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  1. Don't leave your baby unattended when there are baboons nearby. 

  2. "In Russia, if hand is rotten, you cut off hand. If arm is rotten, you cut off arm. But if heart is rotten...you cut off leg."

  3. "Who really died that day Luigi? And who came back?"

  4. Capcom kills their series.

    Sega won't let their series die.

    Valve stops making their series altogether.

    Nintendo makes a series as a shooter about squids.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Wolfox


      yeah. the new Metroid game did prove that 2d Metroidvania's are still being bought, so a new Castlevania game or even a remake of let's say Aria of Sorrow for the 3ds would not be a bad idea

    3. Youmu9


      I read somewhere that Konami was going to revive another old IP after the new Bomberman's success. Who knows what that will be though...I still don't trust them. They'll ruin it somehow, I just know it.

    4. seki108


      Wait, I thought Nintendo's shooter was about Kids.  So which is it, kids or squids?


      Konami's got to makes they completely devote them to pachinko, so they don't mind smothering some profitable or potentially profitable IP's..........or maybe they'll put the corpses on display by incorporating a dying franchise into their new pachinko machines.  R.i.p. , once great gaming company

  5. The only question that matters.

  6. "Fool me once, you almost kill and eat me. Fool me twice, and... No. Just no."

  7. So the internet might change, but at least we might see Glactus and Doctor Doom in the MCU.

  8. "This American boot just kicked your American ass back to American Canada! BECAUSE AMERICA!"

  9. I just finished my ten page, single spaced paper for my Communications class.


    So this is like an anti "I'm so busy post" or something.


    I can't feel my face.

  10. You can't spell Wisconsin with out Con, or Sin.


    I just noticed that.

  11. Aww yeah, Okami is on Steam now. Life is worth living again!

  12. Oh man, those are both fantastic! I'm going to go with the funny one for now, but I've saved them both. Thanks!
  13. I've missed the hattening for the last few years... But no more!
  14. Ok folks, what's the word that starts with C that means something like "being polite"? Like he's being "Couragle"? I know that's not how it's spelled, but I can't seem to figure out how it should be written out.


    (Or am I just going crazy, and this isn't a real word at all?)

    1. Zargerth
    2. Combat



      Yes! Thank you! Don't ask why I couldn't think of that!

  15. In a tragedy, would you consider trying to make peace with the men who ruined your marriage (and killed your wife and two children, thought you don't know this at the time) by sneaking into their house at night and showing how nice you are to be heroic? 

    1. Wolfox


      If I know they did it, no. They could be the only way for humanity to survive but they'd have to find help elsewhere.

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