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  1. Darius advances forward, a sudden dark thought ringing in his mind. "Here's hoping they don't have any alarms here...if word gets out that we're trying to escape, we're dead." he quietly mutters out, keeping an eye out for any guards, not counting the one they can clearly see in front of them. Move to N18.
  2. SOLICE Sidequests

    For reference, here are the other two renovation options: If you renovated the Railnet, you would have gained access to a trade for Chimchar, as well as a few other items, including a Weakness Policy. Most importantly, you would have been able to get an Assault Vest. Also, shortcuts via the railnet. If you renovated Azurine Islands, meanwhile, you would have been able to get Bulbasaur, a Rocky Helmet and, I might be wrong on this, either Pinsirite or Heracrossite.
  3. Monotype suggestions

    Pretty much what Wolfox said: Whatever your favorite type is should be your first Monotype run. Personally, I can recommend the two I've run: Ice and Water. Ice is a bit rougher early-game while Water has some snags later-game, I've noticed. But, of the two, my Ice Mono is much more personal and liked. However, again, do the one you like the most.
  4. Predict the Next Person to Post

    What, don't remember me? Hongaarse?
  5. Onehit KO Attacks on Pulse Mons

    To answer the original question, generally the PULSE Mons will be higher level than yours, and OHKO moves don't work if your Mons are of a lower level. So while they work in theory, in practice you will almost never get to use them. As for how to deal with the Swalot, Blizzard to freeze the field greatly weakens it as it loses it's boost to all of it's main attacks.
  6. E17 TM update - what will happen?

    Pretty sure Ame said that all the old TM's and HM's will stay as they are. Any new moves will simply be added to the end of the TM list.
  7. Darius observed Selia's magic at work and wanted to inquire a bit more, but decided that words should be exchanged when they are in relative safety, not when they are in the middle of the enemy stronghold, even if it is the dungeons. He notices the mercenary and opts to go after him. Move to M12, attack Merc 1.
  8. E17 Legendary Pokemon

    If there is one Mon that might be considered a Legendary that will become obtainable, it's going to be Silvally. But, well, we'll have to see if Silvally will become a thing before Postgame.
  9. E17 Unobtainable Pokemon

    Pretty sure Rock Climb will become available in E18, after defeating Hardy. As for the unobtainable lines... My guesses are Gyarados (Keep the Running Gag going), Scizor (Still too powerful), Aegislash (Same), Dragonite, Hydreigon (Require Rock Climb) and Tyranitar.
  10. Predict the Next Person to Post

    Maybe later. Hongaarse?
  11. Predict the Next Person to Post

    Man, this place really died...at least we got some mew blood joining us. Let's see if they're willing to make a return appearance. Dragonsbeat?
  12. Darius shields his eyes from the blinding light. Once it fades, he looks around in utter confusion. Even the elder spirits are completely silent and dumbfounded, something that never happened before. "Uuhhh...okay...well, I have a number of questions as to what just happened, but I think it'd be best to just go with it. I'll just grab the Flux tome then." Darius exclaims, stepping out of his cell before examining the magic tome. "...hrm, quite worn down. Here's hoping we can find our equipment before this stuff breaks and becomes unusable." Move to P-5, grab Flux.