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  1. Confidence

    Where do I go next?

    Can you be more specific? I'm standing right here and there's no guy like you mentioned. Edit: nevermind, turns out you have to talk to the guy then go to the shop and buy the medalion, lol
  2. Confidence

    V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    I keep getting this error whenever Future Sight is used. Is this a known bug or something new? I have already installed the latest patch though.
  3. Confidence

    Where do I go next?

    Hey anyone knows how to go to Grand Dream City or sth? I finished Version 8 months ago, saved in the train next to the temporary warp tile (that had been removed in this version) so where am I going next? Edit: nvm, turns out I only need to talk to Melia in the next cabin, lol
  4. Confidence

    Version 9 - The City of Mystery

    IT'S HERE!!!!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!!!! IT'S.... well I have to go play now, toodles <(")
  5. okay, so here's a really funny story....


    I've followed this forum for over a year, and this account is also over a year old. But I've never verified my email address until now... because I forgot to do so :))))))) lol

    1. Wolfox



    2. Confidence


      I know, right? lol =)))))))