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  1. Cass' allusion to a quest were you need to reduce your relationship points with Adrienne from Sandy is most likely a follow-up of E18's leading to Shaymin. Giratina, I imagine its fight against Arceus that nearly destroyed Reborn in the past will happen again. With Arceus back, Giratina will break free and you'll have to fight it with Arceus (caught previously) before it messes up with Reborn again Articune/Moltres/Zapdos : top of ametrine mountain/top of pyrous mountain/old power plant (or Calcenon's power grid, we don't know the place yet) after a quest/the intention of an item to make them appear Entei/Raikou/Suicide: something that will remind us of GS' roaming, maybe really roaming if they are sadistic enough Mewtwo : hidden (meteor?) lab in a place we don't know yet. Groudon/Kyogre: Groudon under ametrine/citrine/idontrememberthelastmountain and Kyogre under pyrous mountain (yes, in that order). Pyrous used to be a cold mountain filled with clear water while ametrine was a volcano. Giratina's influence changed that (and pyrous' melted snow drown the city, forming azurine lake). Maybe the two legendaries were trapped by the sudden change Victini:the victory Pokemon so maybe it will be related to victory road and us being the new champion ? Mew: is there any truck in Reborn ? Ultra beasts : in another world made accessible after Lin tried to create her own world. That's all I can think of now
  2. I managed to get a SharedPC mod somewhat working. This is a very crappy work, so use the modified script file only long enough to import the pokemon you want, then go back to the original scripts when you're done. And don't go in the achievement menu, the game will crash. Also, when you come back to the original scripts, you'll have an error the first time you restart your save and all your achievements will be reset (the achievements, but apparently not the achievement points so it shouldn't be too bad). As I said, it's working very poorly, but if you reeeeally want to import your pokemon it should do the trick until we have something clean @DreamblitzX I don't know the game's code or Ruby in general well enough to solve the problems and make something clean myself, but if it can help the problem seems to be with the achievements scripts. I had to comment the entire section (and achievementUpdate with it since they are related), else when I move my character I get a "undefined method '▯' for nil:NilClass" error line 189 of the achievement script SWM - SharedPC.rb Scripts.rxdata
  3. Yes, I saw that weird outline after posting and checked the files on my computer, but that actually comes from the forum. If you click on the picture to zoom in you'll see the outline is normal. That's weird. And your sprites aren't bad, I like that Toxicroac and that Toxapex. Vivid colors are usually harder to use with good results I think, but these colors suit them. Frillish's line Here again there's that weird outline effect, but it disappear when you zoom in
  4. I'll begin with some of mine I made a while ago Noibat' line Vulpix' line Mewtwo
  5. Hi everyone As you surely know, both Reborn and Rejunevation have their own custom shinies. Most of them are great (spriters really did an amazing job there), but maybe some are not to your taste, or maybe you would like something special for a pokemon you love. Over time I've seen many people recoloring shinies, over different thread in different sections, most of them lost in the depths of the forum. So I thought we could make one thread where people could post their new shinies so that everyone could easily see and take those they like for their game. And if you have an idea of recoloring but don't know how to do it, fell free to post it, maybe someone else can make it Once there are enough shinies posted in the thread I'll begin to keep a list of them in this post for easier browsing
  6. Nice ! That reminds me there used to be a topic for custom shinies a while back. Might be nice to reopen it. It's been a long time since I have recolored shinies
  7. Bring it at Silph Co. to get a scope allowing you to see the Kecleon blocking your way in Beryl Ward and Rhodocrine jungle, where you can find Treecko and stop the Kecleon invasion
  8. Are you sure the door is locked ? Maybe you should check again
  9. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-491237152 Deoxys deserves its place in ubers http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-491789824 Xerneas even more
  10. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-482064982 A new one with Clefable as the stall god. PP stall is so long, but can be really fun
  11. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-482043982 Some people should really work their type table...
  12. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-481955442 Clefable is so strong, it can solo an entire team. The funniest is, it's only damaging move was Stored Power yet it got rid of an Incineroar. Maybe my best battle ever http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-481991354 Clefable ended the game, but my little Shiinotic proved it deserves a place in my team
  13. This battle should keep the cristal cavern field, it also boosts Judgment. No, I fear this field means team Meteor may at least partially succeed in creating a new world. Or maybe the locked doors lead to an existing "new world" if it's the field for legendaries post game ?
  14. If Titania is the knight fighting the dragon, could Lin be the dragon ? We already know Solaris is gonna ask her help to get the sapphire bracelet. That field really suits Lin too, as a victim of Titania
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