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  1. What did you do as the solution?
  2. You're pain has been shared by me, dear friend. AND I THINK I HAVE YOUR ANSWER. Sorry I didn't say this before, I didn't remember. What I think worked for me was changing the Compatibility mode, right click your Rejuv/Reborn icon, go to properties, click Compatibility, press 'Run this program in compatibility mode for' Windows XP (Service Pack 2.) If this works, then you are welcome.
  3. Deathboo, I've had the EXACT same problem, I've asked in several threads, and nothing worked. I have no idea what fixed it however, but it'd be good to check your sound drivers, you've already tested all the audio files. Check your game volume and see if it's on 0. If it's on 100 and you hear nothing, then I dunno, and believe me, whenever I used to have no audio I simply just had something playing in the background.
  4. XxAlexxX

    Erin got stuck

    I can't help you move Erin, but I can give you the ENTIRE solution to the puzzle.
  5. XxAlexxX

    V11 guesses (Maybe spoilers?)

    Considering the screenshots, ya'll know what we're going into.
  6. Before we get started. Hi, I am back from months long of just checking the E19 and V11 development. Literally all I went onto the site for just the past couple months. Now back to the main topic, I'm curious to see what other people think shall be in V11. We've already been teased that we're in the tournament, so that's out of the question, what I'm curious about though, will the tournament stay just battles? I'm saying it like that because who the hell knows, Team Xen might break in and sabotage the tournament so that we lose, or unleash a powerful rift to destroy the whole place and obliterate anyone inside, fair assumptions and possibilities, sure, but then again I theorized before V10 that Madame X and her Yveltal were the ones turning people into stone, seemed reasonable enough considering it was petrification and not simply froze in place or any other stuff like that, my guess is that since we are sorta itching towards the end Team Xen will try whatever they can to prevent us from entering the league and trying to beat the Elite 8 (I THINK.) all I know is that this could be where they all get a break and we can have some actual fun in the challenges, or all hell breaks loose. Depends on if Jan is feeling generous, so you all know what that means! Please tell me what you all think, and have a good day/night.
  7. Can you please tell me who the person you are having to fix your save file is? EDIT: Nevermind I have someone helping me right now.
  8. XxAlexxX

    Shared Nuzlock -Real

    I can't do Nuzlockes on Reborn and Rejuvenation. Games are just too difficult for that.
  9. Erin is stuck in this spot and no cut scene initiated. Can someone please help? Game.rxdata
  10. Erin is stuck in this spot and no cut scene initiated. Can someone please help? Game.rxdata EDIT: Sorry for double posting that was a honest accident.
  11. Time to spend SEVERAL HOURS on the damn puzzle....
  12. Crud, even Lostelle will need help, and they are the main puzzle guide!
  13. XxAlexxX

    Your Real Life Pokemon Team

    Trainer class: Pet Owner Party: female Gardevoir because we all want the waifu Goodra male because it's cuddly cute and powerful Sylveon Female because same reason as Goodra Zoroark because it's WIDELY misused Greninja because WHO DOESN'T LOVE IT'S SECOND FORM?! Last but DEF not least Serperior. I'd keep them OUT of their poke balls and they'd be able to walk around freely. Typing doesn't matter to me, You can face a fairy type against my zoroark and I'd still attack.
  14. Hi, I'm getting trouble in GoldenLeaf Poke Center. I'll explain the problem, I just saved Mosely from the 3 trying to hang her, so after that I went to the center to talk to Aelita, problem: Aelita WAS there but so were the 3 we gotta fight. So I couldn't get past them, problem #2. Can't proceed with the story. Problem #3. Even if I use v9's mod menu's debug mode (YES IT WORKS WITH V10) and refresh the map it doesn't work. Problem 4: I can't upload screenshots so here's my save to see it yourselves. Game.rxdata