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  1. or it might be that whom he attacked was protected last night. Too bad Corso couldn't bluff us like he did in back to basics. Also, I do believe that Crimson Dragon is a secondary suspect. I could be wrong however and Idk for real
  2. Mafia Championship Season 5 Nominations

    I'm going to second the nomination for Dive.
  3. riddle mafia (day 4)

    Rip Ali and Dive. Welp, I didn't joined any of the bw last day 'cuz I was sure to some extent based on my intuition that Ali was a Townie. B4 it's too late or Smth like that I wanna state that I'm a townie, believe it or not without any extra ability aside from talking in day phase. [Eliminate] Soso (Omgussing him) Additionally, I just have guesstimated that Lykos, Mega, could be the other potential mafs. At least one of them are from my outlook. Reasons: Lykos is using Owner's market style to play the game although I'm barely sure that it might be the case. Mega escaped the lynch last day and I think that towns were going in the right way only If the scums hadn't interferred.
  4. Vote: Alaris Isn't this vote pretty self explanatory?
  5. :thumbsup: :sob: [Killer] Venus [Weapon] Morningstar [Room] Kitchen [Nominee] Alistair
  6. Mr. Knighty is pertaining not to be a scum even though he is unleashing scumminess from my outlook. Might as well try something different based on my intuition like voting Corso 'cuz I do think that he is a scum. He is the potential web surfer Ik but that doesn't mean that he is off the Scum's list. Ikr that my thought is just garbage and nothing else. Unvote: Knighty [Eliminate] Corso Now I'm over suspective ;-;
  7. Rip L'Belle. At least the trolls trolled a hacker. Feels good. We do indeed have a chance to win yet! /me nods his head in affirmation Mr. Knightly sounds suspicious for the aforementioned stated reasons. But, since he's a newbie idts that he should be considered suspicious for in other games too I've not seen him contributing much and not joining a bw. [Forgive me assuming I'm wrong since I don't remember it very well ] IMO, He is a non-user [heh, it maybe not 'cuz I suck at guesstimating] . I'm quite hesitant to vote him but as the majority players had declared I see no choice. This lynch is inevitable for Knightly ._. Therefore, I ought to vote him seeing no better option for lynch: Vote: Mr. Knighty
  8. Rip Kitty :cry: Hey, seems like I came across Smth last night: Deep in the basement there was even more rusted metal! What do all these pieces mean? I'm not so sure what do these further means. Probably,it implies some more pieces of the weapon that the murderrer used. Besides, previously somebody came across these signs as well right?
  9. riddle mafia (day 4)

    Master Bean and Psychic Sheep ship, you're so funny lmao. I see...but for me both the arguments for Ali and arguments against Ali are probable. IMO, The probability of being a maf in this case could be roughly 1/2. I'll simply not vote and join others' bw (blame my intuition for this) for often it never leads to better outcomes and just raises the suspicion level of those who joined it [and results in a town lynch] which in turn becomes the main implement to other players through which they can counter him/her/xyr. However, I do believe that it's necessary to join a random bw when you can potentially assess ties on votes especially when there is no judge IG. Rip me, I am too confused ATM. What should I do? Maybe RNG can decide my vote. Result: [Eliminate] Paul25 :Thinking: :FacePalm:
  10. I am inclined to vote Amber so that we won't face tie yet again. [Eliminate] Amber Apart from this I am substantially eager to hear what Corso will say. 2 Abstains ._. smh
  11. riddle mafia (day 4)

    Fun fact: I'm totally clueless whether I'm a town or maf. :thinking: Umm, Total no. Of scums should be 4 for conventionally, the hosts prefer even no. : p Dive sounds consistently Town-ish. That vote upon Ali can't be hesitated and he can very well be a scum based on the arguments and philosophy of Dive. However, I would want to refrain it for the time being. Let's see how Ali defends him self.
  12. I'm not going to get bluffed again by Corso's honesty. I'll stick to my vote. UwU
  13. I unvoted Amber simply finally for I didn't wanted to face a potential tie in the day phase. I wasn't aware that Abstainers matters too. :/ Idk regarding Seal's abstain decision though. And what's the need of recappping when you can already remember what happened b4? :think: Anyway, If I'm voted out or killed something terrible and odd will occur. I'm not gonna defend myself more with that said. Flashbacks of Corso in back to basics (IG) where he lied.
  14. riddle mafia (day 4)

    We can speculate the following from this incident imo: 1. Alaris is indeed town [Most likely] 2. Alaris disguised himself as Town [Less likely] 3. Dive claims to be the cop but is actually not. Meaning he is regarding himself and his ally Alaris as Town. [Least likely]
  15. riddle mafia (day 4)

    Can we count on you, Dive? :thinking: Since you inspected him, therefore there's a likelihood of you being a potential cop. However, that doesn't implies that cop aka hacker here is a Town exclusive role this time as well. Situation is yet preconceived for the time being. :thonk: