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  1. you could go back there, the key is on the ground
  2. even if you do did a speedrun, who would watch it?
  3. honestly i think some of the crest you suggested could be a little bit OP, idk but the crest suppose to only give a small boost to help the pokemon out
  4. i would like to see a zoroak crest be implemented not just for me but for melia too. Maybe he will get some bonus stats while in illusion OR make illusion so its a disguise clone, the first hit zoroak takes break the illusion but it takes no damage
  5. the question is in the title, personally mine is definitely zangoose crest, it acts like poison heal and combined that with toxic boost boosting up it attacks by 1.5 Zangoose is now literally the strongest member in my team atm. Im just really glad that the dev give under used pokemon the help they needed, looking foward to see more crest be realease. What do you guys think?
  6. bro the water gym whoop my ass, swift swim qwilfish is such a raid boss
  7. Litten pick should be super good for double battles, it is the VGC cat afterall. mudkip and chimchar is also good but if you really trynna win then ye.... blaziken speed boost can carry from start to finish
  8. wow me too but i found this game because my pc is bad and i couldnt play any game besides pokemon also you should probably get rotom, idk if you have gotten the fairy memory in the safe locker yet
  9. i think thats pretty much it tbh, theres nothing in the crystal cave btw are you vietnamese :)?
  10. question: what does Blessed Field do exactly?
  11. they heard my coin case missable item thread, POG
  12. i had the same problem, you should post your save files here so that the devs could help
  13. i just did this quest and mine works just fine, i think your save file is bugged
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