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  1. Weird, you aren't even getting a error message, only thing I can suggest is to download Pokemon Reborn again, as for the save file, it'll stay, it spans across all Pokemon Reborn games on your PC.
  2. You'd be absolutely insane to. Not saying it isn't impossible, ESPECIALLY on intense mode.
  3. I changed my mind, this might actually be worth reading out, and as for Ash's friends it's actually surprising that they are telling Ash of all people to just give up.
  4. Sounds neat, but knowing how Reborn is I don't think Ash will fit in that well.
  5. I am curious as to how this'll work, plus it'd be neat to have a Randomizer run.
  6. XxAlexxX

    EXP All

    Doesn't the EXP. Share have the same effects? Or is it not like that with Reborn?
  7. I swear Mudkip had Soundproof as its hidden ability in a previous ep. My mistake. I originally thought Mudkip still had Soundproof so I thought that'd be perfect for Julia.
  8. All I can suggest is for the start use Mudkip that has the ability Soundproof.
  9. Are you sure you downloaded the correct version and kept all the files where they're supposed to be? If you've gotten it to work a few times, then I assume yes, but have you messed with any files by chance? It could be that or there's something up with your PC.
  10. Game froze up while trying to reset Aelita Ren and I's positions in a puzzle. I don't have a screenshot for some reason it didn't save but I have a save file that's a little bit before I froze.
  11. Do you know why the site is taking longer to load on some parts?





    Something strange is going on here.

    1. Amethyst


      sorry, we were dealing with some kind of brute force hack earlier that was probably slowing the site down; it should be better now!

  12. I could go any of the 3. I could be a hero of the region, and rebel. I could be a high rank in Bladestar, and actually stand a chance against the main hero. I could be in Team Xen, and I could be a high rank but still be paid no attention from Madame X.
  13. That was the perfect fix, thanks!
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