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  1. Thank you man you are the best. You know I'm gonna do the same work based on my personal preferences Where do I put the new PBS though? My game will be modded if that matters
  2. Teach me how to tweak base stats and movepools. Please take the time and give me links, sites, programes. I like your idea it's cool and all. I had the same idea but more so with softer changes. Furret would be trash in my balancing because I dislike puss.. "cute" pokemon.
  3. rayquazaplz

    E19 Release

    Hey I've got a question and a comment. The question is if EQ will get an animation And the comment is: more bars! Look, you 've raised the expectations of how a pokemon game should be. I'm only here since ep16 but I'm suggesting more bars, more waiting, and more hours dedicated to story and not battling. Character development. I want to see Noel "awaken" and see the Jirachi. To see why my character is "glowing". The "scars on her face" fading away.. Something majestic do you feel me?
  4. rayquazaplz


    What about the mega stones? I always wanted a mega rayquaza
  5. A quest is bugged for me in GDC. The guy that starts the parcel delivery quest should be here but he is missing. I believe this is the Araquanid quest. If you can help please do Game.rxdata
  6. Yea if by the time my team is 100lvl i get to fight a legendary or some crazy ass lunatic, it would only be immersive if they were above 100lvl, so yea im in!
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