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  1. Team A: The Bank Uber and L33t graciously provide a flatbed truck as transportation. Turns out, they're a bit more flush with cash than usual, and had planned to use it for a video that they ended up canceling for the moment. Those who opt to go to the bank are thus transported there, where they find a small group of reporters held back by a large group of police, the child-heroes use a megaphone to shout into the building. "This does not need to end violently, the sooner you surrender, the better off you'll be by the end of this." The red-suited leader says loudly. Segway Asshole shouts back from speakers on his asshole segway "Oh yeah, you really think you've got us, huh? Well, I hope you're not getting too cocky, because we can leave whenever we fucking want!" The youth patrol looks anxious, and just about ready to try something, but it hasn't happened yet. The gang is stopped at the police line for obvious reasons. "This is a sensitive situation, we're going to have to ask you all to leave immediately."
  2. "I hate bugs. They taste terrible, at those sizes. Something about their meat becomes off as they grow to titanic proportions, and I would be better off not mentioning giant spiders at all." Mar says. "They don't even have meat. Just rubbery useless tubing."
  3. The pair decide to, rightly and vigorously, ignore most of the discussion going on so far. "We only edited out the most questionable bits." "There were... a few." He pauses surprisingly awkwardly, before continuing. "If you're looking to meet the PRT, the entire city's pretty much erupting into flames. Good a time as any to meet the heroes." Uber says casually, turning on the local news. A group of youths in costumes appear to be standing outside of a bank, while some asshole on a segway shouts out at them from inside the bank. "Undersiders hold Hostages in Brockton Central Bank" Flipping to the next channel, It looks like a limousine is being chased by another, larger limousine, while a tide of bugs flood the streets chasing after both of them. Various attempts at hemming them in on the police's part seem to be failing at every turn. "Chitan chases kidnappers down first street, Mayor's daughter in peril" On the next channel, some drunk bum is screaming at police helicopters while using planes of force to fling rubble at them, while a trash golem sweeps the ground clean of any especially brave police officers nearby while other scruffy vagrants fire weapons vaguely policeward. "Merchants cause chaos in rampant territory bid, claim retaliation against PART."
  4. -The Switch Room Hallway, The Ruins The Child looks on in mild disappointment as the frog monster breaks out into a sweat and unhops out of the room. Moving ahead, Rachel, Arminius, and The Child enter a room with a single, cloth dummy. The child looks appraisingly at it. The child says diplomatically, looking between Rachel and the dummy with intent. -The Garbage Dump, Waterfall The two monsters look at each other nervously. The seahorse winks in an absolutely unsuspicious way. -ASGORE's Home, New Home In the stairwell, a duo of Ice Birds. In the foyer, a trio of Frozen Snowmen. In the hall, turtles with washing-machine shells Passing a room under renovations, Mermaids with stone bodies, and fishlike heads. Three cloth covered mannequins, stuffed with cotton. A mage and a knight appear before what looks like a child's bedroom. Regal, crowned frogs. near what seems to be an adult's. Finally, Armored Fairies in the kitchen. Also in the kitchen, and this house's sole, real inhabitant, some small fuzzy monster is raiding the refrigerator It's around this time that Jun finds the hall that leads to the house's entrance, or in this case, it's exit.
  5. It's around this point that a fit person and a scrawny fellow walk in. Both of them are wearing giant fake mustaches, though one is in a red jumpsuit, and the other, a white labcoat. They look needfully shocked at the arrival of so many people. "Uhh, Mirri, you want to explain this one?" "Hey, what the heck are you doing with my thumbtacks!" The labcoated one says. - Harry, meanwhile, gets put on hold for exactly 38 seconds, down to the nanosecond. "Hello, Harry. It's good to hear from you."
  6. -The Garbage Dump, Waterfall The Muscular Seahorse says, flexing his muscles and winking forlornly. The turtle meanwhile, seems enamored with Lilly's currently crystaline appearance. -Exit Hall, New Home A pair of bugs begin, before fading. The gang continues walking down the incredibly long hall, until- A trio of living vegetables continue. Finally, two Cyclops begin to speak in unison. The gang arrives at a large archway, which leads into a staircase up into what looks like an ordinary brick-and-mortar house, with grey walls and tasteful grey flooring. There's a chain on the ground, with a note attached. The group hears rummaging around somewhere in the house. -The Switch Room, The Ruins As Rachel and The Child push forward into the next room, a giant frog hops out in front of them, giving the pair a funny look before shrugging slightly. The room dims in anticipation as their SOULs manifest. STATUS
  7. Law is startled by Kusuke's disappearance, sitting up straighter on his QED. Oh dear, that's a problem. Should Law make something to go after Kusuke? No, maybe something to drag him back? Law's internal dialogue fails to come to an answer by the time Kusuke stumbles his way awake, though the votes are leaning more towards following him by that point. Perhaps, if the metaphorical votes aren't sufficient, public opinion might be better for coming to a conclusion? Law continues his internal debate.
  8. For newcomers, and those who just like reading reminders, Darkness Redeemed is a long running, often rebooted game taking place in a setting known as the Trinity of Realities, a set of Dimensions which are known for their bizarre physics, incredible skill and item crafting, and constant crossovers. In every sense of the word, it is a Kitchen Sink setting, built from the ground up and at every stage tailored to enable adventure, freedom, creativity, and fun, while retaining a firm structure and consistent rules which help to prevent exploitation and dominant strategy in gameplay taking place in it. In theory, anything in this game is both viable and valid, whether you choose to be a spellcaster, a warrior, a priest, a rogue, or if you chose instead to be a psychotic hobo wearing unpowered VR Headsets for armor, who has fought with stuffed animals for so long that they have obtained supernatural proficiency in their use. Ultimately, the choice is yours. (For more information on the setting, the Links spoiler contains a link to the "Arcana Expositionautica", a repository of lore, facts, and information on finer details of the setting. Feel free to ask questions in the discord, at which point I will answer them, and add them to the Expositionautica.) Subplots Combat Noncombat Links (Not Mandatory) Character Sheet (Kind of Mandatory) Character Sheet (Blank) Discord (VERY MANDATORY)
  9. -The City, New Home As the group walks a little further down, another pair of images emerge, depicting two small fairies. Then, a little ways further, a trio of... what look like Gelatin Blobs. The holograms state plainly. The group finally passes through an archway, into a long, desolate hallway. At the other end, there seems to be a short flight of stairs. -the judgement hall, new home (3, 5) Proditor expands his senses, feeling out the entire area. There doesn't seem to be anyone nearby... but... People have been here. And... ...They never enter from the doorways on either side of the hall.
  10. -The Switch Room, The Ruins Click! The door opens when Calvera flips the switches. Discussion happens, and then... Wow, rude ghost. The child stares at Arminius for a long time with an inscrutable expression, before turning to Rachel. -The Garbage Dump, Waterfall. Lilly and Ador dive down, the world shifting to black and white waves around them, before returning to normal. They come down in a foul smelling garbage pit. The entire area seems flooded with random human garbage. There are a few strange creatures rooting around in the junk. A muscular seahorse and a washing-machine turtle. The waterfall pours in from above, and then, into the abyss below. An endless cycle of garbage and tainted water...
  11. The child simply stares Arminius down before giving a firm thumbs up.
  12. "It seems our time is up." Mr. Fowl says. "Hopefully we will meet again, but to be frank, it's unlikely." "Good luck, and godspeed." - The gang finds themselves in a laboratory, or workshop of some kind. Mirri and Harry would recognize it as being Uber and L33t's hideout.
  13. Law, meanwhile, takes a seat atop his QED, mostly confused. On the one brain, he might do well to wait for these fellows to explain more before he does any real work, but on the other point of view, he should probably not waste any time in this strange place. He can't help but argue internally about what would be the best course of action.
  14. -The Switch Room, The Ruins The plaque reads. Meanwhile, the yellow signs say and respectively. Seems someone was kind enough to point out the solution to the puzzle, but rude enough to do so before it could be attempted. Calvera would note that the two labeled switches do seem to be on a lightly colored path through the room, while the third one isn't. -City One, New Home As the others enter the next room, they are stunned to see an entire bustling city to the north, hewn from grey stone, and filled to the brim with monstrous creatures going about their days. The magically adept of the party feel a weak and benign enchantment weave it's way around them, and, before their suspicions can be laid to rest, a hologram, or some sort of illusion appears before them, depicting two small frogs. The area dims as the holograms begin to speak, reciting a pre-recorded message. -Grave Room, New Home (1, 15) Proditor finds that it has been nearly 30 years since this coffin was filled. It's been too long to figure out anything else.
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