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  1. So, fighting Titania on my Water Mono. Her Mega Scizor is burned and it uses Bug Bite on my Mantine holding a Cheri Berry, which cures paralysis. The Scizor consumes the held berry and gets cured of the burn when it should not be cured of it, again, due to it being a Cheri Berry. Can easily be replicated by having a burned Mon use Bug Bite on a Mon with a Cheri Berry.
  2. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia, still somewhat burned, wet and muddied, spoke up. "We had some troubles with a Mawile and a bunch of Fire-types, including a Volcarona that seemed to be decked out in gold. They were attacking part of our group and we had to intervene." she explained her part.
  3. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia can feel her burns shrink due to Zephyr's healing, but it's clear that the worst of it will require proper treatment later. "Ngh. Thank you, I feel somewhat better now." she shakes her head a bit, trying to cool down.
  4. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia padded over to Lance. "Good job, Lance. We could not let them get away unpunished in some way for what they have done." She spoke out before turning to the tunneling Dominicus.
  5. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia jumped off of Dominicus after uttering a few words to Lance. The plan sounded crazy enough to work, yet she knew that there would be huge risks involved. "Be careful, alright? Try to not die, if possible." she spoke to him before jumping off of Dominicus, ready to jump underground.
  6. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia sighed. "Believe me...I have no intention of just letting them go free, of just giving up...not after what they've done with the Psychic Athenaeum and especially not after what they are doing right now..." she spoke out with an unusual coldness in her tone.
  7. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia dragged herself on top of Dominicus. She then looked back at the wall of flame and a painful thought came over her mind as her ears drooped even more. "...all the Pokemon and other living beings living in the forest...these...monsters would destroy and kill indiscriminately just to kill us..." she muttered out silently before falling quiet.
  8. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia's ears droop and heart practically stops upon seeing the Fiery Tsunami heading towards their group. "Th-this...no..." she mutters out before running up to Zee Pa and sprinkling him with some Sepia Spice. "Come on, we have to run, NOW!" she yelled out. [Amelia used Sepia Spice on Zee Pa.]
  9. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia quickly recovered her senses once the rain started pouring down and the Sweet Scent dissipated. Her body still ached from the burns that she sustained as the others can see a few areas on her body where her fur was completely burned away before Wasabi was able to extinguish her. At this point, she approached the rest fo the group and... "Wait, where's Elysian and Minish?" she spoke out to no one in particular as she started to pad forward and look out for them all over, occasionally wincing from her burns flaring up.
  10. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    "Th-thanks, Wasabi." Amelia spoke out before coughing as she started having trouble breathing. She started to drag and push herself out of the Heat Wave, towards one of the edges, her mind getting a little muddled by the Sweet Scent.
  11. Ice Mono overview [E17 CONTENT]

    ...right. I had completely forgot about it. To be honest, I'm not planning on using it. If I need a physical powerhouse alongside the ones I am already using, I can always use Snowslash and Beartic instead, Slush Rush gives them a huge boost in speed.
  12. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Amelia screamed out loudly in pain as some droplets of the liquid napalm landed on her, seeping through her fur and starting to char her flesh. "Nyaaagh!" she gritted her teeth and started looking around for something, anything she could do as she tried to ignore the spreading Sweet Scent. She quickly ran over to Elysian. "Agh...h-here, use this and s-stop that Volcarona!" she yelped out in between grunts of pain as she sprinkled Elysian with Sepia Spice, boosting his speed. [Amelia used Sepia Spice on Elysian.]
  13. Ice Mono overview [E17 CONTENT]

    Well, it's been a while, but we have reached the next episode, E17. While it is still the community release, I believe that it was time to continue this run. Without further ado, let's get started with my adventure through E17. I hope you enjoyed this newest update and I hope to see you in E18.
  14. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #2]

    Seeing the fire-type opposition fall one by one, Amelia ran over to Wasabi, examining her neck where she got bit by Cerberus. "Are you alright? How bad was the injury?" the Glaceon checked the neck, despite having no medical experience.