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  1. help

    That really depends on what do you really need in your team. Hyper voice serves as a voice therefore it is an infilrator that can hit through substitute and I think its a powerful bonus versus pretty much any baton pass team. Surf is just a decent stab but hyper voice acts better in both singles in doubles since it doesnt hit to allied pokemons. Scald homewer gives you chance of burning stuff and has nearly similar BP with powerful 30% probability made it comparably better in terms of usefulness. Remember tho in the movesets of offensive pokemons, scald is not a decent stab move to run if you have higher BP options.
  2. help

    It is not released yet but you can/could use it in specific tiers in both reborn and smogon servers . It doesnt work like -ate abilities, it just converts into water type moves so there's no power boost.
  3. [Gen 4 Pokemon] [Gen 4 Pokemon] [Electric Type Pokemon] [Uber Pokemon] Here you go sir. Goodluck
  4. pokemon Lord Karp save us
  5. Nice job. Lmk when u want the larvitar
  6. [Grass Type Pokemon][Brown Pokemon][Dark Type Pokemon][Gen 3 Pokemon] Here you go o/ Goodluck.
  7. My thread doesnt have such pokemons like dat. Every mon has correct nature / IV. Some of em has missing egg moves
  8. What do you exactly mean by breeding rejects? I do think they have correct egg moves for their play styles. Belly drum might be an overkill for clefable and I'll fix chansey by adding seismic toss
  9. Enjoy your pokemons!
  10. Okay get online and send me a trade request! ID is Shingo