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  1. 3 10 17 5 14 11 1 2 16 10 As Onion falls down, the Flesh of Honor glances up, before sweeping its sword overhead in a block that sends him flying away to the side of the Reactor Chamber Floor. - The Flesh of Honor looks up, distracted by Block's exclamation, distracted by what he said as he escapes! - Alpha prepares to roll the Unstable Bombboulder into the room. It sizzles with anticipation. - Ichor Bleu activates the Chili Horrordog's transformative abilities, and their armor bulges with explosive force, pulsating with red energy! Ichor Bleu has unlocked Access! Ichor Bleu will release a Kamikaze Blast next turn! - Psolomom attempts to punch their way into the shadows, drawing on residual magic to enter the Elemental Plane of Darkness! They enter a strange, distorted version of the world. The Reactor Chamber is full of dirt and dead trees, and the Mysterious Stranger is nowhere to be found.
  2. 12 7 1 15 15 1 11 8 10 15 20 15 The armor pauses at Onion's words. Blood from the creature's wounds flows into the middle of the room, shifting into an identical, but Onion-sized version of the sword. The blade pulses with Meat energy. - The Rock begins to shudder and become unstable as it becomes the size of Alpha's torso. - Rapidly, the meat energy in the air is sucked into the Healant Card, and it is fully charged! - Block begins charging up block energy, and takes a running leap at the pillar of energy! - Psolomom tries to read the ambient magic, but The Stranger's intentions are shrouded in darkness... - "Enough of this bullshit!" Dia shrieks, shaking herself and taking a running leap at the Flesh of Honor, kicking it off of the catwalk and flying down into the dark depths below. The armor's flesh splatters on impact. - "Don't worry, dear allies. I'll simply remove the source of its power! You'll defeat it quite easily, then!" the dark stranger says, tossing their rose into the energy pillar. The surging energy is sucked into the flower, while Block's block smashes the Golden Artifact out of the beam before it can be sucked up as well. The figure grabs their rose, looking at the relic and the party appraisingly. "Hmm. Well, I'll leave you to it, then. Bionveneue and goodbye!" he says, leaping into the shadows and disappearing as the room begins to shut down without the nexus. The Flesh of Honor roars from the bottom of the reactor chamber, while Block grabs the golden relic.
  3. 8 10 14 2 17 3 3 8 7 20 11 6 Onion tries to cut off the tentacle's legs, but it counters his attacks with a massive swipe from it's blade, tossing him back! - [Fight Honorably][Defend Nexus][Kill Intruders][Destroy the Dishonorable] Psolomom reads, looking at its intentions. - Block blocks himself free, and makes a run for the nexus! - Alpha begins synthesizing a huge bombrock, but as he discovers, Deli has already left the building! - Ichor throws the card at Dia, but the card goes flying into the abyss. "I still don't have hands shitstick!" she yells. - Frustrated with the utter incompetence of Ichor, Dia leaps into the air, kicking the hell out of The Flesh of Disgust with repeated kicks. - The Flesh of Disgust attempts to turn Dia into a molten smear with an utterly furious series of attacks, but a black rose smacks it in the face, startling it briefly. - The party's eyes are directed skywards as the black rose flies like a dart back to its master, who is standing on one of the nearby structures. "I don't think I'll condone attacking such a pretty young lady," he insists, brandishing his black flower at the Flesh of Disgust. "The beast is powered by the nexus! I'll help you defeat it," the mysterious shadowy figure exclaims. The Flesh of Disgust prepares to attack once again.
  4. 8 5 11 17 7 12 12 5 14 12 14 14 Onion rushes towards the Flesh of Disgust and hacks at its meaty legs, chopping through the flesh and weakening it! The Armor grows even angrier at this. - Block tries to block the Elemental Energies from hitting Dia, but they're too powerful for him! - Psolomom's crane kick succeeds at making the Flesh of Disgust incredibly angry! - Alpha manages to rip open a nearby wall, finding a cache of hamburgers hidden behind the metal plating! Devouring them quickly, he feels his mana surge with greater strength! - With only minor burns to himself, Ichor Bleu manages to reattach Dia's leg, giving her the ability to stand! - Dia stands up, focusing her energy. - The Flesh of Disgust raises its sword, slamming it down on Block's Block, and crunching them into the ground! While their arms are only slightly cut through, their body is stuck in the catwalk like a nail hammered into a board, having been punched through the metal! The Flesh of Disgust's barbed tentacle tries to rip Onion in half, but the armored half of it steps back, sweeping its sword and forcing everyone away! It levels its blade at the party, waiting for them to ready themselves. It looks pissed, almost as if the party's behavior is angering it.
  5. 13 8 14 5 5 16 16 20 5 8 Psolomom performs an Axe-Kick, her leg smashing into the monster's fleshy parts, and damaging several of its tendons! - With a heaving heave, Onion throws his barrel of D4 at the Flesh of Disgust, the barrel crashes near them, and explodes, dealing a little bit of damage to them! - Block prepares a potent block, trying to get in the way of the Flesh of Disgust's sword attacks! - Ichor Bleu throws Helperbot at the Flesh of Disgust, and it explodes on its armor, falling to pieces! - Dia attempts to perform a flurry of spinkicks on the Flesh of Disgust, but her leg lets off splatters of molten rock with a sickening noise! Dia's body heats up more from Elemental Instability! "This damn room is getting to me!" she complains, falling to one knee. - Block leaps in the way of The Flesh of Disgust's Sword Swipe, but it crashes through him and into Psolomom, sending them both flying with deep gouges! The Flesh of Disgust's barbed tentacles try to strike Psolomom while she is downed, but it uses its sword to slash the tentacles apart before they can! It almost seems to wait as it's head turns to glance at its flesh-tentacle covered sides for a moment. With a strong smooth motion, it lifts its sword to bare as Psolomom and Block rise to their feet.
  6. 18 14 4 18 15 3 11 12 Onion attempts to summon a magic barrier, Onion was wrapped in a magic shell! Ichor Bleu was wrapped in a magic shell! Psolomom was wrapped in a magic shell! Block was wrapped in a magic shell! Dia was wrapped in a magic shell! - Ichor Bleu summons a little robot helper! It looks kinda dumpy... - Block leaps into the air and uses a potent block to knock the Flesh of Disgust's hand off of it's sword! The flesh writhes with fury. - Psolomom leaps into the air, and performs a flying kick, But it bounced off! - 1 10 Dia attempts to perform a flying kick of her own, But it failed! Dia's body glows red with magmatic power. - 10 2 1 The Flesh of Disgust reaches for its sword, while its tentacle lashes out! The tentacle's barbed hooks smash into Onion's Ogre Barrier! Onion's ogre barrier shatters! - The Flesh of Disgust writhes with anger, shuddering with indignity as it pulls its sword free of the ground.
  7. The group walks down the stairs, to the final floor. Teddy and Nibbler are left behind. Teddy is too precious, and Nibbler, far too large to fit through the door. This floor is dominated by one, singular room, a chamber in which several walkways arch towards a beam of energy in the center of the room, which suspends a large golden object. The room is filled with dense, choking energy, a blend of both Storm and Meat magic dominates the room like the inside of a reactor. As they step forward, meat begins to drip from the ceiling, each drop mutating together into a single mass. For a moment, it looks as if the meat is about to transform into a mindless shambling thing of flesh and bone, however, your expectations are dashed when armor begins sprouting from parts of it. Green begins to overtake pink as the liquid mutates into the form of a titanic knight, while a long, sharp blade grows from its hand. Half of the knight's body is made of twisted, pulsating flesh, thick veins throb in the pink meat, while sharp barbed hooks twitch as muscles attached to them spasm uncontrollably. A massive blade made of mutated flesh sits stabbed in the catwalk, large, mutated runes grown into its almost tallow-like fuller. The Disgusting Flesh stands stoically between you and the Nexus, waiting for you to take the first move, though, why it would do this, you aren't sure.
  8. 3 11 17 11 6 3 10 7 16 7 Block unleashes a potent block, but sadly, he can't block people talking yet. - Ichor Bleu lashes out with magic tentacles, The tentacles strike the Ultraviolet Slime viciously! - Onion tries to summon an Ogre Barrier! A magic barrier appears around Onion! - Psolomom draws the wind-energy from the Wind Shear, and used it to perform a powerful attack, The Echo Punch strikes the Ultraviolet Slime! The Ultraviolet Slime is nauseous! - Alpha unleashes a furious barrage! A bombrock crashes into Ultraviolet Slime, exploding! A bombrock crashes into Ultraviolet Slime, exploding! A bombrock crashes into Ultraviolet Slime, exploding! A bombrock crashes into Ultraviolet Slime, exploding! A bombrock crashes into Ultraviolet Slime, exploding! A bombrock crashes into Ultraviolet Slime, exploding! The Ultraviolet Slime collapses into goo! - Spoils - "What the hell is going on here?!" Deli shouts, looking at the mess everywhere. "Oh god, it's a damn infestation!" she says, rubbing the sides of her face to ease her stress.
  9. "...Not from the back rooms, no," Deli says, quickly walking towards the back.
  10. 10 3 13 20 1 3 8 15 She sighs at Block. "Yes, I didn't call you a thief, Block. I'm saying that there are thieves who want it. so I can't tell anyone about it." - As he hucks meat at the Pink Slime, it becomes more unstable, until he realizes that there was a chunk of meat in the slime's center before they walked in the room... It's feeding on the elemental instability of Meat and Acid for greater strength! The Pink Slime instantly quintuples in size, unleashing a horrifying roar as energy rages around it. Onion throws a stick of D4 at the Ultraviolet Slime, But Ultraviolet Slime's energy made it explod prematurely! Onion is concussed by the blast! Ichor Bleu tries his best to focus on summoning and channeling his mana, but only manages to just create the tentacles before the Ultraviolet Slime attacks! 9 8 20 3 3 9 3 12 2 2 3 2 The Ultraviolet Slime flashes in front of Onion, lashing out with vicious bites, The bites tear into Onion! The Ultraviolet Slime flashes in front of Onion, and envelops him entirely! Onion chokes on the acid... The Ultraviolet Slime flashes in front of Ichor Bleu, lashing out with vicious bites, But it is driven back by his tentacle mana! 2 Snacks appear on the battlefield... The Ultraviolet Slime tries to fire pellets of acid at Onion, But they all miss! - 4 20 Hotdog tried to free itself... But it dissolved away!
  11. 18 20 12 8 5 9 "You should probably go," she says, with no small amount of exasperation to Psolomom. - When the golem turns around, Onion transforms, twisting into a hairy beast of unknown species. The golem no longer recognizes him, and wanders off to search for the perpetrator. - She looks unnerved by Block's request. "As an employee of Consume, I'm not allowed to disclose the location of the Storm Nexus. There are a lot of thieves who would love to get their hands on it," she explains. - 5 5 12 13 When Ichor Bleu summons a Meatsuckler Plant, the Pink Slime launches a tentacle of Slime at it. The Meatsuckler snaps shut, snipping off the slimy appendage! Alpha stands back, sending Hotdog to attack the Pink Slime! The dog leaps up onto the pipes, crashing into the slime, and biting at it viciously! But it failed to do any lasting damage... 5 10 18 20 1 3 The Pink Slime zips around the room frantically, spitting a glob of slime at Ichor Bleu, But he blocked it! The Pink Slime attempts to fire globs of slime at Hotdog, But misses, due to the dog being embedded in the slime! Hotdog's hide hisses with acid.
  12. 18 20 12 8 5 9 5 5 12 13 Nutribot frowns at Onion. "PRESENT IDENTIFICATION. IMPERSONATION OF NUTRIVATCO PERSONNEL IS PUNISHABLE BY UP TO 20 YEARS OF IMPRISONMENT." - While Onion is distracting the bot, Alpha uses a bombrock to jimmy the lock, and travels into the Nutrivatco Consume Snacktory. - Ichor Bleu finds that he can hardly see jack shit, with no strong heat sources, light sources, or distinct EM currents. He'll need to return to realspace to really investigate. - Block leaps high into the air, unleashing a potent block! - The sandwich dragon rubs her face. "No, sir. No Consume Location has 'Kitchens'. We prefer to use the term 'Snacktory', for marketing reasons."
  13. 4 9 15 8 2 13 1 16 Unfortunately, while the Nexus is POWERFUL, its effects on the EM World are chaotic. The EM world here buzzes and hums all over with unrestrained energy from the Storm Nexus, and Ichor Bleu can't tell where exactly it's coming from. - Block leaps in front of nice sandwich lady, in a moment, letting loose a powerful block! - Psolomom leaps into the air, but Block's block is so intense, it unleashes a shockwave that deflects her attack! - Onion Punches the door, nothing happens, but a Golem appears instantly next to him. "PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK NUTRIVATCO PROPERTY" it says, watching carefully with a frowny face on its screen.
  14. Card attempts to see light in the world of Magnetism, but is unable to! Light simply affects magnetism too weakly for them to see it properly at their current skill level. Onion tries to sneak around back, while Psolomom begins charging up energy. A half-dragon, half-sandwich lady walks out of the restaurant with Block, noticing these shenanigans. "Oh son of a bitch," she says quietly. "Sir, sir! Please do not attack the sign!" she asks firmly, standing between Psolomom and the sign, unable to both follow Onion sneaking into the back and Psolomom threatening to blow up the sign.
  15. 1 2 4 2 8 1 20 6 Psolomom runs towards the sign and punches it as hard as she can. A loud clang emerges from it, but nothing else happens, aside from an employee nearby giving her the stink-eye. Alpha notes that all of the rides have maintenance hatches, and Consume has a giant sprawling nest of pipes behind the counter that trail into a back room. The pipes crackle with storm energy. Ichor Bleu disappears, and enters the Elemental Plane of Magnetism. He finds himself in a vast ocean, treading water. High above him, currents flow fast in the sky, and even faster down below. Churning whirlpools fill the vast sea, and he finds that nothing else is here, no people or buildings. Only magnetic fields. Onion goes to check out the cool black dog, and it stares at him blankly. "You will approach death in the back of a fast food restaurant." it says, and then disappears. The PA system of the park goes off. "Would the owner of the Black Dog please come to the parking lot, your dog has given a mysterious prophesy and dispersed into the nothingness." Onion decides to Skeedadle before the owner of the dog returns.
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