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  1. My Daily (hopefully) Rejuvenation notes =))

    Another day, more things to note
  2. Where do I go next?

    Can you be more specific? I'm standing right here and there's no guy like you mentioned. Edit: nevermind, turns out you have to talk to the guy then go to the shop and buy the medalion, lol
  3. Your Gastrodon was my Tangrowth back then, I can relate hard.
  4. Hello guys! I started this topic as a way to keep track of my own Rejuvenation version 9 playthrough, because to be honest I can never keep track of everything significant happened in the game. Besides the main plot there are multiple side plots, each will have its own set of characters (or mutual characters) and it's really hard sometimes to remember what the heck this guy/girl/whatever gender they're was talking about. I will just talk about the events that I considered "big" or "important" but if I missed anything, feel free to let me know! (that's why I started this topic, lol) Also, I will occasionally, here and there, discuss some theories I have about the plot, and I really want you to join me (I have no friends, plz =)))) (Last note before the real notes: I finished Version 8 months ago and now I started version 9 at the end of version 8) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    I keep getting this error whenever Future Sight is used. Is this a known bug or something new? I have already installed the latest patch though.
  6. Where do I go next?

    Hey anyone knows how to go to Grand Dream City or sth? I finished Version 8 months ago, saved in the train next to the temporary warp tile (that had been removed in this version) so where am I going next? Edit: nvm, turns out I only need to talk to Melia in the next cabin, lol
  7. Version 9 - The City of Mystery

    IT'S HERE!!!!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!!!! IT'S.... well I have to go play now, toodles <(")
  8. Version 9 Status Thread

    I think the whole weaponry shenanigans in Pokémon is just because a simple reason, Occam's Razor style: weapons are not as effective as Pokémon in the lethal aspect. Think about it. Weapon DO exist in Pokemon World, like Team Plasma obviously have a giant gunship, or the fact that there's a actual war happened in Kalos and Kanto, and if I remember correctly in the Lucario & the Mystery of Mew Movie, there's a war depicted with human soldiers wielding swords among Pokemon. The Gym Leader Lt. Surge in Kanto is a veteran American soldier and I assume the US Army (or wtf they are in Pokemon World) didn't just carry Poke Balls to the battlefield and have them fight each other.
  9. Version 9 Status Thread

    Just finished V8, such an amazing journey! Can't wait for V9 in 6 months! (also this is probbaly dumb question, but Jan do you have any ideas on how to incorporate Alolan Form Pokemons into Rejuv? because I read somewhere you said you will bring Gen 7 mons into V9 or V10, that left me with the question)
  10. okay, so here's a really funny story....


    I've followed this forum for over a year, and this account is also over a year old. But I've never verified my email address until now... because I forgot to do so :))))))) lol

    1. Wolfox



    2. Confidence


      I know, right? lol =)))))))