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  1. So is this the latest version of Rejuvenation or should I be somewhere else? Because the main Pokemon Rejuvenation webpage says the download link is for episodes 1-10. Sorry, but I'm confused.
  2. For some reason the Quiz link in the original post is saying "404 Not Found" every time I click on it. Can anybody help please?
  3. Bonjour buddehs, It is I, your endangered neighborhood Polar Bear. Today, I have a new question for all to answer. Is there a way to obtain a Petilil Other than through the Obsidia Ward Event?? Much appreciated, much loved, thank you for your input your tiiiime. Snoooooooooooter awaaaaay!!!!
  4. Welcome back today. I have a new question for you fellow humans, from your endangered neighborhood Polar Bear. I restarted the Reborn Game and would like to know, are there any pokemon you can get that are good against rock type pokemon Before you reach the first gym badge? I would like to know. Thank you, and good day.
  5. The reason I must pick one and not the other is because I know who my final team member will be, and his name his Null But thank you for your time anyways.
  6. Hello. It is I, your endangered neighborhood Polar Bear. Today, I have a question concerning my team. As of right now my team is Delphox with Lightscreen, Cofagrigus with Will-o-Wisp, Porygon2, and Crawdaunt. My questions comes here. I am looking into a potential fifth member, and I have come to two decisions. A Crobat with Cross Poison, Brave Bird, Steel Wing and Leech Life/U-Turn. OR a Steelix with Stealth Rocks, Gyro Ball, Bulldoze and Rock Tomb. I leave the decision to you, Please, your aid would be much appreciated.
  7. Another question of the day from your endangered neighborhood Polar Bear. Are there Amulet Coins anywhere?
  8. Thanks Destrakon, Very Cool
  9. Greetings, it is once more, I, your endangered neighborhood Polar Bear. Today, the question is, how's the weather? I have been manipulating the weather system here and there, but still haven't found a Windy Night. Here, I ask, are there any requirements that will aid in windy weather? Must it be night? A specific month? I leave the question to you. Please, and Thank you.
  10. Snooters give hugs to those who ask, you are blessed
  11. Hello there. It is I, your endangered neighborhood Polar Bear. Feel free to admire my snooter to your own disregard. But today is not a day for snooters, it is a day for help. I would like a second opinion. I have been playing Pokemon Reborn (again) recently, and have noticed something. The overworld (specifically outside) is considerably choppy. Not enough to hinder and progress, but enough to induce potential head aches and/ or nausea, In fact when I press the "alt" key, the movement speed is actually less choppy, but also slower than using running shoes. Not only that, but while in pokemon battles, the "wait" time is significantly abrupt. By "wait time", I mean when ever a status is induces, a stat is raised, or a battle ends. When you're waiting to make your next move. While all of this may be my own computers fault, I couldn't help but notice these potential issues due to the fact that they weren't always there. The second opinion I would like is i anybody else has been experiencing these issues. That is all, and thank you for your input. Sincerely, your endangered neighborhood Polar Bear. Buh by- SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  12. But there is an NPC?
  13. Alright, so I need somebody's help with something. I've started a new playthrough of Reborn, and decided to use the Happiny in the Coral Ward. I just now noticed that it's original trainer is someone named "Serena". Is there an NPC somewhere in the game that will ask me to return Happiny? I'm freaking out because I have this personal code to not use pokemon that I'm not the OT of. Please help.
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