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  1. Right, Northeast. Sorry, got the two directions mixed up.
  2. It's in Chrysolia Forest, around the northwest corner of it. There should be a small path there that leads to a small grove that has the Mossy Rock.
  3. Wow, it's seriously been a week since I last posted here? Welp. Zarc?
  4. Apparently using Jenkel's Purification machine when you have no Pokemon that can be purified counts as your "One Purification per Day". I used it by accident with a not-ready-to-be-purified Vanillite, it said "No", then when I returned to it with a Vanillite who's heart was ready to be opened, it said "The machine is recharging..."
  5. I don't know if this is truly a bug, but Encore seems to have Priority when it shouldn't. At the very least, it definitely goes before Baby-Doll Eyes. To test this, use Encore against Melia's Eevee during the battle against her in Goldenwood Grove. EDIT: Nevermind, I realized that it's not a bug if Melia used a different move, as Seel as was faster.
  6. Made another update to my Water Mono, for the two or so people still interested in it.

  7. Well...I was in the mood to push forward, so here we go. Chapter 9: Tanzan Assault After Serra, I went and gave Tortolla a break and brought out Lotus again. This was a good decision on my part, as will be seen. Anyway, first things first, I had gotten a Good Rod, there is a large body of water, there was only one thing to be done: Fishing! Got three new Water types, none of which I'm like to use. Anyway, we brought AnnaNostra her medicine and we were about to go straight into a battle with Noel when Saphira intervened, saving us from being humiliated. However, she did that by warning us of an incoming threat. A major one... After that battle and getting to witness Saphira literally Hyper Beam Connal through the wall, it was off to Tanzan Base. We quickly smashed our way through all defenses until we got teleported away to the depths of Tanzan Mountain. First was the giant Steelix who put up a fight, but Rain Dance + Razor Shell/Water Pulse was too much for it. Secondly was the PULSE-Abra It decided not to Hyper Beam. Instead, it Dark Pulsed. It helped, because Frosty bulked one of those, letting Jaws go to town on the poor Abra. Finally, it was time for Noel, proper. And, with that, it is time to move on to Route 1 where we will find many Pidgeys, Rattata's and-oh wait, wrong game. Welp. Anyway, team:
  8. Pretty sure you just need to interact with the door. You have her badge, that's enough.
  9. Darius glanced around the corner, past the doorway that is now serving as a bit of a chokepoint and noticed, just around the corner, a number of knights standing in line. Seeing a chance to do some damage to the guards, he pushed his way to what he believed to be a more advantageous position, equipping his new Nosferatu tome while he is at it. As he does so, he can almost feel the elder spirits being infused with a sort of...vampiric energy. Move to C6, equip Nosferatu.
  10. I couldn't have really used Ludicolo because, well, it's still Bug vs Grass. As for the two Meteor Grunts in question, they are the two grunts that show up in Spinel Town that you talk to, then they challenge you to a battle in Tanzan Mountain. They are really tough because they actually have a really strong pair of teams for the point of the game, including a Toxicroak (With Dry Skin, no less), a Golem and a Seismitoad, among others.
  11. Alright, finally completed another gym leader's worth of content on this run. With that said... Chapter Eight: Weather Blues and Team Revamps. So, I started things off by...rebattling Aya because I am a moron that forgot to save. Thankfully, I defeated her first try, so no issues there. Anyway, the first think I tried to do is get Squirtle. Sadly, I forgot how to. That, and derped weather prevented me from acquiring Squirtle. Ah well, wasn't planning on using it anyway. After that, I decided that I do actually want a Water/Ground. I had three choices to choose from. Ultimately, I went with this: After acquiring the lord of all Slugs (And yes, Lords can be female too), it was time to raid Yureyu. A bunch of boring grunts later, we had a choice: Sirius and Sigmund. And because fighting Sigmund would have meant fighting an Elec Mono in a field that boosted him, I went with Sirius. At this point, I could have went straight to Spinel and challenged Bennett and Serra. However, you know me and I can't resist Eevee or it's evolutions. So I...proceeded to wait a few days because I forgot that the tree in Chrysolia disappears in windy weather at night. Yeah... A quick trip to grab a Water Stone, I got her evolved (as well as Slug Lord who evolved earlier). Anyway, it was time to deal with Spinel Town. First of all, probably the hardest battle against Meteor Grunts in the entire game. No, seriously, these guys actually took me three attempts to defeat. Our reward for it? (I forgot to take a screenshot immediately. I had to take it after training her up.) I have a feeling I'm going to like using her. The training montage actually happened after I lost horribly to Bennett. And with that, it was time for Serra. You would think I'd just execute the same strategy...right? And with that, that battle is done with. It is time to move on to Tanzan where I won't find any new team members but have to deal with Noel anyway. The team as of right now that took down Serra:
  12. I'd definitely be interested in more "unique" tournaments, like the aforementioned Metronome battle, or something like that. So yes, I'd be interested.
  13. Happy birthday, Hycrox!
  14. I suppose so, yeah. Amine?
  15. Definitely looking forward to it! And oh, I can challenge someone on Hearthstone? Better prepare my Pirate Warrior and Quest Rogue decks nah, I prefer less optimized fun decks.