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  1. Well, the most immediate problem is that you have no Hail setter whatsoever, and Aurora Veil requires Hail to be up before you can use it. Changing A-Ninetales' ability to Snow Warning would fix that problem.
  2. I would like to make some modifications to my team, if it's still possible to do so. This is what the team I want to use looks like after modifications: My choice of sprite and trainer card remains unchanged.
  3. Welcome to Reborn! We hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful community!
  4. To be honest, your team looks perfectly solid as is. Only thing I might change is replacing Trick Room on Gardevoir with something else. Magical Leaf for a bit of extra coverage? Aside from that, everything seems perfectly good.
  5. TM

    That's the TM for Dragon Tail. As for Solarbeam...I don't know. Maybe it's in the other Devon building?
  6. Welcome to Reborn! We hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful community!
  7. Just a reminder that we will almost certainly be battling Titania on the Fairy Tale field, which makes Fire attacks gain Dragon typing and, thus, no longer being SE against Steel. Yeah, Aegislash, Skarmory, Excadrill and M-Scizor are near certainties, with Empoleon being a very likely choice. The last mon is still very much up to debate, though. I want to guess either a Metagross or a Bronzong to further deal with Steel's weakness to Fighting.
  8. Yeah, I still exist. Lugruf?
  9. Do I even want to know? Spine?
  10. There's no end of the quest, but there is a small reward for completing everything up to the current end of the quest: Safety goggles from the police chief. But the main one, being Magikarp/Gyarados, is as of yet unavailable.
  11. Was referring to the "At this point or a little earlier" part, as I don't know exactly when Cal shows up if you do agree to Blake's deal. And yeah, maybe I could have explained that part a little better overall. I hope it's better now, though.
  12. The next step is going to be in North Obsidia Ward a little later. The Stolen Pokemon is a bit of a wild goose chase, you'll be spending a long time chasing it down.
  13. "Grr...lucky dodge. You can't keep it up forever, though!" Darius angrily spoke out as he invoked the elder spirits again, making sure they're focused so they accurately hit their mark. Attack Soldier 1 again and hope this one actually hits.
  14. "...guess I was overdue for a level like this. Still irritating, though."
  15. Thank you, Ama, for the observations. Most of the plot-related ones are mostly me just overlooking them. The deal in Voclain Manor, I admit, I simply forgot because it's just forgettable. The deal with Adrienn's pronouns, I...did not see any parts where I might have been flip-flopping. The only one where there might be confusion is where Adrienn and Ditto!Gardevoir steal the Amethyst Pendant. There, I used "They" explicitly to refer to both of them and not just Adrienn. Titania's Diary...the last 2 times I literally just mashed the Z button to skip it as fast as possible, so I did not remember specific details. I did fix it, though. Cal...I said it the way I did because...I have no excuses except that I never said "Yes" to Blake, so I don't know exactly how things go if you agree to Blake's deal. Overall, I'm glad to hear that this should be helpful.