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  1. Thank you for creating the best Pokemon game ever. My question is very simple. What inspired the creation of Melia?
  2. We are considered rebels, and will be eliminated.
  3. I don't think I can do that. I'm leaning more towards ideals than truth. I also love Melia a lot, and always will take her side. The only twist I can think of is Melia being a bad character due the fact Madame X doesn't seem like an illogical character to me.
  4. I thought this as well, but the event at the train was too giving Alexandra is the Champion. The game itself is all about decision making. I honestly think wither Melia or Madame X will be the champion.
  5. I'm very excited now. This will give me more time to sprite my Pokemons and give them new colors. I'm super picky when it comes to my team, and wanted to use Pokemons that I love, but cohesive at the same time. Take your time luvs~ Patience is key
  6. I don't know why I feel this is Ana's point of view.
  7. I'm gonna suggest a Sturdy Gigalith. Literally a life saver. Especially with Toxic and Rock Blast.
  8. Yeah, but I've seen many people continue a sprite if it wasn't complete. I wanted to see if other artists created the back side
  9. I came across this topic on the forum, and I couldn't help myself but to fall in love with the spiriting of Darkrai. It would mean the world to me if you can navigate me on where I can find the back sprite. I literally searched everywhere lol.
  10. Yeah, I just wanted to be sure because I was playing around with debug.
  11. I've tried multiple times, but for some reason, there's no "A" option visible even though she's holding a Gardevoirite. Is this a bug? I've tried with different Pokemons, and they all can mega evolve.
  12. Sweety, don't force a change on yourself. Enjoy everything you like at all ages, and don't worry about what others think of you. Plus, I think majority of Pokemon players are adults anyway My girlfriends always tell me why I'm still playing this game, and I'm like "Shhh, you're interrupting my shiny chain hunting with your opinion, go away."
  13. I had 2 battles where I seriously struggled in. Valerie and Angie. Angie always OHKD my Pokemons, and even with the fastest Mons I've had, I couldn't outspeed her Froslass. She always set up her Aurora Veil, and damage to her was very minimal. I won by a very small chance. Valerie on the other hand was a nightmare. I think both were reffed in recent versions. I also have to give a shout out to Madame X. She has a move that always OHKed my Pokemons (Decimation?). I honestly won against her by cycling Fennel Cakes lol :3
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