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  1. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    was this a strongman kill or was that just flavor text? Well it doesnt exactly matter now i spose.
  2. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    before i even forget my vote [eliminate]Quinn
  3. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    No on said she was framed. That leaked from my mind going to my hands earlier without thinking too much kek. Am just saying is she could've defended better if she's claiming there's still a framer in game @Myrmidon Divergent tell me assuming there's someone who gives away vests, what happens first maf kill or giving away vest. Also, is the vest that was immediately given be useful on the same night?
  4. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    Funny you ask me. Well its something to think about at least. I mean for starters she's claiming Alistair is actress assuming she's telling us the truth, meaning quinnox and alistair herself is from lumina. If she dies today this will prolly reveal some things: (keyword: prolly cuz quinn is quite known for misdirection and... as for me well nothing quite relevant is happening in my direction so am fine staring at the abyss) 1. Alistair visited the other mafia faction and of course both of em are from the same faction, Quinn should prolly know who got visited by Alistair. And the way she implies it, she thinks you're the framer. 2. Lumina only has 1 person left(jace and alistair down plus quinn will be lynched) if Quinn gets eliminated and she's willing to take a gamble to take you down with her so that her team has some few more chances to live. 3. she's not framed. she didnt even denied the accusation of megagun. As for me,
  5. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    ok so a lot of things are happening so fast kek. Also is RQuinn the role of vigilante? Dive's day post kinda reminds me of pokemaf for some reason. Well, since i dont have anything relevant rn i wonder if the roleblocker is a mafia or not heck I wonder if they actually exist in this game. I mean they didnt seem to target megagun the obvious choice (if rb'er is mafia and if mafia are afraid mega has protection). Well if the rb'er is town i wonder who they blocked. well am reserving my next post for voting unless someone has a specific question directed at me or something interesting will gonna happen that i need to talk.
  6. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    for starters, i like how jace is actually concerned with the lack of gunshots when i'm seeing no defenses on his side. lmao As for hooligan... you can't spell Megagun without a 'gun' y'know what im saying? Well I'm fine voting at either hooligan or jace like i said sometime earlier but it seems that the vote count on hooligan is bigger so. [eliminate]-Hooligan
  7. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    for starters, there's justice which i think megagun is soft claiming. @Lord Drakyle the info i have still is not relevant to the current trend so I will tell you what i have in mind at least. My cruel self is telling me to eliminate yin for if he dies, everything that would be given away at this point are clearly coming from a fabricator. There's no need for confusions. My neutral self is telling me to eliminate Venus cuz he said so himself: he wont take sides. Anyone who isn't on my side are worthy of elimination. My rational self is telling me to eliminate either jace or hooligan. I mean for starters other than hooligan, there should be somebody else who obtained a real gun (unless @YinYang9705 will tell us that he gave his gun to hooligan then ) and if we eliminate the wrong person they can just shoot the other left for the next day. And if in case megagun is lying on both then we can eliminate him the next day the same time the real gun is fired :> decisions decisions :)))))
  8. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    @Megagun how are you certain that jace is clean?
  9. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    Ok so Megagun has an info although if it was me i would prolly compared jace or hooligan to amber cuz they have a clear alignment. Well at least depending on the outcome we will know alignment of at least two people today. As for info on my side... I don't think I have anything relevant right now.
  10. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    Well if evi is saying the truth... Doesn't this mean there are mafia roles that aren't going on the mafia meetings? :Thinking: Well her roleclaim sounded believable to me at least although tbh im not quite sure how agent is really useful unless my first statement above counts. Which means the mafia also have some sort of informing role so that they can talk to their buddies who dont go to the meeting.(I don't even know if this is that kind of game) Well tldr its a confusion and rolecheck role lol. i never encountered that kind of role so i dont really know its exact mechanics pardon if i got it wrong. Anyhow, token vote: cuz am not the type to go bandwagon unless no real choice.
  11. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    oh shi- does everyone have some sort of death wish voting themselves up? i dislike this kinds of setup d1+forced lynch (damnit dive)
  12. [Chapter Five - Day] Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia

    ok so i wonder how the role "sailboat" (for now I'll shorten it to "RBOAT" to avoid confusion) would work (also im not saying its in the game cuz i seriously dont know). If its name based then wouldnt it be some sort of transpo... but if its personality based i think it will gonna have a mafia/3rd party role. On the other hand if its playstyle based... it might be a townie but has the potential to ugh "blow itself up" in a manner of speaking. Well either way if there is one thing i currently worry is that only one 3rd party and knowing dive loves them cults its prolly a cult to further put a check on the balance of powers against two maf factions. Although this is just pure guess and i have nothing to back it up.
  13. Mythos League Sign Up Thread

    i know double post but the original was edited in case somebody already recorded it and might miss it
  14. Mythos League Sign Up Thread

    Team: no shinies (make my card rainbow colored if possible) Sprite: trainer name: DeeEmZee