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  1. Can somebody trade me a fire stone,please? 

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    2. seki108


      No they aren't expensive when you can finally buy them late-game.

    3. Andrewwww1010


      Thank you so much! 

    4. seki108


      No problem.  Glad I could help

  2. Where can I find Garchomp
  3. Can somebody trade me a fire stone,please?
  4. Mhhm, they work better for normal form tho, thanks anyways!
  5. Those are some really good names.Thank you so much!
  6. Need some good names for shiny Blaziken, please
  7. Thanks!And I'm sorry for losing your time
  8. There is absolutely no way to change it?
  9. Let's say that I want Togetic from the mystery egg,but the game gave me Axew,how can I change those two?
  10. Hmmm..Every pokemon have the egg on the right
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