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  1. MachoPony

    'Where do I go now?'

    Abra can teleport the pokemon around infinitely and there's always an open cage so you'll never be "Stuck". if you follow a walkthrough point per point it should work. a yt guide could help too. the idea is essentially you use jigglypuff to put the guard to sleep and use the pokemon to heat, cool, and then shatter the bars to escape.
  2. MachoPony

    LF solosis

    and i the same to this solosis. so many trainers rely on being stupid fast and outspeeding all your pokemon. well one move turns that on its head.
  3. MachoPony

    LF solosis

    keeps glitching out EDIT: done, thank you
  4. MachoPony

    LF solosis

  5. MachoPony

    LF solosis

    not a problem. IGN:MachoPony
  6. MachoPony

    LF solosis

    because i am not doing that puzzle in a million years. ever. can trade breedject porygons, random hippopotas and crabrawlers or perfect SpA/Spe abra
  7. first time doing Beldum event, first encounter.



    Good IVs


    i wasnt even trying!

    1. doombotmecha


      Dude congratz. When I get to beldum in my run, I'm almost certainly going to reset until I get a shiny.

    2. Q-Jei


      I remember having experienced the same thing with Spiritomb in my first run. It was sheer luck, no more, no less.

  8. MachoPony

    Post your E-18 completion team

    *points to sig* though i am replaying the game with my better knowledge and i'm up to Ametirine now with a team currently of Greninja, Rhyperior, Musharna, Hippowdon, Mamoswine and Crabominable. focusing on trick room for now, and probably the forseeable future (which means rip greninja soon)
  9. MachoPony

    Additional Protectors

    no its fine i can wait. i dont need it right now anyway i have a decent rhyperior. Brave Nature and all ivs (minus SpD) over 20. good enough for me rn
  10. MachoPony

    Additional Protectors

    ok good. i swear i read somewhere it wasnt. mightve been for an older ep tho.
  11. MachoPony

    Additional Protectors

    so i evolved my rhydon to rhyperior, and it's working well. but the problem is down the line when i get to the restored city, if i want to breed and EV my team effectively. i only had one Protector and as far as i know only 1 is available. is there anywhere i can get another one? stealing off wild pokemon, buying. another one in the wild. anything?
  12. MachoPony

    Stuck in Tanzan mountain depths

    and i forgot about that, i'm an idiot. though i still dont think grinding to 55 would help. maybe grabbing a wild something for my team could help in the short run. i think i can get Excadrill or smth
  13. MachoPony

    Stuck in Tanzan mountain depths

    My team is in no way shape or form capable of taking out the lv75 steelix and there's (as far as i know) no way to swap them out nor do i think anything in the immediate vicinity would help especially considering i couldnt even level them if i wanted to because no healing anything nearby. what can i do?
  14. MachoPony

    Looking For ice stone

    ready anytime
  15. MachoPony

    Looking For ice stone

    that works fine for me. i'm usually still up then. (lol 12:30 GMT)