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  1. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    Hello everybody, my exams are finally over which means I'll start checking this thread daily again. ( I had a post about this 2 weeks ago) Still , I'd like to apologise from everyone for being away for a while and delaying their orders. If you have won a pokemon but havent received it yet, please send me a msg or reply under this post. Weekly changelog #2 - Gligar has been added - Vulpix has been added - Growlithe has been added. - 5 New weekly challenge has been added. - Weekly pokemon additions will now share a certain theme. Next week's theme is water type pokemons.
  2. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    @TheWaddleDee @M4RC @luisI am available today now, let me know when you are free to receive your prizes.
  3. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    @M4RC It is correct. I had ingraingraingraingrain in my mind lol. I'll prepare your order for saturday if thats okay.
  4. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    @luis Good job solving every weekly puzzle for line no reasons. I'll be able to provide your prizes when it is weekend, because Im on my exam week. @M4RC [Grass type Move][Status Move][Gen 3 Move][User Targeted Move] (A good clue I can give is I am really bored) Also, I'll get a slowpoke for both slowbro and slowking sets as soon as possible.
  5. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    Not exactly like that. Challenge 2 states that there should be 3 values they have in common. Challenge 5 states that there should be 5 values they have in common. Another important thing you should be careful with is when you give 3 common things they have, no other pokemon should be represented in group.
  6. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    Yes, but with given amount of parameters.
  7. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    Free bump of the day to share a quick uptade. I have exams upcoming next week so I will spend less time on the internet, there might be delay with your orders, just a heads up.
  8. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    I checked it, and Im afraid it doesnt match up Keep trying !
  9. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    I am available to trade now, let me know when you are ready
  10. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    Yes sure, here goes [Gen 3 Pokemon] [Gen 7 Pokemon] [Gen 4 Pokemon] [Grass Type Move] [Fire Type Move]
  11. Shingo's Solve-A-Puzzle Giveaway thread!

    Quick changelog and freebump for this week. I am preparing for exams so there wont be any good changes for a while . - Pineco and Heracross has been added. - Added Jolly nature for larvitar. - Added Stealth rock and dragon dance egg moves for larvitar, removed iron head. - Added jolly nature on ralts for Gallade. - 3 new weekly challenges has been added, adjusted prices, there's even a 6 IV shiny dratini!
  12. How I beat Team Meteor Boss?

    You should lead with slowking/p2 and any heavy hitter, set trick room and try to sweep as many pokemons as possible under trick room. Problem with your team is you always have to waste 1 turn for trickroom which is a huge downside each time you set it because opposing pokemons will be always faster than you.
  13. Advantage of being grass

    Ice is the weakest type, not grass. Grass resists 4 types while ice only resists itself
  14. Who beat you the most times?

    Pulse tangrowth when my starter was a froakie. Rip
  15. B2/W2 Elesa for obvious reasons <3