go with Bonnie. The group of Phantump could tell what their friend wanted to do. They all cheered to their friend that it was ok if they wanted to go with Bonnie. The Shiny Phantump smiled. The group gave it a group hug and then let it go chase Bonnie.


Phantump: Phantump! Phantump!

Bonnie: Huh? -turns around- Phantump?

Phantump: Phantump Phan!

Bonnie: What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your friends right now?


And that very moment, Bonnie could hear a bunch of Phantump yelling out to the both of them. They both looked back and could see all of its friends floating up and down and waving good bye to the pair of them. The shiny Phantump waved good bye back as did Bonnie. They then turned around and went back to their home. The 2 of them then looked at each other. Bonnie pulled out 1 of her empty PokeBalls.


Bonnie: Well… are you sure you wanna come along with me?

Phantump: -nodding its head yes- Phantump!

Bonnie: Alright! Here it goes then!


Bonnie touched Phantump with the PokeBall and it went inside. It shook for a couple of seconds and then stopped, signaling that the capture was a success. Bonnie was so happy with her new friend. She was also happy because she now had a full team and all of them were friends she had met years ago. She walked out of the forest and continued on her journey.

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Bonnie was away from home for about 6 months. Throughout her journey, she was able to collect a full team of 6 Pokemon. She had many battles. She won some and also lost some. She also learned a lot about her teams fighting style. Dedenne kind of took after Ash’s Pikachu. Even when it looked like it shouldn’t have been able to continue, it would try to keep going no matter what. Espurr, despite not seeming like the type to battle, did quite well against many of its opponents. Flabebe struggled a bit during its battles but it showed improvement. Lapras proved that it could hit its moves powerfully. Tyrunt showed that it liked to battle. Maybe a little too much but Bonnie enjoyed that about her Pokemon. Phantump showed good results whenever it was sent out into battle.


Bonnie knew that she had traveled around the Kalos Region a good amount. So it was time to head back home. She was excited to get home and show her dad and brother all the Pokemon she was able to catch and train throughout her adventure. She decided she’d go to a PokeCenter and phone her dad. When she got to 1, she found a phone and called home.


Meyer: Hello?

Bonnie: Hi daddy!

Meyer: Bonnie! Sweetheart! It’s so good to hear from you. It’s been so long hun. How are you doing?

Bonnie: I’ve been doing good. Guess what?

Meyer: What?

Bonnie: I’m heading home now!

Meyer: You are? That’s great news! When do you think you’ll be back?

Bonnie: I think it’ll be sometime tomorrow. I’m not that far but it’s getting late now and I wanna get some sleep.

Meyer: That’s smart sweetheart. I’ll make sure to be home from work early then. I’ll tell your brother as well.

Bonnie: Ok!

Meyer: So did you catch any Pokemon?

Bonnie: Yea! I actually caught all the Pokemon I befriended when I went on the other adventure with my friends.

Meyer: Ohh Bonnie. I’m so proud of you. You’re becoming such an incredible girl.

Bonnie: -chuckles embarrassingly- Stop it dad. You’re embarrassing me.

Meyer: I’m sorry hun.

Bonnie: It’s ok.

Meyer: Well, we’ll see you tomorrow then. Have a good night of sleep Bonnie. Night.

Bonnie: Night dad!


They both hung up the room. Bonnie went to her room that was in the PokeCenter Before she went to sleep however, she called out all her Pokemon out of their PokeBalls. She wanted to talk to them before she took them back to her home.


Bonnie: Alright everyone. Tomorrow, we all go back home to my house. You’ll get to see my dad and also meet my brother again! Be on your best behaviors ok?

All The Pokemon: -nods their head in agreement-

Bonnie: Alright. Good. I’m so glad all of you are with me now. It’s been a great adventure. Hopefully 1 day, we’ll go to a special region and have an even bigger adventure there. But for now, let’s get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow. Good night everyone.


Her Pokemon said it back in their own way and she returned them to their PokeBalls. She then laid her head down on the pillow, shut her eyes and went to sleep with Dedenne sleeping right next to her. The next day, she woke up, got ready and left the PokeCenter. She was so excited to get home. She moved faster than she ever had before. Before she knew it, she made it to Lumiose City. Now she was double excited. She went right to her house. She stood outside and knocked on the door. When the door opened, Bonnie rushed in and jumped into her father’s arms. He had missed her so much since she started her journey and she missed him as well.


Meyer: Bonnie! It’s so glad to see you back here!

Bonnie: I know! I feel the same way!

Meyer: -puts her down- How are you doing? How was your journey?

Bonnie: It was great. But where’s my big brother?

Meyer: He’s having a Gym Battle right now. He should almost be done.

Clemont: -walks into the house and shuts the door- Hey dad. Just got done with the Gym Battle.

Bonnie: Hi big brother!

Clemont: Bonnie! You’re here! -hugs her-

Bonnie: Did you win?

Clemont: No but I gave them a really good battle. But what about you? How was your adventure.

Bonnie: It was pretty great.

Meyer: Wait wait. Before we start talking about what all you’ve done, how about I whip us up some lunch.

Bonnie: Ok! Sounds good to me!

Clemont: Yea. I’m starving.


Meyer went into the kitchen, grabbed some food and started to chop, cut and cook the food. Bonnie and Clemont sat at the table waiting for the food to be done. Dedenne sat on the table listening to the conversation its trainer and brother were having. Finally, the food was done and the plates were placed down in front of everyone.


Meyer: Alright everyone. Dig in!

Bonnie: -starts eating- Mmm dad! I’ve missed your cooking.

Meyer: I take it it’s pretty good then huh?

Bonnie: It is! Thank you so much!

Clemont: So? What Pokemon did you catch?

Bonnie: You’ll see after lunch. I think it’d be more fun to show you both than to just tell you.

Meyer: -chuckles- Fair enough. Did you enjoy your journey?

Bonnie: Very! It makes me want to go to a new and mysterious region now. But I don’t know where I would start to look or who to ask.

Clemont: I still think you should try 1 of the regions you do know.

Bonnie: I’m gonna do what I wanna do!

Meyer: Alright. Alright. Calm down hun. It’s alright. I’m sure something will come up. Now let’s eat up and then let’s meet your Pokemon.

Bonnie: Ok!


The 3 of them ate their lunches. After the table was cleaned off and the dishes were cleaned, the 3 of them went into the backyard. Bonnie needed some place to show off her Pokemon. She couldn’t do it in the house because she didn’t want to risk breaking stuff and doing it out in the front would be too distracting.


Bonnie: You guys ready to see?

Meyer and Clemont: Yes!

Bonnie: Alright! Dedenne, go over there.


Dedenne did as it was told and stood out in the garden. Bonnie threw all her PokeBalls up into the air. The balls popped open and her Pokemon plopped down in front of everyone. Her dad was shocked she caught such an impressive team of Pokemon. Especially a shiny. Most of the Pokemon there noticed Clemont to which they all called out to greet him. Clemont was quite surprised that she was able to catch all the Pokemon she had befriended. He looked over and saw the Tyrunt.


Clemont: Hey Bonnie? This can’t be the same Tyrunt that evolved right?

Bonnie: It’s not but it is a baby to the 1 I made friends with. The scientist there let me keep it when it was sad that I was leaving.

Clemont: My. That is intriguing. You do actually have quite an impressive team here Bonnie.

Bonnie: You think so.

Clemont: Most definitely.

Bonnie: Thanks big brother. What about you dad?

Meyer: It’s something alright. You have quite the team here kiddo. I remember when I went on my 1st Pokemon journey, my team looked nothing like yours honey.

Bonnie: Hehe. Thanks dad. They’re all my best friends now.

Meyer: Well any friend of yours is a friend of mine.


The Pokemon all cheered out to the father. Clemont was quite proud of his sister and what she was able to do. Bonnie was happy that she was home but she was also eager to try to find a new region to have her next adventure in.

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2 years have passed since Bonnie’s last adventure. Throughout this time, she had taken care of her Pokemon. They had become a real family with Meyer and Clemont. But besides just taking care of her Pokemon, Bonnie hadn’t really done anything else. She was determined to find a new mysterious region to go off to and have an adventure there. 1 day, her father had requested her to go down to the store to pick up some groceries. She accepted and she and Dedenne went down to the store. She had gotten the food her dad had requested. She then went to the cashier, bought the food and then continued to go to the door. She wasn’t paying attention where she was going to though and bumped into someone. She fell down and the food spilled out to the floor. The person, who was a girl with long white hair, turned around and saw Bonnie and the food all over the ground.


???: Ohh my. Are you ok?

Bonnie: Yea. I’m fine. I’m sorry I ran into you like that.

???: It’s alright. Here. Let me help you pick those up.


The 2 of them picked up the food off of the ground and back into the bags. Bonnie was grateful for her help and also happy that this person wasn’t mad. The woman saw Dedenne on her shoulder.


???: Ohh. You have a Pokemon?

Bonnie: Yea. This is Dedenne. I’ve had him since I was 8 years old.

???: 8? That’s quite a young age to own a Pokemon.

Bonnie: Well it wasn’t really mine. I wanted it but since I was too young to own a Pokemon yet, my brother caught it for me and let me take care of it.

???: Well your brother sounds like a lovely person.

Bonnie: Ohh he is! He’s a really good person!

Ame: I bet he is. Ohh. I’m sorry. I haven’t told you my name. My name is Ame.

Bonnie: Hello Ame. My name is Bonnie. Nice to meet you.

Ame: Same. So I assume you were or on a Pokemon adventure?

Bonnie: Yes! It was fun.

Ame: A lot of Pokemon adventures are. How many badges did you get?

Bonnie: Ohh. I didn’t go to any gyms. I just traveled around the region.

Ame: Ohh? Why didn’t you want to take on the gyms?

Bonnie: I just want to explore a region I haven’t heard of and take on their leaders. But so far, I haven’t had any luck on finding such a place.

Ame: A region you haven’t heard of you say?

Bonnie: Yea.

Ame: Hmm.


The woman stroked her chin as if she was deep thought. Bonnie was curious as to why she seemed like that. She seemed like she wanted to tell Bonnie something but wasn’t sure if she should or not. After some moments of silence, Ame spoke again.


Ame: Bonnie… Have you ever heard of a region called Reborn?

Bonnie: The Reborn region? Umm… I don’t think so. Why?

Ame: I actually run the place. Or at least try to. We are actually trying to find new trainers to go there and take part of the gym challenge but we haven’t had that much luck so far.


Bonnie’s face lit up. She had never heard of this Reborn region. Plus, with the fact that this person was in charge of things there? It was almost too good to be true.


Bonnie: Can I go?!

Ame: Hmm… How old are you?

Bonnie: I’m 12.

Ame: Ohh. Uhh… I’m not sure if it’d be the right place for you.

Bonnie: Please please please?!

Ame:… Do you live with your parents?

Bonnie: I live with my dad and brother.

Ame: Why don’t you bring me back to your house and let me talk to your dad about it? I’d feel better then.

Bonnie: Alright! Follow me!


Bonnie lead Ame from the store all the way to her house. When they reached her house, they walked in. Meyer was sitting at the table having a drink of lemonade.


Bonnie: I’m home daddy and have the food!

Meyer: Thanks hun. Ohh. Who’s this?

Ame: Hi. My name’s Ame. Your daughter bumped into me at the store.

Meyer: Ohh. I apologize for that.

Ame: It’s ok. She’s quite the special girl you have.

Meyer: Well thank you. She is very special. Is there something I could do for you?

Ame: Yes actually. Is your son home as well? I think it’s important if all of you listen to what I have to say.

Meyer: Yea he is. Hold on. Clemont!


Clemont came running down the stairs and the 4 of them sat in the living room. Ame began to explain why she was there and what the Reborn region was. As she continued talking, Clemont and Meyer seemed shocked and horrified at everything she was saying. Bonnie on the other hand was so intrigued and interested in what she was saying. After a long talk, everyone was silent. Meyer broke the silence.


Meyer: So just to recap. This Reborn region is a post apocalyptic place and there are thugs everywhere and the streets are just infested with… This does not sound like a place you should go to Bonnie.

Clemont: It sounds really dangerous. I highly recommend you not go there.

Bonnie: I’m perfectly capable of going there!

Meyer: Bonnie, sweetie. It’s dangerous.

Ame: If she were a couple years older I wouldn’t have had a problem letting her go there but since she’s only 12, I thought it would be best if you made the decision.

Meyer: Well I thank you for thinking of us. I’m sorry Bonnie but I can’t let you go there.

Bonnie: What!? Why?!

Clemont: Did you not hear everything she said? You could get hurt out there!

Bonnie: Have you forgotten our adventure Clemont?! We were constantly in danger! You even left me behind with Ash and Serena so you could train up for your Gym Battle against Ash! So you clearly had some kind of faith in me!

Clemont: B-But… I asked Serena to-

Bonnie: You still left me there! That counts for something! And dad, you let me go out despite not being old enough! I can’t believe you 2 won’t let me go there!

Meyer: Bonnie… I-


Before Meyer could finish his sentence, Bonnie stormed upstairs into her room and slammed the door. It was pretty awkward downstairs. Ame felt like she had caused tension between the family.


Ame: I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen…

Meyer: No no. It’s not your fault. You were being responsible and you told me about this region of yours. I thank you for that.

Ame: You’re welcome. Well… I should probably get going. I have a train to catch tomorrow. I head back to Reborn.

Clemont: What were you up here for anyways?

Ame: Well a mini vacation for 1 but also, trying to recruit trainers to take on the Reborn League.

Clemont: Ahh. I see.

Meyer: Hey Ame. Why don’t you stay here for the night?

Ame: I shouldn’t. I feel like I’ve caused a problem here.

Meyer: No no. Everything will be ok. I think I have some thinking to do tonight anyways.

Ame: Well… if you think so, thank you.

Meyer: Good. You can take my bed. I’ll sleep down here tonight.

Ame: Oh no. I’ll sleep down here.

Meyer: I insist. Please.

Ame: Well ok. If that’s what you want.


Everyone got ready for bed and went to their respective rooms. But not everyone could fall asleep. Ame still felt bad. She felt as if she had caused a family problem today. Bonnie was upset with her father and brother for not letting her go to a region she had never heard of or been to before. Meyer and Clemont were pondering about what Bonnie had said to them. Was it really ok for them to just deny her dream of adventuring through a new region she had never heard of or been to before? She maybe young but they still believed in her and her Pokemon battling abilities. The next day, everyone woke up. Meyer and Clemont went downstairs where Ame was awake and ready to go.


Meyer: I guess you have to leave now huh?

Ame: Yes. Must get back to work.

Clemont: Did you get any trainers to agree to go back to the Reborn region.

Ame: A couple, which is more than usual. So I’m happy with that.

Meyer: Ame… will you take Bonnie with you?


Ame was shocked to hear this. After yesterday, she didn’t think Bonnie would be going to Reborn Region. But she also thought it would be good for Bonnie to go out there and explore the world.


Ame: Of course. What made you change your mind?

Meyer: What she said yesterday was true. She had been in dangerous situations before.

Clemont: And I did leave her alone for a while there back in the day. She was capable of being good.

Meyer: So I think she should be able to go.

Ame: Well I’m glad you think so.

Meyer: I’ll be right back. I know you’re in a hurry. I’ll be quick.


Meyer ran upstairs into his daughters room. He looked around and found that she was still in her bed. She was awake but still very mad that her dad and brother denied her request on going out to Reborn. He went over and sat on her bed. She rolled over looking away from him.


Meyer: You have every right to be mad at me. I deserve it. But you need to hurry up and get ready.

Bonnie: -rolls over and looks at her dad confusingly- Why?

Meyer: Well do you wanna be late going to Reborn?


Bonnie’s eyes lit up. Her dad had granted her an approval of going to the Reborn Region. Bonnie jumped out of bed and hugged her dad. They smiled at each other. He left the room so she could get ready. She quickly threw on her clothes, grabbed all of her PokeBalls and ran downstairs. She ran over to Ame, excited to be going to a new region.


Bonnie: I’m so excited Ame!

Ame: -chuckles- I know you are. And don’t worry. I’ll pay for your train ticket.

Bonnie: Train ticket?

Ame: Mhm. I came here by train. It’s really the only way to get to Reborn.

Bonnie: Ohh. Ok! Eeeeee! I’m going on an adventure!

Clemont: -hugs his sister- Be careful out there ok?

Bonnie: I will big brother. Don’t worry.

Meyer: And try phoning us while you’re over there so we know you’re doing alright, ok?

Bonnie: Alright daddy. I will.

Ame: Well, that settles it. Come on Bonnie. We’re leaving now. I’m pretty sure the other trainers I got are already boarded the train.

Bonnie: Oh. Ok. Bye daddy! Bye Clemont!

Clemont: Bye Bonnie!

Meyer: Bye hun! Love you!


Bonnie and Ame exited the house and walked towards the train station. Clemont and Meyer watched as they disappeared into the crowd. They both looked at each other and went back into the house. It took only a couple of minutes to get to the Lumiose Train Station. Ame went up to the ticket person and paid for the ticket. But the guy needed to get Bonnie’s picture.


Ame: Hey Bonnie. You need to get your picture taken and tell him your information.

Bonnie: Ok! -runs over to the desk- Hello.

Ticket Person: Alright. Smile right here aaannnd… picture taken. So where you going young lady?

Bonnie: To Reborn.

Ticket Person: Another 1 for Reborn huh? They’re really pushing for that new league.

Bonnie: I never heard of it before until recently. I’m excited to go.

Ticket Person: I see. What’s your name?

Bonnie: It’s Bonnie!

Ticket Person: Alright. Bonnie.


The ticket Person typed up all the stuff on the ticket. He then printed it up and gave it to Bonnie.




She was getting more and more excited by the minute.


Bonnie: Thank you!

Ticket Person: No problem. Mind if I tell you something just between me and you?

Bonnie: Sure. What is it?

Ticket Person: Reborn City? I’ve heard it’s a real dump. I don’t know why anyone, especially you, would want to go to a place like that. Lot of your trainer folk have been going there recently. But hey. It’s your life. You do what you want kid. Be careful. Off you go. Train will be leaving any moment now.


Bonnie and Ame headed for the train. Ame could see the extreme excitement on Bonnie’s face and it was contagious because she kind of felt excited to go back too. Bonnie’s Reborn adventure was starting now.

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The 2 girls boarded the train and went to the seats they were assigned to. They sat next to each other for a couple of minutes waiting for the train to start. Bonnie looked around the car they were in and saw some people sitting in there with them.


Bonnie: I wonder who all of these people are.

Ame: They’re new trainers that are heading to Reborn.

Bonnie: They are?

Ame: Yea. Once the train starts moving, I’m gonna go to each of them and get their info so they can sig up for the Reborn League.

Bonnie: Well what about me?

Ame: I’m gonna leave you for last. I know a lot about you already so it just makes sense to do it that way. You don’t mind being by yourself for a couple of hours do you?

Bonnie: Nope! I’m good. I have Dedenne here with me anyways. -pets the top of Dedenne’s head-

Ame: Alright. Good then.


The train started to move. Bonnie was finally heading towards Reborn. When the train started to move at a steady pace, Ame got up and started talking to the other trainers. Bonnie watched her for a moment and then looked out the window of the train. She watched as the city went to beautiful land and then to a desert. Bonnie was in awe. She was never in a desert before.


Bonnie: Dedenne, look. It’s a desert!

Dedenne: Dedenne!

Bonnie: It’s so cool!


They were having so much fun looking out the window, they didn’t realize how much time had passed. Ame came back over to Bonnie. It took her a few tries to get her attention.


Bonnie: H-Huh? What? Oh Ame! Sorry. I was looking out at the desert.



Ame: -chuckles- I can see that. That’s the Tourmaline Desert.

Bonnie: It’s cool to see the sand fly all over the place.

Ame: Fun to look at but not so much fun being in it. -chuckles- Anyways, I got done with the trainers here. Now it’s your turn.

Bonnie: Ok! Sooo what do you need to know?

Ame: Well… to be honest, I already have everything I need to know down. So I thought I’d just sit here and talk with you.

Bonnie: That’s great! Soo… what exactly happened to Reborn?

Ame: Well… an incident took place. It was real bad. Almost everyone abandoned the city. Even the Pokemon.

Bonnie: Really?

Ame: Yea. It got pretty bad. So we’re really trying to get more trainers to come here to take on the league.

Bonnie: I’m sorry that happened.

Ame: It’s ok.

Bonnie: What are the Gym Leaders like?

Ame: Well… I’m not supposed to say anything but you’ll eventually find out. They’re nothing like you’ve ever seen before. They al use a team of 6.

Bonnie: All of them do? Well it’s a good thing I have a full team as well.

Ame: It is. It’ll be a difficult challenge but I’m excited to see how you’ll fair against them.

Bonnie: -laughs from excitement- I can’t wait! This is gonna be so much fun!

Ame: -chuckles- Well do blow through your whole excitement right now. Save some of it after you get registered. Actually, we’re almost at Grandview Station. So when we get there, we’ll disembark and you and the rest of the trainers can follow me to the Grand Hall. And then you can get your starter Pokemon.

Bonnie: Uhh… Do I really have to? I mean Dedenne is my starter.

Ame: Well… Normally, it’s mandatory but for you I can… can…


Bonnie saw Ame’s face change. She went from looking happy to looking somewhat scared. It looked like she was looking behind Bonnie but when she turned around, she couldn’t see anything there. This was starting to frighten her a bit. Ame looked around the car they were in as if she just realized something.


Bonnie: Ame? Is everything ok?

Ame: Bonnie… something’s not right. We should be decelerating right now.


At that moment, a strange sound was heard. Whatever it was, it scared Bonnie. Ame rushed over to her and safely pushed her through the window of the train. A huge explosion happened. Ame and Bonnie were thrown even further away from the train. Time had passed or so it seemed. Bonnie was unconscious. But she started to hear a voice.


???: Bonnie!? Bonnie! Wake up! Come on!

???: Dedenene!

Bonnie: -opens her eyes slowly- Ugh… Wha… What happe-

???: Ohh Bonnie! I’m so glad you’re alive!


Bonnie was lifted up back onto her feet. She didn’t have the strength yet to stand on her own. As she started to become more aware of her surroundings, she looked around. She could see Ame staring at the destruction of, what she assumed to be, Grandview Station. She also noticed that it was raining. It somehow fit in with how she was feeling right now.



Bonnie: Ame… What just happened?

Ame: The train exploded as we pulled into the station.

Bonnie: The train… exploded? How?

Ame: I don’t know. I’m… I’m just glad I was able to get us both out of there just in time.

Bonnie: What about the other trainers that were on there? Where did they go?

Ame: They… -sighs-


Ame wasn’t able to tell Bonnie what happened to the rest of them. But Bonnie caught on. She realized what happened to them. They were killed in the explosion. Her eyes started to fill up with tears. Ame tried her best but how could anyone calm down a child that had witnessed people being killed?


Bonnie: -sobbing- W-Why did that happen?

Ame: I don’t know Bonnie. I don’t know.

Bonnie: T-This is terrible.


Bonnie was starting to think that maybe her father and brother were right about her not coming here. It was more dangerous than she thought it would be. She wanted to go back home but with the train station and the train both destroyed, she would have no choice but to stay here now. Just then, the both of them heard a voice.


???: Hihi!


Bonnie looked ahead and saw a green haired girl with yellow clothing. She sort of looked like a cheer leader. She looked really pretty too.



Bonnie: Who’s that?

Ame: That is Julia. -looks at Julia- What did you do Julia?

Julia: Wait what?! I didn’t do it! I swear! I was at the Gym-Gym and then suddenly BOOM! BIG EXPLOSION! So I came running! When things start exploding, I have to be there to see it! It’s so cool!

Bonnie: Why would you want to see an explosion? It’s dangerous.

Julia: Dangerous, smangerous! It’s fun tho see things blow up!

Ame: Right. Well anyways, this seemed like it was a deliberate attack.

Bonnie: How can you tell?

Ame: Based on the timing. Whoever did this rigged the train to destroy Grandview Station.

Bonnie: Who would do such a thing?

Julia: I dunno but whoever did do it did a pretty good job!

Ame: While that is true, this isn’t the time to be admiring their work. They could be monitoring from nearby still.

Bonnie: So what do we do about this?

Ame: Well, I’m gonna have the perimeter locked down. Hopefully, we can catch the perpetrator before they get away. -looks towards Bonnie- Listen Bonnie, I have to go. Are you gonna be able to walk by yourself?

Bonnie: Yea. I’ll be fine. Where are you going though?

Ame: I’m going to the Grand Hall. It’s just right down this road. You can’t miss it. I’m sure there will be another trainer there who can show you around.

Bonnie: Well… ok.

Ame: Don’t worry Bonnie. Everything will be fine. I’ll handle this.


Ame walked off towards the Grand Hall. Bonnie leaned up against a big rock and stared at the Grandview Station. Debris was everywhere. It was still frightening even though she had survived the incident. She then realized about Dedenne. She picked it up and inspected it for injuries but luckily, it had none. She was thankful for that. She then noticed Julia still standing there, looking at her.


Julia: Sooo, you’re Bonnie?

Bonnie: And you’re Julia right?

Julia: Yep! I’m the captain of cheer and pep and all things bubbly and bright!


Bonnie stared at her for a moment. This girl was crazy. She loved explosives and sounded like a cheerleader. Bonnie didn’t know how to feel about her. Julia came closer to her and sat on a rock next to her.


Julia: Hey! Don’t look so gloom! Everything will be fine!

Bonnie: How do you know?

Julia: I don’t! But you have to keep a positive attitude!

Bonnie: You’re weird.

Julia: Nah! I just haven’t had my coffee yet!

Bonnie: How can you like explosives if they can cause this much damage and destroy lives?

Julia: I only like explosions when I know people aren’t in danger. Plus, I don’t try to boom people on purpose. Just because I like booming things doesn’t mean I’m a bad person!


Bonnie thought about that for a moment. She was right. Just because she did something that was dangerous didn’t mean she was bad at all. She just liked something that was dangerous.


Julia: Pop quiz! Are you taking on the Reborn League?

Bonnie: I guess I am. Why?

Julia: Yay! I’ll be seeing you soon then! I’m the Electric Type Gym Leader!

Bonnie: You are?

Julia: Yep! I’ll be looking forward to your challenge but you should stop dillydallying here and get down to the Grand Hall already!

Bonnie: You’re right… And thanks for making me feel a little better.

Julia: No problemo!

Bonnie: Alright Dedenne. Hop into the bag. We’re going now.

Dedenne: Dedenne!


Dedenne hopped into the bag Bonnie always carried with her and started walking down towards the Grand Hall. As she walked down, she looked at the scenery around her. All the buildings looked like little shacks. Some of the people scared Bonnie. The water looked really polluted. Bonnie couldn’t believe the condition of this place. She knew it was gonna be bad but not this bad. She saw a big building coming into view. She walked up the stairs and near the entrance to the Grand Hall, someone was standing there. She turned around and looked at Bonnie with a happy smile on her face. She were some kind of robe and had dark hair.



???: Hey there. By any chance, is your name Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes. How do you know my name?

Victoria: Ame told me to look out for a trainer named Bonnie. Speaking of names, mine is Victoria.

Bonnie: Hey Victoria. It’s nice to meet you.

Victoria: It’s nice to meet you too but… is everything alright?

Bonnie: It’s the station.

Victoria: I heard something happened there… Uhh, but come on. Let’s get you inside. I’ll show you around.

Bonnie: Ok.


The 2 girls went inside. The inside of this place looked way better than outside. It felt really pleasant to be inside of there. The 2 of them walked up to the desk where Ame was. She seemed relieved to see Bonnie somewhat looking better.



Ame: Well this is the Grand Hall. What do you think of it Bonnie?

Bonnie: It’s definitely better looking in here than out there.

Ame: Yea. That’s a true statement. Ohh yea. We have good news. We caught the suspect almost immediately.

Victoria: Really? Already?

Ame: Yes. He’s being interrogated downstairs right this second.

Victoria: You mean the person that had the station destroyed.

Ame: Yes. The very 1.

Bonnie: Well I hope they get a lesson taught to them.

Ame: Well we learned 1 thing. He’s certainly not working alone.

Bonnie: Who’s he working with?

Ame: It’s not important right now. You shouldn’t worry yourself about them Bonnie. It’ll be taken care of.

Bonnie: But-

Ame: So Victoria, you’re here to sign up for the Reborn League?

Victoria: That’s right. Kiki said it would be good for my training. So she wanted me to start completely over. She asked if I could get a new Pokemon as well.

Ame: Well we usually reserve those for beginner trainers but I suppose I can make an exception for Kiki.

Victoria: Thank you so much Ame!

Bonnie: Who’s Kiki?

Victoria: She’s my teacher! I’m an apprentice at Apophyll Academy. It’s in the Azurine Region of Reborn. If you’re ever in the area, I’m sure they’d love you to drop by.

Bonnie: Maybe someday.

Ame: Well you’re gonna have to go there eventually.

Bonnie: Huh? Why would I?

Ame: She’s this region’s Fighting Type Gym Leader.

Victoria: Ohh yea. I completely forgot about that. -chuckles- Ohh. I’m sorry. I’m keeping you from getting your starter.

Bonnie: Ohh that’s alright. I don’t need 1.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Bonnie: I already have Pokemon. This cutie right here is my starter. Come out Dedenne!

Dedenne: -pops its head out of the bag- Dedenne!

Victoria: Aww. That’s such an adorable little Pokemon.

Bonnie: Thanks. I’ve had it for 4 years.

Victoria: That’s a long time. Must have taken really good care of it.

Bonnie: I did and it’s super strong!

Victoria: Really? Well when I get my Pokemon, we should have a battle and see who is really stronger.

Ame: Speaking of picking your Pokemon, would you like to do that now Victoria.

Victoria: Yes please.

Bonnie: Ok. I’ll wait here for you.


Ame then took Victoria upstairs so she could choose her starter Pokemon. As she stood there waiting, a boy came walking up. He walked up to the desk and then stared at Bonnie. She stared back at him. She was surprised to see him wearing all girly looking clothes and mostly all in purple.



???: Hey there girl. You look cute.

Bonnie: Thanks. You look cute yourself but why are you wearing clothes like that. Shouldn’t you be wearing boys clothes?

???: -nervously chuckles- It’s just… I like wearing this stuff. It makes me feel like me. I’m more comfortable wearing this stuff than what I’m “supposed” to wear.

Bonnie: Ohh… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound rude.

???: It’s alright. You were just wondering. That’s all.

Bonnie: My name’s Bonnie. What’s yours?

Cain: It’s Cain. Your name is pretty by the way.

Bonnie: -chuckles- Thanks. So is yours.

Cain: Thanks girl. Hye. Was Ame here?

Bonnie: She is. She’s just with a girl upstairs as she chooses her Pokemon.

Cain: Ahh. Ok. I’ll just stay down here a bit.

Bonnie: Ok!

Cain: So by the looks of how you’re dressed, you’re not from around here are you?

Bonnie: Nope. I’m from the Kalos region.

Cain: You look the type. Since you’re here, then that means you’re gonna take on the League right?

Bonnie: I guess.

Cain: You guess? What you mean you guess?


Bonnie told Cain everything that happened with the train exploding and how people have died in it. While she was telling her story, tears were swelling up in her eyes. Cain saw this and hugged her. This really made Bonnie feel better.


Cain: I can see why you’d question on if you’d stay here or not. I mean you’re kind of stuck here now but… You know what I mean!

Bonnie: Yea…

Cain: But trust me. This place used to be a beautiful place. The buildings were fascinating, the water was a pure blue color and the people were nicer.

Bonnie: That’s kind of hard to believe.

Cain: But I still think it can be like that again and I honestly think it’s gonna be because of you.

Bonnie: Me? Why me?

Cain: I’m not sure but I can just feel it.

Bonnie: Wow… Me helping this city change back to the way it used to be before… That would be pretty nice. I don’t feel regretful anymore about coming here. Thanks Cain.

Cain: No problem Bonnie! Hey. I have an idea. Why don’t we have a Pokemon Battle here?

Bonnie: Can you battle inside the Grand Hall?

Cain: Ohh yea. Ame always let’s it happen. So? What do you say?

Bonnie: Come on Dedenne! We’re gonna have our 1st battle here in Reborn!

Dedenne: Dedenne De!


Dedenne ran to the front of Bonnie while Cain sent out his Nidoran (Male).




While the battle was basically just a back and forth Tackle fight, it was still aggressive but fun and eventually, Bonnie came out victorious. She was very excited to have won her 1st battle in Reborn. Bonnie picked up her Dedenne as Cain returned his Nidoran back to its PokeBall. Cain showed Bonnie where the healing machine was inside the building. When she was done healing her Pokemon, Ame and Victoria came walking down towards the 2 new friends.



Victoria: Ohh there you are Bonnie. I thought you had left.

Bonnie: No. I met Cain.

Cain: -chuckles- Sorry.~ I kind of stole Bonnie.

Bonnie: We had a battle and I won!

Cain: Yea. She’s a pretty good trainer for being despite being young.


Ame could see the difference in Bonnie’s face. She wasn’t quite over what happened at the station but she seemed like she wanted to continue traveling in the Reborn Region. Ame then remembered that Cain was there.


Ame: Whoops. Sorry Cain. Forgot you were coming by.

Cain: It’s alright. Bonnie helped me pass the time.

Victoria: So what do you say Bonnie? Wanna have another battle but with me now?

Bonnie: Sure! Let’s do this!

Ame: You 2 have a fun time with your battle. Cain, I’ll get you registered as a challenger. Come with me please.

Cain: Ohh yes master.~

Ame, Victoria and Bonnie: Master?

Cain: Nooooothiiiiing.~

Ame: Right… Come on Cain.


The 2 of them then went back up to the desk. Bonnie was still confused by what he meant by master but she was happy that she had made a friend with him. Victoria turned around towards Bonnie with her PokeBall in hand.


Victoria: Ready to battle now?

Bonnie: Yes! I’ll use Dedenne again!




This battle was much more intense than the 1 Bonnie had with Cain but in the end, she was able to scrape by with a victory. Victoria called back her Pokemon back to her Pokemon. She looked up at Bonnie with a smile on her face.


Bonnie: Alright! That’s 2 wins in a row!

Victoria: -chuckles- You’re no ordinary trainer are you…

Cain: -walks down towards the 2- Hey guys. Ame said she’s ready to register you both for the League.

Victoria: We should go up then.

Bonnie: Ok. Where are you going Cain?

Cain: I’m gonna hit the road. I’ll see you 2 sometime. Later Victoria. Later Bonnie. It was nice meeting you!


Cain waved good bye as he walked out the building. The 2 girls then walked up to the desk where Ame was at. When they got there, they could see Ame writing some stuff down on a piece of paper.


Bonnie: Hey Ame! I hope we didn’t keep you waiting.

Victoria: What are you doing?

Ame: It’s ok. I decided I’d take care of the documentation while you 2 were battling.

Victoria: That’s great!

Bonnie: Yea. Now we don’t have to sit here just writing stuff down.

Victoria: -chuckles- That’s true.

Ame: Well now all that’s left to do is to give you 2 these 2 things: The Pokedex and the Pokegear.

Victoria: Thanks Ame!

Bonnie: Yea. Thank you Ame. But what does the Pokegear do?

Ame: It allows you to check the map, listen to music and I’m pretty sure there’s other apps that you’ll be able to put on there.

Bonnie: Ohh. It sounds exciting. Can’t wait to use it.

Ame: No problem. Now, I have to go deal with the suspect. The interrogation continues. Good luck you 2. Bye. -goes downstairs-

Victoria: Excited much Bonnie?

Bonnie: I am. I’m still shaken up from the train exploding but… I’m starting to feel excited about this again.

Victoria: Good. I can’t wait for the next time we see each other. We can have a rematch.

Bonnie: Yea! That’d be great!

Victoria: So what are you gonna do now?

Bonnie: I’m not sure. I know Julia is the Electric Type Gym Leader but I know I’m not strong enough to take her on yet.

Victoria: Hmm… I know. Explore around the wards 1st. There will be a lot of trainers wanting to battle. Train your Pokemon by doing that.

Bonnie: That sounds like a good idea. Thanks!… By the way, what’s a ward?

Victoria: It’s just a division of a city.

Bonnie: Ohh. Ok. I didn’t know that.

Victoria: You’re welcome. Well, I’m gonna go now. Bye Bonnie. See you around!


Bonnie watched as Victoria walked to the entrance of the Grand Hall and exited. She looked at her Pokedex and Pokegear. She could feel her excitement return as it did when she was on the train before. She ran towards the door and exited, eager to start training her Pokemon.


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 6

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Tackle/Tail Whip



Espurr/Female/Level 5

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Scratch/Leer/Covet



Flabebe/Female/Level 5

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Vine Whip/Tackle



Lapras/Female/Level 5

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: None

Moveset: Sing/Growl/Water Gun/Mist



Tyrunt/Male/Level 5

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Tail Whip/Tackle



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 5

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Tackle/Confuse Ray/Astonish




Ame: +7 (7/10) - She did help Bonnie get out of that mess with the train exploding but she was NOT expecting that to happen at all.


Julia: +5 (5/10) - She looks cute and pretty and while she's not necessarily a bad person, her hobbies aren't really the best either. But despite that, Bonnie considers her a friend of sorts.


Victoria: +5 (5/10) - She seems ok to Bonnie. She's just kind of there. She did help Bonnie though and also gave her 1 tough battle. Bonnie sees her as a strong rival.


Cain: +10 (10/10) - She highly considers Cain 1 of her close friends despite just meeting. He helped her get more comfortable with Reborn after the train exploding. He also gave her her 1st battle in the Reborn Region. She also approves of his clothes style.


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Bonnie walked outside and looked all around. She didn’t really know what ward she was in right now. She decided to use her Pokegear and look up on the map where she was right now.


Bonnie: Hmm… We’re in the Opal Ward right now. I bet I could find some trainers to battle around here before I left to another ward.


Bonnie started to look around the ward for trainers to battle. She was right in assuming that there would be trainers to fight. There were more than she expected but she didn’t mind that. It just meant more battling experience for her Pokemon. Some battles were easy and some were a little tough. As she was walking to the corner of a bridge she was walking on, she could hear a couple of people yelling. As she got closer, she could see some boys threatening a Zigzagoon. She went to approach them but 1 of them got in her way.


Boy #1: What are you doing here?

Bonnie: What are you all doing with that Zigzagoon?!

Boy #1: None of your business. Get out of here!

Bonnie: -sends out her Pokemon- You’re gonna have to make me 1st!

Boy #1: You think you’re tough? Fine. Whatever.


The boy sent out his Pokemon. Shockingly to the boy, Bonnie had beaten him quickly. Knowing he had no other choice, he moved to the side. Bonnie ran up to the 2 boys that were picking on the little Pokemon.



Boy #2: If you don’t do exactly as we say, we’ll throw you into the water!

Boy #3: So you gonna listen to us?!

Zigzagoon: -shaking nervously- Zigzag.

Bonnie: Hey! Leave that Zigzagoon alone!

Boy #2: Huh? Who are you?

Boy #3: Get lost. This doesn’t concern you.

Bonnie: You’re bullying that Pokemon! And you’re threatening to throw it over the bridge if it doesn’t listen to you?! That’s mean!

Boy #2: And what exactly are you gonna do about it?

Bonnie: I’m gonna battle the both of you and when I beat you 2, you will leave the Zigzagoon alone!


The 2 boys looked at each other and started to laugh. This angered Bonnie. They were no better than her. The 2 boys then sent out their own Pokemon as did Bonnie. The boys were very confident that they would win but that hope was dashed away when Bonnie was able to defeat them rather quickly. The 2 boys called back their Pokemon and moved away from the Zigzagoon. Bonnie ran up to it and pet it.


Bonnie: Are you ok?

Zigzagoon: -shakes its head yes- Zigzagoon!

Bonnie: That’s good. Be more careful ok?

Zigzagoon: -shakes its head in agreement- Zig!


Zigzagoon ran off. Bonnie hoped that it would be able to stay out of trouble from now on. When Bonnie was done exploring the bridge, she decided to go pass the gates. But each gate she went to, there were cops blocking the entrance. They wouldn’t tell her why they couldn’t let her through. She walked back near to where the train station was. She stopped in the middle of the road and stared at the station. She got lost in thought about what had happened just a couple of hours ago. She snapped back to reality and checked her Pokegear again to see where she was.


Bonnie: Now I’m at… Peridot Ward. Hmm. Maybe I can find the gym while I look around here. I’ll at least know where it’ll be when I’m done training.


Bonnie set off through the Peridot Ward and fought many trainers as she planned to do. She was enjoying herself quite nicely. She never had this many battles in 1 day. She came up to a sign and read what it said.



Bonnie: “Neo-Circuit Power Plant - A Silph Co. Service.” Hmm. Wait. Something else is written underneath that. “Neo-Circuit is such a LAME name! I officially retitle this place the Electro-Dazzle Happy Boom-Time House of Cheer!” Well, this definitely is Julia’s Gym. She’s a weird 1 isn’t she Dedenne?

Dedenne: Dedenne.

Bonnie: But she also seems interesting. And fun. Anyways, let’s keep going. We gotta train up so we can become stronger.


Bonnie left and continued to battle many more trainers. She couldn’t believe how many trainers there were here in the wards. As she was following the train tracks, a person called out to her.


Stranger: Ey. You?

Bonnie: M-Me?

Stranger: Yea you. Come here.

Bonnie: -walks cautiously over- Yes?



Stranger: You got some style. But do you have the skill to back it up?

Bonnie: If you mean a battle, then yes.

Stranger: Cool. Battle me and if you win, I’ll let you chill with me and my gang.


Bonnie didn’t know if it was a good idea to be talking with someone like this, especially if they were in a gang, but she thought it would be better to comply than to deny and possibly be in danger for it. The 2 battled but it didn’t take long. She won. The stranger then walked into a back alley. Bonnie followed and saw 2 more people in the back. She pretended to be interested in whatever they had to say but she just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. When she had the opportunity, she got out of there and continued her training.


She went into some buildings. In 2 of them, if she wanted to advance further, she had to battle the person blocking the entrance.




She had won both battles and explored the areas they were protecting. She could understand why they would try to protect them. She continued up north and of course was met with more trainers to battle. Her Pokemon were definitely starting to get more powerful now.


With no more trainers anywhere in sight, Bonnie decided it might be time to take on the gym. As she was heading down to where Julia’s gym was, she could overhear someone talking. As she kept walking closer to the source of the voice, she could see it was a boy with green hair and well wearing mostly all green.


???: Damnit! Where are they? They said to meet at the factory. Wait. Maybe… Maybe they meant the other factory! Ugh. They should have specified.


The boy caught Bonnie staring at him. She got embarrassed and was about to turn around and leave but he yelled out to her.


???: Hey! What are you lookin’ at?!

Bonnie: S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to stare.

???: Hmph. Come over here.


Bonnie nervously walked up to him. He seemed really mad that Bonnie was staring at him. He didn’t seem nice at all.



Bonnie: I said I was sorry.

???: I don’t care if you didn’t mean to or not. What were you looking at? Hmm?

Bonnie: I-I was just-

???: Do you have a problem with me or something?

Bonnie: No no!

???: Better not. You don’t know who you’re messing with. What’s your name kid?

Bonnie: It’s Bonnie…

???: Bonnie? -laughs- Suits you. It sounds weak.


While she was nervous around this boy, that comment had gotten her really angry.


Bonnie: Hey! I am not weak!

???: Suuuure you’re not. Hmm?


At that point, Dedenne had gotten out of the bag and jumped down to the ground in front of Bonnie. Fern saw the little mouse and started to laugh. Bonnie was confused at this.


Bonnie: Why are you laughing?

???: You have a Dedenne. That Pokemon is the weakest of the weak. I can only imagine what other Pokemon you could have.

Bonnie: He is not weak! He’s very strong! And so are the rest of my Pokemon!

Fern: Is that so? Well how about a battle then pipsqueak? You’ll be battling against the cool cat and the top dog and the name is Fern.

Bonnie: I won’t lose to someone like you! Bring it on!


The 2 of them threw out their PokeBalls and the battle started.




Despite talking a big game, Fern not only lost the battle but he wasn’t even able to get a hit on any of Bonnie’s Pokemon. She felt very proud for shutting his mouth up. But before she knew it, he grab her by her shirt and pulled her in close to him. He was extremely mad about the battle.


Bonnie: H-Hey! What are you doing?! Let go of me!

Fern: You just got lucky. That’s all. Don’t think that this fluke of a win means you’re better than me. Look at you. Just a little shit. You’re taking part of the League and you don’t even have a badge? Pathetic. You know what?


Fern pushed Bonnie backwards. She stumbled backwards and then fell to the ground. Dedenne came over to her to make sure if she was ok. It then looked at Fern and its body started to show electricity.


Fern: Ohh are you mad that I roughed up your trainer a little bit? What’s a tiny little Pokemon like you gonna do to me?

Dedenne: -angrily- Dedenne!

Bonnie: Dedenne no! He’s not worth it.

Dedenne: Dedenne?

Fern: Psh. You are weak. But whatever. I seriously don’t have time for this. Unlike you, I have places to be. Go work on trying to get a badge. Later loser.


Fern then walked away from her. Bonnie stood up and brushed the dirt off of her dress. She looked on as Fern disappeared out of her sight. Tears started to dwell up in her eyes. She hated how Fern had treated her and her Pokemon. It wasn’t right. And the fact that he had the audacity to push her to the ground? That really got her frustrated. But she tried to suck it up. Wasting tears over someone like that wasn’t worth it. She wiped her eyes and then proceeded to go back to Julia’s Gym. When she got there, she went to open the door but it swung open and smacked Bonnie in the face. She stumbled back holding her cheek. She looked back to the door and saw that it was Julia.



Bonnie: Ow! Julia! Watch it next time would you?!

Julia: Hmm? Ohh noes! Did I hit you in the face with the door?

Bonnie: Yes!

Julia: I’m sorry! But… at least it wasn’t an exploding door?

Bonnie: -sighs- Can we battle?

Julia: Sure! But not right now! We got bad news!

Bonnie: What’s going on now?

Julia: I just got a report from Ame about the bombing at Grandview Station.

Bonnie: Did she find something out about who did it?

Julia: She sure did! There’s a whole team! And the perp said the next place they were going to blow up was the power plant which is MY GYM!

Bonnie: It’s a good thing Ame got him to talk then huh?

Julia: You’re damn right! Nobody booms things without me, least of all MY things!

Bonnie: I don’t think that’s what I mean but the 2nd part sounds right. But what can we do about it?

Julia: We?

Bonnie: Yea. I might be younger than all of you and maybe I’m scared too but I was on the train when it blew up and me and Ame were the only ones that made it. I feel like I owe it to everyone that didn’t make it during that.


Bonnie was somewhat shocked that she said all of that. Maybe deep down inside of her she truly did feel like that and it just came out now. Julia seemed pleased to hear this though.


Julia: That’s great then! Come with me. My 1 friend is coming and I think her brother is coming as well.

Bonnie: Alright. Sounds like a plan.


Julia walked ahead as Bonnie walked behind her following to wherever she was told this team was.


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 13

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Thunder Shock/Tail Whip/Tackle/Charge



Espurr/Female/Level 13

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Confusion/Scratch/Covet/Light Screen



Flabebe/Female/Level 13

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Tackle/Vine Whip/Lucky Chant



Lapras/Female/Level 13

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Gun/Confuse Ray/Ice Shard/Mist



Tyrunt/Male/Level 13

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Tail Whip/Tackle/Roar



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 13

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Astonish/Confuse Ray/Tackle/Growth




Fern: +0 (0/10) - Fern was just a bully to Bonnie. He got angry with her beating him so quickly and without any of her Pokemon tacking damage. She SEVERELY hates him.


Julia: (5/10 NO CHANGE!) - Julia bashed Bonnie in the face with the Gym door (even though it was by accident) = bad

Telling Bonnie about the bad team and letting her come with her to meet up with her friend and brother to take them out = good


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By the time the 2 girls had gotten to their destination, it was starting to turn dark. Julia had taken them to some kind of factory.



Bonnie: What is this place?

Julia: This is Mosswater Factory.


Bonnie looked at the factory. It looked old and ragged but then again, so did the whole city. Julia went over to the entrance and tried to get through but the door wouldn’t budge.


Bonnie: Great. So how do we get in now?

Julia: Don’t worry. I came prepared. -pulls out a dynamite stick from her jacket-

Bonnie: Is that a stick of dynamite!?

Julia: Yes it is.

Bonnie: Why would you ever thing to bring something like that?!

Julia: To make things go boom of course.

Bonnie:… -sighs- Well I suppose it will help in this situation. Alright. Use it.

Julia: Yay! This is gonna be so fun!


Julia walked back over to the entrance, lit the dynamite, set it on the ground and got away. In a few seconds, a huge blast occurred. Bonnie had closed her eyes since she was scared. When everything settled, Bonnie opened her eyes and noticed that a huge hole was created in the entrance.


Bonnie: Well at least we can get in now.

Julia: -chuckles- That was awesome! Can we boom it again?!

Bonnie: Not now.

Julia: Darn. Hmm? -looks behind Bonnie- Well would you look at that. Make things go boom and acquire friends.


Bonnie turned around but who she saw made her stomach turn. It was Fern. The bully who had berated Bonnie earlier. She did not want to ever see him again. The person next to him looked eerily similar to him except that this person clearly was a girl.



Bonnie: No! Why is HE here?!

Fern: Pfft. Fuck you too.

Julia: Ahh. You’ve already met Fern huh?

Bonnie: Yes and it wasn’t pleasant!

Fern: You’re just a pipsqueak.

Bonnie: You pushed me to the ground.

Julia: Ohh boy. Anyways, Bonnie, this is Florina. Back in our school days she was my roommate and BFF.~

Bonnie: Hi Florinia.

Florinia: Greetings. I’m afraid that time wastes. Let us proceed.

Bonnie: I agree. The quicker we get this over with, the quicker he can get away from me.

Fern: Trust me. I feel the same way.

Julia: Come you 2! Focusies! We have bad guys to boom! This building is apparently their base. The guy who bombed Grandview Station is with this group called Team Meteor.

Bonnie: Team Meteor?

Julia: I know! Totally a weird name right?!

Fern: Whatever. Who cares what their name is. Let’s just go inside already.

Julia: Right! We can’t let them boom anything else! Let’s boom their faces off! CHARGE!


The 4 of them walked into the building but as soon as all of them stepped foot into the place, they could smell something awful in it.


Fern: Ugh. This smells like-

Julia: Terribadtastic!


Bonnie looked over the railing that protected anyone from just walking into the water. It looked putrid. It looked even worse than the water outside. This water had a maroon color to it.



Bonnie: That doesn’t look good.

Florinia: The wine hue indicates high levels of pollutants. Estimated toxicity: 90+%.

Bonnie: Is that why the lake is so polluted?

Julia: Yea. I can’t believe all of this is being dumped right into Azurine Lake!

Fern: Blah blah blah. Enough with the hippie environmental bull. Let’s just get going.

Bonnie: Do you always have to be so mean?

Fern: Do you always have to be this weak?

Bonnie: I beat you in our battle!

Fern: I told you it was a fluke! Nothing else!

Florinia: You must stop this bickering or nothing will be accomplished.

Julia: Yea! We have to stop Team Meteor from polluting the lake anymore! They clearly don’t care about the well-being of the city!

Bonnie: Alright. I’m sorry.

Fern: Like I said, weak.

Florinia: The path diverges. The most efficient course of motion for facilitation of thorough investigation and reclamation of this property is a similar bisection of the part.

Fern: And what does that mean in English?

Julia: She said we should split up. Duh!

Bonnie: Ok. So who goes with-

Julia: -talks really fast- I’m going with Florinia! Don’t let Fern get on your nerves anymore than he already has!

Bonnie: Wait! Wha-


Before Bonnie could finish her sentence, Julia ran full speed to the right side of the room and through the door. Bonnie was upset. She did not want to team up with Fern. Bonnie tried pleading with Florinia to go with Fern instead but she could tell that it was getting no where so she stopped.


Florinia: Proceed with caution.

Fern: I always do sis.

Florinia: You were not the intended recipient of my previous statement. Permission for you to be life-endangeringly reckless: Granted.


Florinia went to the ride side of the room too. Bonnie couldn’t help but utter a laugh hearing Florinia say that to Fern. But the giggles didn’t last long as Fern shot her a pissed off look. She stopped laughing and looked down at the ground. She was frustrated that she had to team up with Fern.


Fern: You think I like this any better?

Bonnie: I don’t really care if you do or not.

Fern: Alright pipsqueak. Let’s just get a move on or I’ll do something worse than just push you to the ground.


Bonnie really didn’t want to have another altercation with Fern. So she and Fern proceeded to go to the left side of the building. The 2 didn’t say a word to each other. Pretty soon, the 2 saw some people dressed all in black clothing.



The people saw them both and engaged them in battle. It didn’t last long though and the 2 black clothed people ran further into the factory. Bonnie and Fern battled more people like this. Even though this was somewhat dangerous, Bonnie was happy her Pokemon were battling and getting stronger. At last, the 2 came to a room where Julia and Florinia were.



Julia: Hi you 2! Did you guys do good?

Fern: Sure.

Bonnie: Mhm.

Florinia: Meteor Headquarters confirmed beyond this gate.

Bonnie: It kind of looks like the entrance to this place.

Julia: You’re right!

Bonnie: So isn’t it time to blow it up?

Julia: I would but I used the last of my boom sticks to get in here.

Fern: Well now what? We just sit here and do nothing?

Julia: If they’re planning to do demolitions, they might have explosives in here somewhere.

Florinia: Hmm… -walks over to a computer panel- That is not necessary. This facility’s digital security system appears substandard. A brute force attack should be sufficient. Please hold.

Bonnie: Brute force?

Julia: We can’t punch our way in silly! Why don’t you 2 go look for some more boomies? There weren’t any the way we came. If you do, we’ll be in there in no time!

Florinia: Why is combustion your solution to any obstacle?

Julia: Uhh… Fun for the whole family?

Florinia: Indeed.

Bonnie: -chuckles- It kind of is fun making things blow up. But as long as its safe… or used for good.

Fern: Whatever. Man. You all talk too much. We can’t just sit here and wait for the Flobot to hack the system. Let’s get the crazy lady her bombs.

Julia: Yay! Fern says something I agree with! Now quick! To the boom mobile!


Bonnie and Fern went to the room below and started to look for any kind of explosives. They ran into a couple more Team Meteor Grunts but were able to fend them off quite easily. When they beat the last of the grunts, they found some explosives. Fern picked them up and brought them all the way out to where Julia and Florinia were. Julia got very excited when she saw the bombs. She set them up by the door but as soon as she was about to blow up the door, they shot up into the ceiling. The 3 seemed confused until Florinia spoke.


Florinia: Access granted. Let us proceed. -goes to the room above-

Julia: Wait. What about… The booms. There was gonna be a big KA-BOOM! And you can’t do that. You just- Rini! -goes to the room above-

Fern: Tch. Leave it to my sister to ruin everyone’s fun.

Bonnie: Let’s just get this over with.


The 2 followed and entered the room above. When they got there, they could see 2 more Meteor Grunts and what seemed to be their leader. The leader had some kind of eye patch thing on and wearing weird black clothing. The sight of this man frightened Bonnie but knowing that Julia and Florinia were there helped her muster up the courage to walk up closer.



Julia: You! Are you the 1 in charge here?

???: And if I am?

Julia: We’re gonna blow your face off for what you did to Grandview Station!

???: -chuckles evilly- Amusing. Tell me, what power do you think you have to do so?

Bonnie: W-Well… she’s a Gym Leader.

???: Whatever title she holds means nothing to us.

Julia: Just who do you think you are anyways?!

???: You know already. We are Team meteor and we do not relent. If you though you got here through your own ability, then you are sorely mistaken.

Bonnie: What do you mean?

???: Simple. We had no intention of defeating you here. Our purpose here is forfeit already. But it was necessary to let you in so that you could all attend a demonstration.

Julia: Let us in?

???: You really thought you hacked our security so easily? Foolish. I ordered our operators to slow you down long enough to delete all mission critical data from our systems. But it seems we overestimated your strength. Time was ample. We grew tired of waiting. Now enough talk. Aster.

Aster: Yes boss!

???: Eclipse.

Eclipse: Yea?

???: Deal with the small fries.

Fern: -whispering- Heh. Well even this dude knows you’re a pipsqueak.

Bonnie: -whispers back aggressively- Not the time for this Fern!

???: I’ll handle the Gym Leaders.

Eclipse: Well, if you say so.

Aster: For Team Meteor!




The 2 grunts sent out their Pokemon as did Bonnie and Fern. Unlike the other grunts the 2 had faced, these 2 were tougher. In fact, they were so tough, they almost took out Fern’s whole team but they were eventually defeated. Bonnie was proud of her little Dedenne for standing strong against these 2.



Bonnie: Alright! We beat them!

Aster: Damnit!

???: Really? You 2 lost already? How disappointing. I can take on 2 myself easily but 4, even beginners…

Julia: Give up now!

???: Heh. Well at the very least, it was an amusing diversion. Don’t think you’ve won though. Team Meteor does not forgive.


The lights turned off and when they came back on, the 3 of them were gone. No where to be seen. The 2 Gym Leaders recalled their Pokemon back to their PokeBalls. Julia walked up further into the room and started to do something. When she was done, she got back up and turned around to us.


Julia: Ok.~ Time to start running.

Bonnie: Uhh.. What did you do Julia?

Julia: Kaaaaaa-

Fern: Shit. I’m getting the hell out of here.


The 4 of us ran out of the building just in time. The explosives went off and the whole place shook. The building was all cracked and torn up. Bonnie was just happy to be out of the place in time. She also noticed that it was nighttime.


Bonnie: You could have told us what you were doing before just doing that Julia!

Julia: Sorry. But it’s a wrap. Gooo team!

Fern: Right. Well if we’re done here, then I’m getting out of here. I can’t just dawdle around like Bonnie here.

Bonnie: What do you-

Fern: Later.


Fern left without letting Bonnie finish her sentence. She wanted to get even with him but she was just happy that he was finally gone. Julia appeared to be a bit happier too.


Florinia: Obsidia requires further investigation. I will attend to that now.

Bonnie: Obsidia?

Julia: It’s 1 of the wards here.

Florinia: You can locate it on your Pokegear.

Bonnie: Ohh yea. I almost forgot I could do that. Thanks.

Julia: Well Rini, it was fun hanging out with you again! It was just like the good old days back in school right?

Florinia: And equally destructive, correct. However, sentimentalities remain counter-productive. I will report today’s proceedings to Ame. Farewell.


Florinia then left. Bonnie couldn’t get a good read on her. She was definitely weird but seemed nice but also really straight forward with whatever was on her mind.


Julia: Rini!!! -sighs-

Bonnie: Is there a reason she’s like that.

Julia: Well… nevermind that! Thanks for your help today Bonnie! It was great!

Bonnie: It’d be better if I wasn’t stuck with Fern but it was pretty cool to hang out with you and Florinia. And I kind of see why you like to make things explode now.

Julia: It’s fun! But hey! Since my gym won’t randomly blow up, I’m gonna head back there and sleep for the night. You should go back to the Grand Hall and sleep there. They might have some rooms available for you. We’ll have our Gym Battle tomorrow ok?!

Bonnie: Yea. That sounds good. I’ll see you later.

Julia: Bye!~


Julia then walked back to her Gym. Bonnie was starting to feel tired. She was heading back to the Grand Hall when she could hear a couple of voices upwards. Bonnie looked up and could see a pair of Team Meteor Grunts. She listened in on their convo.



Male Meteor Grunt: Holy shit. We almost didn’t get out of there in time.

Female Meteor Grunt: Yea. We almost blew up with the building. What do we do now?

Male Meteor Grunt: Let’s go to our hideout up here and come up with a plan.

Female Meteor Grunt: Alright. Sounds like a good plan.


The 2 of the grunts then headed up north. Knowing trouble would be afoot, Bonnie followed them from a distance. They continued upwards and went into a building. Bonnie went to the door and listened in onto what they were saying.


Male Meteor Grunt: All right. Let’s liberate the Pokemon and escape quickly.

Female Meteor Grunt: Understood.

Male Meteor Grunt: If this woman figures out we’re targetting her, she’s sure to flee Reborn. That’s 1 more-


At that moment, the thing holding the door closed broke and Bonnie fell to the ground inside of the building. The 2 Meteor Grunts were shocked but were mad that they had been found. Bonnie felt embarrassed but also nervous. She had faced these people with a group but never alone.



Female Meteor Grunt: It’s that girl from the factory! What are you doing here?!

Bonnie: I-I’m here to stop you 2!

Male Meteor Grunt: Ha! It’s of no consequence. She doesn’t know where we’re headed.

Female Meteor Grunt: If you know what’s good for you, stay out of our business kid.


They pushed Bonnie aside and ran out of the house and headed towards their target’s location. Bonnie went to go after them but she lost track of them. She searched along the upper top of Peridot Ward but couldn’t find them anywhere. But when she was heading back down, she could hear a woman’s shouting, pleading to someone to not take her Pokemon. Bonnie ran over to the house she could hear the shouting from. She stopped in front of the door. She was frightened but she knew that the person inside needed help. So she grabbed the door handle, turned it and went inside. Inside, she could see the same male and female Meteor Grunts from before.


Woman: No no! Get out of here before they do something to you!

Male Meteor Grunt: Huh? -turns around as well as the female grunt- Urgh! It’s you!



Female Meteor Grunt: I told you we should have tied her up!

Bonnie: Leave her alone right now!

Male Meteor Grunt: I’m afraid you’ll just have to be eliminated.

Bonnie: Just try to!


She was expecting them to battle but instead, they began to do a pose. Both the woman and Bonnie seemed confused on what they were doing.


Bonnie: Uhh… What are you 2-

Female Meteor Grunt: This is an attack.

Male Meteor Grunt: So brace for impact.

Female Meteor Grunt: To eliminate this infestation!

Male Meteor Grunt: To restore the are of God’s own nation!

Female Meteor Grunt: To break apart the world above!

Male Meteor Grunt: To find what lies beneath truth and love!

Both Grunts: Team Meteor!

Female Meteor Grunt: Resonating with eternal light!

Male Meteor Grunt: Run away now, don’t try to fight!

Both Grunts: For justice! That’s right!


The woman and Bonnie were baffled by what they just witnessed. This had reminded Bonnie with her adventure with Ash whenever they encountered Team Rocket. She figured that these 2 had gotten inspiration of this motto by those guys. Nonetheless though, the 2 called out their Pokemon as did Bonnie. Bonnie was easily able to defeat the 2 grunts and render them powerless.


Bonnie: Ha! So what are you gonna do now?

Male Meteor Grunt: Grrr! If we continue, we jeopardize our main objective.

Female Meteor Grunt: Right. Let’s retreat.


The 2 grunts swiftly exited the house. The woman felt so grateful for Bonnie saving her and her Pokemon.


Woman: Thank you child. If it wasn’t for you, they would have taken my Pokemon here.

Bonnie: It’s ok ma’am. I’m just glad I could help. -yawns-

Woman: You seem to be tired. Why don’t you stay here for the night? I’m pretty sure the Grand Hall doesn’t have any available rooms right now.

Bonnie: Are you sure? I don’t want to be a burden or anything.

Woman: Of course not darling! You saved me and my Pokemon. It’s the least I could do. Unfortunately, I do not have a couch or even a bed for you to sleep on.

Bonnie: That’s ok! I have a sleeping bag and pillow. I’ll be fine.


Bonnie put her bag down onto the floor and took out her sleeping bag and pillow and got it ready on the floor. She changed into her sleeping clothes, laid inside her sleeping bag along with her Dedenne and they both fell soundly asleep.


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 17

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Thunder Shock/Charm/Parabolic Charge/Charge



Espurr/Female/Level 15

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Confusion/Scratch/Covet/Light Screen



Flabebe/Female/Level 16

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Razor Leaf/Vine Whip/Lucky Chant



Lapras/Female/Level 16

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Confuse Ray/Ice Shard/Sing



Tyrunt/Male/Level 15

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Stealth Rock/Tackle/Roar



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 16

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Astonish/Confuse Ray/Tackle/Growth




Julia: +1 (6/10) - Was actually very helpful in stopping Team Meteor. With her explosives. Bonnie now can somewhat understand why Julia likes them so much. She just wishes she would just let them know when she would use some to blow up a building.


Fern: (0/10) - She HATED having to team up with him inside the factory. And their acquaintanceship didn't get any better. If anything, they have gotten worse.


Florinia: +5 (5/10) - Very different from Fern but Bonnie would rather her than her brother any day of the week. Although she does find her very odd. Especially with the way she talks.


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Bonnie and Dedenne woke up the next day. They had an amazing sleep. She was eager to train a little bit before her gym battle with Julia. So she got dressed, put all her stuff away in her bag and then headed out of the house. The woman again thanked her for what she did for her last night. She had her Pokemon battle some Pokemon in some of the alleyways around the ward.


After about an hour of training, Bonnie went to the PokeCenter to heal her Pokemon. As she waited though, she thought of something. It was what Fern said to her yesterday about her Dedenne. Even though it basically outlasted Fern’s Pokemon in the last double battle against Aster & Eclipse, it bothered her. So she came up with a plan and told her little mouse Pokemon when it was done healing.


She exited the PokeCenter and walked up to Julia’s Gym place. She stood in front of the building in anticipation for whatever was going to go down in there. Dedenne nuzzled her leg.



Bonnie: -chuckles- You nervous too huh buddy?

Dedenne: Dedenne.

Bonnie: Well hopefully everything will work out in our favor. This will be our 1st Gym Battle ever. You ready to go inside?

Dedenne: -nodding yes in agreement- Dedenne!


Bonnie turned around and walked into the building. It looked quite interesting in there but then again, it was Julia’s Gym. So there was no telling what would be seen in there. As she looked around, she noticed a computer monitor. She walked over to it and examined the screen.



She saw a command that said “Call Grand Hall.” Curious as to what the purpose of this was, she clicked on the option. In a matter of seconds, Ame’s face popped up on the screen.


Ame: Bonnie? Is that you?

Bonnie: Yea. It is.

Ame: It’s good to hear from you! I heard you helped with the Team Meteor business from Florinia last night. Thank you for that.

Bonnie: It’s no problem. But what exactly is this?

Ame: Hmm? Ohh. You mean the computer monitor that’s there and us talking. Well 1st off, it seems you’ve made it to the Gym, which is a good thing. These are at every Gym location. You call me to get info on the Gym Leader and the field they use and all of that.

Bonnie: Info on them? But isn’t that cheating?

Ame: I mean if you wanna look at it that way. The Gym Leaders don’t seem to mind much.

Bonnie: Well… if they’re ok with it, then I suppose it’s fine.

Ame: Great! So you’re at Julia’s Gym right?

Bonnie: Mhm.

Ame: Ohh yea. Before I get into that, I forget if I told you this or not but every Gym Leader has a full team of Pokemon. Which means it’ll be tougher than all the other regions you heard of.

Bonnie: Does sound tough but also exciting.

Ame: They also have their own special field for tactical advantages.

Bonnie: Special field?

Ame: Yep. But even though it benefits them, it could benefit you as well.

Bonnie: Hmm. That’s interesting to know.

Ame: Getting back on track here, Julia uses an Electric Field which will make all of her same-type attacks even stronger. And if she’s able to get an explosion off, it’ll add a bit more damage. Try finding something to tank Electric Type attacks. Or maybe you can try to fight fire with fire. Good luck!

Bonnie: Ok. Thanks Ame! -presses the end call button- I think I’m gonna play electric with electric.


Bonnie was even more excited going forward to challenge other gyms now. She looked down at Dedenne and they both smiled at each other. She started to try to solve the puzzle of Julia’s Gym. A steel grate in front of her prevented her from advancing. She went to the side and battled a trainer that was in there. She then saw a Voltorb at the end of the room. She was confused as to why it was there. When she went back though, it followed her and went up to the steel grate. It started to glow. Bonnie jumped backwards as it exploded, making a massive hole in the steel grate.



Bonnie: Of course this is Julia’s Gym puzzle. -sigh- Ohh well. It fits her.


Bonnie repeated this process a couple more times until she came to the end of the room. She entered to the next room and was surprised to see such an open space. The floor was lighting up and there were banners on the ceiling that said KA-BOOM! Bonnie noticed Julia as did Julia notice her.



Bonnie: Hey Julia. I’m here for my Gym Battle.

Julia: Yay! Hi Bonnie! Welcome to the Super-Duper Ultra-Hyper Electro-Dazzle Happy Boom-Time House of Cheer!

Bonnie: The… Nevermind.

Julia: Ignore all the superlame machinery junk. I need to get more banners and streamers and… and… FIREWORKS!

Bonnie: Fireworks for inside your Gym?

Julia: Yep! Wait… Isn’t that a safety hazard?

Bonnie: Yes it is.

Julia: Ohh… Ohh well. Who cares?! Just because you helped us out yesterday doesn’t mean I’m gonna go easy on you! I have pride to uphold!

Bonnie: Can I talk to you about that really quick?

Julia: But I wanna battle! Possibly with explosions!

Bonnie: It’ll be quick.

Julia: Fiiiine.

Bonnie: Look. Fern said something about my Dedenne yesterday and it’s been bugging me ever since. I know he’s not here for me to show him that Dedenne is strong but… I want you to have it be a 1 on 6 battle.

Julia:… I’m sorry. What?

Bonnie: Yea! You get to use all of your Pokemon and I can only use Dedenne here!

Julia: Are you sure about that?

Bonnie: Yes. I know Reborn Gym Leaders are supposed to be harder than the other region’s Gym Leader’s but I need to do this just to prove to him and myself that Dedenne is strong!

Julia: Well… if that’s what you want, you got it! OTS, we represent! We pack a punch and don’t relent!

Bonnie: Uhh… Were you a cheerleader sometime in the past?

Julia: Yes! I’m wired so let’s fight!




With Bonnie’s strange request to have it a 1 on 6 battle, the match started. When the battle was over, Julia was shocked. Well kind of. It looked like she had just gotten calmed down from a sugar rush. Bonnie was ecstatic that she had won her 1st Gym Badge with just 1 Pokemon.


Bonnie: Oh my god! I did it! Dedenne, you were great!

Dedenne: -tired- Dedenne.

Julia: Well that was shocking. Mrrrr…

Bonnie: You ok Julia?

Julia: I’mma go take a power nap.

Bonnie: Julia!

Julia: What? Ohh right. Your badge. Here. -hands the Volt Badge over to Bonnie- That’s the… the… whatchamacallit badge. -yawns- I need coffee. Or sleep. I’mma sleep. Night Bonnie. See you some other time. With explosives hopefully.

Bonnie: -chuckles- Alright. Bye Julia.


Bonnie watched as Julia literally laid down on the floor of her gym and fell asleep. Bonnie didn’t find this strange since she was sort of used to Julia’s weird antics. She walked out of the building looking at her new badge. She was so distracted looking at her badge though that she didn’t notice the person in front of her and bumped into them.


Bonnie: Ohh. I’m sorry. I just won my 1st badge and I couldn’t stop looking at it.

???: It’s ok. -turns around- Ohh hey! Bonnie right?



Bonnie: Yea. And you’re Victoria?

Victoria: Yea. Hey. I see you’ve been doing good. Nice job getting the badge.

Bonnie: Thanks. So are you gonna take on the Gym now?

Victoria: I was going to but something came up.

Bonnie: Probably good thing. She’s sleeping right now. -chuckles-

Victoria: Well this ain’t funny. I just heard something weird is happening in the Obsidia Ward.

Bonnie: The Obsidia Ward? Hmm. -takes out her Pokegear and looks for where it’s at- Ohh! That’s right next to the Grand Hall.

Victoria: Yea. It’s pretty close.

Bonnie: Well what’s going on there?

Victoria: Plants are coming to life and attacking people.

Bonnie: Plants coming to life? That’s crazy!

Victoria: And as soon as I heard that, I knew I had to go over there and see if I can help! I’d love to stay and talk more but I need to hurry! See you later Bonnie!

Bonnie: Bye Victoria! Good luck!


Victoria ran towards the Obsidia Ward. Bonnie went to the PokeCenter to heal her Dedenne. She was thinking about everything that had happened since she came to Reborn so far. Now that she knew that there was trouble in Obsidia, she couldn’t just sit there and not help. She decided she’d go and see if she could help in any way possible.


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 19

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Charge Beam/Charm/Parabolic Charge/Charge



Espurr/Female/Level 17

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Covet/Confusion/Light Screen



Flabebe/Female/Level 17

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Razor Leaf/Vine Whip/Lucky Chant



Lapras/Female/Level 17

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Confuse Ray/Ice Shard/Sing



Tyrunt/Male/Level 17

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Stealth Rock/Bite/Roar



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 17

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Astonish/Confuse Ray/Tackle/Growth




Julia: +1 (7/10) - Bonnie won her 1st Gym Battle against Julia and with just 1 Pokemon. She now considers Julia a friend and is somewhat into "boomies" now as well... Is Julia a good influence on her?


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Good job! I think I’ve never seen a sweep with Dedenne before. You did it more than well against Julia.


Keep up the good work, Bonnie rocks until now! 🙂

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NIIIICE I've also used a Dedenne before in Rejuvenation and it carried my ass quite far into the game. I like that Bonnie's got guts~

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4 hours ago, Q-Jei said:

Good job! I think I’ve never seen a sweep with Dedenne before. You did it more than well against Julia.


Keep up the good work, Bonnie rocks until now! 🙂


2 hours ago, Candy said:

NIIIICE I've also used a Dedenne before in Rejuvenation and it carried my ass quite far into the game. I like that Bonnie's got guts~

Thanks! 😄 I literally came up with the idea as soon as the battle started. Lol.

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So for everyone reading this (hoping you're all enjoying this btw), whether you remember or not, I'll remind you all again. The Pokemon Bonnie is using won't evolve on their regular levels. So just for fun, who do you all think will evolve 1st?

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Bonnie ran over to the stairway near the Grand Hall. When she got up the stairs, she could see Florinia next to some cops that were blocking the way.



Bonnie: Hey Florinia. What are you doing here? I thought you left for Obsidia Ward last night.

Florinia: Greetings Bonnie. I was going to but with the time of the hour, I found it acceptable to stay in the Grand Hall for the night. I am now though going to go back into the Obsidia Ward. It remains in a volatile condition. My attendance is mandatory.

Bonnie: I know. 1 of my friends told me what was going on. Is there anyway I can help?

Florinia: Negative. Farewell.


Bonnie was upset. She wanted to go in and help Obsidia Ward deal with whatever it was that was going on there. 1 of the cops moved but as Florinia went to go to her ward, she stopped for a moment. Neither Bonnie nor the 2 policemen knew what she was doing?


Policeman #1: Uhh… Miss Florinia?

Florinia: Reconsidering… -turns around towards Bonnie- Bonnie you know of the situation that is going on in Obsidia, correct?

Bonnie: All I know is that plants somehow are coming to life and attacking people.

Florinia: Correct. In this situation, given the previous assistance at the factory, an exception maybe possible for you to enter this ward. Ordinary citizens are not permitted to come in here yet until the problem is dealt with. Officer, this person may be able to assist the present situation in Obsidia. Is passage permissable?

Policeman #2: Sure thing Miss Florinia.

Florinia: Excellent. You are free to move wherever you please to Bonnie. The target area has been narrowed down to the Obsidia Park, where it seems to be hosting the majority of floral species in the ward. Once there, wait for further instructions. Farewell.

Bonnie: Uhh… Ok!


Florinia walked ahead to go to the Obsidia Park. Bonnie didn’t quite understand everything Florinia had said but knew that she had to get to that park right away. But she decided to take a look around the ward. Lot of places were there. A salon, a PokeBall store and even a candy store. Bonnie couldn’t help but to be at that store for a little bit. When she exited though, she could see a huge crack right in the middle of the rode. She went closer to it and looked through it. She couldn’t see the bottom. This freaked her out a bit so she decided to step away from it. Since she couldn’t go anywhere else but south, she decided to go that way. As she continued though, she saw a familiar face.



Victoria: Bonnie!

Bonnie: Victoria! What are you doing here? I thought you were gonna try to help with this whole plant thing?

Victoria: I was but I’m not sure what to do.

Bonnie: What do you mean?

Victoria: Well thanks to the plants, the main road is blocked off which means the only way to get to the other side is to go through the slums.

Bonnie: Slums? Sounds like an icky place.

Victoria: And dangerous. All these men kept trying to attack me and some of the debris in there were moving!

Bonnie: Debris? Moving? Are you sure about that?

Victoria: Very sure!

Bonnie: Well despite how odd that sounds, I can’t just stay here. I have to get to the other side.

Victoria: But Bonnie… So you intend to go through the slums then?

Bonnie: I have to.

Victoria: Then battle me.

Bonnie: Huh?

Victoria: Battle me. If you can’t beat me, there’s no reason for you to even attempt to go through the slums.

Bonnie: Well… Fine. Here’s our rematch!




The 2 battled but just like their last battle, Victoria didn’t last long. She got defeated in about a minute. The 2 returned their Pokemon back to their PokeBalls. Victoria looked at Bonnie with a worried look on her face but she smiled. She didn’t have a choice but to let her through.


Victoria: Just… Be careful alright?

Bonnie: I will. Don’t worry Victoria.

Victoria: Good. I’ll see you later then.


Victoria headed back up. Bonnie watched as she disappeared from her vision. She felt bad for her but knew she had to keep on going. She went further down and then searched for the entrance for the slums. She found it and went in.



It was certainly a weird and grimy place. As soon as she walked in more, she had many people demanding for battles. She didn’t mind the battles but the way they demanded it had her a little scared. As she went to the next area, a guy ran up to her in a frantic motion and started screaming at her.



Man: Gah! Box! Why you do this to me?!

Bonnie: Ahh! W-What are you talking about?!

Man: The box! The box did this to me!


She quickly sent out her Pokemon as did he but she quickly defeated him. She ran further ahead away from the weird man. Why was he talking about a box doing something to him? Just as she was thinking that, she saw a box on the ground ahead of her start moving forward.



She stopped as she watched. It went to the other side of the room and then disappeared. She was starting to think that maybe she was going a little crazy from everything that had happened to her so far. As she continued to the next room, she again encountered another box that had moved on its own.



This time, it freaked Bonnie out so she ran upstairs to the outside. She looked behind her to make sure it wasn’t somehow following her. She opened the door to get back inside the other part of the slums and just like last time, she had these strange men demanding her for Pokemon battles. Luckily for her, she was able to beat them all. As she continued through, she encountered a 3rd box but this 1 wasn’t moving. She carefully went over to it and was just about to lift it up when it shot across the room and into the next room.



Bonnie jumped back from the surprise. She was afraid whatever was in the box would be in the next room. It took a while for her to grow courage but she eventually went in. She saw the box but now it was upright. She peered in but saw nothing nor did she see anything in the room. Then from out of nowhere, another weird man approached her.



Bonnie: H-Hey! What do you want?!

Man: That box… Did it just give birth to a Pokemon?

Bonnie: Did the box just give… What?!

Man: That was some crazy stuff I saw.

Bonnie: Do you know where the Pokemon went.

Man: Yea… Down there.

Bonnie: Alright. Good… Bye.


She quickly ran down the stairs to get away from the weird guy. She cautiously went through the area making sure there wasn’t gonna be a surprise attack from anywhere. Luckily, there wasn’t. She was starting to get tired of the slums though and just wanted to get out of there. When she went into the next room, she was surprised to see a Scrafty and Scraggy. There were 2 boxes next to them. They lifted up and it turned out to be 2 more Scraggys. The Scrafty turned around and looked at Bonnie.


Bonnie: Why were you all in the boxes? You’re scaring people in here.

Scrafty: Scr… Scr-afty!

Bonnie: Huh!?


The Pokemon Gang got into an attacking stance. Bonnie knew she had to fight to get through so she sent her Pokemon out.




It was a tough battle but eventually, Bonnie came out on top. The 3 Scraggys scurried out of the room. The Scrafty opened up the steel grate that was blocking the next area. It looked back at Bonnie and then left.



Bonnie hurried through and was back outside in the Obsidia Ward. She was so grateful to be out of the slums. She took out her Pokegear and looked at where she was and how far Obsidia Park was. Luckily, it was just right up the road but when she went to go there, 2 policemen stopped her.



Policeman #1: Sorry little girl but due to the situation, we cannot permit anyone to let me in.

Bonnie: What!? But Florinia-

Policeman #2: You’re not getting through! End of discussion!


Bonnie was super upset about this. How would she get to the park now? She took out her Pokegear once again and searched for places she could go to possibly sneak pass there. She saw that south of where she was was another ward called the Coral Ward. She went down there. When she got there, she could see it was really foggy. She looked all around the place but couldn’t find a way to get passed the policemen. She decided she’d go onto the docks and think of her next move. When she got there though, she saw a woman standing looking out at the water. As she got closer to this woman, she could see that her hair was a really light green-blueish color and was wearing blue clothing. The woman turned and noticed Bonnie.



???: Ohh hello there!

Bonnie: Hi.

???: Sorry but could you hold on a moment?

Bonnie: Why?

???: -pointing to the lighthouse dock- See that Popplio? It’s trapped over there and I need to get it to safety.

Bonnie: But can’t it just swim over?

???: The water is so polluted, it would hurt it.

Bonnie: Ohh. That is bad. Well what can we do to help it?

???: I’m not sure. That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.

???: Bonnie? Is that you?! Hey girl!


Bonnie and the woman looked to where they heard the voice from. It was Cain. Bonnie got super excited, ran over and hugged him. Even though it was only a day, she really missed him.


Bonnie: I didn’t think I’d see you for a while yet but I’m glad to see you so soon.

Cain: Me too. So what are you and Amaria doing?

Bonnie: Amaria?

Amaria: Ahh yea. I was so worried about that Popplio, I never introduced myself. Yes. My name is Amaria. I’m the Water Gym Leader as well.

Bonnie: Well my name’s Bonnie. Nice to meet you.

Amaria: Same to you. But we still have the problem of how to save that Popplio.

Cain: Is it stuck there?

Amaria: Yes and we can’t save it. Any water type that touches the water will be hurt. There’s no way to save it.

Cain: Hmm… Nah.

Bonnie: Nah? What do you mean?

Cain: Don’t worry. I got this. Come on out Grimer.~


Out popped a Grimer but it looked different. It looked like it had mustard all over it’s mouth and it was green instead of purple. Bonnie was confused by it.


Bonnie: What happened to your Grimer Cain?

Cain: Huh? Nothing. Why?

Bonnie: It looks weird. Grimer are supposed to be purple.

Cain: Wait. Have you never seen an Alolan form of a Pokemon?

Bonnie: Nu-uh.

Amaria: Do you know the Alola Region?

Bonnie: Well I’ve heard of the region but I’ve never seen 1. Come to think of it, Julia’s Geodude was a bit weird looking too.

Cain: Well Alolan form Pokemon are Pokemon but with different typing and look different. This Grimer is Poison and Dark type as an Alolan Geodude is a Rock/Electric type.

Bonnie: Ohh. Ok. I see. That’s cool! I hope I can catch an Alolan Pokemon!

Cain: Well I’m sure you will. But hey. Let’s save that Popplio. Ready Grimer?

Grimer: Grimer!


As the Grimer hopped into the polluted water, Cain began to sing.



Amaria was confused as to why he was singing but Bonnie was totally into it. She even joined it. Grimer made it to the lighthouse port Popplio was on.


Cain: Alright Popplio.~ Hope on Grimer and it’ll take you back over here.


The Popplio carefully hopped onto Grimers back. It hopped back in the water and surfed back over to the other side. Popplio hopped off onto the dock and Grimer hopped back up onto the dock as well. Amaria was impressed.


Amaria: Oh my god! Cain, that was fantastic!

Cain: -chuckles- Yeeeaaa. I get that a lot. Usually from boys though.

Bonnie: Why boys Cain?

Cain: Uhh… It’s because… Well nevermind that. I’m just happy Popplio is safe and sound. Return Grimer!

Bonnie: I’m so glad it’s safe.

Cain: Well now that it isn’t in danger anymore, I’m gonna leave. Later.~


As Cain started to walk away, Popplio hopped along after him. He stopped turned around and looked at the little Pokemon. It seemed to be really happy with Cain.


Bonnie: Aww! Popplio likes you Cain!

Amaria: I think it wants to go with you.

Cain: Wellll it is cute. Do you wanna come with me Popplio?

Popplio: -shakes its head yes- Popplio!

Amaria: I think that’s a “Yes please.”

Cain: -chuckles- Ahh alright.~ I’ll keep you safe from now on little buddy.


Popplio ran up to Cain and nuzzled Cain’s leg as Cain knelt down to pet its head. Then, it looked over at Bonnie and had a determined look on its face.


Bonnie: Hey. Why is Popplio looking at me like that?

Amaria: Hmm… I don’t think it wants to be protected anymore. I think it wants to protect you now. Right Popplio?

Popplio: Lio!

Amaria: Gotta take care of your trainer as well. -chuckles-

Bonnie: Ohh. So it wants to battle? Ohh! I know! Cain, why don’t we have a rematch. I’d love to be this little guys 1st opponent.

Cain: I suppose I could do that. Alright. It’s battle time.~




The battle with Cain was a little bit harder than last time but nonetheless, Bonnie still came out victorious. Amaria seemed shocked about this.


Amaria: Ohh! I wasn’t expecting Popplio being on the losing side!

Cain: Well Bonnie might be young but she’s full of surprises.

Bonnie: -chuckles- Thanks Cain. That was a fun battle.

Cain: It was. But hey. I gotta get back to the Wasteland.

Bonnie: The Wasteland?

Amaria: I think he means the Byxbysion Wasteland. It’s a really toxic area. Wait. Why are you going there?

Cain: If I don’t handle a certain something out there and fast, I’ll never live it down.

Bonnie: Ohh. Well ok. Later Cain. I look forward to our next battle too!

Cain: Me too Bonnie! Bye you guys! -leaves the area-

Amaria: Well that’s a relief. I’m sure those 2 will be a great match.

Bonnie: Any Pokemon would be lucky to have him as his trainer.

Amaria: I just hope the rest of the Pokemon aren’t suffering. With the lake how it is now… I have to make sure I do my best to make sure that I can save as many of them as possible.

Bonnie: You really care about Water Types don’t you?

Amaria: Well of course. I’m a Water Type Pokemon Trainer after all.

Bonnie: Ahh. That makes sense.

Amaria: Ohh! I forgot about Florinia! I should get back to the Obsidia Ward!

Bonnie: Ohh yea! Me too!

Amaria: Wait. Do you know Rini?

Bonnie: Yea. She said I could help out with the whole plants coming to life trouble that’s going on there.

Amaria: Really? That’s good! Alright. Go heal your Pokemon and meet us up at Obsidia Park. We’ll take care of it together.

Bonnie: Alright. Sounds like a plan!


Amaria left the dock and headed towards the Obsidia Park. Bonnie went to the PokeCenter to heal her Pokemon. She was nervous as to what might happen next but she knew she needed to help Florinia and Amaria. As soon as her Pokemon were healed, she exited the PokeCenter and went to Obsidia Park.


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 20

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Parabolic Charge/Nuzzle/Charge Beam/Charm



Espurr/Female/Level 20

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Fake Out/Confusion/Light Screen



Flabebe/Female/Level 20

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Razor Leaf/Vine Whip/Wish



Lapras/Female/Level 20

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Confuse Ray/Ice Shard/Sing



Tyrunt/Male/Level 20

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Stealth Rock/Bite/Roar



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 20

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Astonish/Confuse Ray/Feint Attack/Growth




Victoria: +1 (6/10) - She seems to really care about Bonnie's safety and she appreciates Victoria for that. She also feels bad she couldn't continue to help out dealing with the plant stuff.


Amaria: +7 (7/10) - She really cared about saving that Popplio. And she's also a Water Type Gym Leader. Bonnie admires her for that.


Cain: (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Bonnie's best friend in Reborn. She looks up to him since he helped her calm down since her experience in Reborn. She also likes that he had taken the Popplio and he is a good singer and also taught her about Alolan Forms. (which she hopes to catch 1 sometime in her adventure)

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Bonnie ran upwards to the Obsidia Park as fast as she could. She was excited but also nervous what she might encounter next. In a matter of time, she met back up with Amaria and Florinia. By that time, it was evening and soon, it would be dark.



Amaria: Hi Bonnie! Good to see you got here fast.

Florinia: Yes. Greetings again.

Bonnie: I’m glad I got here too. So what do we do? I can already tell that there’s a lot of plant life happening at this spot.


She was right. There were vines and trees all over the streets coming up out of the ground. It was crazy.


Amaria: Well there are trees blocking the way into the park but fortunately, they can be cut down.


At that moment, Bonnie’s bag started to rumble. Bonnie was surprised and immediately threw it onto the ground. The 3 girls watched as some kind of metallic cube came out of her bag and floated out next to her. Nobody knew what was going on here. The cube then floated over to Bonnie and out popped a hologram message of some sort. Bonnie began to read it.


Hologram Message: Hey Bonnie. I know this maybe surprising to you but I invented this device to help you in your adventure in Reborn. It’s called the Ultra Helper-O-Matic Cube. With this device, as long as you have the right badge requirements, you may use any of the HM moves yourself without having to rely on any of your Pokemon. So this can help with Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, Flash, Strength, Dive, Surf, Waterfall and Fly. All you have to do is say the word of the HM you would need and this device will turn into a hologramic item for you to use to help you continue on your adventure. Be careful Bonnie. I love you. Your brother, Clemont.


The others looked at the device Clemont had made for his sister. They were intrigued to see if it really worked or not. Even Florinia seemed interested.


Bonnie: Well I can’t say I’m surprised. My brother does have a knack for making inventions… Although, most of the time they don’t work. Well let’s give this a try. Cut!


The cube spun in a circle in mid air and soon transformed into a hologramic axe. It slowly floated down to Bonnie and she clutched it in her hands. She looked at it in amazement. She walked over to the tree blocking there way. She swung it as hard as she could and cut it down. Everyone was amazed. The axe then transported back to the cube and floated back into Bonnie’s bag.


Amaria: Wow… You don’t see that everyday.

Florinia: That was indeed interesting. However, the entrance seems to be available to us now. Let us proceed.

Amaria: Bonnie stay back here just in case alright?

Bonnie: Alright.


Bonnie didn’t really want to wait at the entrance in case something were to happen but she didn’t want to be rude to the Gym Leader so she listened. But only seconds after the 2 Gym Leaders entered, Bonnie started to hear screaming. It was mostly Amaria she could hear but from what she heard, it sounded like vines had somehow sniped her and Florinia up. Bonnie raced into the park to see what was going on.When she got there, she could see a big machine with a Tangrowth in it and a person mostly all in black, even his hair was black. When she looked to the elft and right, she could see Amaria and Florinia hovering in the air with vines holding them in place. They seemed to be chocking them.



Bonnie: Wha… What are you doing to them?!

???: Ugh! I TOLD you there would get here too soon! If you had made this machine go faster…

???: No! Tangrowth wouldn’t be able to take anymore!

???: The speed has already been optimized. Be glad the Pokemon was able to capture those 2 girls.


Bonnie was confused. This person was talking as if there were multiple people here with him. She looked over the park just to make sure but couldn’t see anyone but the person in front of her.


???: You’re really strong to be to do everything so well Tangrowth!

???: Hey! How much longer are we gonna ignore the other problem?

Bonnie: Who are you talking to?! You’re the only 1 here!

???: Ohh hello. Umm, my name is Lumi and-

???: Wait. Only 3 of you entered? We expected more. 3 are easy to deal with.

???: Um, it might be more polite if we introduce ourselves. I’m-

???: You’ve already introduced yourself Lumi. Needlessly at that! I, however, am Zero.

???: And I am Eve. Collectively, we are referred to as ZEL.


Bonnie was so confused. How could this person have 3 names but only 1 body? It wasn’t making any sense to her. But that soon left her mind. She was more concerned about the safety of Amaria and Florinia.


Bonnie: Look, I don’t know what’s wrong with you but just let them go and take your machine and get out of here!

Zel: We will not let you touch the PULSE!

Bonnie: The PULSE?

zEl: Yes. That is what this machine is called.

zeL: You all came here to stop it right?

Bonnie: Yes. Is this the cause of all these plants coming up out of the streets of Obsidia?

zEl: Correct. And I also built this myself. The Link System is a simple hybridization-amplification mechanic.

Bonnie: I don’t know what that means but it doesn’t sound good.

Zel: Not good for you but for us, it’s great! With that machine behind it, it can manipulate even the smallest root into a massive arbor wrecking ball!

Bonnie: -takes out 1 of her PokeBalls- Then it looks like the only way to stop this is to take it out!

Zel: You think you can stop it? Try it!


The battle started. Bonnie sent out her Pokemon. ZEL took out a remote and pressed a button. The Tangrowth started to mutate and when it was finished, it looked scarier than ever to her. Some of its vines were longer and its arms seemed mechanical. Bonnie was horrified at the sight of this thing.


Bonnie: What did you do to that Tangrowth?!

zEl: Think of it as… Mega Evolution.

Zel: Yea except we can pretty much do it to any Pokemon we want. Good luck trying to take us down.




The battle was indeed a tough 1. This was the toughest battle Bonnie had been in since being in Reborn. But despite how powerful the Tangrowth was, Bonnie was able to defeat it. The person referred to as ZEL seemed highly upset about it.


zEl: Zera, next time, rather then showing off the mission’s keystone, let’s fight with our own Pokemon.

zeL: I’m sorry Tangrowth… I should have intervened.

Zel: Stop yelling at me Eve! You said this machine was supposed to make it stronger!

zEl: Your misjudgment was the key factor. Regardless, with Tangrowth incapacitated, the malignant growth will now regress.

zeL: So it’s all going to go back to normal?

zEl: Yes. There’s no point remaining here any longer. Recover the model and escape at once.

Bonnie: Get out of here and never do this again!


ZEL looked over at Bonnie with a menacing look. Bonnie regreted saying what she said but she was in the heat of the moment.


Zel: Bonnie right? Don’t think this is over. You’ll get what’s coming to you soon enough.


ZEL took the machine and exited the area. All the plants that were in the park sunk back into the ground. Everything there was back to normal. Amaria and Florinia were freed from there entrapment. They were both gasping for air.



Bonnie: Are you 2 ok?

Amaria: -coughs- Y-Yea. Those vines were… choking us the whole time. -coughs again- They snatched us up as soon as we entered. -coughs- But you were a natural Bonnie. You defeated that thing.

Bonnie: Well I had to do something. They were hurting you 2.

Florinia: Presumably that person, if they can be referred to as a single subject, was an operator of Team Meteor.

Bonnie: Yea. Why were they talking as if there were 3 people though?

Amaria: I’m not sure but that was bizarre.

Florinia: Nevertheless, I project that our observances do not compose the entirety of their assault.

Amaria: I think so too! A lot fo bad things have been happening lately. The Jasper and Beryl Wards, Azurine Lake, Grandview Station and now  this…

Bonnie: The Jasper and Beryl Wards? What happened to them?

Amaria: Same thing as here except… worse.

Bonnie: Ohh… I’m sorry.

Amaria: It’s not your fault Bonnie. But that Team Meteor. I never thought they would be this big of a threat.

Florinia: I think the best course of action to take at this time is for Amaria to report what has conspired her to Ame and for me to go return to the Onyx Trainer School.

Amaria: Yea. Sounds like a good idea. Well it was nice meeting you Bonnie! Thanks for your help! We really couldn’t have done it without you! Bye you 2! -leaves the area-

Bonnie: So what do we do? It’s starting to get dark.

Florinia: As I have stated earlier, I will be returning to the Onyx Trainer School where I will be attending my Gym. You should try to find a place to rest for the night.

Bonnie: Yea. That’s probably the best idea.

Florinia: However, I would ask you for a favor.

Bonnie: What’s that?

Florinia: I have been getting reports that the Daycare Couple that resides in the Obsidia Ward has been acting out of the ordinary. I would like you to go there and inspect on their weird behavior.

Bonnie: Alright. I can do that for you.

Florinia: Very well. Tomorrow, we will have our Gym Battle. Good night.


Florinia left the park and went to her Gym. Bonnie went in search of the day care couple and eventually found them. But every time she tried to talk to them, they tried getting her to leave. She was getting frustrated with them.



Bonnie: I’m not leaving til I know that you 2 are ok!

Day Care Man: Gah! She won’t listen.

Day Care Woman: I guess we have no choice then.

Bonnie: What are you 2 talking about?

Day Care Woman: This is an attack.

Day Care Man: So brace for impact.

Day Care Woman?: To eliminate this infestation!

Day Care Man?: To restore the art of God’s own nation!

Bonnie: Wait. Why does this sound familiar?

Day Care Woman?: To break apart the world above!

Day Care Man?: To find what lies beneath truth and love!

Bonnie: Ohh yea. It’s the motto again.

Day Care Couple?: Team Meteor!

Not The Day Care Woman: Resonating with eternal light!

Not The Day Care Man: Run away now, don’t try to fight!

Definitely Not The Day Care Couple: For justice! That’s right!


The battle started but having already beaten 1 of Meteors strongest members, this was an easy battle for Bonnie. The 2 Meteor Grunts were stunned that this little girl was that powerful.



Male Meteor Grunt: Ugh! I remember you from back at the factory. Why must you always interfere with out business?!

Bonnie: Because you’re bad guys and need to be stopped! Now where are the real Day Care Couple?!

Female Meteor Grunt: Ha! You’ll never find out! Let’s retreat!


Before Bonnie could do anything, the 2 Meteor Grunts ran out of the house. Bonnie searched the house but couldn’t find anything. She decided to search the area for any clues. She came across a small building and went inside. She found a small key on the floor.



There was something engraved on the key. It said “Coral Ward.” She remembered there being sheds locked so she went back there and tried the key on all the locked sheds. The last 1 worked and she opened the entrance.



When she walked in, she could see an old couple inside.



Real Day Care Man: You’re not with Team Meteor are you?

Real Day Care Woman: Hun, don’t be silly. She’s too young.

Bonnie: I beat the Team Meteor Grunts that were pretending to be you and then went searching for you both. Are you ok?

Day Care Woman: We’re fine. They told us they would steal other trainer’s Pokemon.

Day Care Man: I do hope they didn’t get much.

Bonnie: Well don’t worry. I’m sure the Pokemon will be returned to their trainers.

Day Care Man: I hope so.

Day Care Woman: Thank you for saving us. We’re gonna go back home now. Come by anytime dear! Good bye!


The Day Care Couple exited the shed to go to their home. Bonnie was happy she could help but she was starting to get tired. She remembered a building near where she battled Victoria before she went into the slums. She went to that building and asked the receptionist if she could stay the night there. Although Bonnie wasn’t allowed to go into the apartments, she allowed Bonnie to sleep on the couch. She got Bonnie a pillow and blanket. She went over to the couch and got everything ready. Dedenne hopped on top of the blanket she was covering herself with and they both soundly went to sleep.




Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 21

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Parabolic Charge/Nuzzle/Charge Beam/Charm



Espurr/Female/Level 21

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Fake Out/Confusion/Light Screen



Flabebe/Female/Level 21

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Razor Leaf/Vine Whip/Wish



Lapras/Female/Level 21

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Confuse Ray/Ice Shard/Sing



Tyrunt/Male/Level 21

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Stealth Rock/Bite/Roar



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 21

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Astonish/Confuse Ray/Feint Attack/Growth




Florinia: +1 (6/10) - Still talks weirdly but appreciates that she let her help with the whole plant situation. She also likes that Florinia had enough trust in her to go investigate how odd the Day Care Couple were being with people.


ZEL: +0 (0/10) - This person is so odd. He talks to himself as if 3 people were there. He's so bizarre. Bonnie really dislikes him for that and also for somehow forcing Tangrowth to Mega Evolve.


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The next day, Bonnie woke up feeling refreshed from her night of rest. She was excited because she was gonna be taking on Florinia for her Gym Badge. She got her stuff packed up and she went on her way to the Onyx Ward. According to her Pokegear, she had to go through the Obsidia Park and keep heading up north to get there. So she did just that. She headed for the Obsidia Park and then finally arrived in the Onyx Ward. Out of all the wards she had been too, this was the nicest looking 1. She looked all around the ward, battling trainers, getting her Pokemon even more stronger. She came to a big building with a sign out in front.


Bonnie: “Onyx Trainer’s School, formerly the Pokemon Technical Institute-Reborn’s #1 Ivy League School.” This should be the place.


She searched for an entrance. When she finally found 1, she went inside but was greeted by a rather unpleasant face.



Fern: Bonnie.

Bonnie: Ohh great. You’re here. What do you want from me this time?

Fern: Let’s just say a little birdie told me you were coming here to challenge my sister.

Bonnie: Well yea. She’s a Gym Leader.

Fern: But here’s the thing Bonnie. I know you. You don’t deserve to challenge her.

Bonnie: Please just shut up and move aside.

Fern: -curls his hand into a fist- I said you don’t deserve to challenge her. See, you’re not good enough. And I’m not going to let you.


Fern raised his fist into the air, threatening Bonnie. She took a step back. All she wanted to do was to challenge Florinia to a Gym Battle but now she had to deal with Fern. Fern looked back to the 2 people that were in back of him.


Fern: Trey, go tell the other kids to not let Bonnie in. Skye, go hit the switch for the gate.


The 2 did as they were instructed to do. Bonnie was feeling anger but didn’t want to risk getting into an altercation with Fern. If he was willing to push her down onto the ground, who knows what else he would do to a young girl. Fern backed up more into the room. A noise could be heard. Bonnie looked up and could see a steel grate was being lowered between her and Fern.



Fern: Maybe you don’t understand why I’m doing this Bonnie.

Bonnie: You’re right. I don’t.

Fern: Don’t get me wrong. I’m in no way trying to stick up for the Flobot. But it’s a matter of our family and our school’s pride. And you’re not worthy. -walks into another room-

Bonnie: Ugh! That Fern! He’s such a… such a… school bully! -sighs- I guess I have no choice but to go fight through the school to get to Florinia.


She exited the door and went to the door she 1st saw that was by the sign. But as she was about to go in, a student stopped her.



Male Student: Hey. Wait a minute.

Bonnie: What?

Male Student: You’re the 1they said to keep out huh?

Bonnie: Just please leave me alone and let me go through.

Male Student: Not a chance! I’m gonna beat you right here and now!


The 2 sent out their Pokemon but Bonnie easily handled the Male Student. Out of embarrassment, he looked the other way and pretended he didn’t notice her. She entered the school and was amazed with how it looked in there. There was even a healing station there.



As she searched for a way to get to Florinia, many students attempted to stop her from getting to her destination but no matter how many students tried, Bonnie was able to defeat each and every student that got in her way. Some of the teachers that saw Bonnie battle were impressed. It took a while but she eventually got to the area where Fern had blocked her from continuing. She went to the room on the left and came face to face with Fern. He was blocking the door to Florinia. Well that’s what Bonnie thought at least.



Bonnie: Alright. I beat all your little cronies. Now let me through.

Fern: Tch. Those dumbass kids can’t do anything right, can they?

Bonnie: Why should they even listen to you anyways?

Fern: Because they know what will happen if they don’t.

Bonnie: Stop being the school bully!

Fern: And what are you gonna do about it pipsqueak?


Bonnie wanted to tell him off but again, she was afraid he would react aggressively, so she kept quiet. Fern felt satisfied with this.


Fern: Exactly. You can’t do nothing.

Bonnie: Just let me go through!

Fern: Yea. How bout no? Listen Bonnie. Don’t take this personally but… you’re just a loser.

Bonnie: But I’ve beaten you!

Fern: As I have said, it was just a fluke. So really, by not letting you embarrass yourself in our Gym, I’m doing YOU a favor.

Bonnie: I’d rather lose to her than not find out at all if I am a match for her.

Fern: Typical. You won’t even thank me for trying to save you from embarrassment. But yo. It’s fine. I got ya. All you have to do is turn around, go home and give up.

Bonnie: No!

Fern:… Yea, I didn’t really think you’d be smart enough to listen to me. But hey. That’s fine. Have it your way man.




Fern called out his Pokemon as did Bonnie. Round 2 of Bonnie VS Fern started. While Fern finally got some moves off on Bonnie this time, he still got beaten in record time. He recalled his Pokemon. Bonnie was happy but didn’t know what Fern was gonna do to her for beating him a 2nd time.


Bonnie: N-Now just move out of the way and-

Fern: You’re infuriating, really. I bet you think you’re SO cool, just because you’re doing the whole Gym League thing, huh?

Bonnie: What? I never-

Fern: No. You know what? 2 can play at this game Bonnie. If a 2nd rate Trainer like you can do it, then I won’t have any problem sweeping the Reborn League. I should thank you Bonnie. But I’m not going to. I’ve got things to do. Later loser!


Fern exited the room. Bonnie was feeling so frustrated with Fern constantly belittling her and trying to get on her nerves.


Bonnie: Stupid Fern. Always calling me a loser and pipsqueak. I always beat him though! Ugh! I just wanna- huh?


Suddenly, her Flabebe popped out of its PokeBall. Bonnie was surprised by this as Flabebe had never done this before. It floated around her head all smiley and cheery. Bonnie figured it was just trying to cheer her up and truthfully, it was. Bonnie hugged the little flower Pokemon. When she let it go though, something started to happen to it. It started to glow. Bonnie stepped back as she witnessed it starting to change.




Bonnie: Flabebe? Are you… Are you…?



The light faded and Bonnie was now staring at her newly evolved Floette.



It floated up to Bonnie and nuzzled her cheek. She hugged it. She was shocked that it evolved at that moment.


Bonnie: Floette… Did you evolve just to make me feel better?

Floette: -shaking its head yes- Floette Flo.

Bonnie: Ohh! Thank you Floette! You’re a great friend.

Floette: Floette!


Bonnie took out Floette’s PokeBall and recalled it back. She forgot all about Fern’s teasing her and insulting her. She went back to the healing station within the school to heal up her Pokemon.


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 24

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Parabolic Charge/Nuzzle/Charge Beam/Charm



Espurr/Female/Level 24

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Fake Out/Confusion/Light Screen



Floette/Female/Level 24

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Razor Leaf/Magical Leaf/Wish



Lapras/Female/Level 24

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Confuse Ray/Ice Shard/Sing



Tyrunt/Male/Level 24

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Stealth Rock/Bite/Roar



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 24

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Astonish/Leech Seed/Feint Attack/Growth




Fern: (0/10) - She is totally fed up with Fern. She can't stand how he constantly taunts her and makes fun of her for no reason except for losing to her in a battle. While she is afraid of a physical confrontation with him, she's reaching her breaking point.


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After getting her Pokemon healed she went back to where she had beaten Fern and entered those doors. Another room was there but it wasn’t the gym arena. It was just a small room. The door in front of Bonnie was blocked by a weird looking door. She tried pushing it but no matter what she tried, it didn’t budge. She was getting frustrated until she saw the same computer monitor from Julia’s Gym there. She went over and pressed the call button.



Ame: Bonnie! Hi! 2nd Gym Battle huh?

Bonnie: Yea. I’m excited too. I think this will be a challenging battle.

Ame: Well you’re right to think that. If what I’m seeing is correct, you’re about to battle Florinia correct?

Bonnie: Yep!

Ame: Ok! So her fighting style is a little different from what you might expect from a Grass Leader. Her team is centered around sand.

Bonnie: Wait. Sand? Sounds more like a Ground Type Leader than a Grass Type.

Ame: Yea. I get that a lot from trainers. Heh. But hey. That’s her “desert rose” fighting style. Speaking of which, that means she’ll try to stall you out and take you down with residual sand damage and other status affects.

Bonnie: Sounds tough but interesting.

Ame: Ohh yes. She’s all about knowledge and strategy. So try something different from that to beat her. Maybe try to find a way to abuse the sand and get lucky? Or just power your way through it. You know. Kind of like brawn over brains if you will.

Bonnie: I’m probably gonna have to power through it but that’s fine for me.

Ame: Well good luck Bonnie!

Bonnie: Wait wait. The door in front of me is locked. How do I get through it?

Ame: That’s easy. A couple of rooms back, there should be a couple of computers with questions on them. Get all of the correct answers and it’ll unlock for you.

Bonnie: Alright. Thanks Ame!


The screen went black and Bonnie went to the computers to answer some of the questions.



Some of them were true or false questions which were easy to answer but the others were difficult. She eventually had to go to some of the bookcases and read them to get the right answers. This took a really long time but she eventually was able to get the right answers and unlock the door. She returned back to the room but this time the door was open. She went through it and could see Florinia at the other side of the room. She went to go greet her but half way there, she noticed something. There were people in the room along with them.



Bonnie: Umm… Who are they?

Florinia: They are students that attend at the Onyx Trainer School. I allow them to watch my Gym Battles so they could study and learn about Pokemon and moves.

Bonnie: Ohh. Well I guess that makes sense.

Florinia: Please, take your place at the other side of the arena.


Bonnie did as Florinia instructed and stood on the other square part of the arena. She didn’t know how to feel about basically having an audience watching her battle but she didn’t really have a choice in the matter. This was Florinia’s Gym and what she said goes.



Florinia: Bonnie, your assistance in Meteor-related affairs is appreciated. However, that alone fails to merit the appropriation of a badge.

Bonnie: Ohh trust me. I wouldn’t want a badge that way anyways. I wanna win it by battling and defeating you.

Florinia: Indeed. That is how 1 must acquire all 18 badges.

Bonnie: So are you ready for our battle?

Florinia: -turns to the class- Audience, please take notes on standard battling procedure. This demonstration will commence.

-looks back towards Bonnie- Subject displays insufficient data for conclusive success. Expected outcome: Failure.




The battle started between the 2 girls. Out of all the battles Bonnie had ever since coming to Reborn, Florinia was the toughest she ever had faced. She almost lost the battle but pulled out a victory but only just barely. The students stood up and cheered and clapped their hands. Bonnie felt embarrassed but also liked the attention. Florinia walked over to Bonnie.


Florinia: Challenger remains due to receive the Canopy Badge. -gives Bonnie the badge-

Bonnie: Yes! My 2nd Badge! Thank you Florinia. That was a great battle.

Florinia: Yes. Where do you intend to go now?

Bonnie: I’m not too sure. I’m pretty sure it’s dark out right now so not going anywhere tonight.

Florinia: You have permission to use any beds that are not accompanied to anyone in this facility.

Bonnie: Thank you Florinia! That’s really nice of you.

Florinia: I do have a final request for you however.

Bonnie: Sure. What’s that?

Florinia: Because of my status as Leader and faculty at this school, I cannot stray far from it right now. However, there still is a crisis in this city. As you no doubt know, the Jasper and Beryl Wards have been ransacked by the same machine as Obsidia. However, whereas we caught Obsidia in a budding state, we were not so fortunate with those wards.

Bonnie: Ohh. It must be really bad at hose wards then.

Florinia: Correct. Being that you alone have had the successful experience of terminating the previously active project, I ask you venture to the Jasper Ward?

Bonnie: B-By myself?

Florinia: Correct. Discover if there is not a similar plot behind the destruction there.

Bonnie: Well… I suppose I can.

Florinia: Also, there is the Poison Type Gym Leader up there. You may acquire your 3rd badge there.

Bonnie: Ohh. Well I guess I should go now for that.

Florinia: Then I will make preparation for your passage to Jasper. I might wish you good luck. However, luck is merely an illusory essentialization of statistics and is neither inherently good nor bad.

Bonnie: Uhhh…

Florinia: Regardless, good night. Class dismissed!


Florinia and all the students exited the room. Bonnie stood there trying to understand what Florinia was trying to say. But she decided to just worry about the Jasper and Beryl Wards for tomorrow. She exited the room and looked for a bed that no 1 was using. She got ready for bed but before she went to sleep, she thought of her dad and Clemont. She missed them. So she got to a telephone and called her dad.


Meyer: Hello?

Bonnie: Hi daddy.

Meyer: Bonnie! How are you doing?

Bonnie: I’m good. I already won my 2nd badge.

Meyer: Your 2nd badge in 3 days? You’re proving to be quite the trainer hun.

Bonnie: -giggles- Thanks. But it’s been pretty crazy here basically from the start. The train I was on exploded and-

Meyer: WHAT?! The train exploded?! Are you ok?!

Bonnie: I’m fine. Although… me and Ame were the only ones to-

Meyer: No. Bonnie, I told you this was too dangerous.

Bonnie: Daddy, I’m fine. I was depressed about it too. But I’m alright. I’m helping Ame and the Gym Leaders with the problem anyways.

Meyer: Bonnie dear, you should just focus on your journey. Not some crazy criminals that try to kill you. Or better yet, come home.

Bonnie: I thought you said you trusted me!

Meyer: I do sweetheart! I’m just… I’m worried about you. I don’t know what me or your brother would do if we lost you.

Bonnie:… I’m sorry Dad. I didn’t mean to get you worried.

Meyer: It’s alright. Just be careful out there ok?

Bonnie: I will. I promise.

Meyer: Well we should both get some sleep. Call back again sometime.

Bonnie: Alright daddy. I will. Night. -clicks the button to shut it off-


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 24

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Parabolic Charge/Nuzzle/Charge Beam/Charm



Espurr/Female/Level 24

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Fake Out/Confusion/Light Screen



Floette/Female/Level 24

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: None

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Razor Leaf/Magical Leaf/Wish



Lapras/Female/Level 25

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Confuse Ray/Ice Shard/Sing



Tyrunt/Male/Level 24

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Stealth Rock/Bite/Roar



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 24

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: None

Moveset: Astonish/Leech Seed/Feint Attack/Growth




Florinia: (6/10 NO CHANGE!) - Bonnie still doesn't understand a lot of what Florinia said but she appreciates that she believes in her (at least she thinks so) enough to take care of the Jasper/Beryl Wards. But is it really a good idea to send her there alone?


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Nicely done! The last episodes were great! I actually loved the part when Bonnie wanted to keep her family informed about how she felt and what happened in Reborn. Also, Fern's anger is kinda well represented in the Onyx part. I can't wait to see more. Who knows? Maybe Clemont will make a cameo further in the story.


Good job! Bonnie's journey is getting more interesting after each episode 🙂


PS: It's only now I notice that you used one of the last illustrations I've made for TTOAF in your intro. I like the change you made to it ^^

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24 minutes ago, Q-Jei said:

Nicely done! The last episodes were great! I actually loved the part when Bonnie wanted to keep her family informed about how she felt and what happened in Reborn. Also, Fern's anger is kinda well represented in the Onyx part. I can't wait to see more. Who knows? Maybe Clemont will make a cameo further in the story.


Good job! Bonnie's journey is getting more interesting after each episode 🙂


PS: It's only now I notice that you used one of the last illustrations I've made for TTOAF in your intro. I like the change you made to it ^^

Thanks! Yea. I felt like Fern needed to be a bit more mean to her for some reason. Then again, I always seem to have him be a bit more mean than usual. And yea. I don't really know where or how to do completely-done-from-scratch edits so I thought you wouldn't mind if I borrowed 1 of your images and edited it. 😅 I swear I told you I did that but apparently I didn't. Lol. That actually took me a while though to edit the floor.


Speaking of the Season 1 Theme Intro, Season 1 is almost completed. You got Episodes 9, 10 and then 11 will be the last 1 of Season 1. Then I'm prob gonna take a break from the story altogether. Might do a sneak preview of Season 2 Theem Intro though. So that's something to look forward to for everyone. Lol.

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After a good night’s rest, Bonnie woke up. She got herself all ready for the day. Today she would journey into the Jasper and Beryl Wards and try to stop the plant growth from continuing. She was nervous because she’d be doing this alone but she knew people needed help. She packed up her stuff and exited the school. She took out her Pokegear and looked up where Jasper Ward was. It was in the northern part of the Peridot Ward near the factory where she unfortunately 1st met Fern. She set off on her journey. It took a bit but she finally got to the place. She walked into the gate building but was stopped by a policeman.



Policeman: Halt. You cannot pass through.

Bonnie: But Florinia said-

Policeman: Wait. Florinia sent you? Ohh. You must be Bonnie!

Bonnie: I am.

Policeman: My apologies. Miss Florinia didn’t give me a description of you.But I heard you were the 1 to help out with the floral kerfuffle in Obsidia.

Bonnie: I am that person. But I was just trying to help out.

Policeman: Of course. I’ll gladly let you through if there’s any chance you can stop this mess at its source.

Bonnie: I hope I can do something. I’m gonna be all alone up there.


The policeman could see how nervous Bonnie was feeling about this. He put his hand onto Bonnie’s shoulder.


Policeman: It’s ok to feel nervous. After all, you’re a kid and you’re trying to take on an evil organization by yourself this time. But we have a police station here. We may have fewer officers than usual but if you need help, just go there and we’ll do anything we can help, alright?

Bonnie: Y-Yea. I feel a little better now. Thank you. So tell me. Is it bad in the Jasper and Beryl Wards?

Policeman: It’s a sorry set-up in Jasper. But the Beryl Ward is even worse. I take it you already know what’s going on here?

Florinia: Yea. Florinia filled me in last night.

Policeman: Then I don’t need to explain the situation. Please go on through. Best of luck with anything you can accomplish.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Policeman: Ohh. I almost forgot. You should actually head towards the police station and talk to our chief.

Bonnie: Alright. I’ll do that.


Bonnie exited the gate and headed for the police station which was straight ahead of the gate. She walked in and looked all around the place. There was an elderly man in front of a desk. Bonnie walked up to him.



Bonnie: Hi there.

Police Chief: Greetings. I am the Chief of the Reborn City Police Department.

Bonnie: Is everything alright here?

Police Chief: I wish I could say they were but I cannot. A lot of my men have gone missing trying to help people out of the mess of the Jasper and Beryl Wards.

Bonnie: That’s not good.

Police Chief: It isn’t. I don’t know what to do.


Just then, another police officer came running in to work. When he saw Bonnie, his eyes lit up and he became all excited.


Policeman: You’re Bonnie right?!

Bonnie: Yes I am.

Policeman: I was stationed outside of Obsidia when Florinia asked for you to go through.

Bonnie: Ohh. That’s where you know me from. Sorry I didn’t recognize you. You all look kind of the same.

Policeman: Yea. We get that a lot. But hey. You took care of the Obsidia plant problem right?

Bonnie: Yea. It was scary but I stopped it.

Police Chief: Wait. You’re saying it was this person?

Policeman: Yes. Wait. Does that mean you’re gonna help out here too?

Bonnie: That’s what I came here to do actually.

Police Chief: Hmm… Being that you are not officially enlisted, I cannot require others to act on any orders. However, I will afford you special permission to move freely about the area.

Bonnie: Really? Thank you chief!

Police Chief: You’re welcome. I also ask you 1 favor though.

Bonnie: What is it?

Police Chief: As I’ve said before, our police force has diminished every day. If you are able to find all 5 of the policemen I’m missing, I would greatly appreciate it.

Bonnie: Sure! No problem!

Police Chief: Good. Just tell them to return here. You there officer. Stay here until further instructions.

Policeman: Yes sir! And thank you Bonnie!

Bonnie: You’re welcome.


Bonnie exited the police station and continued to explore the Jasper Ward. This ward was completely destroyed. Huge trees were tearing through buildings. Some buildings were cut in half. Vines were everywhere. It was a frightening sight. But Bonnie pressed on. She went into a building. Just like the outside, it was a mess. She took out her Pokegear and searched for any areas around the Jasper Ward. More north was the Beryl Ward. She looked towards the left side and an area called Malchous Forest. She figured that they would choose a grassy area to set up the PULSE Machine for all these plants to go crazy. So she headed there. It wasn’t easy though. She had to climb through buildings and stuff just to reach to the other side. When she finally made it there, she stopped and looked around.



There were way more plants here than it looked like there should be. But it looked more peaceful than the Jasper Ward. But Bonnie could see some Team Meteor grunts. She knew there were gonna be a lot of battles. As she was about to take them on, she noticed a path that seemed to go back to the Jasper Ward but more north. She decided to go there after she took care of the problem here. As she expected, she battled many Meteor Grunts but she was able to defeat them all. Near the end of the forest, she could see the machine and the Tangrowth in it. She jumped down the ledge but was shocked to see it wasn’t ZEL that was there but instead, another person. They looked like they hadn’t slept in days. He wore a red scarf but he seemed friendly. Which was weird to Bonnie since most of the people she met from them were weird or scary looking.


???: Hey there young girl. I figured you’d show up eventually. Come here.

Bonnie: -walks up to the boy- Who are you?



Taka: I’m Taka. I assume your name is Bonnie yes?

Bonnie: I-I am.

Taka: Nice. So you came here cause of this thing right? It’s a real shame huh? Tangrowth’s caused a lot of damage.


Bonnie was confused. If this person was apart of Team Meteor, why did he seem upset about this whole mess? He was involved in some way so that meant it was partially his fault too. Taka could notice Bonnie’s confusion but continued on with his speech.


Taka: Both lives and homes have been lost.

Bonnie: That’s awful though!

Taka: It is. So you’re the 1 that stopped the PULSE in Obsidia huh?

Bonnie: Yes and I’m gonna do the same here!

Taka: Interesting. How famailiar are you with the PULSE Project?

Bonnie: Huh?

Taka: Not every much it seems. See, it stands for Pokemon Ultimation Link-System Exaggerata- It basically just morphs the Pokemon and amplifies its power.

Bonnie: So something like Mega Evolution?

Taka: If you wanna think of it like that, sure. But it’s much more painful on the Pokemon’s body. You know… part of me wants to just set this thing free. That’d be nice right?

Bonnie: Yes! If that’s how you truly feel, why don’t you just do it then? You don’t seem like the average Meteor member here.

Taka: It’s true. I don’t look like them. Maybe not even agree with some of their decisions. But I am still apart of their group and I have orders to carry out. By the way, 1 of those orders is to eliminate you so don’t take it personally ok?




The 2 of them threw out their Pokemon but something seemed off. Taka didn’t seem like he was even trying to beat Bonnie. He didn’t even seem to care that his Pokemon were being knocked out 1 after another. In no time at all, he lost the battle. Bonnie looked up at him with a lot of confusement.


Bonnie: You weren’t even trying… Why?

Taka: -ignoring the question- So that’s it, is it?


The 2 of them looked over the forest as the vines that were popping out of the ground started to reside back down into the ground.


Bonnie: Taka…

Taka: Well a loss is a loss. Maybe Jasper will slowly return back to normal. Ohh yea. Before I leave, just thought you should know there’s another machine just like this 1 up in Beryl Ward.

Bonnie: Why are you telling me this?

Taka: Just thought you should know. That’s all. Not my place to say this but maybe you should check it out. I’m out. Peace.

Bonnie: Wait!


Taka walked away. Bonnie ran after him but instead of coming face to face with Taka, she saw a little girl. She seemed to be around the same age as Bonnie. Maybe younger. She wore mostly pink. She didn’t seem too pleased to see Bonnie though.



???: What do you think you’re doing?

Bonnie: Me? I’m just trying to stop Team Meteor from messing up this place.

???: Ugh! I was gonna mess up those Meteor jerks myself!

Bonnie: I’m sorry. But hey! Why don’t we team together?! We can take them down together!

???: No! I was gonna do it all myself! I FINALLY get away from my dad so I could go stop the bad guys! And he wouldn’t even let me do that! He never lets me go anywhere! What kind of father doesn’t let his daughter go out to beat up bad guys?!

Bonnie: I mean I understand how you feel. But if we both try to stick together-

???: I said no! Ugh… Sometimes I think he’s secretly trying to punish me because I remind him of mom. But joke’s on him! I stole mom’s ring and snuck out to beat up the bad guys. You. Listen to me. There’s another 1 of those machines up in the Beryl Ward where I live. I’m gonna go blow that 1 up. So don’t you try to stop me OK?

Bonnie: But I don’t want to stop you! I just wanna help!

???:… Help huh? Well fine. As long as you’re not trying to stop me… What’s your name anyways?

Bonnie: I’m Bonnie.

Heather: My name’s Heather. Go up to Beryl Ward now if you wanna help. I’m not gonna wait for you. Alright Salamence, let’s go! It’s take-off time!


Out popped a Salamence from Heather’s PokeBall. She hopped aboard it and flew off towards the Beryl Ward.



Bonnie was amazed this little girl had such an authority to command such a powerful Dragon Type such as Salamence. As she was gonna go to Beryl Ward, she remembered the other path she didn’t take. She ran over there fast to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She entered a building and saw a Meteor Grunt holding an officer hostage.



Bonnie: Hey! Let him go!

Team Meteor Grunt: Back off! Wait a sec. I remember you. You’re the brat from the Peridot Factory! Payback time bitch!

Bonnie: You wish!


Bonnie quickly defeated the grunt in battle. He was frustrated but had no other choice but to flee. She went up to the officer to make sure that he was ok.



Bonnie: Hey. Are you ok?

Policeman #1: Yea. I’m good now.

Bonnie: What happened?

Policeman #1: He caught me off guard and cornered me here. I should get back to the police station. They must be worried about me. Thank you again!

Bonnie: No problem.


The policeman ran out of the building and back to the station. Bonnie also exited the building and went back through the forest and found a path to where should could get to the Jasper Ward. As she was walking though, she heard a noise. It sounded like someone sleeping or something. She went down an alleyway and looked both ways. In 1 of the corners, she could see an officer sitting down. She ran over to him.



Bonnie: -starts shaking him- Hey. Hey are you ok?

Policeman #2: Err… Uhh, what? What’s going on?

Bonnie: Are you ok?

Policeman: #2: Yea. Yea I am. How’d you get here?

Bonnie: I just walked in here.

Policeman #2: Wait. Does that mean the vines are gone?!

Bonnie: Yea. They’re gone.

Policeman #2: Ohh thank god. I approached a vine and it ripped through the ground, trapping me here. I couldn’t do anything. So I just slept. But I think I have enough energy to get back to the police station now. Thank you young 1.

Bonnie: No problem. Be safe!


The 2nd police officer went back to the police station. Bonnie was glad that she was able to find a couple of cops and save them. But she knew there was still trouble up in Beryl Ward and she had to find the rest of the police officers as well. She was also glad she had met this Heather person too. She now had some sort of ally in this mess.


Pokemon Team



Dedenne/Male/Level 28

Nature: Timid/Ability: Pickup

Held Item: None

Moveset: Parabolic Charge/Nuzzle/Charge Beam/Charm



Espurr/Female/Level 28

Nature: Rash/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Fake Out/Psyshock/Light Screen



Floette/Female/Level 28

Nature: Sassy/Ability: Symbiosis

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Fairy Wind/Razor Leaf/Magical Leaf/Wish



Lapras/Female/Level 28

Nature: Calm/Ability: Shell Armor

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Perish Song/Ice Shard/Sing



Tyrunt/Male/Level 28

Nature: Lax/Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Moveset: Stomp/Ancient Power/Bite/Stealth Rock



(Shiny) Phantump/Male/Level 28

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Natural Cure

Held Item: Quick Claw

Moveset: Astonish/Leech Seed/Feint Attack/Growth




Taka: +3 (3/10) - She doesn't know what to think of Taka. He doesn't seem to be totally with Team Meteor but is still obeying their commands, albeit not in a loyalty way.


Heather: +7 (7/10) - She may have been mouthy to Bonnie when they 1st met but they seem alright with each other now. Bonnie kind of enjoys that there's another girl  somewhat around her age she could possibly hang around with.


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