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  1. Yeah, it's me now. Spine?
  2. Darius looked around himself in his bloodied haze, but ultimately didn't find any hostiles near him. In fact, the only person anywhere near him was Helena. He felt...a little awkward as she got to witness the entire display with the Troubadour. " must be wondering what happened there. Sometimes, whenever I get heavily injured, I...just kind of enter this weird phase, I guess. I don't really know how to describe it, though...but, it seems to focus my mind..." Darius sheepishly spoke out as he passed by Helena, before stopping and, using a cloth, applying a dose of his vulnerary to his deepest axe wound. It gets to work and starts healing it and, while not completely, at least it was enough to take Darius out of his haze, his crimson glint fading from his eye. Move to K13, use Vulnerary.
  3. Yeah, it's me. I would show off another move, but that would require everyone to take cover from a sudden hailstorm. Spine?
  4. Alas. Will you show off your moves, Divergent?
  5. Espurr is actually one of the strongest mons you can get before the first Gym. A female Meowstic is a solid offensive attacker until around the midgame while a male Meowstic is a solid support mon that can be used even at the end of E16. Aside from that, your team looks good, though I would suggest using the Mon from the bridge event (Zigzagoon or Pachirisu), as it's really good early-game. Also, Kricketot/Kricketune is god until just before the third gym.
  6. *Uses Mirror Coat, coating myself in a mirror-like sheen* Is this what you guys meant when you said to show off my moves? Is that right, Lugruf?
  7. Go ahead, though the audience will be different. Like Micky.
  8. Indeed. Micky?
  9. >Inserts low temperature >Enjoys cold foods >Lapras as a spirit Pokemon >Wants to live in a cold area >Flatout states that I feel like I should be Water/Ice >Gets Poison/Ghost. ...what. I definitely consider myself an Ice-type. I love cold temperatures. I love snow. I just love the cold in general. Two of my three favorite types are Ice and Water. But apparently I'm not. Alright...
  10. Lapras
  11. Yeah, me. ProjectIceman?
  12. Guess who is feeling bored out of his skull right now? I'm not Lugruf, I think, who is my prediction.
  13. I have very little knowledge about Digimon, but sure, might as well.
  14. You can find plenty of Ice-types in Ametrine Mountain, including Snorunt (Glalie and Froslass), Spheal (Walrein), Swinub (Mamoswine) and Cryogonal. A sufficiently powerful Ice-type with Frost Breath can flatout one-shot Terra's Garchomp. I generally use Glaceon for this purpose, but you're past the point where you have access to the Icy Rock, so you should use one of the ones listed. Of those, I'd say the best to use is Walrein simply because of it's natural bulk.
  15. Good morning. Amine?