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  1. Sorry about that! I didn't have access to my pc but wanted to get a result asap so I said whatever I could remember. It's the help center at GDC's Central building, where you get denied registration for the tournament. When I checked the requests on the board it said I was already doing a quest and would have to cancel to accept another. After cancelling the only other available quest is classified information. but when I try to accept it it says I've already completed it. Iirc the classified information was a quest which I was supposed to cancel, but I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is a bug. Thanks!
  2. The one with the Classified Information quest. EDIT: It's from the Grand Dream City help center.
  3. So I'm about to start v12 in a bit, and was checking out the help center in v11 and realized that I still had an active help quest. Was there such a quest that couldn't be finished in v11? Because I'm pretty sure I did everything this version had to offer.
  4. It isn't just my old save files that don't work, I can't use any new saves either. This is the error I get whenever a game.rxdata file is present in my saved games folder. Game.rxdata
  5. The thread I posted isn't in recent anymore and I haven't really got an answer to it. 😕

    Can somebody take a look?




  6. you know the meme has gone full circle when the dev asks when e17 is out


    also, yall havent played it yet? im on e24 with the new darkrown and mega mewtwo z patches

  7. alternate universe where every active and inactive member on this forum pm's ame saying "but ame if story is so done why come it not full hunder persent  on right tab??"

    1. Arkhi


      Also the alternate universe where Ame loses her mind a little quicker.

  8. why was the tmnt nerfed from reborn .-.

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