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  1. Sokolov says nothing, and simply turns left with the others. Stalking after them at a mediocre pace.
  2. Hal Henderics

    The Weatherlight

    "Yup, everything I own relies on it at some level. Power cells rely on Blue Eco, my Staff relies on various types, and..." Law pulls out a giant gun, larger than he is, with a nasty looking metal skull welded to the front of the barrel. "This fires Dark Eco as a weapon." "Eco is even in my body. Well, sort of." "Most Precursors can't really channel Eco through their own bodies, since it's made of, uhh." Law makes the assumption that Freya isn't familiar with DNA. "It contains the stuff that decides what a Precursor's body should be shaped like, mixed with information about our technology and culture. So, like, when I use Green Eco to heal someone's wounds, or cure a disease, the Eco has the knowledge we've gained packed inside it, so it knows what we know about healing and medicine." "Without White Eco to regulate it, most precursors would go a bit funny if it were put directly into them like that, though, because it's so similar to themselves already, that the differences can kind of..." "Trick them into being more like it."
  3. Hal Henderics

    The Weatherlight

    "Eco is a substance made with the essence of the Precursors." "Each type contains part of their achievements and qualities. Green can heal, Yellow can fire projectiles, Blue can accelerate and energize, Red can empower, Light Eco can restore and purify. And Dark..." "Dark Eco is corruptive, and deals in modification. It is the most dangerous, without Light Eco to keep it in check, or Precursor Metal to contain it. It can, left unchecked, corrupt both the body and mind, twisting them into other forms." "Light and Dark Eco are both made of the other four types of Eco combined, Dark Eco can be split into the four other types, and those can then be combined into Light." "All six, however, are important, for making artifacts, power cells, and even Precursor Metal."
  4. Hal Henderics

    The Weatherlight

    "Is this my life now? Just me being forced to look at advanced technology made by people who would be better suited hooting in a cave with some rocks?" Law rubs his forehead. "You did a very good job, Freya, and I assure you, this isn't what high quality zeptotech is supposed to look like when made by someone rational." He pulls out orange metal canisters, filled with red, blue, green, and purple substances that shift and glitter. "Eco, for example, is 100% soul-free, and worth a hell of a lot more than some caveman power core slapped together in what was probably a few drunken minutes of bad decisions." He claims, scowling at the core.
  5. "Let us move." Sokolov says, attempting to ignore the shenanigans happening around him with the same desperation that a rabbit avoids predators.
  6. Hal Henderics

    The Weatherlight

    Feeling a funny chill go down his back, Law walks over to the power core, which makes a much larger chill go up his back. "S-so, what's with the, uh." Law gestures to the outpour of ghostly specters. "Wait. Why the hell were souls shoved into the power core? Was this thing made during the goddamn dark ages?" he snipes, glaring at the power core.
  7. Hal Henderics

    The Weatherlight

    Law stumbles aboard, some pretty heavy stuff in his pockets, pocket space, and a large backpack, which he just manages to drag inside before plopping down on a chair to dig through the tech held within, pooling it on a table.
  8. Hal Henderics

    Trespassers: Director's Cut: The Bus

    Tattletale sits in the back, playing some sort of phone game. And by that, I mean they are harassing people online for their own amusement. Otherwise, the bus is open to you all, with enough room to walk, though a bit less room for much else.
  9. "...Splashback" He says, miming an explosion with his hand.
  10. Sokolov, meanwhile, rips down plastic curtains and sheets. He wraps two of them around his arms, torso, and almost all of his head. "лошадь, wear one of these. You are at greatest risk of contamination. Everyone else, use at your own discretion." He says to Danielle, as he tosses one over to them, and piles the rest onto a bed.
  11. "They point guns the right way in VR Simulations yes? So you are already halfway to not being a corpse. Now we must put a gun in your hand and see where the other half is." Sokolov says simply.
  12. "It is going to be easy money. Just point and shoot, and if you fail to do so, you'll be too dead to suffer the consequences." Sokolov shrugs.
  13. "You did read the contract that you signed, yes? The one that the commander just explained justifying us being here to perform a job?" "I'm fairly certain that having read and signed it are requirements to being here." Sokolov says blankly as Austin makes a fool of themselves.
  14. "Is my chassis still rated for sterile operation?" Sokolov says, cutting straight to the point. "Do my newfound abilities have any downsides, whatsoever?"
  15. "I do not mean to concern you, but." Sokolov waves his mechanized hand slowly. "Few reach the state of super soldier in premodern cybernetics. Unless I vastly underestimate "psionic" abilities." "That is acceptable, however. A gun can kill equally fine in the hands of ordinary soldiers."