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  1. ^ditto I once tried a fairy monotype run but got bored after Shelly. For some reason though, you're 10x better at this and the strats are interesting to read!
  2. Hi, I didn't find a problem navigating out to just before Route 2, but here's your save file Just keep going to the right and should be in Agate Circus in no time~ Game.rxdata
  3. Candy

    Hi Again

    henlo, I dunno you so I'll say "welcome back" instead of just "welcome" but it's odd but I'm also odd so es ok
  4. Candy

    Preparing For Serra, Looking For An Ice Stone!

    it turns into Mirror Shot and iirc can't miss though most of the pokemon that can learn it are grass types and hence not very recommended in Serra's gym, there are some non-grass types that can learn it. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nature_Power_(move)#By_TM
  5. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    It certainly doesn't help me. Yesterday I spent the day thinking it was Tuesday, and today in the morning I thought today was Wednesday Some serious bamboozlement.
  6. Candy

    The not so roaring 20's

    What I've personally done is probably not helpful to your case since our careers seem to be quite different. I like to make safe decisions- I'm not a risk-taker in any sense of the word. So instead of leaping out to find a job right out of college, I chose to go to grad school and now I'm working to get my PhD while getting a (comparatively) generous stipend. Probably sacrificing years of my youth, but I'm happy here with like-minded, kind people. What's common for both of us, and likely everybody else, is that networking is important. Get acquainted with as many people as possible. Ask your friend to introduce you to his/her friend of a friend, anything! The more people you know, the better your references will be, and you'll learn a thing or two from those relationships. If you're like me, socially awkward and introverted, you'll find the task daunting, but I'm afraid it's the surest way to get you somewhere. After all, who you know is more important than what you can do, unfortunately.
  7. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I think Twit was so close to finding out and I was rooting for him but then he didn't and was like Top 10 anime betrayals time
  8. Candy

    A song of hugs and licks [Nuzlocke]

    which pikaclone? owo
  9. Candy

    HELP!: Something Wrong With These Ditto...

    "Ya, don't worry about getting banned from that. This ain't Insurgence" - Salt-water Taffy
  10. Candy

    Attraction, affection, bonding...

    We've all been there at one point or another. I was there in middle school. What I found was that lowering my expectations of people to nil helped- trusting them little and never getting too close even if I liked them for fear that they might betray me at some point. Yet, after all these years, I've come to realize that this was a double-edged sword: my indifference got formed in my formative years, and so even when I should trust my peers I find myself unable to. Thus I no longer recommend this. It's difficult to become sensitized once you turn to indifference. For some time now, I've been trying to be more genuine around people, and I think I've gotten better at it. However, when I compare my current self to the unguarded innocence of my elementary school years, I realize how much my middle school experience marked me forever. I might be one of the toxic people you spoke of, who never quite make a connection with anyone. It's my belief that truly toxic people don't realize they're toxic themselves... However, I think treating the undeserving kindly as you have is correct. I have continued doing so too. Helping people who most definitely hate me and would rather see me fail, for instance. I don't know if it's true, but I believe it shows moral superiority. Like most if not all humans, I also like to feel superior. Falling to the undeserving's level would hurt my pride, so I cannot do it. I don't know if you'll share my view in this regard, but I said this so you know people like me exist. Anyhow, the last food for thought is this. Perhaps it would do you good to examine what you're attracted to in a person, and tweak that so you're attracted to the right sort of person. I used to be attracted to the "cool" people who dressed borderline hoe-like (even if my Christian mom would never allow me to wear clothes like that). I've since changed my view and am now attracted to other nerds like me And finding a good person among nerds was a much easier task than doing so with the hoes. Dunno if you've already tried this but it's worth trying if you haven't.
  11. Candy

    Looking for a Shiny Larvesta

    Please only make one thread with the mons you want and in the appropriate subforum (Online Play), thanks
  12. lol good luck on finals! and you shouldn't be wasting time on FEtR xD I don't think they're quite what you'd call friends, but I think they understand each other better and so can cooperate which is a step forward Hehe though I won't write what goes on with the other four, I can totes imagine Pikachu taking on Vanilla's role in maintaining Shelly's purity Yep in E18 she uses a lycanroc-dusk, sorry for the spoilers! no lol, the act of admitting toxicity itself prevents you from being toxic because people know to expect toxic tendencies from you rather than unconsciously poisoning them :wesmart: tbh it takes courage to admit one is toxic and also it's difficult to realize when someone is being toxic (my parents are a prime example of this, so I'd know)