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So, it's been a very long time since I've posted, let alone really been on here, but I wanted to reintroduce myself to the community. I kinda took the veteran's thing as a way to introduce myself because I technically am one. I guess. Didn't really want to post in the veterans thread because it hasn't been posted in actively for awhile, and I wanted to engage myself better. 
Known as:                Phil. (PhiP as a common nickname)
Age:                          I'm 19
Gender:                    Male
Birthday:                  February 17. 1999
Location:                  USA
Height:                     5'8
Hair Color:               It's like 5 different colors honestly. I dyed it a bunch this last year.
Eye Color:                Blue
Lives with:               My mom 😄  Gotta love that broke college kid lifestyle
Pets:                         I have a maltipoo named Bella. She's 9. My friends like to call her Benadryl 
Relationship status:   Lol
Favourite Food:           That changes. A lot. Cheese has always been a constant though. I love cheese.
Favourite Drink:         Raspberry Tea
Favourite Color:         Like a really nice ice blue. #A4E2FF
Favourite kind of Music:     As of late I listen to pretty much anything that isn't country. 
Favourite Band:           The Menzingers
Favourite Album:        Save Rock n Roll - Fall Out Boy
Favourite Song:          After the Party by The Menzingers
Favourite Game:         Tbh. Skyrim 
Favourite Genre of Game:  I like exploration games
Favourite Hobbies:        Writing, Socializing, Partying (occasionally), Daydreaming my time away, and Sleeping
Favourite Movies:         THE LEGO MOVIE
Favourite Shows:          Pretty Little Liars, and Total Drama Island are the two that currently come to mind



So, who are you?:

I'm Phil. I discovered the game awhile ago. I don't remember the year but I remember it was Episode 8. I've played on and off for years, it being a really long time before I've come back now.


Anything you're responsible for? 

With Pokemon Reborn? Nothing. I just like to play the game and interact with people.  Outside of Reborn, I've bounced around from community to community a lot. At one point, I used to run a discord server that kept me very into the internet for awhile. It wasn't gigantic and booming, but it was a community I led for awhile. Made a lot of great connections. Also went through lots of drama. Then it died and I really haven't been the most active person on the internet since. 


What can I talk to you about? 

Anything really. We can talk about the weather. We can talk about video games or great music. We can also talk about the fact that time isn't really real, or other fun, deep talks. I just like to talk 😛 


Closing statements

The biggest reason why I've decided to replay through the game is because I like to add in my own role-playing twist to the game. I like to role-play off of games that I can to fuel my creative energy. I have an entire original character who is a Pokemon Trainer made up in my head from the past, and now that I am replaying Pokemon Reborn, it will be fun to revisit this idea. If anyone is interested in it, I will gladly share it with you. I love talking about the stuff I make up inside of my head.


I also really want to start engaging in this community again and hopefully make some more connections. I remember it being a blast back in the day. 

So HI! I might recognize some of your awesome faces. Maybe. You might also (probably won't) recognize mine. 😛


(I apologize if I had made any mistakes with making this post. I haven't really updated myself with any new rules and regulations yet. I'll get to that once I become way more active. I don't believe I have but I wanted to throw that out there just in case.)

I'm also in the Pokemon Reborn discord server. Not the most active though. 

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hi there, welcome back!

and you're good on the post stuff fyi

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henlo, I dunno you so I'll say "welcome back" instead of just "welcome" but it's odd but I'm also odd so es ok 🍭

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Oh hey, I remember seeing you about the status bar a couple times, no idea if we actually talked but WB ^^// Have a canned greeting, my treat 😛



Hello and welcome (back) to Reborn! ^^// I'm Lexi, here to invite you to check out the roleplay subforum.


If you like writing, storytelling, or roleplaying, please pay us a visit. I've got a handy little guide here to help get you started. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


With Hope,


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