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  1. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    team: no shinies testing things out with no uncle ben sprite: card: steel theme please same as last time. Player name: DeeEmZee
  2. [Season 3] Redemption League Rate-My-Team

    not exactly the team im planning to use but after playing it for a awhile i feel somewhat comfortable with it. That said, its far from my ideal as originally i made this team not for tr... it just so happens most of them are slow and i have a nasty habit of tr spamming so feel free to help me remove them tr.
  3. I know double post but post requirements. right now i don't know what to add to discussion as things are redundant and makes my head hurt more than it should
  4. mafia: trouble in fire emblem (gg mafia wins!)

    You guys thought that the death was a combination attack? A one hit was enough. And we got a decent weapon from it. Thanks for providing every info we need to know to figure out who should be attacked. We don't need to know who has little hp the moment you revealed who attacked who and with what... It went really easy from there. Since this is a losing match cuz ect has a chance to get auto eliminated, jace i would like to control his actions tonight again. And I'll use him again to poke someone. At least that'll give edge to my last ally. You guys don't have a chance to change lynch weapons now good thing he left a nice note and it made you think I'm holding a sword or i was zeph.
  5. i dont like bandwagons but that defense made things more confusing and i dunno what to believe. [eliminate]-venus
  6. mafia: trouble in fire emblem (gg mafia wins!)

    I like how you guys are swayed by a VFR when i'm away not to defend myself but sure, I won't cooperate with that game. Instead allow me to tell you something: there will be two people dying tonight and am not even one of em. Riddle me this, how?
  7. but right now? I'm more inclined to kill N for that matter. Cuz I'm losing my trust, to everyone as time goes by as long as he's alive. As for absol, he may be a threat but does he have enough experience to predict properly on who will gonna get lynched? And sides even if he will be the last to get lynched as long as town is majority town will only lose one and bam he's still dead anyway
  8. For some reason my ping wont work properly megagun, so you better ask that question to Dive cuz I also asked him the same thing. Will N gonna have the ability to talk with his cult? >N - As the young idealist who desires to have a utopia for Pokemon by separating the world of humans and pokemon in a means called liberation, N recruits another character every night to join his cause. The characters recruited to his cause lose their former alignment and abilities, and join his team as they plan to equal or outnumber all other factions combined I asked dive about that cuz of the last sentence. Absol, will no longer have a chance in this game cuz he will be suspicious as time goes on. So he might as well reveal himself cuz at least he won't get lynched thus he still have more chances to kill someone.
  9. Interesting, at this moment the only two whom i am inclined to believe is ampharos and absol. Why? cuz ampharos discharged makes him not a sus, and absol will lose the game if they dont speak soon. But since this is now a roleclaim game when for me I think N could just 'steal' his cult's role... might as well. I'm Steven N0- i gave alistair a vest. I can't prove this to you cuz you guys lynched him. Yeah I also suspected him N0 cuz of synchronicity to Anti_Hero but since he was holding my alibi I didn't bothered with lynching him. N1- I gave a vest to LykosHand. only him can prove this. I wanted to give it to roswell but since Lykos said to blaziken that they should protect ross, I thought that chicken did protect ross thinking that he would switch him with lykos (that's what i would do btw. Since he suggested it he might as well be the sacrifice to do it) I don't give away guns. Why would I? when there's a cult and mafs around it may kill me. Anyway, I'm fine to get investigated. It's not like I am hiding anything but know this: N could also visit me but you'll not gonna know that cuz it'll be to late. Now, while ECT, is really sus at this point I will gonna go about and figure something out: Venus, why did you purposefully removed Jace Stormkirk from your suspects? What are you really? or better question what is jace stormkirk really?
  10. no need for huge text Cataline Well at least ampharos is still not a cult and s/he gave us a chance we should not waste considering based on the day post absol is around, N is around, and 2 mafs are around. N's faction should be around 3 by now(him+2 followers) if i'm counting correctly. and considering numbers, there's a high chance those 2 are both previously town. so with that we have 3N +2 maf + 1 absol + 5 townies= 11.
  11. mafia: trouble in fire emblem (gg mafia wins!)

    so there is a time limit now eh... well since you guys are interested with what kind of action was done... I havent attacked anyone for two nights already. Well i didnt know there will be a time limit of sorts, which is an interesting surprise btw, that's why i didnt bother attacking. as for attacks i havent got attacked yet. which i want to ask dive have you gotten attacked yet? I mean the two previous host playing in one game... I actually figured that some of you should've attacked if not, investigated both of us. So what i think is this: the maf has an interesting method of playing around here.
  12. personally... i dont think it's a good idea to lynch hydrei (well i think amber is hydrei). Cuz he can still prove he is town. How? he just needs to block. And then we ask him who he blocked and then ask that person if he was blocked if one of them lies. bam! we know who to target next. edit: if someone who doesnt use/have their night action was blocked by hydrei will that person know he was blocked? to dive
  13. i hope im still not late for voting to dive: i didnt know it is possible for froslass to give a fake to their ally maf. And with this short time... I hate last minute lynching but that last minute suicide tho... it seems this is planned. Well if i'm not missing something... this will gonna go on the roulette dive if icounted correctly? cuz only one votes each or how will the lynch work? anyway i'm going back to my d1 suspect [eliminate]anti_hero I wasnt able to pursue my line of questioning cuz i ran out of time in d1 and d2 was kinda confusing and work had piled up irl
  14. mafia: trouble in fire emblem (gg mafia wins!)

    [eliminate] no one its hard to make decision with the current amount of info
  15. mafia: trouble in fire emblem (gg mafia wins!)

    lore wise i only know marth so the rest of the characters are pretty much unknown to me. I would like to ask jace about protection, does that mean no damage or just hp heal?