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  1. Arys

    I'm stuck

    There's specialized thread for this. Upload your save files and someone could help you with it.
  2. Arys

    Lurker who decided to join

    Good day Dioxin. It's great to hear that you enjoyed the game as much as I am and probably most of us. Hope you and everyone here have a good day. Have some Oolong Tea.
  3. Arys

    Interesting dreams you've had?

    One of the most memorable is me getting stuck in a glass elevator and suddenly the building shakes and the building falls horizontally and the elevator sled out of the building (which is impossible but because this is really tall building. It's possible) and crashed near a ferris wheel. My lower half was crushed (with other people inside the elevator) and I'm trying to get out to get help but people outside scream when they look at me crawling. There's a dream where I basically travelling everywhere, and ends up in tall blue glass building (when I say tall, I say it reaches cloud). Then I walk out from my car stretching at the rooftop at the edge of the building and a white girl with bob cut pushed me off the building and say I'm already dead. I'm so shocked that it makes me woke up.
  4. Hey, we can be friends. I've been single for 22 years. There's a time when I feel curious what it feels like being a relationship, so I just answer yes to whoever ask me out at the next time. God, that is horrible. Even though we had same hobby and get along well when we were friends, I hate skinship and asked daily about what I did. I think romance is impossible for me. Now I'm just a workaholic person (and a bit shy). Also, people who think drinking alcohol is cool are stupid. People who forced other people to drink until they drop are stupid. Just because you can drink alcohol doesn't mean you should, I still love my liver and hate being tipsy (sorry for my rant). I swear I'm going to be an old cat lady (I don't have cat yet, looking for one) so if you want a friends like that, I welcome it.
  5. Arys

    Where are you in life right now?

    I've been working for a year now. It's fun, but boring if there's nothing to do. And sounds like my PM heard it and give me more to work (yay). I've been planning to make custom framework to make my job easier (by easier I mean less routine), but I have too much hobby.
  6. Arys

    Reborn Support Group™

    I just know this thread exists "As lonely as it is... and as sad as it is, it's probably proof of how precious their existence is. They become sparkling, dazzling, and treasured memories that I'll carry inside my heart forever. That's why for me, this heart wrenching feeling is the proof of our happiness" "If you get stuck in memories of those times, you won't be able to appreciate all the fun that's happening now. So don't be thinking "that time was fun", because you should be thinking "that time was also fun"" "Being able to find the fun that's happening right now is the best way to enjoy the present. Because of that, you should try your best to value the present. Since it's going to change sooner or later" "You can't become anyone else. You can only become yourself" - Manga Aria "A human cannot understand a spider’s feelings. A spider cannot understand a frog’s feelings." "I have no choice but to run away. But is this how running away actually feels? This unbearable frustration. Pathetic. I can't forgive myself for always running away" "Living without honor is no different from dying" - Manga Kumo desu ga, nani ka?
  7. You don't rate Ditto! Do you not cuddle with Ditto!? Ditto is precious! If everything else fails and everyone in the world is against you, at least you have Ditto! (read: 'Ditto' as 'yourself') Joke aside... I approve this
  8. Arys

    Best ways to friendzone?

    Best way to friendzone a girl is to not let the problem rise, in this context her confession. If you're friends or best friends before, you can insert some statement when in romance talk that she isn't your type or you can never think of her as a lover which I think is a good move when you're single even if you're looking for partner.
  9. Arys


    Good day, Ice Cream Sand Witch! I actually prefer ice cream sandwich cake than normal one. So here's cake for you and everyone here. Hope you and everyone here have a good ice cream sandwich and a good day!
  10. Arys


    I'm not sure where Mega Ampharos come from. Our fluffy sheep is being shaved and when those wool grown back, it become a dragon?
  11. Arys

    Help am I stuck?

    Are you after Radomus Gym Battle? Did you somehow some way got out of his gym without him revealing the secret passage? I remember the stair is upper left but I don't know you can go to there or not without triggering him.
  12. Arys

    Interesting dreams you've had?

    I remember being chased by long black haired woman with white long dress. And she chased me by creeping really fast, and bit my leg then I got paralyzed and fell down on a bed on roller and she pushed my bed to the wall and keeps walking on. I still remember the 90 degrees orientation that time. Then she put white clothes on me and I hear a melody which is my alarm and woke up. That's a creepiest dream I had until now. The saddest one is a dream where I go back to my hometown which somehow someway was in ruin because of war I never remember and never exist in real world. Then I was in a car with my parents and until we reached a building, I go out and wandering in an open area quite far from my parents then suddenly a plane appeared above my head and dropping bomb on me. Knowing I have zero chance of surviving, I immediately turned to my parents and shouts "You had to believe that I love you both!". Then the bomb explodes and I woke up crying. I still have no idea why I'm saying that.
  13. Arys

    Encounter rates

    Why does it seems encounters on water surface are much higher than everywhere else? Is it a bias because I don't like tentacool?
  14. Arys

    Flash Bug

    IIRC, I didn't use flash, and I can't use escape rope. I don't know if this is intentional or not but thankfully I can get out from that place.
  15. Arys

    Happy Birthday Ame!

    Happy Birthday our beloved @Amethyst! Hope you have a wonderful day! And I hope everyone here have a nice day too!