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  1. Good game. I was rooting for Beta to find them. Nice job, Astra. You were the one to slip right under my radar. Good thinking trying to shift to Bean. You could have almost won. You reminded me of one of the most basic, yet ignored mafia tactics. When mafia, don't be too active. Try to sheep, and try not to be caught sheeping. Of course, had L'Belle been reading the game from start to finish, he'd probably find out. Anyhow, game's over, we're dead, Anti was finally silenced.
  2. Same reason I didn't reveal who the doctor was. For some reason the website didn't show me Candy's post at first. Sorry for the mess there. Also, I'm not sure about Nicki being conf town, since there's always the possibility of a godfather.
  3. @Alaris No. In fact I actually mention how it doesn't make sense to do that as mafia. The only reason I actually scumread you is because I need you to contribute more for this game. I'm in the hot seat, for the second time, and thus I am not as trustworthy to the others, as I would have been, had i been accurate and successful. Also, you kinda ninja'd me there. edit: Let me check again, because I didn't notice tat.
  4. @Candy Oops, looks like I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. Btw, I buy Kiet's syllogism. [Unvote] Jelly [Eliminate] Yahy I suggest others, including @Alistair, @Alaris and @Chickens to do the same. I trust the former 2 to understand the logic, the latter not to waste their vote.
  5. @Anti-loser It looks like you function as an extra town in this game. Please play along and try to turn this into a double lynch. If I'm right and Jelly is actually mafia, then this is to all our benefit. I'll roleclaim first thing in the morning, since I can contribute a lot during the night. I just haven't been lucky yet. In fact, I'd rather we all roleclaimed first thing tomorrow. Since this is a closed setup, and we haven't had a werewolf killing townies yet, it should clear all discrepancies easily.
  6. Maybe we have different definitions on what's scummy. You said you visited Lia when she died, but you didn't kill her. I say I am town. How is that scummier? Still, I'm asking you to provide a full list of your reads on others. Maybe Bean has it right. We don't have a "real confirmed non-town" on me. What we have is Baz claiming Suspect and flipping as town. This means i) If Baz was the suspect, he appears as Mafia in cop reports. If the Justice checked him and me, and found different alignments, his was mafia, mine was town. So we actually have a "real confirmed non-mafia" report on me. ii) If Baz was the actress, same thing applies. iii) If Baz was a vanilla town, I am mafia. I don't think I need to stress out again how improbable it is for a Vanilla Towny to exist, given we have so many roles unused. iv) If Baz was the suspect and I am the godfather then I am mafia. Also really unlikely, given it needs 2 negatives to reach this conclusion. These are the 4 possibilities, with the top 2 being much more likely, depending on what Baz claimed. I'd like to see you insist on the "real confirmed non-town" narrative when it's clear that it doesn't follow. Also, with Anti being my guardian, we lose valuable time lynching me twice. At best I am content with a double lynch, alongside with you, since I actually believe you to be mafia. Best case scenario - you are mafia and Anti is sacrificed and the rest find out I wasn't lying. Worst case scenario - we are both town, and I get to be lynched once more, which, given the numbers, might lead to town losing.
  7. 01. Anti-Loser: TP. Has been hinting on it, and initially I thought he was painting a target on me. The verification complicates things. 02. Nicki: Town / Role Unknown - Possible Godfather 03. Alistair: TP. Has been acting weird, minimally voting agaisnt random people. Now capitalizes on the verification of the TP, uncontested. 04. NickCrash: Has been contributing in favor of town, actively scumreading people. Has not actually been mislead, but rather the clues/evidence provided by others' abilities urged him to push the lynch on people who are "innocent". Subsequently read as mafia, but has verified 2 people as town already. Slight townread [/this is a view from a 3rd person perspective] 05. Yahy: I'd enjoy a harder roleclaim. So far has stayed in the shadows. Joins the bandwagons and refrains from doing actual scumhunting. Scumread. 06. Astra: So far we seem to be in agreement in every single vote. I would like to see him contribute more, but I have a townread on him. 07. Bean: Confirmed Bean. 08. Kiet: Town / Known Role 09. Jelly: Initiates today's bw on me. He has not been actively participating in this game. His own defense on that is that he's not paying enough attention. This warrants attention on it's own, and his previous voting patterns trigger a slight scumlean. He does not provide his original contributions, which usually are quite accurate. His assessment of me as a "confirmed non-town", when all points to the opposite is pretty peculiar. 10. Amine: Town / Known Role 11. Hypurr: Town / Known Role 12. Alaris: He is not the comedian. He has been following the lynches and claimed to have visited Lia the night of her death. At first I thought he's the Demolitionist, but we have yet to hear his actual contributions to the game. I was expecting him to hunt down more, but he seems to have taken a back seat for this game. Uncharacteristic and scumlean from me. Don't know why he keeps it minimal and accepted with "sure I am the comedian" when Kiet said so. This is more for Kiet to disregard that claim, as it was obviously ungenuine. @Chickens please roleclaim. We need you to contribute. There are not many people we can trust right now. I stand by my previous assumption that we're dealing with 7 non-town in total. This means 4 maf and 3 tp. One of those might be tp, but right now I believe Yahy and Alaris to be mafia. There should be a godfather, so @cicada I think it's time you gave us a more detailed view on the others. For now, [Eliminate] Jelly because he's pushing it on me hard, and doesn't read as per his usual standards.
  8. @CrimsonDragon21 When I saw Baz's death, I knew 2 things. 1. He's either the Suspect or the Actress. I thought he was deliberately posing as the suspect, by admitting vanilla townie. Because he's smart, he should have realized it on his own that "actual" vanillas didn't exist. So I maf read him, and thus was accusatory. Besides, I was the alternative, since your findings showed that we had different alignments. Maybe that's also why @Jelly and @Hanyū (who's copying Jelly's words) say I was gunning on them. I still think there is a slim chance Baz is the actress, but I have no proof. As for Sopheria, I mentioned it yesterday too. The Comedian gave me 3 possible quirks for her, and 1 was mafia. We had no better target for the day, and she was quite late to respond, so we didn't have time to scumhunt elsewhere. 2. I knew I was going to be accused again. And to be honest, I'd be completely fine with it, weren't it for 2 things. i) Anti's role ii) My role Which both require me to stay alive and fight mafia during the night. It is quite unfortunate so far that I haven't been successful, but I am town. I cannot divulge my role-quirk just yet, but I believe my contribution so far is indicative that I am town.
  9. @Bok Choi You slightly confuse me. You claim I didn't defend myself, and attacked Bazaro instead. Which is true. "Why should white worry if the black king places himself in check", a friend said once. And I agree. I'm showing how Baz's own "defense" is much scummier than his attacks. However, you're actually wrong. My defense is my contribution to town, and the subsequent post verifies that. Feel free to keep your vote on me. It possibly also protects Baz. We can show the town that I'm right, when the day ends. Now, forgive me for I don't have too much time available to contribute today, as I'm still unpacking and cleaning up a house my brother left in ruins. I have already contributed all I've gathered during the night. I'd rather more people talked and shared their thoughts with us, so that I can read them better. Allow me to close with a final question directed at you. If you so much agree with my points, why do you insist on formalities? If you truly believe Baz to be scummier, why are you not voting against him? This looks pretty weird, and it's not like I haven't spoken, so you go with the one who has (like Yahy and Jelly did before) It's even weirder because you go after me when I have spoken.
  10. Yeah, I figured I might have been rude there. My apologies about that. Must have been due to the "lame" comment. Got me heated up. Although, to be fair, some mafia roles can indeed be boring. You can't be godfather though, because you showed up on Kiet's report. Right now, I have just opened the laptop after a really long day, and it's 3PM. I'd like to re-read stuff and post more well-written reads tomorrow. Till then, you can't pocket me. I'm on ya :3
  11. Anyways, since I actually have things to contribute. A. I was visited by the Comedian. Amine is one of the following: i) Actress ii) Blacksmith iii) Monkey This verifies that Amine is town. We need no longer think if he's a lyncher, and instead at some point focus on why Nicki wasn't rb. (I suppose because she couldn't actually do a night action given Lia died) B. I was visited by the Penguin. The one who was protected this night was NickCrash. Don't know why. The doctor should be on Kiet, at all times. Please remedy that.
  12. Ohai. I was out all day, because I was travelling. I didn't expect to be on the spotlight. Let me see. Well, it looks like Bazaro's unrequested defense is a bit rushed, isn't it? Let's dissect his posts to see quite a typical attempt to cover up alignment. He is: 1. Avoiding the conflict, tryint to wrap this up fast, so his name is forgotten. I'm willing to accept that as a joke, since I should be in your mind one of the people least likely to panic. However, this line of defense does not suit you. You rushed to excuse yourself, belittle yourself as meaningless (even though later your actions contradict that), and want to make us pity you, in case we catch a bigger fish. 2. Subsequently provides the laziest defense as an alibi. Isn't that convenient? It's like Nano claiming Survivor when he's mafia. It's predictable. Let's set aside how such an alignment is improbable (not to say impossible and appear absolute), given the plethora of roles distributed. You wish to make them think of you as a suspect, like they were the ones to figure it out. I'm sorry, but I won't let you manipulate the crowds, even in my absense. I understand losing a team-mate so early is making you take rush decisions, but this is a bad one. 3. Tries to patronize town so that he's viewed as indispensable, and thus townie, all while looking like he contributes. While this attempt is an one-trick pony, I doubt it's actually going to help us solve the puzzle. Or help you, avoid hanging. All comments on said quote are on the title. That's all there is to it; an attempt to emotionally draw them your side. What impresses me is that you actually managed to sway a few. Before attempting to contribute, I'd like to ask you, what have you given town so far? Because if we compare our contributions, mine's bigger (wink wink) Note to self: Don't flatter yourself, Nick. Everything is bigger than zero... smh 4. Sees I have not responded yet, so he ends with ad hominem, assuming my position, and strawmanning me. Oh please. Let me respond with an attack of my own, and that's... your votes. D1: Against Lia D2: Against Alaris (then Nicki, then back Alaris) We know Lia was town. I trust Alaris to be town, and in fact am pretty sure of his quirk. You are actively trying to eliminate good players (who's next, Jelly?), and this appeared like an opportunity to attempt the same for me. Only this time, you dug your own grave. 4b. Yes, there's more. Before you try to respond by accusing me of starting a bandwagon on Sopheria, I'd like to remind you that I did so with solid data, while admitting it is not up to my standards as a method of questioning and accusing someone (given she's a new player and reluctant to post more). And I'll return the onus on you to prove you're not guilty, after trying to incriminate and jump on the bw, both in Lia's and on Alaris's case. The first, for trying to play this as accurately as possible. The second, for random reasons. Do you think he'd actually draw that much attention if he was a mafia? Please! You're much better than that. [Eliminate] Bazaro @Jelly @Yahy Your votes (and general demeanor) confuse me. Please explain yourselves.
  13. This is not good. The comedian gave me 3 quirks: Snowman, Saboteur, Penguin. Sopheria gave me 3 quirks: Amnesiac, Snowman, Penguin. Had we had more time, I'd get to analyze it properly and devise a plan to make this something certain. To be honest, I was expecting you to flip mafia by not providing me any quirks the comedian did. That would have been too easy. However, you gave me both. Which is improbable. And you gave them in the same order I got them. Had you presented one of them, I most probably would have cleared you as town. But both! That raises my suspicion. I can theorize that an Informant was on me N0, and copied that piece of information. Because of time constraints, and because I believe Alaris to be town, I fail to see an alternative. I hope this is the right choice, even though it doesn't feel like it. I hope they remember you @CrimsonDragon21 I am not the Loudmouth *wink*
  14. In any case, since we know: 1) Kiet is the Justice 2) Doctor has been on Kiet, can be again 3) There is a Comedian and a Penguin Why not gang up on Kiet and give him info he can safely share the following day? The Caroler (if any) can also choose to visit people they trust and give them info each night. The more informed we become, the faster we're going to clean this place. @CrimsonDragon21 i don't know if you're planning to, but consider checking Ali at some point. His random votes have caught my attention.
  15. [Eliminate] @Sopheria Give me 3 possible quirks you might have, one of which is your real quirk. Until you do so, I'll consider you the Saboteur, and I'm urging everyone else to vote against you. Lynch is better than no lynch. Your response will determine whether it's you who's going to hang. edit: In fact, let's put a timer to that. I encourage the vigilante to shoot you if you don't provide us with an answer. @Alaris maybe tomorrow clarify this, because you actually painted a target on your back there. I don't know why you'd reveal you have a NA this way, but certainly mafia wouldn't choose that way of telling us.
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