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  1. FFR: Male Espurr is better as meowstic M gets prankster and a myriad of useful status moves like light screen and reflect among others to help your team.
  2. Throwing my hat in the ring for Vanillish getting the thing isnt hard, just run a pickup squad to find some ice cream and tell the kid in the shop to gtfo your way, It starts off average, but even that's good enough firing off icy winds for speed control and temporarily eliminating fields with the ever so useful (early at least) Mist. Mirror Shot can help with Serra once you get that far. and even before then it learns Acid Armor early enough to make Corey a joke, it also learns ice beam as soon as its ready to evolve, one of the best ice moves in the game. Once it finally evolves into vanilluxe (which for me was just before Kiki, i overlevelled and candied it back) it can get the ever so useful snow warning allowing nice chip damage and some nasty combos with alolan sandshrew and beartic as well as enabling something else to use aurora veil later (or immediately in doubles) but the coup de gracé is Mirror Coat. this thing has unexpected special bulk, good enough HP and that mirror coat can damn near one shot some incredibly scary mons. Again i bring up. this thing one shot Dittoceus when i played my ice mono run.
  3. i find sometimes the AI is a little random though, like they'll randomly bring in something to take a big hit and die the following turn, then bring in the first pokemon to die anyway. yes there's been times where it perfectly predicted my moves. but more often than not the basic strategies work and when you DONT try anything stupidly complex sometimes the ai just cant keep up with your braindead stubborness.
  4. Favourite: Factory field the strategy with the electric moves, choosing when to turn the field on and off alongside everything else makes this a fun field its incredibly abuseable and helpful almost any time it shows up. Least: Water Surface/Underwater if you dont have your own water type or a way to freeze/poison the field. you gon' have a bad time. slowed to a snails pace, some of the games strongest moves literally doing nothing. powering up some already stupidly strong moves. not even mentioning the underwater part where you get slowed even MORE and have to rely on the opponent using something to re-surface you if you lack something to do it yourself before you can even attempt to neutralize the field again. Amaria took me SO many tries first time i got to her. and the field was entirely to blame. in my Ice Mono i froze the field early and kept it frozen for 90% of the fight, it was MUCH easier.
  5. adding to the above, if you really want to give her a bad time, combine Fake out with a fire move capable of setting the forest on fire. i think Flame Burst can do so (Growlithe or Pansear)
  6. *totally didnt KO Solaris' garchomp with a focus sash beartic and a sneasel/mamo with ice shard* Welcome!
  7. you mean Serene Grace. super luck raises crit chance.
  8. i mean, Kiki could help immensely with shade, belly is still a wall of sludge and he could potentially get some good encounters between now and then. (PS: Remind him he can go into the mountain below shade's gym with rock smash. if he's lucky he could get a Swinub)
  9. unless phione was a trade. you should have Manaphy. which is literally and i mean LITERALLY better in every single concievable way. use it.
  10. idk if you read all the way through. i finished up to the latest ep. i beat titania and hardy already. i think they're on this page. i will come back once the final ep comes out though.
  11. iirc its part of one of the Modpacks not sure which one though.
  12. IVs are determined when the pokemon is hatched or caught. see those numbers? the ones beside 0 (assumign no EVs yet) those are IVs. by now its too late to change those though you can breed once you get back to the city. EVs are gained by fighting pokemon. but you also need to level up and increase stats to see the results of the EV training. getting the full 252 will increase stat by a good margin initially. but will still require levelling to see the full effect.
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