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  1. I want to get rid of the Vileplume, but where do I get Spice Powder?

    1. SilverHelio


      You can buy Spice Powder at the Ranger Station at Terajuma Shore.

    2. ShadowQuilava


      Oh. I did not know that, thanks for the informative information.

  2. ShadowQuilava

    Minor Bugs V11

    I aint no game designer, but im sure the Trainer ID shouldnt be this once I update the game.
  3. It just came to me that, if we want to get Dusk Lycanroc in Reborn and Rejuvination, do we need to have a Rockruff with Own Tempo or can it be just any Rockruff?

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    2. Youmu9


      Well, I heard you need to start a new game in order to get her to appear. Maybe the patch fixes that though. I don't know if she disappears after you progress through the story. I'll have to look into that.

    3. ShadowQuilava


      Dang it, oh well its ok, to be honest there isnt much of a difference in stat wise when it comes to Dusk Lycanroc, all it has is 2 more attack and 2 less speed than Midday, not much of a difference.

    4. Wolfox


      and a much better ability 😐

  4. There are several battles that I try to get into that end up crashing the game, especially a major one that I HAVE to fight.
  5. Rejuvination Theory: Ok, you know how we dont know who the champion is? well what if we have known the champion all along, but we just know it?

    1. Winter


      makes u think

    2. Youmu9


      It's Melia, isn't it?

    3. ShadowQuilava


      Doubt its Melia, she was new to battle when we first met her and when she went through that whole time travel thing, she was in the past training but even still shes still not champion level, lets think of it like this, how long did it take for us to learn that Ame was the champion of reborn? episode like 16 or something, and we are onl Version 11 and the idea of the champion only came up in version 9, but even still we dont even know who it is like Krystal said, what if the champion is right in front of us hidden in plain sight?

  6. I need to find a Razor Claw...now where would one go to find one?

  7. I am just now starting episode 18, well from the beginning, how many gyms are there? 17 or are all 18 gyms here?

    1. Candy


      It's all gyms except the last 

  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. ShadowQuilava


      You were a day earlier but thank you. 🙂

    2. LykosHand


      Oh lol xD you're welcome =D

  9. So? Games take time! So what that you couldnt get out on a deadline, but take your time, rush a game wont give good quality, Quality over Quantity as the saying goes, just dont rush or pressure yourself, that will lead to stress, be calm and collective, show us what your made of and take your time.

  10. I'm putting my current play through to the side for a while to do a Dragon Type only play through, do I need to do like posts or something to do it or follow certain rules? I need help.

    1. ShadowQuilava


      well, a number of types, but ive rounded it down to either try Dragon, Steel, Fighting, Fairy or Fire, but thinking about it now, ima go for a Steel Type Run, ye.

    2. Candy


      This might help: 

      Also, you don't really need to do posts or anything, you can do it privately or publicly as you wish 🙂 The rules for monotype is basically only use mons that have or will have that type.

    3. ShadowQuilava


      thanks for you help 🙂 this is useful, though after typing this, I came up with an idea for playthroughs, whatabout a playthrough where you can use any pokemon you wish like any pokeon game, BUT, for gym leaders, you are only aloud to use pokemon that have the same type as said gym leader, like only use Ghost against Shade or Steel against Tatiana, and ect.

  11. ShadowQuilava

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Wow a little over 30% Already? keep this up we might get Version 11 before the end of 2018 early 2019
  12. I I've got a new idea, Wide Guard, since it protects the user and it's ally in a double battle from moves like Rock Slide and Heat Wave, it's perfect in Charlotte's gym

    1. Jess


      I've used that in E16 for my Bug monorun. I swept with Powder Vivillon, Wide Guard Paras and Shell Smash/Rock Slide Crustle.



    2. ShadowQuilava


      A BUG type run?....well Ive learnt to keep an open mind so that must be interesting, Oh! for Crustle I HIGHLY suggest letting it learn Shell Smash, its OP once it gets going

  13. Wait, I Got an idea, the way to beat Charlotte is using the rain right? Well I just got an idea, Swift Swim.

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    2. ShadowQuilava


      Swift Swim is an ability that doubles the pokemons speed in the rain, and yeah ok Surf will help, I'm going to use an entire team of Water Types against her, as and maybe a Midday Lycanroc just for good measure

    3. Velthomer21


      I was saying that Surf would work better against Charlotte without requiring an entire new team.

    4. ShadowQuilava


      Oh noooo.....this team would only be Temporary, also last team I beat Charlotte in a previous save was using a Walrain with Thick Fat

  14. what joy, Darchlight Cave is glitched for me again, but I think for good this time. if someone can fix it can they please?


    1. ShadowQuilava


      Or can someone at least link me a patch? Cuz there is NO WAY I'm starting all over again