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  1. Candy

    Sometimes, Loneliness can strike you...

    I totes feel you, but not in the "envy of couples" sense because I just can't wrap my mind around what is so great about being in a romantic relationship. I rather friendships, but when my interests are Pokemon and writing at 22 years old, people who really click with me are limited. I can make friends, but just on a superficial level- like talking about class, lab (I'm a life science PhD student), and going for a drink maybe. That's why I've tended to stay at home most of the time since that's where I can do the things I love... but now that I'm starting graduate school, I need to force myself to socialize since networking is what grad school is for. So yah you're not alone pal, and I'm sure you'll find love eventually. Just remember the world is a big place and the ppl you know now isn't but a small sample of it
  2. Candy

    New Member of the Best Pokemon Game

    Henlo fren, hope you have a pleasant but perhaps bizarre (jk) experience here~
  3. A moment of silence for the 99.99% of pachirisus who are boxed immediately after being rescued, never to see the light of day again. #liberatepachirisu
  4. Hehe it's as back as it'll ever be. Sorry what I meant was that Zorua snuck up to Pikachu which startled him so he said that was like using shadow sneak on him (a ghost type) even though Zorua doesn't learn shadow sneak I'll edit it later to make it clear Is it sad? I thought I hadn't gotten to the relatively sad part yet tho hehe Hehe it's because if you paid attention to the images in the main story (Vanilla's), you'll see that there's a Mimikyu hidden in most of them. Iirc I didn't hide one while she was in Aventurine Woods because that's where they briefly separated. Vanilla won't take Zorua, because Zorua will have other plans for himself
  5. From Everland to Reborn ~ Pikachu's Story Part 2 of 3 Yaa I know it was supposed to be 2 parts but like, I realized there was no way I could do it in 2 parts so it's now 3 parts. Me changing things abruptly is story of my life, frens. Pikachu headed south to Lower Peridot Ward, for he had finished his search in the north. While he devoted his attention to the search, he also lent an ear to any Pokemon who confirmed having seen Vanilla recently. “Oh, you’re looking for the sleepwalker?” an Alolan meowth asked as he yawned. “I’ve seen her, but ehh, I’ll tell ya more details if you’d give me that can of food you’re holding.” Pikachu wasn’t hungry, so he didn’t hesitate to give the meowth the can. It was part of the groceries the spooked woman from earlier had dropped, so it wasn’t even his to begin with. The meowth threw three pellets into his mouth. “That girl’s been walking around here and there the past few days at night,” Pikachu heard the cat Pokemon say, even through all the crunching and chewing sounds. “I bet she also goes around Jasper and Beryl too, but I’m not there so I couldn’t tell ya.” “And do you know where she’s now?” “Well, judging from the sunset, I’d say she’s reachin’ Mosswater Factory. She does stay a while there, as far as I’ve seen.” Pikachu thanked the meowth for the information, but the meowth said no more as he started to dive into the can of food. Alas, as the meowth had said (not that he didn’t believe him, but still), Pikachu found Vanilla sitting on a rock in front of the factory. As she was looking at the fence to her right, she didn’t take notice that Pikachu watched her from a sinistral angle. Her face seemed a little stiffer than usual, but other than that she was the same Vanilla he had journeyed with. Before he could make up his mind on whether to approach her or not, though, he heard footsteps approaching and he retreated a little more into the factory’s shadow. The footsteps belonged to three girls a little older than Vanilla, whom he recognized as Julia, Florinia and Amaria. “I would prefer to remain without unsolicited company,” Vanilla said upon seeing them. Her voice was as dry as it had ever been, but it was refreshing for Pikachu to hear her voice again. He listened on, as Julia and Amaria both failed at their attempts to cheer Vanilla up, and later as Florinia convinced her to focus on her goals to become a stronger Pokemon trainer. Pikachu did not particularly appreciate Florinia’s efforts, for he feared Vanilla might forget him once she resumed her activities as a trainer. He could almost hear what Zorua had said to him earlier… “Your trainer will probably move on, and it’ll do you no good to get rejected,” said a voice right behind him, which startled him even greater than when the shuppet had snuck up on him. Pikachu turned around and found his reflection, however it turned out not to be his reflection, but Zorua disguised as him. “Remember me?” Zorua asked. “Of course,” Pikachu replied, his heart still beating too fast. “But please don’t sneak on me like that. Remember I’m a ghost Pokemon now, and Shadow Sneak is super-effective.” Zorua smirked, and then took a peek on Vanilla and the three girls who were leaving her. “Is that your traveling companion? Your descriptions of her are too accurate, I’d say.” “What are you doing here, Zorua?” “Let’s just say I was intrigued,” the black-fur Pokemon scratched his ear. “Even though I said a lot of harsh but realistic things back when we met, I have to admit part of me wants to believe otherwise. I want to believe trainers see us as valued friends, not just disposable commodities to get what they want. I know it sounds stupid. I’ve told myself so countless times- every time an abandoned Pokemon tried to reunite with a trainer that turned a cold shoulder on them, every time a Pokemon found themselves replaced by another with better stats, and every time a ghost Pokemon self-fulfilled their prophecy of becoming a haunting, cold-blooded monster.” Pikachu fell silent, for he didn’t know what to say. He just looked at Zorua with growing admiration. It must have had been difficult for him to keep wanting to believe, even when the odds were slim. Zorua didn’t outwardly request it, but Pikachu allowed him to tag along. Pikachu needed to muster up his courage to face Vanilla, and Zorua had to see Vanilla’s behavior. The moment when she betrayed the fact that she forgot all about her supposedly-dead companion, it would only be one more addition to his growing list of disappointments. The two Pokemon traveled to Apophyll, asking a favor to wild grimers that inhabited Azurine Lake. Vanilla lowering her upper body and extending her arm as a habit, right after the match with Cal, left a strong impression on Zorua. “I’d love to crawl up her arm once again,” said Pikachu, but moved no inch out of a rock’s shadow. “It would definitely surprise her, but not sure whether in a good or bad way,” Zorua shrugged. “I know. I’ll be patient.” Later on, they also went to Azurine Island, then back to Reborn City into the toxic Byxbyson Wastelands. Vanilla seemed quite animated, but Pikachu noticed a hint of either nostalgia or despondence in her voice when he heard her recount her encounter with King, her predecessor. She talked in a quiet voice but aloud as she walked towards Beryl Cemetery that evening, even though there was nobody in particular she was aiming her monologue to. It made Pikachu happy as he felt she was talking to none other than him (which was soon confirmed when she stopped right in front of his tombstone), even if the content of what she spoke of wasn’t cheerful in any sense. “So your traveling companion was in a terrorist group back where she’s from? Am I understanding correctly?” Zorua batted his eyes, for he couldn’t believe Vanilla would be that sort of girl. Pikachu made an awkward smile under his cloth. It was rude to assume things based on appearance, but he had to agree on this point. “Did you even know she was a terrorist?” Zorua blurted out. “No, I knew there was something off about her behavior. The way she used to beat up everyone who stood in her way when she first arrived to this region was rather bizarre, and there was also that time when she met the leader of the Aqua Gang,” Pikachu said. “But she was kind to me and treated her Pokemon well. You could tell she is a good person really.” “I don’t know about you, but I like to side with people who do good in a less controversial way,” Zorua shook his head, and hesitated to continue his sentence, but carried on nonetheless. “I… had a trainer once. He envisioned a world where Pokemon would be liberated from the slavery that humans had imposed on us. I followed him for that reason, but ended up liking him a little too much. I guess we couldn’t share the same view anymore, because I started to think humans and Pokemon should be together.” Zorua laughed. “Now I still want to believe I’m right, even if I have been bombarded with reasons to believe otherwise. Let’s see how your case with this terrorist girl goes, alright?” They went down to the Underground Railnet, and it made Pikachu a little jealous when Shelly’s illumise took his “spot” as Vanilla’s traveling companion. “I guess it can get lonely traveling alone, though,” Pikachu murmured to himself. “I understand. I understand.” Later they followed the kids to Tanzan Cove, then Vanilla to Spinel Town, and to Aventurine Woods, but then they lost sight of her with all the tall grass and darkness provided by the forestry’s shadows. “Where did she go?” Zorua asked as they exited to forest into Route 1, but too far on the east to see that Vanilla was also walking on the same route. “I guess we should look around further east, and then go inspect the west,” Pikachu suggested, and so they did. As such, they actually reached Vanhanen Castle prior to Vanilla making it there. Gardevoir was outside dancing in the light rain, when she saw the two of them clear the labyrinth. “Look who we have here,” she said. “If it isn’t Pikachu, the pachirisu-turned-mimikyu, and Zorua, an immigrant from the Unova region~” Both Pikachu and Zorua were stunned by Gardevoir already knowing about them. “Don’t be so alarmed, little friends. I assure you no stalking was involved… maybe!” She giggled. “Anyhow, what may I do for you two on this lovely day?” It was far from lovely, thought Pikachu as he looked down on his dirty hem, but said nothing about it. “Um, nothing. We were just looking for someone,” Pikachu explained. “By any chance you’re referring to Vanilla, the unexpected heroine of Reborn?” Pikachu got a sense that he could never hide anything from this Gardevoir. “Ah, I thought you looked familiar,” Zorua finally said. “Aren’t you Gossip Gardevoir? The one who appears on TV?” “The one and only, at your service~” Gardevoir twirled around, and her skirt flapped. Zorua briefly explained to Pikachu that she was famous for holding interviews with humans, since very few Pokemon could communicate with people. “I know a librarian Pokemon who can also communicate via telepathy like me,” she clarified. “So it’s mostly a few psychic types that have polished the skill to do it.” Pikachu then had the idea to ask her a favor- one thing he could not do because of his lack of telepathic ability. “I want to join Vanilla as her traveling companion again, but am too scared to do so now,” Pikachu said in a low voice. “But I would feel more confident if I knew the answer to a question.” Gardevoir, naturally curious about questions, was all ears to what he had to say. “I know she is afraid of ghosts, but the question is, would she be afraid of a friend’s ghost?” “So all you want me to do is ask her that question? Alright~ Leave it all to me~” Pikachu thanked her for her kindness, and was about to leave with Zorua to look for Vanilla, when Gardevoir stopped them. “She will be reaching our castle soon,” she said. “Why don’t you wait inside?” Zorua was eager to go inside and get his paws off the muddy dirt, but Pikachu refused in their behalf. He preferred to wait outside, in a hidden place, and go in whenever he deemed right- right after Gardevoir asked the key question. Zorua wasn’t happy about the decision, but followed Pikachu as he had decided on his own to tag along. “I hope all this effort will pay off,” he said, cleaning his paws on the humid grass. Pikachu nodded. If Vanilla answered a short “no” to Gardevoir’s question, he would be liberated from the trepidation… however such opportunity did not present itself until much, much later.
  6. rage at there not being a bus that arrives at the exact time I need it to. First world problems I guess 😅

    1. SilverHelio


      Can't tell you how many times something like this happened to me

      And I especially dislike it when I have a bus ticket in my hand and the bus is less than a foot away from me but the driver closes the door and takes off without me

      Welcome to America

    2. Candy


      TBH that's also happened to me in Japan lol but Japan has super focus on being on time so I can understand why... doesn't make it any less annoying tho!

  7. Candy

    Ledian Reworked

    This is a pretty cool idea. Since I wouldn't count on a bug/flying type to survive any rock slide with that defense-HP stat, I'd run a focus sash set. Ledian @Focus Sash Five Stars Jolly 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe - Stardust Fists / Lunge - Mach Punch - Moonlight - Swords Dance Yah I know I suck at competitive oof
  8. Excellent taste in favorite grass types I see
  9. Candy

    Interesting dreams you've had?

    Last night I dreamt about a large fluffy white dog which wasn't my dog but was very loving towards me
  10. Candy

    Interesting dreams you've had?

    Last night I dreamed that I was part of a team of ~3 ppl fighting to save the world, and were on our last mission where we had to get to I-forget-where to do I-forget-what. Part of the journey was to climb a vertical wall. Then there was this guy whom I'm supposed to know (think Fern in Reborn) who said "you thought you could get away with it? Too bad" and then he pressed a button and the floor beneath us opened to reveal boiling hot lava. I'm bad at physical exertion so I thought this was the end, but I was better at climbing walls in the dream than I expected so I made it to the top with much effort, and so did my team. We thought that was it but at the top we found enemy dude back at it again, this time with four bombs. He told us what he was going to do with those bombs but I forget. Out of no where, Bianca and Hugh from Gen 5 Pokemon games appeared and Hugh somehow swung around and pushed enemy guy into the lava. Wow. I woke up hearing enemy dude complaining about that heat and wondering where the fucc Bianca and Hugh appeared from.
  11. Candy


    I'm okay with beans but not all types... @Psychic Sheep might be your pal lol
  12. Candy

    Rainbow Run of Rejuvenation

    Ye classes haven't started yet but orientation does start next week (for 2 weeks) and also have been going out everyday to buy stuff. Besides my Mac was dead all of last week pretty much so even if I'd had time, I couldn't have written stuff without it lel
  13. Candy

    Rainbow Run of Rejuvenation

    No worritos I think I'll update starting again the week of the 17th I moved and was busy getting all my new stuff + my Mac cooperating and dying on me (got a new one yesterday) This was supposed to be going on in the meanwhile that I prepped for FEtR but prolly it'll go side by side oof let's see if I can fit it into my new schedule hehe
  14. Candy

    Highschool DxD Mafia

    Is it the case that everyone shows up as ??? when they die in this game or does this mean they cleaned up with a janitor or something?
  15. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I don't question Victoria's decision to try to stop us but if I were Kiki, I'd have liked her to stay out of it because it's already bad enough that I'm dying, for others to come in and make me feel useless at the one thing I thought I could do right- fighting. If Kiki says she wants to fight, even if that puts her into too much stress (as viewed by ppl surrounding her), I think she isn't a child incapable of making her own decisions or a woman who lost her ability to think things through, and thus her decision should be cherished. Doing as Victoria says, imo, is just satisfying oneself, making the excuse that I'm helping, or that I'm saving Kiki's life, even though her life won't be saved and Kiki will go with a sour memory of being useless at the time of her death. A long life feeling one is incomplete or a short life where one gives one's all- neither is a "correct" answer, but it's only Kiki's to decide. But that's just my analysis and why I got fully immersed in the narrative. I don't dislike Victoria, but I don't like her either for making decisions on other's behalf (it didn't bother me as much when she did for Shelly tho because in her case she is a child).