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  1. Aside from maybe nods or references, we will not be getting anything else. I mean, the game does not have Shadow Pokémon, why would we suddenly start encountering Shadow Mons when we're nearly at the end, or even post-game? Likewise with characters from the anime.
  2. Nope, no metal parts here. Micky?
  3. Welcome to Reborn! We hope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. Nope. Bibs?
  5. I don't understand my faculty. We have a water dispenser...but it's only there during May, June and September. All other months it's hidden away somewhere.


    All I want is a cup of water...


    Instead, all that's available are coffee machines that I'm not interested in...

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    2. Tartar


      @HongaarseBeer97 Waterbottles are made of plastic, and either due to photo degeneration or through natural causes will slowly dissolve and seep into the water after a while. It's not entirely a problem nor dangerous, but even minute changes in the components of water can alter the taste. 


      Case in point Danish water is incredibly rich in calcium, and tastes widely different from water in most other countries due to lacking this component. I know Sweden has incredibly iron rich water... What's the quirk of water in the Netherlands? 

    3. Anstane


      Our tap water is actually pretty good, overall, good enough to drink. Though yeah, I'd rather there be a permanent dispenser then me having to carry a water bottle with me everywhere...

    4. HongaarseBeer97


      @Tartar To be fair I wouldn't exactly know. I do however know that water from Almere, which is where I live, is (or was, this news is quite old actually) the softest tap water in the whole of Europe. So it has very little calcium in it and it doesn't taste like iron etc. at all. 


      I actually did a little research and the softness/hardness of tap water where I live is 4.30. If I compare this to Amsterdam which has 8.40, that's a world of difference. I can really taste a difference in those two kinds of tap water. I'll leave the link here, just in case you want to know more (it is in Dutch, though: Now I didn't calculate the average, but it seems like it's somewhere between 8 and 9. How this compares to the rest of Europe/the world, I have no idea, but it seems quite alright

  6. At the moment he does not have the ability to go to Shade's gym, as he is still in the Agate Circus arc, so unless he caught one beforehand, that is not an option. While people are saying that that's not a great team, if it's been working out for you, I don't see why you shouldn't continue use it. However, for this battle at least, you definitely might want to bring something else. I recommend getting a Walrein or something else that naturally learns Blizzard so you can turn the field around. The Swalot is reliant almost exclusively on the Murkwater field being up, so changing it greatly weakens it. Alternatively, Destiny Bond/Perish Song work as well, if you're willing to take that route. Also, shouldn't this thread be better suited to the Team Showcase subforum? I mean you're asking for a Pokemon to help with defeating it, but it's still better suited there as you're asking for help.
  7. Not really. Spine?
  8. Basically, there is no legal in-game way of getting a Honedge yet. Everyone using it either got it via hacking it in, having it hacked in, or trading with someone who hacked it in or had it hacked in. If you want one, then you can ask around and someone should be able to get you one.
  9. Restoring the Slums allows you to get Goomy as well as the last job needed to get Charmander if you joined the Magma Gang. Restoring the Railnet gets you a number of items, including a Togepi egg, Steelixite and an Assault Vest. Restoring the Azurine Islands allows you to get, if I remember correctly, Chimchar and Bulbasaur and something else, I don't remember exactly.
  10. To be fair, how much of it is people actually liking Metagross and how much of it is it just being a broken as all hell mon? Especially Megagross.
  11. Yesterday was less then pleasant. Isa?
  12. Kyurem
  13. "No, not really. I was just curious, is all." Darius simply replied. "You're going to have quite a story to tell everyone when you return to Alios..."
  14. Whoops, I might have gone a bit quiet. Isa?
  15. Darius sat quietly for a few moments before deciding to indulge his own curiosity. "So, if I may ask, how did you come to picking up anima magic?" the Shaman inquired.