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  1. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I just started a save and can confirm they still have sol and luna lel
  2. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Honestly tho I don't think they have much coverage against electric so field-boosted thunder fang will prolly be difficult. Inb4they use up all their potions before Julia
  3. Candy

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    A wild candy appears~ Is it u, Solviera?
  4. Candy

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Muh dude, you aren't exploiting the hidden gem that is swoobat with ability simple and Calm Mind. The field boosts psychic types. Get yaself Calm Mind and Psychic on Woobat, and if yaw play gud, you'll sweep her mons until pesky swagsire. If you're looking for a gud ice type to go against her, however, mamoswine with Thicc Fat is prolly your best bet
  5. I can feel my body being on a dull sugar withdrawal 😵 Send halp my motha is killing dis smol candy 😵

  6. Groudong I'm Kidding!! Wabou Lavaboi, Quake, Earth King, Hottie, Bunsen, okiranoutofideas. Look forward to seeing you run~ prolly will be difficult even with groudon cause legendaries are slow to level up lel
  7. Kinda late, but I think the examples you gave have more a social expectation attached to it than it is to make a person feel happy. It's expected that if you have a fren whose birthday is today, you should say happy birthday to them. Those acts are, in other words, showing that you are a friend to that person. And back to the original topic, well I'm no expert on positive thinking, because I am a hooman of reason and logic. (Realistic thought often turns into pessimistic stuff because for most things, it's easier for things to go wrong than right). I think there's no flawed way to give support, however, because (and I'm assuming this) empathy works in the way that if you see a sad person, you should say what would cheer you up if your places were reversed. In my case, I tend to give advice based on experience or statistics, but others may feel that a mere "everything will be ok" would be supportive. In my view, I think the problem is exactly what OP mentioned, but instead the fault is in the receiver. Just because your currency is not valued, doesn't mean it holds no value. People in Zimbabwe use their currency. Likewise, just because we live many days in a human life, doesn't mean every day is not valuable. If you don't value that another human being, who might as well ignore you and carry on with their life, is not helpful because their support doesn't come in the way that you think should be coming in, I think it's just you being narrow minded And this is coming from a hooman with allergies to receiving support lul but if ppl wanna give me support, in whatever way, I'd value it because their time is valuable It's an interesting discussion topic though. It's a shame very few replied rip
  8. @Caimie @SilverHelio @Thundermaze @Jess @Newt @Bam the 25th @Bok Choi @CrimsonDragon21 @Archeric @Wolfox @LemonJones @Ice Cream Sand Witch @purplecicada @punkeev @LykosHand Thanks for being active members of the Dramathicc Drama Club and making it the haven of fun and fun that it is~ Y'all are the reason it hasn't turned into yet another ded server @Alistair @Walpurgis @Ice Cream Sand Witch thx for modding~ I guess I should tag the other mods too but I'm a shy smol candy and dun know them personally oof but know that y'all's efforts are appreciated And y'all in le club too so plus points to yaw @Anti_Hero @NickCrash enuf said I'd like to also thank the mafia club for making Reborn 10x fun too~ Also shoutout to @Corso @Archeric @J-Awesome_One @SilverHelio @seki108 @Q-Jei @PESH1 @uberle @Bok Choi(?) and those who I don't know but secretly read too, for reading From Everland to Reborn~ I like writing by itself, but y'all make it 10x more fun to keep writing hehe Also my frens whom I've interacted at least once but because my brain es a sack of candy I can't tag all of! Thx for being gud to this smol candy~ Last but not least, @Amethyst and her team for making the awesome, terrigudtastic, historic, legendary game that is Reborn A million thanks and choc and candy to you~ Ah this isn't gud for my anxiety, hope I didn't miss anyone
  9. Candy

    Charlotte e17

    If you have an ability capsule you can change your bronzong to heat proof me thinks?
  10. Candy

    Baby Moves !!!

    Js I think alolan vulpix (ice) doesn't learn flare blitz, and if you want my opinion, flare blitz on kanto vulpix is also wasted because it's a special attacker. As for eevee, I think hyper voice is a tutor move iirc~
  11. Candy

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    Amine is town on my book because he voted Seal D1 and Caimie D2. Also my suspects listed are just the peepos whom I couldn't get a read on lul
  12. Candy

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    My suspects by going through their votes (especially early game) and now that Venus got themselves copycat'd are: Bean, Kiet and Jace.
  13. Candy

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    My action failed last night (as opposed to Blocked) when I tried to checc Cat/Kiet. Pretty interesting that I'm still alive. [Eliminate] Hypurr
  14. Omg haha that must've been some serious amount of reading pal I'm glad I did the "quick link to next episode" stuff, hopefully that was useful~ and thx for reading Tried to make Reborn fresh with original stuff but hope it wasn't a plain butchery of the original (sorry Ame) lul and Pikachu rip
  15. Candy

    Can't find game.rxdata on Mac

    What Tacos said but also I had to make hidden files visible to find the .wine folder. Something like this might help you if you can't find the folder after following Tacos' instructions.