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  1. sailboat

    Mythos S2 Sign Up Thread

    Showdown username: DeeEmZee
  2. Fastest way to prove myself is death. Ngl am busy irl and have to post on mobile. Excuse for misspell. Anyway, [Eliminate]dive Nice bus
  3. @andracassyes. yes there is. the hider is the key here. cuz seriously i only regard the psych as nothing but a walking villager. lucky them(psych) if they find correct target the next two nights. @Mazino Divergenteven if you disagree, hitting wrong targets increases probability specially when reaching lower number and frankly its one of the more effiecient way to move the remaining peeps down to proper path. so whats the problem with that? you hit wrong then clean up in the morning. rinse repeat. Also, I specifically stated itself. Not town but the role itself. so i find your nitpicking weird. as time flies by.
  4. @Alarisqoute is buggy ayy i meant what i said. vigi did the right thing to kill. Now he is no longer a psychologist suspect. He hid himself well among the forest. also, if i was vigi i will still keep on killing cuz decimating numbers increases chances of winning either side. That way it will satisfy nick pool's thirst fer blood and it will satisfy the day phase thirst fer action. Vigi here doesnt have negative impact on itself when they hit wrong targets so i dont really see any difference with a 3 maf+sk setup in that regard. Tis just a matter of the sk(vigi in this case) to figure out who among us is trying to play coy. Cuz i seriously wonder why some town aint really being aggro on stuff when the probability of them as a simple villager is really high. --- Since Avatar nick is pushing for a vote. Currently in my head canon railroad there are four names to rule out that i find trustworthy for now. Aaand am not even counting candy (whom i replaced)as one of those. Afterall, she havent established dominance trustworthiness yet neither am i. if push comes to shove i'll either abstain or i'll simply leave it to rng cuz i at least have 3 sus as well. On another unrelated note(?) why is town not playing the hider card? ...what does that even mean, boat ? It's
  5. Hi uncle boat here subbing in fer alright actually i was already stalking this thread before you pulled me in nick pool kek. and my first stance is glad that vigi knows what they are doing worthy of points right there tbh. also, i disagree with psychologist pick tbh only three days of usefulness kek. and with the probability of hitting correct target is minimal at most unless they know what to watch out fer. I know detective can be koed before it becomes useful but tbh with ya both psych and det are both one time useful really cuz once they reveal they are already dead. lmfao so i prefer the once that can be used late game and can be preserved if town will just hide the tree in the forest properly. Anyway, i'll be xchecking everything that was said so far and iirc i think i can build a railroad into something kek P.S i also always wonder why play defensively when most are vanilla lmfao. to whom is that message for? oh just throwing salt to the wind
  6. sailboat

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: sailboat Showdown alt(s): DeeEmZee Discord: deeemzee#5451 Availability: 6am - 9am (gmt-7) Favorite type(s): rock, normal, electric, water, bug (not in any specific order) Least favorite type(s): ice (am pretty flexible into this but if i have to choose then...) The last 4 digits on your credit card: N3RD
  7. sailboat

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 6)

    i got pinged minus pts to dive kek but yeah i'll be junior 2 or whateveritscalled :troll2 :
  8. Happy Birthday Sailboat :D, i hope that you will have a great day :) 

    1. Zarc


      Happy birthday ;) 

    2. sailboat
    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome :D 

  9. Heyo o/ I'm hosting my first maf game for s2. Anyone interested feel free to join!



  10. Check out and try dark ages mafia we have 13/17 players ready!




  11. looks like tis time to save up for that volume 12.

  12. so i was trying to revamped my old sophia deck...


    well after 18 turns I feel like... she's not worth it lel. At least my hieratic synchro/ritual rush deck was revamped and summoning ultimaya tzolkin is doable on the first 2 turns.



  13. so i tried creating a new deck revolving around DM/G.


    Main Goal is to play around berry magicians to summon DM/G.



    somehow it works but I know tis not the best setup cuz I know I forgot some good cards and also I'm not familiar with newer cards as well. It has plenty of dead draws, weak against vanity(well trap cards in general). On the good side, tis very speedy if you get the relevant cards, and can outlast against certain decks.


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    2. Wolfox


      looks pretty noice

    3. sailboat


      Thanks guys :) yeah i know there are things I totally missed out cuz i haven't played the game for quite a while so even my knowledge with the newer cards are limited. I'm always open for suggestions cuz it also helps me improve my deck building skills xD

    4. BlueMoonIceCream


      Uh, well first off you wanna not run Dark magic curtain, it's too costly and dark magician has better support now so you don't even need to :3 You should run 3 magician's rod which can search illusion magic, illusion magic is a quick-play spell that tributes a spellcaster.. such as magician's rod :P to search 2 Dark magician from your deck or graveyard. Then you can use magician's navigation consistently which is the trap you're running at 1 at the moment which I'd recommend at 2 or 3 which can special summon a dark magician and a dark magician girl from your deck or another level 7 to xyz into Ebon illusion magician. If you pull off getting DM and DMG on your field you can use dark burning magic attack with no problem. DM without DMG is overall the better deck but where the hell is the fun in that :3 I kinda hate not running all the magician girl cards or even just vanilla DMG but I can live without it.. ;~; Also Elemental hero prisma can become "Dark magician" or "Dark Magician Girl" for the turn and you can use the eye of timmy on 'im :3

  14. I had watched all episodes of TTGL again. Now I remember two anime deaths that really made me cry

  15. If it matters to anyone... I will update my mono normal run by weekend. Thank you for reading it to whoever actually does :)