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  1. i mean god can be incompetent, when a Vanilluxe with Mirror Coat can one shot it something is badly wrong.
  2. welcome, new fangames are always welcome, especially if they end up being as good as the ones we've already got. high bar to hit i know, but i believe in you!
  3. well, it took an ungodly amount of RNG, but i beat Venam with only a Seel (and like 15 mystery bowls)


    now i get a 2nd pokemon. yay!. its crabrawler...less yay?


    do wish there was a mono guide for rejuv tho. would make life easier.

  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  5. i mean you cant get to the dept store till you return to the restored city anyway, and i imagine that she would be relocated or an alternative method for that sticker would be possible, if not then that's a little silly.
  6. there must be a cave + sleep powder nearby, there's no way something like this wouldve been allowed to stay in this long without being found or noticed.
  7. here's a very useful tip. Fields can be stupidly annoying. learning to abuse them yourself, or eliminate them entirely can be a godsend wether that means finding the appropriate field read-out or looking it up on the wiki. as an example you already passed...Earthquake or Bulldoze shatters her Ice Mirror field, doing a ton of damage to both mons on the field and turning the field to a neutral arena.
  8. Alternatively: Blizzard. i believe you can catch Piloswine that come packing it just outside of Calcenon. it eliminates the superheated field (as long as Typhlosion dosent immediately use Eruption. might want fake out or a really fast rock or ground type move for that)
  9. "locked in agate" still gives you access to Route 2 and the first part of Ametrine mountain so you have options to fight each coming Gym Leader with. later i believe you also get access to route 3 and another cave. so dont think not being able to go back to other areas is a death sentence and you need everything perfect right now Team looks fine. but Samson is brutally strong. i'd advise at least getting everyone to the level Cap first. one last thing. if you really struggle with Samson. you can catch Hawlucha on route 2
  10. Jynx can basically solo kiki. Avalugg makes hardy a joke if he sticks with the doubles + rockslide strat and Tania might be trouble. i beat her before using A-sandslash and Shell armor Lapras. one long boss rush would be ridiculous and hard to prepare for. i just came up with that on the fly it could be adjusted again depending on battle style, fields etc
  11. difficult to know. depends on singles or doubles. fields, etc. i would imagine itd be something like this Walrein: "technical" fire resist, blizzard eliminates some fields, surf hits hard. good bulk Rotom-F: defog, coverage with shadow ball and discharge Alolan Ninetales: Snow Warning + Aurora Veil, nuff said Jynx: Sleep, hits hard immediately can also boost and attempt a sweep Mamoswine: Just, all round really strong Avalugg: at best a ridiculous tank that's a doubles godsend, at worst a bulky wall to help revive other team members. ofc other mons like weavile, cloyster, sandslash-a would be considered if there were more singles battles.
  12. The more i hear, the more hyped i get. and the more scared i get at wondering how in the name of all that is holy i'm going to beat this with a team of Ice Types.
  13. Man, rejuv has changed since i last played it, flashier graphics. Chapters, looks so much more polished now. trying to Icemono it sucks just as bad as reborn did though considering (afaik) i'm stuck with seel until route 2 where i can catch crabrawler. and even then NEITHER OF THEM ARE ICE TILL THEY EVOLVE! 


    i wish there was a Monotype guide like there was for reborn. would make life easier.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. seki108


      Just from V9 to V11, so much changed (all/most for the better)

    3. Chimpnology


      as someone who has seen (a small part) of v2 firsthand- rejuv has evolved amazingly. it went from a pretty horrid game to what i personally consider to currently be the best fangame out, by a longshot.

    4. MachoPony


      at least normal gives you options...

  14. And thus, we reach the finale for now. idk what i'll do next. might try rejuv. might do the Dex quest. might just sit on this till the final Ep. So remember how i said Weavile>rotom? yeah factory field says otherwise. Discharge was my lord and savior through the glass factory. i went to calcenon, got rock climb. retrieved the icium Z and trained up Titanic to replace Thicc. So my final team was Titanic, Mrs Claus, Big Papi, Frieza, Foxy and Robert. So after that i realized i needed to actually finish the mega z ring quest, gave owners back their pokes and Arclight gave me the mega Z ring, allowing Mrs Claus to turn blizzard into a nuclear Subzero Slammer. Following this i went through the mountains to the glass factory, inside the factory was easy enough the puzzles werent as hard as i remember lol. managed to make it to the dreaded gauntlet of battles. Oh ye gods, this brings back painful memories. So cain and shelly was a tough one. thanks to Frieza and Big Papi being a winning combo, defog got rid of sticky web and they were taking mons out quite efficiently, big papi's new rock tomb doing most of the work on shelly. a subzero slammer from Mrs Claus took out cain's muk. eventually Shelly's last pokemon was down leaving cain with mimikyu (busted), primarina and nidoking vs Robert (paralyzed, very low) and Titanic. full restore + crit avalanche took out mimikyu. protect followed by revivng Frieza allowed titanic to live, sadly he went for dazzling gleam on primarina so robert got KOd, frieza came in and discharge took out Titanic and Primarina. one last shot, one last hit. please....Blizzard. Hit. Nidoking down. Frieza stands alone and proud. First ? wasnt too difficult. mostly just take each mon as it comes. eventually it was 5-2 but mismagius was the unexpected problem taking out most of my team. Titanic took a hit just barely and avalanched it for the KO leaving umbreon. my last hope was Foxy, she hit one final dazzling gleam, barely survived the toxic damage. and hail finished umbreon off. i then proceeded to remember your mons get healed, but not revived. after fight 2. and with only Foxy left, i lost. Attempt 2: Battle 1 was roughly the same. Battle 2 i fought more carefully to make absolutely sure nothing died. Foxy took out absol leaving Titanic at full strength to one shot Mismagius and i Frieza chucked a few discharges at Umbreon finally ending the fight 6-0 Alas even with all the RNG screwage in the world, i BARELY couldnt manage it. +2 subzero slammer finished mega garde, only for alakazam to show its face and end me. Attempt 3: Then it hit me. Choice Specs. Lapras wasnt doing much besides chucking hydro pumps and potions everywhere so why not give him the wave incense for a slight boost to hydro pump and trade the choice specs he had to Frieza since discharge was my biggest weapon. well its worth a shot. And it worked! Rotom fired discharges left and right knocking out pair after pair. eventually he fell, but by then i had carved through enough of their team that i could handle it. after an aurora veil they couldnt hurt me much so a subzero slammer on mega garde and a couple of blizzards took it out. alakazam fell to Hydro pump/blizzard. bronzong was their last pokemon hydro pump/blizzard did a good chunk then a double ice beam ended the fight. So after that hellacious gauntlet, i made my way to Calcenon again and was told "yo, we taking back Agate" so after momentarily forgetting where the south gate was since people blocked the west one. i flew to Radomus' castle, exchanged delibird for robert and went into agate. none of the fights were overly challenging compared to the glass factory. Solaris was easy af. almost his entire team is weak to Ice, the moron. Mrs claus took out staraptor, big papi took a chunk out of tyranitar, ate a stone edge and finished it off. foxy took out gyarados easily while also eliminating sandstorm back to hail. excadrill flinched Titanic sadly but i used the off-turn to heal big papi, foxy came in and blizzarded excadrill. Lapras took down Scizor and finally big papi hit an ice fang on mega garchomp who used swords dance, and ice shard ended the fight. after chasing Lin and her escaping again, hardy wanted a battle. so i headed to his gym, the trainers were tougher than he was but big papi did the heavy lifting and got me through to Hardy. Hardy was probably the single easiest gym in the entire game. Wide guard makes him a literal joke. here's what happened. Mrs Claus + Titanic come in, mrs claus switches for foxy to set hail, wide guard protects from double rock slide. mrs claus comes back, wide guard protects, nasty plot, wide guard protects, i win. several Blizzards later and his whole team was down without a single scratch on me. nothing but rock slides, all blocked. So yeah. idk what to do now. i'll take a break for now maybe play something else. but i'm strongly considering doing Rejuv, just need to do a little research first. Thoughts on the run (Technically "So far") Ice was a difficult one to use. sure it had an excellent balance of offence and defence, but it just wasnt fast enough or bulky enough when it counted. some fights i was too slow, some i wasnt powerful enough. and the earlygame was a pain having only 2 pokemon for the first 2 gyms (in fact my run wouldve been ended at shelly if i hadnt got traded a couple of pokes i couldve got from eggs mitigating RNG bs) Sneasel: if i wanted, i couldve evolved and used Kitty some more. i used weavile before though and wanted to experiment, by the time weavile is obtainable the game shifts to a more team-oriented double battle style anyway so a predominantly single pokemon like Weavile wouldnt have been as much help anyway. earlygame it was invaluable with ice shard and hone claws to sweep away most problems. Beartic: was a big, hard hitter. just too slow to be of much use sadly Sandslash: same as weavile, great mon for singles. not as great in Reborn. still did its fair share of work especially later against the likes of Adrienn and Titania stupid fast and hit stupid hard. Jynx: What a mon, sing early was annoying to land, but beneficial nonetheless. as soon as i could re-teach lovely kiss she became invaluable to the team. learning Psychic and Blizzard naturally was a godsend too, and when she could get nasty plot up she was a wrecking ball. Walrein: Bulky thicc blubberbutt was insane for most of the game, was decent early, amazing mid and held his own into late. fell off slightly due to lack of power but was still beneficial, and is still ready to go should i need him come e19. Ninetales: i mean, snow warning + aurora veil makes it by default one of the best ice types in the game. wicked fast too and hits pretty hard with blizzard. Cryogonal: This thing was a special tank of the highest order, with monstrous speed and respectable SpA to boot. early screens and later utilising Aurora veil it was a godsend in the early and midgame. Freeze dry by level was wicked too. same as walrein its power fell off late, but its still there if i need it. Vanilluxe: if you told me one of my best pokemon for the early and midgame of reborn would be fking Vanilluxe, i wouldve laughed at you. nobody's laughing now. Acid armor early, icy wind for speed control, Snow Warning, freeze dry by level up, mirror coat with respectable special bulk. This thing was tailor made to take advantage of basically everything. need i remind you that THIS was what took out Dittoceus earlier in my run. i wouldnt have got this far without it setting hail, being the bane of every special hitter in the game and crushing water types. Again though it's niche ran dry later on, and the immediate access to aurora veil made Ninetales the better hail setter. but who knows. depending on what E19 brings. we may yet see a grand finale for DoubleScoop Mamoswine: yeah this thing is dope, you dont need me to tell you that. Earthquake early. ice shard by level. great attack, decent bulk, thick fat. decent speed. what more do you want...well i wouldntve minded a better ice move than ice fang but ehh thats just me (icicle spear and crash are egg moves ) Lapras: unexpected monster in the lategame, single handedly won the Titania gym battle and helped immensely with Amaria. it has great bulk, a great ability and its spA isnt terrible. especially holding those choice specs. Freeze Dry never hurt either Avalugg: Stupid bulky on the physical side, even super effective moves struggled to put a sizeable dent in it. Sturdy + Avalanche helped cinch a few KOs, protect and Wide Guard helped in the later double battles. it was a (no pun intended )Solid pokemon. Rotom: What can i say, i underestimated this thing. i knew Wash rotom was great competitively but frost rotom has a worse typing and worse accuracy move in blizzard. but discharge working well with so many fields, defog clearing away Adrienn's mist field and any entry hazards the enemy threw in front of me. levitate pairing it perfectly with Mamoswine. this thing was a beast. Delibird: my run wouldnt have been possible without this absolute monster. i mean come on, what else has the power to fly a fully grown adult all the way around a gigantic region? And finally i present: 2 boxes of eggs, breedjects, and other miscellaneous unused pokemon. And finally finally i give you, the team
  15. decent IVs, great nature. damn thats good. itl help with the first gym being an electric resist. but the problem is after that itl mostly be a hinderance in battles till well...it becomes serperior and gets leaf storm. bug, poison, fighitng, poison again, then ice. Serperior really wont be much of a benefit till the later game sadly. at least from my perspective.
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