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  1. @CrimsonDragon21 Past self knew what's up. you're getting slow, yet I'm the old man
  2. @Bok Choi You are doing the same thing you're accusing Ali of. Casting shade on me, and simultaneously defending me. I will only point out that you are trying to accuse multiple people of being scum, based on the votes alone. Take a step back and think: would this be the way a cult would operate? The funniest thing is that you accuse me of being scum or potential scum, yet you follow my plan. Isn't that action a self-refutation of your arguments? Based on their votes, if Ali or Jelly are cult, then they definitely aren't in the Red one. Ali could have easily diverted attention away from Bean and saved his ass during N0. Besides, I could always take him down tonight, if I wanted to. That ought to clear all discrepancies.
  3. I came here for cop(per), but I found gold. This came out of nowhere. Tbh I wouldn't put it past Jelly to roleblock Kiet just for the laughs. Thing is, Soph, you'd also get which cult he leads, right? No harm telling us. @Jelly Just because I enjoy typicalities: Please confirm or deny.
  4. @Alistair We can always make the lynch be between Nicki and Anti. It doesn't have to be Jelly. Damn you Lykos. As soon as I suspect you, you appear towny again
  5. @CrimsonDragon21 It seems you misunderstood me. No worries. I can always explain myself. I've been good in killing people so far, and I intend to continue doing so. For example, if Nicki flips cult, I'll kill Lykos next. And you'll know it was me. uwu In both scenarios, the safe one (I posted), and the more risky one (you did), the end result is the same: The cults can't kill until N3-N4. So if you see dead people, it means it was the vig, aka moi If I stop doing that, before N3-N4, aka before there's an Assassin, it means I've been converted. Right now, since we have no better leads, I suggest we follow the plan. THE PLAN (tm) 01. Force a double lynch with Nicki and Nicki's vote. Her vote will be the deciding factor. 02. If Nicki is cult, she's not the mayor. Thus Double Lynch and kinda win. 03. If Nicki is mayor, we confirm her, and lynch whom she suspects. Also win. 04. NIGHT 05. I have 24 hours to decide whom to kill. Hopefully I don't go for the Lovers or the Granny (that would be the worst case)
  6. Ok Nicki's claiming Mayor. i) Do we have counter-claims? ii) Can we tie the votes against what Nicki votes, so that we can verify if she still has the 2 votes? @cicada would you agree with this plan? iii) If you have 2 votes, why feel cheap about a bw with 4 in total? It should be easy to turn it around. Simplest solution: go back to point ii and tie the lynch with Lykos. (or whomever else, really. All I need is a night target)
  7. I am a masked Vigilante, who has already killed The Watchmen. No need to pretend that roleclaim wasn't obvious enough. The granny hasn't killed anyone yet. She still holds the shotgun close...waiting. Granted, I got Astra by chance, but Arch's mannerisms indicated newbie mafia trying to cover up their tracks. I'm pretty tired right now to post a lengthy and well-structured response as to why I suspect you two. I promise I'll come back to this tomorrow. Now, as for why I'm doing this. I believe the most beneficial mafia strategy to be the one I posted above. This means I still get 2 nights of free kills before they start hunting me (and other threats), down. Getting me culted is a waste of nights. You know I'm no longer the vig, as soon as I stop killing. Thus I'll be lynched. i) When against another cult, with fewer people than them, the win-rate drops ii) With fewer people to cult, when the only cult remaining, the win-rate drops. That of course doesn't mean we can't be extra safe and get me periodically trapped or healed from N3 on. As indicated, demonstrated, and stressed by yours truly enough already, I want to play this game with Role Claims. Since I've started the wagon on you, and am trying to put you on the hot seat, all you have to do is satisfy my curiosity. The quicker you do that, the more time others have to counter-claim if need be.
  8. Correction: 1 (blue) spy is still alive. The Red Cult knows 1 of our roles The Blue Cult knows 2 of our roles Neither have found the Granny yet.
  9. [Eliminate] Nicki Those in favor of pushing the most voted people into a roleclaim please back up this vote. Because of Arch's behavior, I believe that either Nicki or Lykos is the Blue Cultist Naturally, this is not a solid accusation, and I'd much rather a Cop or a Dreamer could back me up on this one. If one of them turns Blue, it's possible the other will as well. Both spies are still alive. This means that they already know 2 of our roles. It's going to help them fakeclaim easily if we don't organize ourselves better. Now, a little thought of mine in my Notepad: MOST BENEFICIAL MAFIA STRATEGY N0: Recruit N1: Turn recruit into apprentice N2: Recruit N3: Turn new recruit into assassin N4: Recruit + First Kill If you stop seeing dead cultists, assume I'm converted.
  10. That's a lot of interesting thingies happening. I am perplexed, and thus excited. @Bazaro thanks a lot, mate. [Unvote] Kiet [Eliminate] Nicki I request to be trapped tonight. Petition for roleclaims. Everyone put to the podium ought to claim one role. I reckon if at least 8 agree, we can put this into action immediately. The ones questioned right now are Bean and Nano.
  11. @Bazaro Please verify what Kiet claims. It looks like some people just took him on his word. Placeholder vote [Eliminatrix] Kiet
  12. @Nano4 I don't follow. Is the Mayor not a role assigned from the start? I don't think we vote for them. You are actually voting to lynch Caimie, right? Note: I didn't participate in the previous cult wars game.
  13. That's probably what Bok, Kiet, Ali meant. Typically, in this club, we are open and helpful to newer members, so everyone is discouraged from N0'ing them. So, they deduce, and I agree, that Aido's death was most likely his own doing. Now, as for the rest, Kiet has made the smartest townclaim so far. The only two roles that roleblock are the Mason, now dead, and the Drunk. As the Mason most likely died due to granny, they can't have picked a cult and roleblocked them. The roleblocker knows if they have gone for Kiet or not. Thus, if they hadn't, they can call him out. Of course, this mere act neither confirms nor denies Kiet's alignment.
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