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  1. Owner's Market (Day 1)

    Tfw i keep forgetting to post...maybe i should stop playing mafia, i died in 90%nof the games i played cause i didnt meet the post requirements and/or gave good analysis.. sigh That said, i'll think i did not vote? [Lynch] Jace Stormkirk i agree with Dive's reasoning, also @Venus
  2. Owner's Market (Day 1)

    @Venus with me where? elaborate pls Also yeah i think i'll agree with NickCrash for now, he has a solid point [Unelect] Newt
  3. Owner's Market (Day 1)

    Hmm, I see, i see, I think i can trust that Newt and Venus are town, its just a gut feeling, i'll keep an eye on them for now. But, i dont see a reason why not let Newt be the market owner, if he turns out to be mafia we can lynch him, correct? [Elect] Newt
  4. Well hello there, I guess your soul belongs to me now c:

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    2. Corso


      Monika needs to have at least a you-know-what of more than 90 cm to own my soul. I still belong to Enoshima Junko for the moment.

    3. Amine Chankey3ft7

      Amine Chankey3ft7

      Joke is on you, Junko belongs to Monika :>

    4. Corso


      Junko belogs to LEWD

  5. Pixies Types Hurt & Heal

    Mew: 21 Celebi: 18 Jirachi: 20 Manaphy: 20 Phione: 12 Shaymin: 20 Victini: 21 Heal Mew, Hurt Phione (death to the false pixie)
  6. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet

    Geigh af you're all good people, and i enjoy stalking you talking with you. @LykosHand 1) Do you like the area where you live? Or do you prefer to be in another place / country? I dont exactly hate it, but i'd really like to get even a 2 weeks vacation in another country 2) Which is your favorite pokemon? You can do a top 3 if you want Gastly, Aegislash, Butterfree, Sylveon, Togekiss, Loki senpai Chansey 3) Which is your favorite type? You can do a top 3 if you want Fairy, Ice, Bug, Ghost, poison 4) Have you ever taken the plane? If yes, where did you go the first time? i never took a plane 5) Which food/s would you recommend to try? You already tried Italian food 6) Do you prefer the sea or the mountain? Mountain so i can jump off and end my life cuz i like to climb high places. 7) What is your deepest fear? If you don't want to answer this question, i can understand ..I guess, i dont want to be left alone... 8) One day you find a wallet on the street, where there is a lot of money inside. What would you do? Go to the owner / police or would you take the money and leave the wallet where you found it? I won't take anything, i'll leave it where i found it, i would return it, but i might not stop myself from spending some of that money.. 9) Which kind of job would you like to do? I dont know yet 10) Do you like how your life is going? NO! kill me now, please do me this favor Not really but i'm hanging in there..
  7. Owner's Market (Day 1)

    I died in N0 without doing anything in a game that I signed up in yesterday sooo I'm in senpai, pls be gentle
  8. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet

    @sosobean I THINK THAT YOU'RE A GOOD PERSON AND I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU. @Alistair 1) Do you have pets? If no, would you like to have any? Why? I had chicks when i was 7 but while playing a sovverball hit their cage and they fell in the street. then at around 12 i bought gold fishes but i forgot to feed them so they perished (i'm a terrible owner) currenty i have a few Canaris and parakeets (types of birds) [hopefully i wont forget to feed them or clean their cages] 2) What's the most difficult question someone has ever asked you? The 3rd question is the hardest one i have been asked. F u 3) What's your best quality? your worst flaw? I'll need to think cuz im not sure if i have any qualities. my flaws is that im lazy af, and im most of the time pessimistic. 4) Favorite video game? book? anime? movie? VG: Life Is Strange. Book: Women, by Charles Bukowski.Anime: Arpeggio of Blue Steel/Re: Creators. Movie: Me Before You. 5) You're stranded on a deserted island. You can have 3 items to help you survive. What do you choose? An army knife, a medical kit, Monika. 6) A zombie apocalypse has begun!!! You can choose 3 members of our club to form your survival squad. Who do you choose and why? Quinn and Dive: they're organized and always know what to do. You: cuz your presence makes everyone that knows you, calm and you're also warm to hug~ 7) Mantaro the bot just confessed her eternal love for you. What do you do? Mantaro can suck my ass >:[ @Venus 1. What's your favorite game. Life is strange 2. What do you like the most in mafia games? I like how i die 90% of the time cuz i forget to fulfill the post requirements :^) 3. Have you ever done something that you regret before? Yes. if you want to know DM me~ 4. What's your favorite food? Lazania and Pizza. 5. Have you ever been in school group projects? I work solo bro actually no one picks me for group projects 6. What's your favorite movie? You Before Me. 7. Do you go for Laptops or Desktops? Desktops give me backaches, definitely Laptops 8. How good are you at drawing? Im alright when i use a pencil. i want to learn how to digital art (but im absolutely horrible) 9. What are your hobbies? Eat, Sleep, Repeat Reading, playing games 10. What's your kind of woman? Is that a trick question? I lost my trust in most women recently.. long story :[ 11. Are you currently in love? HAHAHA, good joke. Love is a social construct and does not exist.
  9. Tfw i come back to 2585 posts, SIGH so Bazaro is despair (and im still alive :eyes: ) [Eliminate] Bazaro
  10. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet

    @Newt your mom :> Idk, anything
  11. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet

    >Introduction post Geigh af @Alistair First of all, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. It's my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Makoto Naegi Amine, I'm in my second year at University. I think i found my way to Reborn sometime before Redemption's S2 started so i guess its been sometime since i joined. I love the D, its my favourite letter i suck at introductions rip, ask me and i might answer :>
  12. So..i missed another chance of being healed, R I P
  13. Hey you can you call aine to adopt me? 

    1. Amine Chankey3ft7

      Amine Chankey3ft7

      Aine is a flareon, also ask @DW~ ~~or wait for Lisa~~

  14. Types Hurt & Heal (BUG TYPE WINS with 8 HP)

    Nope, Ice is not dying yet Grass: 7 Ice: 7 Bug: 12 Poison: 7