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  1. In my run, an Amnesia/Acid Spray Gulpin whittled down most of her team. Kricketune can get Technician + Fury Cutter which helps too
  2. Going with what other people have said, in my view it's better to replace the Noibat with something else because it takes so long to evolve and its moves and stats aren't that great. You also don't need Munna if you have Meowstic - speaking of which, I would recommend seeing if you can get a different Ability for it. The male ones can get Prankster and the female ones can get Competitive, which should be much more helpful than Keen Eye. I would also change Primarina's Ability b/c at the minute Liquid Voice makes Disarming Voice a Water type move, and you already have Sparkling Aria. Torrent should mean that you still have that Fairy type coverage. Some useful Pokemon that you can pick up at this point include: - Lillipup which can be evolved into Herdier, and if you delay the evolution by 2 levels the thing can learn Crunch. The Lillipup comes with one of the elemental fangs so you can get some additional coverage, and learns Work Up so you can set up. It evolves into Stoutland at Level 32, and has 85/90/90 bulk when it does, which isn't bad at all in that point in the game. The Ghost immunity/Crunch can help with Shade too - Electrike can be found if you battle the Mightyena pair in an alleyway in Obsidia. It evolves into Manectric at Level 26, and is pretty powerful and speedy for that level. You can teach it Charge Beam from Julia's Gym which'll hit v hard from Base 105 SpA, and it also comes with one of the Elemental Fangs. Corey and Shelly use some Flying and Water Pokemon and Taka has the Chatot from hell, so it could prove pretty useful there But honestly, any team that can get you through the Gyms and bosses is good enough for a casual playthough. If you want to use the Ariados and Munna for example, and you can make it work, then go for it!
  3. Thank you xx And @Auburn_Ember Roserade is best Pokemon, I love its Shiny too! Meanwhile @Wolfox grass-themed songs are best songs haha Thanks for the information as well @Candy
  4. Okay so I've just been introduced to this from Uberle and I love it Here's my likeability rankings for the Gym Leaders! Titania got saved from the bottom tier only b/c I find her character fascinating (this may change if I wipe to anyone in my nuzlocke btw)
  5. I'd recommend having the line as more of a support Pokemon while you wait for more Fairy-type moves, especially as the line isn't the best at attacking and moves like the screens and T-Wave can be really helpful in a game like this. My Igglybuff also came with Perish Song on its intial learnset, which could be really helpful against bosses and Pokemon that nothing else can cut through. The little balloon Pokemon deserves a chance to shine
  6. Hey everyone! My name's Iola and I'm a uni student in the UK who likes Pokemon and hanging out in forums. I also like visual novels, murder mystery video games and philosophy books ~ I was first introduced to Pokemon when I was about eleven, when I received Pokemon Diamond for the DS. Back then I wiped a lot b/c I always assumed that trying to beat Psychic types with an Infernape was an amazing idea. At the moment I don't wipe (so much) and I really like nuzlocking Pokemon games (this is basically Pokemon where you can only catch the first encounter in an area, and if a Pokemon faints it's considered dead and must be permaboxed or released). I also love fangames, and really enjoy Pokemon Reborn's storyline and intriguing characters. My favourite characters are Florinia, Cain and Taka, as they're all multilayered and fundamentally decent people who are still conflicted and very very human. I like drawing, and want to draw some Pokemon Reborn fanart at some point at some point to show my appreciation for the game. Pokemon in general has been a great escape for me throughout the years, and it's hard for me to find a game or Pokemon that I actively dislike. Even ones like Castform and Unown are ones that I'd like to own and give lots of hugs to. My favourite Pokemon is probably Roserade (I love Grass types in general haha), and my least favourite is the walking wet fart known as Stunfisk. I heard about Pokemon Reborn from the Nuzlocke Forums which are here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/, and I'd recommend their forum/discord if you're interested in finding out more about nuzlocking or if you just want to hang out. A lot of people there document their nuzlocke runs there and/or make stories and comics out of them, which brings me to what I would like to do quite soon. I am trying to nuzlocke Reborn at the moment (which is really hard, but very rewarding), but I also want to make a story out of it where the protagonist (and Pokemon) are their own characters who can talk and react to the mind-blowing events that they get thrown into. So if anyone wants to look into something like that, or ask me about that, feel free to ask me about it and stay tuned! Also um this forum looks really cool and busy, so it'd be nice for me to get to know some people here. I'm a bit timid and don't know my way around here yet but I'll do my best to say hi! Also happy pride month everyone
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