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  1. @Bok Choi MEKHANICS The 3rd Ability is Hidden to everyone except the person who plays the character. There are 3 ways to reveal a player's hidden ability: 2a) The player is lynched. 2b) The reveal ability vote has been successful. 2c) The use of specific abilities.
  2. DAY 5 -- The Chariot of Fire A few days have passed, and the kombatants have been establishing their presence in the game. Only a few have perished so far, yet a lot have been damaged. There are also plenty who have avoided conflict, sometimes due to luck, other times thanks to their cunning. It's insightful to see you dance around the fires and toss the sparks at your own feet. I could only watch and learn how your kind treats the simple joys in life, and sometimes link them to death. One of you didn't pay attention and fell into the fire. It was little we could do to save them. Some might even smirk at the event. I know of at least one who didn't enjoy this at all. Two, if you count their sibling in death. FOURTH DEATH -- TREMOR / YAHY [info has already been revealed] Fatality - Killer: JOHNNY CAGE That's it, really. You tried. A lot are close to death. Some might even feel his cold breath. And... there's 5 of you who are still at full HP, or more. Let the day begin. You have 48 hours to talk, fight, lynch, reveal, eat, drink, mumble rap, and live to the fullest. Let me know if you need assistance in dying. Kombatants 01. Nano 02. Bean 03. Yahy [Tremor - Killed N4] 04. Corso 05. Yahen [Kotal Kahn - Killed N3] 06. Newt [Quan Chi - Killed N3] 07. Jace 08. Alaris 09. Mr. Knightly 10. Candy 11. Lia 12. Lykos 13. Astra [Rain] 14. Kiet 15. Drago 16. Nicki 17. Bok 18. Alistair 19. L'Belle 20. Amine 21. Sailboat 22. Caimie [Shinnok - Modkilled N3] Appendix1: If you manage to reveal 4 roles today, I will reveal the priority list (without the top 5). Appendix2: If you manage to kill 2 people today, I will reveal the top 5 as well.
  3. Fun Fact: 8 mortals are still unscathed. They have all HP they started with... and 1 of them has more.
  4. DAY 4 -- OVER This day was phenomenal. I was attacked by powers I could not understand. It was a mayhem. A turmoil. A cognitive rift. It was... magnificent. AARGH!!! WHAT IS THATZZ...itt h-hurtssss STOP! REVEAL VOTES God (1): Bean Alright. Let's drop the facade, shall we? Mood Music
  5. Day Phase is extended for another 18 hours, because I'm too tired to do that stuff now and got a lot of work for tomorrow.
  6. You have 3 hours left for phase change. From the following Night Phase, anyone who doesn't meet their post count or doesn't submit their NA in time, will receive 1HP damage.
  7. Think of it as 5 different towns and 2 TP. Anyone not in your town is not welcome.
  8. DAY 4 -- Death is only the Beginning I suppose you were tired of seeing no action these past days. Allow this night to correct the mistake, with 3 deaths. You have been surprizingly very active, and the synergy was fascinating. You might have messed up with each other a little bit, but ultimately, very few came without benefit. It's worth mentioning that a lot are still unscathed. Maybe it was luck. Maybe you know how to play. Maybe you can give out pointers to the rest of them. The only constant in this turmoil is the will to live; the will to konquer the realms. This might be your main drive, or your doom. Let's see what has occured. FIRST DEATH: QUAN CHI / NEWT [info is already revealed] Fatality - Killer: SONYA BLADE SECOND DEATH: SHINNOK / CAIMIE [info is already revealed] Quitality - Killer: GOD THIRD DEATH: KOTAL KAHN / YAHEN Kotal Kahn The rightful heir of Outworld. Descendant of the Osh-tekk, a tribe of warriors powered by the sun, Kotal has been fighting ever since he was born. Centuries ago, his father sent him to Earth alone as a boy to survive. He rose up as king of the Aztecs, portrayed as a God. After his return to Outworld, he was informed that the humans he'd governed had perished. The blood rituals were meant to make them stronger, but killed them instead. Having learned from his mistakes, Kotal decided to rule with more wisdom, and is now defending his Kahnate from evil forces. Hide contents He has 8HP Sun God: Reveal your identity and damage a player during the same Day Phase for 3HP damage. Blood God: Passes a blood dagger to a player. The player will be damaged for 1HP for each night they hold the dagger. It can be passed to others. If you wish to pass a new dagger, the old one vanishes. War God: Lose 3HP. Force all your realmers to attack a single player. All hit with at least 1HP damage. Cannot be used twice in a row. Fatality - Killer: KENSHI As you are probably aware, the ones who manage to land the final blow are awarded with a +1HP. This might be the beginning of the end. The dice has rolled. There is no going back now. I wish you all the best of luck. From this point onwards, it's DAY4. You have 48 HOURS to discuss, vote, reveal, kill, or do whatever mortals do during the day. Kombatants 01. Nano 02. Bean 03. Yahy [Tremor] 04. Corso 05. Yahen [Kotal Kahn - Killed N3] 06. Newt [Quan Chi - Killed N3] 07. Jace 08. Alaris 09. Mr. Knightly 10. Candy 11. Lia 12. Lykos 13. Astra 14. Kiet 15. Drago 16. Nicki 17. Bok 18. Alistair 19. L'Belle 20. Amine 21. Sailboat 22. Caimie [Shinnok - Modkilled N3]
  9. DAY 3 -- OVER It was a rather eventful day. You mortals are beginning to grasp the meaning of your situation. You are starting to see further than kommoners. You are becoming... immortal. This is not the usual day phase, as the knives have been already at each other's backs. I am almost able to smell the imminence of death. However, I am still marginally disappointed by the lack of attention this matter needs. Not everyone is active enough nor participating in a fate that... matters to all. Do you wish to continue allowing others to decide for you? Does your life have less meaning than theirs? Or do you wish to hide, when others are taking the shots? When others paint the targets on their backs? Alas, I am here to assist you in your endeavors, but I can't help it; I criticise. I understand your realm's matters might be coming first, but I beg you do not forget the importance of your role. Let's see what occured, and what the future holds for us. LYNCH VOTES Yahy (9): Yahen, Nano, Alistair, Corso, Bok, L'Belle, Lia, Nicki, Astra Nano (3 Candy, Yahy, Lykos Amine (2): Kiet, Drago Kiet (1): Bean Yahy has been lynched, with a great majority at that. Xe is Tremor His personal mission was to uncover the secret behind the Elder Gods' powers. They decided to punish his hubris by trapping him in a strange land between the realms. When Shinnok fell from Elder God status, the power balance shifted, and a surge of power travelled to all realms, using Tremor's trap as a channel, freeing him in the process. Tremor seeks powerful opponents to test his newfound strength and Kano made him an offer he could not refuse. Hide contents He has 10HP Magnitude: All non-attacking abilities have 50% chance of happening. Earthquake: Targets 1 player. If they are swapped or controlled, all involved receive 1HP damage. Otherwise, the target receives 2HP damage. Fissure: Chooses a target during the night. Everyone who votes against them the following day receives 1HP damage at the end of the Day Phase. You already knew of Fissure, so it's a waste of a revealed ability. Yahy lost 2HP, and apparently no pride at all. Let's see you kontinue trolling the opposition. REVEAL VOTES Baraka (5): Bok, Lykos, Nano, Alistair, Lia Liu Kang (5): Astra, Kiet, Drago, Candy, Corso Johnny Cage (2): Boat, L'Belle Reptile (2): Yahy, Nicki Sony Blade (1): Bean Rain (1): Jace BARAKA Tarkattan: Reveal your identity during the Day Phase. Challenge a player to Kombat. The player with the less HP dies. LIU KANG Dragon Ball: If "Fire Ball" and "Soul Ball" have been used successfully, award a permanent +1Atk bonus to an ally. This was disappointing. You could co-ordinate much better. The future will tell if this was the right decision. I hope you manage to enjoy this more than you perform in it. From this point onwards, the day is over. It's curently NIGHT 3. Feel free to send in Night Actions. You have 24 hours to do so. Do not let your guard down, for the night is dark, and full of terrors.
  10. At the event of a tie among 2 or more people, all of them will be lynched.
  11. DAY 3 -- The troll in the dungeon Time is relative. A wizard is never late, for they arrive precisely when they mean to. At least that's what Gandalf and his company of lazy bums who smoke too many mushrooms believe. I shall apply the rules of the fire and shadow. The rules that stress how important it is to kill each other in order for a new world order to rise and bring forth peace among the realms. Don't you see how this incessant bloodshed cannot last forever? Can you not see how the instability allows dark forces to take over? The world of Mortal Kombat is cruel, but that's something you already knew when you signed-up. As our daily honoured guest would eloquently inform you, "If you can't take the heat, stay away from the Netherrealm." The night was lively, yet not enough. Some souls were lucky enough to escape death. Others have found themselves targeted much more than what they probably expected. It's always wise not to bite more than you can chew. Some of you didn't expect that the bite was too big for your mouth. One of you even crunched everything in their path. I would also like to remind everyone, that I am not a viable target for your actions. I will fight back. I don't need to look for you. I don't need to find you. I can simply kill you. No further ado. Let's show the information you can't wait to see. 1. Grandmaster has been activated. 2. Poison has been going left and right. You might want to save each other... or not. 3. All kombatants are alive. This is Day 3. I hope the following 48 hours will be interesting. Give me all you got, mortals. Both physically and mentally.
  12. DAY 2 -- OVER This day was much more active. It looks like you actually want to win. I was expecting you all to be at each other's throats. It looks like you have set your differences aside and try to solve all of this together. Had this not been the ultimate team-deathmatch, it would be really admirable. I hope you've made the right choice, or at least that's my attempt to boost your morale. If nothing else, this has been a very informative viewing so far. Let's see what you've done. You revealed 4 and lynched 1. Not bad. You've gathered each other against the inactives. However, you still have to erase them from existence. Or... it could be the case that you'd want to keep them alive, for your own reasons. I know. You presume. Let's hope your analysis reaches the limit of my knowledge. LYNCH VOTES Drago (2): Nano, Yahy Nano (1): Bean Newt (8): Drago, Corso, Amine, Bok, Alistair, Lia, Knightly, Yahen Yahen (1): Jace Caimie (1): Kiet Yahy (1): Astra Newt has been lynched. He lost 2HP, and a little pride. I suppose nobody wants to replace him now. He is Quan Chi The master of puppets in the underworld. After dethroning Shinnok, he became the de facto leader of the Netherrealm. His army consists of the most powerful dead warriors. He is a sneaky and poisonous warlock, whose words reek of sulfur and lead. Deciding to move from the shadows he has decided to konquer over the rest of the realms, and he certainly has the manpower to do so. REVEAL VOTES Sub-Zero (5): Jace, Nicki, Nano, Lykos, Bean Tremor (5): Corso, Astra, Lia, Knightly, Candy Scorpion (5): Kiet, Yahen, Drago, Bok, Alistair Johnny Cage (1): Yahy SUB-ZERO Cyborg: Deals 1HP damage to all attackers. SCORPION Grandmaster: After D3, his damage input with the Kunai is permanently increased to 3HP damage. TREMOR Fissure: Chooses a target during the night. Everyone who votes against them the following day receives 1HP damage at the end of the Day Phase. It appears the skein is slowly but surely being untangled. The fates are colliding with increased speed. The knowledge is spreading and the strategies are being revealed. You now know a little about each other and probably whom to trust and whom to fear. Be certain, you can all always confide in me. This was the end of the day phase, and you have managed to survive. This is commendable. I wonder if it's going to last. This signals the start of the NIGHT PHASE. It's now NIGHT 2. Go back to your homes, temples, caves, and whatnot. Decide how you use the gifts I gave you. Never forget: It is what we do with the gift of life that defines us. Kombatants 01. Nano 02. Bean 03. Yahy 04. Corso 05. Yahen 06. Newt (Quan Chi) 07. Jace 08. Alaris 09. Mr. Knightly 10. Candy 11. Lia 12. Lykos 13. Astra 14. Kiet 15. Drago 16. Nicki 17. Bok 18. Alistair 19. L'Belle 20. Amine 21. Sailboat 22. Caimie Night 2 Music
  13. DAY 2 -- Follow your own footsteps External observation might indicate a view of stagnation. The night was lively. The ground was shaking, lightning fell, and the early droplets quickly gathered a storm. You mortals weren't quiet either. I have seen your footprints in the soil. And I have seen where they went, and what they did. A few went the indirect route; behind the bushes, along the river, under the walls. Others prefered to launch a frontal assault, not fearing the traps their foes might have placed. Of course, that would be the case some of the traps weren't already rusty because of the downpour. Nobody perished. You have proven to be a sturdy bunch, and I have grown a little proud of you. Yesterday you exposed each other. I hope today you follow in similar footsteps and rise up to greatness. Even if the world sees who you really are, you decide what you do with your lives. Nobody died. Nobody got revealed. Does that mean, no attacks took place? Does it mean no information was gathered? Does it mean, other things were not set in motion? Sometimes, it's better you find out yourselves. Day 2 Music
  14. DAY 1 -- OVER And you didn't disappoint. You let each other know a little bit about yourselves. Some were much subtler than others. Some... well some didn't care at all. This sneaky approach is something I anticipated. What I didn't anticipate was lack of activity. However, it's not me who's going to punish you. There are people with... abilities that benefit from such... situations. Did you actually think this was an easy game? Think outside of the box. Sometimes even talk to the box. It may talk back, who knows? Let's take a look at your votes. LYNCH VOTES Lykos (3): Bean, Kiet, Yahy Bean (3): Lykos, Alaris, Yahen Yahen (1): Astra Jace (1): Drago Vote requirements were not met. No lynch will happen today. Let us see if this was the right choice. It is you, after all, who choose your destiny. REVEAL VOTES Ermac (5): Nano, Candy, Drago, Amine, Yahy Shinnok (5): Alistair, Corso, Knightly, Bok, Lykos Mileena (1): L'Belle Shang Tsung (6): Jace, Kiet, Lia, Alaris, Astra, Yahen Liu Kang (1): Bean ERMAC - Wormhole Force a player to randomly change realms for this and the following night SHINNOK - Hydroxyapatite: When reduced to 4HP, you may use your abilities twice SHANG TSUNG - Space Oddity Reveal all information about the players in Oddrealm during the next day phase. These players can no longer target Shang Tsung. This immunity is removed for a player whose information is otherwise revealed. You were successful in revealing almost as many hidden abilities as possible. Hopefully, this extra information will help you, at least during the day. Tonight you may feel a little helpless. As you probably understand, we have entered the NIGHT PHASE. This is NIGHT 1. You have 24 hours to send me your Night Actions. May causality be in your favor. Kombatants 01. Nano 02. Bean 03. Yahy 04. Corso 05. Yahen 06. Newt 07. Jace 08. Alaris 09. Mr. Knightly 10. Candy 11. Lia 12. Lykos 13. Astra 14. Kiet 15. Drago 16. Nicki 17. Bok 18. Alistair 19. L'Belle 20. Amine 21. Sailboat 22. Caimie Night 1 Music.
  15. @Jace Stormkirk For some reason I couldn't contact you on Discord. Now you're set.
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