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  1. Anstane

    Mega-Z Ring (is avaible way too late in the game)

    Except most of the nerfs aren't too massive. Gengar? Turns out Cursed Body is just as good of a move. Sure, weakness to Ground, but disrupting important moves with Cursed Body is just as valuable. Talonflame not having Gale Wings anymore being permanent sounds like a major nerf...until you realize Talonflame is already fast as hell, outspeeding damn near everything. I'm not going into the Megas/Legendaries (Though, uh, how was Parental Bond nerfed? Pretty sure it's just as busted, especially now that we got Power-up Punch.) As for the issue of Scizor specifically, well, that's the thing. Not all Pokemon are going to have Fire moves. All it needs is to go in on one of those Pokemon, use Swords Dance (that it learns naturally) three times, then use Technician-boosted Bullet Punch until everything is KO'd, and Scizor is powerful enough to more or less OHKO everything when fully set-up. Sure, that's no different than many other Mons, but Scizor is special because it's very high bulk and extremely good defensive typing means it gets a very easy time setting up compared to literally everything else.
  2. Anstane

    Mega-Z Ring (is avaible way too late in the game)

    How are the two problems actually, well, problems? The most powerful TM's are, naturally, going to be pushed to the very end of the game specifically so you get a feeling of progression or, if you really want those moves, to use Mons you'd otherwise not use because they get the moves naturally. As for the Mega Stones, again, a feeling of progression. As for the issue of the Mega Z-Ring being too late...I don't necessarily agree with that. Besides a few Pokemon-specific Z-stones, we only start obtaining them in the Desert, one Gym Leader before one can obtain the ring itself. Plus, we get it three Gym Leaders after the first leader gets a Mega Evolution, which I think is a fair amount of time delay. As someone who straight up doesn't care about Mega Evolution and not a huge fan of Z-Stones, I don't think them being pushed back so long is a huge problem, honestly. Also, I have a feeling that we'll get all the remaining non-obtainable non-Legendary/Mythical Mons to become obtainable in E18...except for Scyther/Scizor, because I feel like it's still too powerful even for end-of-E18 stuff.
  3. I have no regrets. I need some time to cool off and let my existence fade away somewhat. Might be back in a few weeks to the Discord, who knows...either way, for now, I am just gone.

  4. As soon as the fighting was over and he helped Helena patch up her wounds, Darius noticed a shaman among the no-longer-hostile enemy forces and, seeing this opportunity to speak to another practitioner, moved over to him. "Hm. Not often do you see Dark Magic users anywhere nowadays. Where did you achieve this knowledge?"
  5. Anstane

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    I was doing the Darchlight Puzzle in Darchlight Cave when I talked to a wandering Erin. The thing is, I talked to her as she was right in front of the Red button. Now she just stands there, unmoving, blocking the Red button and preventing me from being able to complete the puzzle and, presumably, advancing the plot. Game.rxdata
  6. I don't know if this is a bug, per se, but Alolan Raichu cannot learn Surf. I know technically only Pikachu can get it, and through an event, but I was told to report this because it might be unintended. And if it intended, then I'd like to request Erick's A-Raichu to lose Surf because that is just a little unfair, maybe?
  7. Anstane

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    As all the other action was happening, Amelia was lying in her room, not sleeping, but also not entirely awake, almost in a semi-delirious state. She could not sleep much at all during the night and it's clearly visible on her face. Slowly, she finally decided to get up and, wobbling, stumbled out of her room, heading towards the lobby, but stopping when she saw a number of Mons inside of the room. She simply stood at a distance and observed, trying not to fall asleep as she did so.
  8. Anstane

    Blacksteeple Castle 'unwinnable' boss

    Quick Guard is the best and simplest way of dealing with it. You'll still need a revive or three because even Struggle OHKO's, but at least you won't need 13+ of them.
  9. The text for taking to the woman here for hints on the Love Letter sidequest has not been updated. The client was moved to the upper area of the gateway to Oceana Pier, yet she still tells you to go to Leaflet Park.
  10. As all the chaos around Randel was going on, Darius simply observed it all from a distance, unable to quite reach the enemy in time. He simply starts moving forward, thinking that, if he is needed, he might be able to contribute after another round of combat. [Move to G10]
  11. Anstane

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    The next day arrives... (NOTE: Any characters that wish to talk in the previous day of the intermission are still free to do so, as long as they are pointed out to being from the previous day.)
  12. So, fighting Souta, managed to get the field down to the Mountain field and used Blizzard. It turned the field to Snowy Mountain, only the field was completely black. The actual bug comes after: Mega Pidgeot used Heat Wave, which should have turned the field to the Mountain field. Instead, it turned the field straight back to the Sky field.