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  1. anyway again im fine getting out of the picture i dont think i need to qoute myself ayy
  2. >go back to prev post to see differences. :nope: well lets see... on one hand i have three theories regarding how things ended the way they ended... no two cuz apparently strongman and sin cant attack at the same time but since i dont want to mess judgement, specially this theory is way too elaborate... i won't share it yet. Anyhow, i was wrong on one of my statements so i stand corrected: corso aint the tt assassin thats for sure. also will the game end today or we shall see corso's revival tonight? tune in and find out on next night phase of Temporal turmoil->where time is still stucked at N2.
  3. ok so let me say this first. Lynch me if you think corso must stay dead or shoot me idc either way. Anyway, I asked this before @Newt Lemme confirm again: Time travel-lawyer(myself) has a higher priority than assassin/strongman/doctor right? >this answers the question to you guys. Anyway, Corso aint a time traveler that's for sure. Also, I havent read everything that was said but did Nick tried to peeked at Alaris's corpse or...? Two deaths on N0 implies either granny or strongman... Well either way one thing is for certain assassin is still alive. See second statement cuz if corso is assassin, killing shouldn't happen. also i thought for sho that corso, paul, and soso would be knocked out due to my actions apparently not lmao
  4. i didn't know i'll be le one to point out that there's a lot of noise here... but there's a lot of noise here. for now I'll go [vote] Castiel101 - le probability is high he might get mod killed so am going for the safest vote. if he doesnt get modkilled then, silencer it is. Anyhow, I'll try to reread everything again cuz seriously my headaches like terribad. i know i shouldn't hang out with friends on a thursday I'll control myself i promise
  5. how uncharacteristic of me i know and doing this on mobile. I swear muscle memory on hitting reply button
  6. mid day post please newt I think i lost track with something specially players.
  7. ya true that. That's why i put a hypothetical question mark ->(?) cuz not really sure
  8. ah figured that will happen. so lets establish things first: 1. time travel assassin is definitely here... well TT strongman can be as well but i dunno cuz it didnt told us how gruesome the death is. also, glad that this didn't let dive return. I mean considering lykos started the BW if we follow time travel logic, the bw shouldn't happen cuz he is dead. 2. ok so i think the doc can still help lykos(?). That said, lykos don't forget to do your night action even when dead! 3.assuming @Castiel101 wasn't around yesterday, he must've been silenced. We would like to be enlightened please. 4. since dive flip evil I think we can be assured(?) that there are no drivers around. 5. there must be a faker or whatever its called. So anyone who received a gun/vest last night be careful unless we can be sure that dive was the faker(which i am having doubts)
  9. hah. Let the RNG flow through ya. But seriously? the supplier or whatever that role is gave away a gun not a vest? i'd say bold move LMFAO! worthy of two thumbs up coming from me.
  10. ok so let me get this straight. is @Castiel101 or @Amine Chankey3ft7 silenced? If so then we at least have one evidence of silencer. Either that or i havent read everything properly. Anyway, am willing to lynch either lykos or dive tbh i mean they can be saved from this lynch by a phoenix wright time traveling attorney™ assuming it is in game rn, no(?) Also i wonder if that gun alitwins fired came from a faker (forgot what that role is called) which means we might have two hints on maf roles. Well saboteur works as well but highly unlikely
  11. So by extension i doubt dive. But I feel I'm missing something gdi i need to fix stuff irl first