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  1. I am trying to fight Aya after the Mall Help task but for some reason I can't get past the 2nd room in Venem's gym. There is no stairwell there and the poison concoction gets accepted but the stairwell doesn't open up. Also the warp to the last room from the first room isn't active either. Game.rxdata
  2. Weird because I just tried the save file on another computer and it still doesn't let me warp to the final room and the puzzles don't open the stairs.
  3. I started the Forest quest talked to Adriann then when I went inside the train station she wasn't there nor was the forest open when I traveled. I tried restarting the quest and now she doesn't show up in front of the train station at all, and the quest helper says that I haven't started a quest. I included my save file. Game - 1407 - Stebo - 444h 20m - 12 badges.rxdata
  4. Does anyone know where the room opens in the underwater level? I think it is what I am going in but if that is the case there is a bug because nothing is in there except a zap plate.
  5. stebo

    River's End

    Yeah but you need access to River's end to start the quest.
  6. I am stuck in the eastern part of East Gearen City, I got a dialogue of having something to do with Eric and Cameron and then my character moved up 6 spaces and now can't move. I am including my game data. Game.rxdata