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  1. Breed a roggenrola and hatch the egg at 7th street. The owner should be able to accept it?
  2. Minor weather bugs 1. Exitting the Apophyl Cave (the one that has crabrawler, nosepass and that other electric-ground abomination), turns the weather into rain. Although, it is rain in graphics only and not effects (no event Corsola, during it). Entering and exitting any other place in the same map, returns the weather to the normal one, for the area. 2. *not sure about this* During the orphanage raid mission, the weather becomes thunderstorm. It is thunderstorm in graphics only (no event blitzle, tynamo, zangoose) and not effects. 3. *not sure about this* For a reason, sunny weather NEVER appears.
  3. I see... Strange, though, since i knew the move in its evolved form. Maybe i will use one of the mods, then.
  4. It won't teach pre-evolution moves, to an evolved form. My mon should be eligible. Persian with Pay Day, i postponed evolution until level 30 then evolved. Tried to delete the move pay day, then paid a visit to move relearner. Pay Day won't show up. Move relearners should teach to pokemon, pre-evolution moves that they had earned legit through legit gameplay, no?
  5. I was searching for one place to get all of Rejuvenation's passwords, but couldn't find any. So, i decided to make one, myself! Here goes nothing: 1. Skip Intro (no ship prologue) - 4567 2, Legacy Sprites (old playable character models) - 1111 3. Ghost Girl Sprite (your player becomes "ana"?) - 9494 Those are for New Game, to be entered when the girl giving you the basics, prompts you to. 4. Riolu (found at the mini episode, after beating it, is entered later in the main game) - 489234 5. Anju's Pendant (in the sewer mansion, there are 3 grass panels that give you the numbers; those are entered behind the room of the behind of the room, that the maiden unlocking all locked doors, is found) - 7896 3135 8187 (they are 3 different ones, to be entered in that order) Those are entered at certain points in the game. The pendant one is missable. Both unlock a pokemon for you to use.
  6. An old trick, to access areas from an angle not normally possible. It required those steps: a) use strength b) Push just once a boulder c) Stand exactly right where it initially had been and save game d) Soft reset + Load game The boulder returned to starting position and character sprite was together with it, at the same place. You could move any side you wanted then and the boulder was able to be handled, any way you desired. Now, boulder stays right where you left it. And you have to enter a location from the right entrance, in order to reach another strength puzzle route, at one with multiple exits.
  7. While all weather patterns rotate normally... There is a lingering discrimination against Sunny Weather, still! No other weather issues, like the ones of old, just this one specific weather being hated by the game. I have finished everything there is to do in destroyed Reborn City, but i am waiting for it so i can collect the mons specific to it. It just never appears. Rains, downpours, same old. The occasional wind, the even rarer clear one and that's that. No sun. Why you no love sun?
  8. Something similar i noticed, too. Besides the A.I. using moves that your mon is immune against, a number of times (usually the wild ones), the text displaying right after, describes the move failing accuracy check, instead of it having no effect. I don't know if it is the same or the two issues are somehow related, though. In episode 17, gym leaders used to do that a lot (using a move, nothing happening, then skipping at your turn). Most notably, Julia 's Plusle/Minun.
  9. Is fixed! In 18.2 Goodbye, early Life Orb...
  10. Pretty much anything from wild pokemon encounters, to daily trainer battles, to random trainer battles... But most importantly, Rival (Fern, Cain, Victoria) and Gym Leader battles! I am very certain, that in episode 16, every battle of significance, had the trainer throw at least 3 heals on their mon. Example, Cain at Beryl Graveyard, before Orphanage. Now, he used only 1 heal on 1 of his pokemon, while in old times, he used 3. Likewise, in Coral Ward fight (the one he gets the water fairy starter of 7th gen), he used to utilize 3 ice creams to heal his mon, when it was Oshawott there... Now he didn't use any, not even 1! Fern, outside factory, also never used any recovery. But even Leaders! 1 potion at most and many times, 0! I am shortly before Noel right now, in my fresh new 18.2 run and all tricky "gamestoppers" were a joke... Neither Bug leader nor Ice leader, put any stress, like during the older days (earlier versions)... Plus, the bug leader, no longer uses Rain Dance immediately. Most wild pokemon, use moves that you are immune to, like poison-powder on poison pokemon, stun spore on electric pokemon etc. Not only that, the message displayed is relative to move missing/accuracy issue, instead of not having any effect. And all trainers, when your health bar reaches middle or a bit lower, they always start using much weaker moves, whereas had they continued to utilize their main one, you would have fainted. Especially during important fights, this is like a natural safeguard, against a wipeout. I don't know what else to say, but i am going to finish all the content... If i notice anything else, i will write it down, just in case. Thanks for your hard work, i love this game!
  11. There is a number of strange behaviours, that render the game too easy to exploit and the difficulty completely undone. A Enemy trainers almost NEVER use healing items. Even when their pokemon's health drop in red. Even if it's their "ace". Not even Gym Leaders/Rivals. And even if they do, it's usually 1. Extremely rarely more than one. Only once, somebody used 3 while battling me. I thought every battle of importance, used to throw away 3 heals at their pokemon? B They shift too much. It usually gets out of hand, because they shift all the way to defeat, wasting turns pointlessly. Something's wrong with shifting. And especially concerning daily trainer battles (the ones for gathering money/XP), this is bad, because it destroys your farming process, unless you have EXP Share. C Enemy opting for weaker moves against you. Now, this is dumb. They start using weaker moves, even before your health drops in red. No more wipeouts. No more challenging battles that force you to change teams, find a counter pokemon, raise and train it to beat the "wall" which blocks your progress. You can rest assured that whenever you are in danger of fainting, your enemy will throw at you a move that 90% makes certain you survive and faint theirs, by using your strongest move, in return. D Not very sure, but now fewer enemies have held items on their mon? I always used item manipulating moves/abilities and i notice them to be fewer. Although, i think Pulses had some? Did you already implement Pulses having their own held items? E Pokemon not using their highest damage and/or supereffective move, against yours. Or, spamming a move with no effect/no effectiveness on you and get stuck with it. * Special mention: I noticed that in previous epiosodes, too but i always forgot to ask about: Why do moves that an enemy pokemon is immune to, first time you use them against it, display the text about accuracy failing, instead of particular move not being able to affect it at all? Treating it like missing an accuracy check, instead of downright saying it's immune to that? Are those functionalities as intended? Did you really intend to make the game easier, or are they out of hand, at present? Are they issues, or normal things?
  12. Because he was "different". Because he was "kind". People hate and fear different people, especially whenever "teams" are involved. People cannot stand kind individuals, especially where and when they themselves are vile, unjust, hypocrites, or merely doing whatever the hell they please/want, just because they can. In my case, which also had a long time period of manipulation and backstage handling, it was "to teach me a lesson".
  13. People don't need a particular reason, in order to turn others' lives into a living hell... Few of them do so, becase "misunderstandings" or wrong turns in (code of) conduct... Others, because they perceive the recipient of their (unjustified) hatred, as a (potential) "threat", or merely their own, self-proclaimed "target", ideological and whatnot. Besides, Keta had been an outsider to team Xen and outsiders regularly inspire the ire (and distrust) of core members; not only in fictional teams, of course... Everything around him had been a trap, that 's why. But his fate was fair/just, because he had a chance to escape it... He theoritically could choose to stay with the blonde waitress. Which she genuinely liked him from the very start. Never stray off Gearen. Not having f_cked up that job opportunity. Lots of fouls, in this player 's unlife, you see, or rather, misfires... Miscalculations. Errors. I... Lived something very similar... Out there. Kenneth 's mistake! You have to see what actually happens, around you. Read the small letters and between the lines. Notice the minor details, the dubious things. There is always a sense of danger, a sixth sense. He chose to ignore it and pursue the wrong person, while his life 's purpose/meaning/destination laid right next to him. The cheerful, innocent, clumsy girl... He bypassed her, just like that. One way ticket, to a lifetime of torment and regret, that one and no mistake. Don't be like Kenneth. Don't... Be like me.
  14. Umm, just one question please, if i may...? Using Waynolt's mod, sometime ago, it was possible to "transfer" pokemon from Reborn Ep16, over to Rejuvenation Ep9... Is such a thing still possible, with the shared PC functionality...?
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