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  1. In both of your arguments, you are making uneven comparisons. 1. The Slippery Slope Here an early disclaimer is needed, as pokemon abilities are not always fair to each other. There are abilities superior to others. I could argue that whether you gain a stat boost or replenish health is better depending on the situation. Most times, the immunity itself is the most important factor. For slow, defensive pokemon, such as Vaporeon and Magcargo, the heal would be usually much more appreciated. A heal that also changes the terrain or almost permanently removes damage from their opponents, unless the opponent wastes some turns, is a huge boost to have. Onto the argument itself: It's not the same logic, because SR is much more dominant and game-changing than a single Electric or Water attack. You are comparing a circumstantial scenario for a specific game type, with a mechanic that has been central to the main gameplay for years now. The effects carrying over to the following rounds, affecting essentially the whole team, freeing up moveslots from Rapid Spin and Defog, and all strategy that can be used to use or exploit them from the opponent are too much weight for a single ability to have. 2. The False Analogy As for your second point, this is not key to game design. Magcargo is a small part of a much bigger design, whose flaws evidently doesn't change anything. The game has been constantly changing and a power creep is steadily forming. There are tested ways to improve a pokemon without having to resort to cheap methods. It's far from being the main pillar of a building, whose frailty would cause the whole construction to collapse, and whose dismissal would prove detrimental. Instead of that, you ought to look at it as more of an aesthetic feature that nobody cares if they are done 100% correctly, or if it's going to be noticable in the following 20 years. Allow me to present an analogy of my own to make the point. Imagine someone trying to cling to an already failing relationship, because they feel "there is always something to be done". All the energy that could be invested in improving themselves in multiple other ways is wasted in an attempt to salvage what is long gone, due to how things have evolved. It's an attempt that could be fruitless or prove to cause damage to a previously balanced psyche. It's wise to know when to let go.
  2. I certainly did not add the "pix~" parts Someone is mescyng with me Edit: Nvm it's April fools Got me I'm blaming @andracass for this
  3. @Bok Choi I am equally surprised. pix~ Although, to be fair, after Lykos's lynch, I feel a lot safer. pix~ I'm going to ask from the less active players to voice their opinions @cicada @Seal @Quillish And of course, in case she didn't check the thread yet, to provide a defense for herself @Walpurgis
  4. No. It means that Lia tried to visit you, and instead visited the merchant. Most probably Kiet wanted to save their own ass, switching with someone they expected not to get hit, or go the extra mile and try to make the wolves kill each other. Either you or Lia killed Kiet.
  5. If all unknowns are vampires, then there'd have to be 2 more wolves, to fit the maximum of 7/21 evil roles in the game. Besides, having 4 or 5 wolves would be overkill. They are informed and can co-ordinate their kills. The opening post might also take vampire kills into consideration, since they ensure town-numbers drop each day, as opposed with wolf kills. Bok looks like a paranoid townie to me, who revealed to save himself. His action would make sense in the scenario that both Jelly and Lykos were wolves, as it would stop Jace from finding out Jelly's alignment post mortem. Now that Jace reveals Jelly was town, we have 2 scenarios: i) Jace is lying. So anything goes since the alignments you've noted there take Jace's findings into face value. ii) Jace is honest. So Bok can be a wolf. Given that the opening post warns us how the wolves are an imminent threat, we ought to fish them out fast. It looks like we finally have a lead. [Eliminate] Walpurgis
  6. Why are you bussing him like that? Can we make sure Amber stays at home tonight? kthnxbye
  7. To be fair, the accusation is that you are one of those monsters. You assert that you are town, pretty much as everyone else playing this game. Had Jelly not said anything, I wouldn't have been suspicious of you. However, I have to agree with you one one thing: More people need to talk and let us know what they think, or what they've found out via their NAs.
  8. Initially I thought Bok was mafia, but his posts this and the previous day phase have changed my mind. To be honest, I was not expecting the "good boi" to actually cancel this night, but we can be certain that no vampire would do it. I am still suspicious as to how Jelly knew Lykos was the Acolyte. To me, that looks like an incredible blunder by the wolves. Given there is no "Neighbour" role that allows private chats during the night, and also that Lykos never said anything indicative of his role, that Jelly slipped. For that reason, and to know what Lykos thinks about the issue, I asked for the double lynch. The only other person Jelly claimed to know the role of, is @Jason Grace. I'd like you to roleclaim. At the same time, with the worst case scenario of having lynched 1/7 evils, I would like to add some pressure on people who have not yet provided any info or scumreading. @Quillish what is your NA and whom are you going to visit tonight? @Walpurgis you claimed that Jelly convinced you of something. He read Amber and I as wolves. Do you agree with that statement? How can you be of assistance? @cicada does your vote hold any significance?
  9. Now would be a good time for the "Boy who cries wolf" to allow us a double lynch. Otherwise let's hope the Healer does a good job.
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