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  1. Chameleon109

    Episode 18 Rainbow Team

    This is awesome, man. I love when people develop themed sets like this. How exactly did you test them? Was it on the Leaders and "boss battles" in the story, or just random trainers?
  2. Chameleon109

    A theory about Lin

    I just realized this: Lin's name spelled backwards becomes "Nil". Even if that's a coincidence, it's a pretty cool one.
  3. Chameleon109

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    @peden Like the others have said, this final installment is going to contain both E19 and the postgame. Amethyst did say that Nintendo have been issuing cease & desist orders to various fangames, so if they come for Reborn, she'll slip out the E19 story bit before the order's deadline.
  4. Chameleon109

    Papermon And The Thousand-Year Development Cycle

    @Burningocean2012 I was the same way. My 12-year-old self bought it on whim because the name sounded cool. I played it up to the Boggly Woods chapter and got stuck in a part where the music is particularly annoying. I went half mad from the constant noise and dropped the game for about a year. I picked it up again the following Fall to get past where I was stuck, if not for any other reason. Once I got to the part in Glitzville where everyone starts going missing, I was hooked. It became a ritual for about the next four years to play that game all the way though every Fall.
  5. Hey y'all. This question has been on my mind ever since I first played this game back in 2015, but I always forgot to ask it... Does anyone know if some inspiration for this game is based off of the plot from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door? There are several parallels in between these games: Several items made of magical crystal need to be collected by a person / persons in order to open / reseal a buried chamber containing a great and ancient power. The area that the player uses as a hub is a seedy, crime ridden city built upon the destroyed ruins of the civilization that came before it. The evil group wants to awaken the ancient power and use it to shape the world to their needs. Finally, and coincidentally, Jirachi also awakens every 1,000 years to grant someone a wish. If you have read the prophecy that the fortune teller recites to you, you should understand this point. I'm sure there are more links between the stories, but it's been years since I've played that game. Anyway, what do you all think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  6. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos It is a crazy thing. What's even stranger is how I fixed it: I replaced all of the Pokèmon cries in E18 with their counterparts from the E17 download. It looks like the Devs converted all of the cries into MP3s for E18, unlike in E17, where they're all ".wav". As soon as I did that, the audio worked fine.
  7. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos I found a downloaded version of Episode 17 and tried to run that through Wineskin. Oddly enough, the Pokèmon cries play, but sound like they're clipping and very low quality.
  8. Chameleon109

    Pokemon Cries are getting cut off in the middle?

    @Teto @devinthheaven @Tacos Hey guys, sorry to post so long after this thread has been up, but I've been having a similar issue with Reborn on my Mac. Everything runs fine, but some of the Pokèmon cries either get cut off or play so fast that the sound like bird chirps. Is this what you've experienced?
  9. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos No luck with OpenEmu. I think I mis-read that Reborn could run on it, so that may be my fault. Let's back up for a second; do you play Reborn on a Mac? If so. can you create another wrapper for the game and test if you have any issues? This should be solvable.
  10. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos That’s OK, buddy. Thank you for responding anyway. I found a program called OpenEmu that can apparently run Reborn quite well. I’m going to give that a shot and see what happens. If everything goes smoothly, would you like for me to tell you what I did so the main Mac article can be updated?
  11. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos Sorry to double-post, but I had an idea. Since the background music is playing fine, would it be possible to move all sound effects and Pokèmon cries into the BGM folder and tell the game to pull the files from there?
  12. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos I had some time tonight and gave it another shot. I downloaded the game from a different mirror and used "WS9 2.22" and "WS8 1.8.5" as the wrapper versions, as opposed to the one you recommend in the article. The same issues still persist.
  13. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos Sounds good. I’ll get to work on this tomorrow and let you know if I make a breakthrough.
  14. Chameleon109

    Audio Issues (Mac Wineskin Version)

    @Tacos I’m playing on High Sierra, and I’ll check, but I’m pretty sure it’s the most up to date version. I haven’t tried redownloading or creating a new wrapper yet; I know there are different versions of the wrapper you can use, would you recommend I try a different one than what is recommended in the article? And no, the game is running at normal speed. I wish it were that simple to fix.
  15. Hey guys. I've just installed Reborn using the Wineskin Wrapper method, and it runs like a dream. However, some sound effects such as the "obtain item" jingle and all FX for battle moves seem to be playing in a very low resolution; the same way a Youtube video sounds if you run it at "144p". On top of that, all Pokèmon cries are playing at double or triple speed, so everything ends up sounding like a bird chirp. Everything else is working as planned, so any help with these issues would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!