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  1. Favorite kind of pizza?

    CLASSIC PEPPERONI 10/10 bestest pizza, would recommend
  2. Hmm Vanilla prolly has the mentality that all three ppl in the castle are oddballs and hence didn't even have time to process what's actually "weird" including the girl being dressed in black (tho iirc Bennett had already told her that she dresses in gothic clothing) and addressing her "father" as Master lol
  3. More like Wonderland is a district of Everland that isn't usually traveled to because how weird stuff works there compared to mainland Everland (there's actually a reference to Wonderland in that one chapter of lore, where Wolfie isn't sure about going down the rabbit-hole since it could accidentally lead them to that place).
  4. Nope, maybe Wonderland hehe the Mad hatter is who comes to my mind but Idt he changes hats iirc?
  5. Vanilla is objective, and she's thinking in the terms of Bennett, which is why I chose to describe Luna as good-looking (I mean, she is hooman too and has a preconception of what beauty is). I refrained from adding it, but I think she might've been like "I'm 18 but look more childish than this 15 yo" lol Instead I added the comment from Radomus xD And Vanilla will prolly be increasingly confused about Radomus in the next episodes when he literally starts acting like a different dude.
  6. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 32 The blonde guided me through a small area with a PC and healing machine, which seemed to have been added to the main residence solely for the convenience of challengers. The next area after two large doors was a foyer, where the girl told me to wait while she went to call on her Master. I stayed there for a couple of minutes, wondering whether it was a common occurrence among the wealthy in this region to decorate their residences with such ill taste. First Serra and her magenta-and-icy-blue hall of mirrors, and now Radomus and his black-and-white chess-board-like floor tiles. The blonde was back in no time, together with… really? “Welcome, challenger,” said a man with a tall bright yellow wig which oscillated back and forth every step he took. His gardevoir walked over directly to me, and suddenly introduced herself. “One Miss Gossip Gardevoir at your service~” I looked at the man I presumed to be Radomus with wide eyes and then stared at the pokemon who had just spoken in human tongue. I was realizing in those few seconds what the people were referring to when they said Radomus was an odd person. “Oh, that’s right. Forgive my ill manners~” Gardevoir apologized and chuckled. “It must be your first time meeting a pokemon that can communicate with humans, right?” “Indeed, Gardevoir is unique among her kind to be able to psychically project her thoughts in English,” Radomus explained. “That has gained her quite the popularity, including careers in the world of television.” Gossip Gardevoir smiled blissfully while her trainer(?) introduced her. “And this is Luna... my daughter,” Radomus said, referring to the blonde whom I had confused for a maidservant. “Luna,” I repeated in a low voice, because the name rang a bell. Wasn’t this the nomad girl who stayed with Serra a season and then disappeared without a word? If I used Bennett’s words as guidance, indeed, I had to admit she was as good-looking as he had described her. “Luna told me you are a challenger, but are you sure?” Radomus looked at me with knitted eyebrows. “I fear you don’t look old enough to be taking on the League. Please don’t tell me I’m your father too.” Luna shot him a look with a raised eyebrow, which he brushed off casually. “Are you picking a fight?” I asked Radomus. “I am eighteen. If you can’t see that, I can fix your eyesight with a couple of hits.” Radomus blinked twice and laughed. “My my, our guest is a box of surprises, isn’t she? My apologies, dear madam. I didn’t mean to insult you with my careless words.” “I had already informed you that she was quite the character, my dear Master,” Gardevoir pointed out. “After all, she’s Vanilla, the girl who has been destroying Team Meteor’s plans one by one~” I directed my attention to Gardevoir. “You know who I am?” “But of course! There is nothing newsworthy that escapes my knowledge, you see~” Gardevoir twirled once. “I know you have seven badges, that you have befriended some of Reborn’s Gym leaders and helped them escape an orphanage! I also heard you have dealings with the Aqua gang? That one was unexpected if I may say so.” “I have no dealings with that dumbass,” I spat. “I only stole a good portion of the gang’s bikes, that’s all.” Gardevoir giggled at this new piece of information I offered. “I also have a question to ask you,” she commented, suddenly turning somewhat serious. “However the question’s asker told me to do it more in private…” “Later will do, Gardevoir,” Radomus said. “More importantly, I assume you’d like to get our battle out of the way, right Vanilla?” “Of course.” “In that case, Luna. Gardevoir. If you would please excuse us for a moment?” “Yes, Master,” Luna reacted swiftly and left the foyer. “Ooh, enjoying a private moment already? How sensuous~” “Gardevoir.” The pokemon twirled again and went away giggling. When we were left alone, I took a cautious step back and prepared a concealed defensive stance, in case I had to strike back at some point. “Gardevoir is lively but mostly harmless,” Radomus sighed. “However that is not why I dismissed them.” I paid attention to what he was saying, but also to his every move, making sure that he was not about to about to pull any weird tricks from under his wig. “I understand that you have met with Elias, Luna’s biological father,” he said. “She seems to have a complicated view of parenthood,” I noted. “Indeed. Although I call her my daughter, she most certainly isn’t. I don’t know if you may have noticed, but this blond hair is actually a wig, and I am not naturally blond like Luna,” he explained, displacing his wig a little to show his black original hair. Not that I needed confirmation, but whatever. “Why do you call her your daughter, then?” “Well, she appeared at our doorstep one day, and claimed me to be her father,” Radomus said, fixing the tower of hair on his head. “If I cut to my conclusion, I believe she was the subject of abuse and ran away from her home for that reason. I am not heartless enough to deny a defenseless child a place, when I own a castle too big for my lonely self.” “So you believe El is an abusive parent,” I said, summarizing his words. “That is correct,” he affirmed. “He has come calling more than once to reclaim her, but I have refused him. I am resolved to protect her as much as I can.” “He does strike me as a shady character,” I nodded, remembering our encounter in Voclain mansion. “It seems he has lured a naive child, though I am ignorant of his true nature or motives.” “Are you referring to Serra Voclain’s son?” “Yes,” I replied but not inquiring as to how he knew since I assumed Gossip Gardevoir had told him already. “Coincidentally, did you know that Luna had stayed with Serra before crashing your place?” “Yes, I-” Radomus was interrupted by Luna, who entered the foyer to announce a new guest. “Vanilla! Hayy guurrl, hayyyy,” Cain said as e saw me standing with Radomus. “I thought you had gone looking for Heather,” I commented. “Yep, and I did find her,” e said. “Not that she was happy to see me~ She was adopted by some guy up in Ametrine City. So that’s good enough for me. As long as she’s happy, right~?” “So now you’ve come to challenge Radomus?” I asked. “Yep yep, got some catching up to do,” Cain giggled. “That is good. I love a nice game of chess, I mean battling,” Radomus grinned. “But there is only one of me and two of you. Why don’t you have a small preview battle, to see who will battle me first?” “It’s not necessary, but I will engage in battle. The result is the same,” I said. “I hope you brought the rings to engage me, Vanilla~” From the beginning, Cain’s A-muk showed improvement. Against Wolfie, it ate up two Rock Slides like it was nothing, and Knocked Off Wolfie’s hard rock and poisoned her while at it. Cain went ahead and healed his pokemon but luckily the third Rock Slide critically hit and fainted the foe. Wolfie, however, also fainted to poison. The next contender was mimikyu, the new and final addition to his team. I knew this pokemon to be rather troublesome since Shade used one in our battle, but indeed, Cain’s mimikyu was stronger than Shade’s tanking two Mirror Shots from Golden Key thanks to its ability. The pokemon sword danced in those turns, too, so when it struck back with Shadow Claw, Golden Key went straight down. Next I sent out Bambi, a normal type, with perhaps enough rapidity to outspeed the pikachu-looking ghost. Indeed, mimikyu was finished off with one Horn Leech. Against A-marowak, of course, I sent out Prince, who as always one-shotted the poor pokemon with Earth Power. Against the meowstic, I sent out Bambi again, whose Megahorn put the cat in a tight spot, but meowstic struck back with a field-boosted Psychic, which also hit quite hard. Fortunately Bambi was faster so he knocked the foe out with a Horn Leech. I stayed in with Bambi for the primarina, who went down to a single Horn Leech. Cain’s ace, nidoking, gave a little more trouble. Despite its bulky appearance, the purple monster was quite speedy and knocked out Prince despite having no super-effective moves. However, thanks to Prince’s Earth Power, which lowered nidoking’s health significantly, Kame was able to finish it off with Aqua Jet. “Ah, I can never win against you, can I?” Cain laughed as he returned nidoking to his pokeball and gave it a light pat. “Actually, I do see improvement in your battling technique,” I said. “Vanilla! I’ve finally been noticed by my senpai~” “I don’t know what you mean, but I shouldn’t have said anything if it’s going to make you grin like that,” I pushed Cain’s face away. “Kiddin’~,” e laughed. “Well, I guess you can battle Radomus first.” However, just when that had been decided, Luna entered the foyer again and asked us if we had seen Gardevoir. “I thought she was with you,” Radomus replied. “Then I came back here with the boy but now I can’t find her anywhere,” she said with knitted brows. “I’ll go check the entrance again.” When Luna was out of the foyer, Radomus smirked. “Looks like I’m playing black this game,” he said in a low voice. I glanced at him, but his face didn’t betray his thoughts. Luna came back, holding a note in her hands, but still without sight of Gardevoir. She gave the note to her Master, saying that a light-robed person had delivered it just then. Radomus gave it one quick skim, his hand to his chin. “It’s a ransom note from none other than El,” Radomus commented, and the mere mention of the person’s name made Luna flinch. “He’s asking for his daughter Luna in exchange for Gardevoir.” I thought Luna looked as though she could faint any minute. “The question is, who really has who's King on check.” VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS
  7. why haven't i already sent you this  dodie's actually kinda hot in this video 

    1. Candy


      dunno her but she gots pretty eyes which is pretty much all yaw need to be hot xD

    2. Sirius
  8. Who beat you the most times?

    I'm assuming triple boss is Fiore. I barely made it alive by immense luck lol otherwise I'd have been stuck there forever lol
  9. Advantage of being grass

    I'd even say that for some of these mons, their secondary types make them better grass types lol I dislike the type :/ but love the designs haha
  10. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet [Voting Phase]

    1. Jace 2. Jace Cataline 3. Jace Anti Poor fren wants his AMA, e'eryone vote for him~
  11. The smaht thing to do would be to use her same strategy muh fren~ Boost your evasion so that you also land crits and she lands less crits against you
  12. Introduction.

    Hello, nice to meet you~ enjoy your stay
  13. Well for now I'm going to make a vote in case I forget to later. [ELIMINATE] Bazaro
  14. Bug Gym Mayhem 3: The Flames of Defeat

    I won against Charlotte in a TR team
  15. B/W Elesa - I thought the rollercoasters were pretty neat and her team was rather challenging tbh