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  1. Im in a pickle. Nevertheless I have to cast my vote since im going to sleep and wont make it too see another day literally and figuratively. I do ask everyone who voted against me to rethink their votes and if i do survive i shall share intel. [Vote for andracass] (Cas on cas action get me)
  2. You didn't pollute anything it's your first time. It's my first time since a long while Iv'e played mafia.
  3. I will but I need everyone's word on this. Before the phase is over.
  4. Go off to school and comeback to realize I'm all the talk at the moment. Okay Ladies and Gentlemen put on you thinking caps because i might blow your heads off. Firstly, fear not for I am a simple grave robber. I am no mummy or Ghost. The information I got stated that I am a grave robber. However I am aligned as a third party member.However, i cannot reveal my win condition since there is at least on role that will hinder this upon me. I am no mafia member so we can incline to cast off votes on my side. I am no jester/clown.(i didn't know this role existed). I can ask everybody to think this through of my lynching because i have Intel on a mafia member. This information would benefit if I am alive yes. I ask everyone to reconsider voting me off for the time being.
  5. I never considered it. But picture this is my ability any useful before the day even reaches after all. All I do is gather info and items i get is solely for my sake. Which i can't use in any way possible.
  6. Well I'm dead there is no convincing anyone here. On a side note. Why? Eliminate someone who isn't involved in no meetings or can take out anyone who's sole ability is to loot and gather info.
  7. For starters i claimed third party since i started claiming it was not until casss showed up and started pointing me towards mafia
  8. I see yet another wasted vot has been casted upon me. Let me humor you guys(since im going to sleep). My ability lets me gather information from dead bodies so unless you want an easy way to get information from te dead i suggest i be kept out of vote
  9. Alas you unmasked me. I have a certain degree of releasing information. I can't just tell all my conditions to win. I do have a win condition however it isn't one to say it is going to be completed atm. May I ask to rethink your vote upon me.
  10. why is it difficult for everyone to understand I'm not mafia. I'm a third party player
  11. Cass keeps pointing me out as mafia. Which i am not. As i said before i am a third party player
  12. It was a bit of a gamble on this. It seems I looted my own grave. With that said i can assure everyone I am of no threat or any concern. More of a wasted votes on my side.
  13. Your basing your judgement on a single list of roles.
  14. I double-checked all information and there was know where (i have seen) that says the roles of all the players.
  15. Why did you place your vote?