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  1. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    Sparks kept a gem to himself and distributed the others on his comrades. "You all did well c-comrades!" He walked over to the chest and took a peek, "Oh an eviolite, I believe Leo can use that, or you Edwin, you both have the lenthiest and most unpredictable evolution processes."
  2. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    Sparks, seeing Edwin slam his blade into the Forretress, that glowed and was about to use Explosion, quickly gathered the small gems and crawled away to hide behind a wall the room. "Now, we dont have to worry about these gems shattering or anything" He said in a low voice.
  3. The Maltese Talonflame Chapter 1: The Cerise Letter

    "Go ahead and call the police if you so deisre, but as my comrade had mentioned, what are you going to tell them, its not like we broke any laws, in fact we haven't even done anything wrong, " Said Adara before she turned to Serra and said " Time wastes, let us procceed and go back to the agency so we can start questioning these two. The sooner we retrieve the suitcase's contents, the sooner we can move on to other matters."
  4. Mafia Championship Season 5 Nominations

    I nominate Dive uwu
  5. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    "Ughh" Said Sparks as he was hit by some of the Mud Bomb that the Shellos used to intercept his electric web. " I will not give up! take this you fool" Said Sparks as he hurlet yet another Electroweb at the unsuspecting Shellos [Sparks used Electroweb, rolled 10]
  6. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    Sparks, seeing the Beedrill finally die and transform into a small gem which he picked up. I'll have to give this to Edwin later, since he landed the finishing blow he thought for a moment, then he proceeded to hurl one more Electroweb at the Shellos [Sparks used Electroweb, rolled 13] and said " Thou shalt be punished for thy sins evil creature!"
  7. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    Sparks, irritated that the Beedrill dodged his screech, focused his electricity and hurled an Electroweb (rolled 21) at the ugly bee. [Sparks used Electroweb] "You will n-not stop me, fiend!" Said Sparks courageously.
  8. The Maltese Talonflame Chapter 1: The Cerise Letter

    Adara quickly runs towards the Pokémon Center, and returns with a bottle of Fresh Water, of course she had to pay for it, but she saw that Serra was very exhausted, and she wanted to help her. "Here you go, Serra" Said Adara, as she awaited for Serra to reply.
  9. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    Sparks, who was looking at the door, noticed that rocks started to fall down, so he dodged them elegantly with style and grace. While he was fortunate enough to have noticed the rocks, some of his comrades weren't so fortunate and took some damage. "Comrades!," Said Sparks " Brace yourselves" then he took a deep breath and screeched [Sparks used Screech] (rolled 5)
  10. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    After eating his lunch, Sparks followed his companions towards the dungeon. So far, they haven't met any of the so called shadow pokémon, and they didn't find anything of use. The dungeon seemed empty, until they found yet another door, this time Altasal opened it and used a Thunder Wave. Sparks wanted to try and lure out any pokemon that could be lurking in the shadows, so he stood near the door, and threw out an Electroweb (rolled 19)
  11. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    Sparks sat near Leo and watched the battle unfold. It didn't take long for the battle to end but, his teammate Edwin took a lot of damage and fainted. He went to the infirmary, and stood next to Edwin, waiting for him to recover and wake up. "Please be okay Edwin, don't g-give up on u-us" He said, hoping that the Honedge might be hearing him.
  12. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    After hearing Edwin's words, Sparks felt a bit more confident in his abilities. Later on they had a very long and boring tour of the guild. Everyone was so bored they didn't notice he attached himself to Altasal, the Flaaffy. After they were assigned to their respective teams he headed towards his room to check up the gear I've never worn a scarf before...or any clothing for that matter, i guess i'll just have to get used to it. He thought for a bit, then he headed back where his future teammates were hanging around. He was lost in his thoughts, when a familiar Roselia waved at him, of course Leo's earlier actions didn't make Sparks feel anymore comfortable around him. He will have to befriend him though, so he walked towards Leo and said in the best non-shy voice he could make "Hello comrade, d-did you enjoy your m-meal?"
  13. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    Sparks was still a bit embarrassed from Leo's joke, but he was trying to busy himself with his lunch, a bowl of mashed potatoes, when a wise-looking Honedge, asked him a question. "H-hi! Y-you're Edwin, r-ight? N-nice to m-meet you, my g-good sir," Said Sparks, after he thought for a second, he did not know anyone here, and so he had to think before he talks. The Honedge, seemed like a good example to follow, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and calm. U-hm excuse m-my talking like this b-but i-im not v-very comfortable, m-my apologies..Oh I do hope s-she g-gets selected to b-be my team leader as well, she seems well trained and s-strong" Said Sparks, trying to sound composed, after all he needed to get rid of his shiness, it wouldn't do him, or his team mates, any good. If he wanted to be in synergy with his team he had to stop being this shy.
  14. Aurelian Seas[IC]

    Jeanna was't surprised when Desmond blasted the door to pieces, after all she too was irritated with all of this Kenku shit. Even though she agreed on not fighting the Kenkus anymore, she couldn't believe a single word. She keps her hands close to her daggers. She saw Lysnal steeping in and out of the room, but she wouldn't enter just yet. She thought that, for now, the best action is to try and seeing that everyone was distracted by the fact that Desmomnd blew up the door, decided to head into the crew's room and hide under the table. (Dexterity 16)
  15. [IC] PMD: Explorers of Dusk [Not Accepting Sign-Ups]

    "W-well h-hello, M-my name i-is Sparks..y-yeah it i-is a worrying situation b-but the kings g-guars are well t-trained.." Said Joltik, shyly. He as looking at a Flaafy, that had an aura of calmness. "W-whats y-your name ?" Said Joltik as he awaited the Flaafy's reply.