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  1. Lucina. Blugh. That animoo waifu is overrated garbage my boi. Cherche ftw I would actually choose Oshawott, not Decidueye, if I got to put in any poke. My other faves are basically already in and I absolutely adore Oshawott.
  2. Thanks. I've pretty much come to terms with it and I'm doing much better. Sorry to hear about your own family though, but I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!
  3. Maybe I'm being a bit too personal but the community here is great so maybe you guys could help cheer me up. My grandfather has been struggling with health issues for the past few years now and today he unfortunately couldn't hold out anymore and passed. I was excited for him because he was supposed to come over for Thanksgiving and we usually don't see him during holidays because he lives a few states away and could only really meet up with each other during the summers. I hope you guys and your families are safe and are doing better than mine right now. Hopefully things will get better.
  4. These kinds of reactions are everywhere. I know it's just a yellow remake, but hey, at least it isn't being hyped up as some amazing GOTY, and besides, I like yellow a bunch. Also, I need more stuff to play on my Switch since the d pad on my new 3ds broke and is stuck on down after me talking big about getting those 2 Mareeps lol. Can't play the other games for a few weeks now Oh well, I wants my Frog Venusaur already.
  5. Bro just got 2 shiny Mareeps at 14 and 28 on the same chain in Platinum 👌👌👌 Pros like me don't even need to go to 40 lol

  6. I think most good Splatoon 2 teammates have gone into hibernation for the winter >-<

  7. I don't want to drag on and on about this and I don't want you guys to think I'm just a complete asshole might be too late for that BUT I admit I was wrong to be as angry as I was. I've been having personal life issues and was already very miffed with the situations that were going on and are still going on, so I apologize for my rudeness. While I still don't like what Sakurai and his team are doing and still am not a fan of Sakurai himself I took it out the wrong way. However, I did want to ask a question about the almost ubiquitous response to the criticisms I see from Ultimate, being "They're trying their hardest so you shouldn't be so upset". And that is "Are you sure you aren't biased?" And I'm not saying it's wrong for you to say this, but I see this so much I wanted to ask about it. When longtime Capcom fans were asking for more recognition of Megaman for years and we got that monstrosity in Street Fighter X Tekken, I didn't see many people rushing to the devs defenses, and when people found out dlc fighters had been planned from the beginning and were on the disc it was mostly the same there. After Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was criticized, for, well, everything... but uh, No X men, characters that not many people wanted but were chosen over fan favorites anyway, meh story mode, everybody seemed to agree that the game just wasn't good. Not much "They tried their hardest" or "We finally got X in so that shows they care". Even other Nintendo franchises went through this, with criticism about Nintendo giving us the same Mario games over and over while ignoring long time fan requests for more recognition to other series like Metroid, Pikmin, and Star Fox. Hey Pikmin was pretty mixed but nobody seemed to really defend it too much from negative critics, Star Fox Zero's debacle over it being ANOTHER remake wasn't met with "Well, they at least recognize the series still so don't be so upset maybe it'll be better in the future". It just seems to be a double standard for me. Some might say "Well, the fans overhyped themselves way too much". My response to that would be, well, did they really? Were the characters people wanted in that much of a stretch to not be upset about? Haven't they been asking for these characters for years now? With Sakurai bending over backwards to impliment a character like Ridley only to ignore so many other fans not warrant anger? And with a title like "Ultimate" and Sakurai saying he drew fighters from the ballot (Supposedly) could you honestly say they were wrongly overhyped? I think the disappointment I see is fairly warranted. Oh, and to clarify: I don't care that Decidueye. Shadow, Isaac and Geno aren't in anymore and don't count on any of them being DLC. I'm over Incineroar, Ridley, Simon, Dark Samus, and Daisy being chosen over others who I feel deserve the spot more. Yes I'm still mad, but shit happens, I'm done wasting time over it. I figure I'll play the game for about a week and if it's not good, I can return it and get all my money back, so it's a win win. I really do want to like it, but I can't care less about spirits and World of Light seems like classic mode with some new glossy paint. I would be ecstatic if I'm proven wrong though. Aside from potential responses, I'm done ranting now and do want to hear your opinions.
  8. Smogoon Josh

    Smash Bros: The Last Directbender.

    Yep. Don't know if I'll be super disappointed (Vergeben) fine with the final choices (Grinch) OR be super elated (Decidueye, Shadow, Isaac, Geno). I don't get Shantae people. Like, she's cool and all, but her games aren't THAT big (although Cloud does show that they'll really add anyone to please fans). Still hoping for no Incineroar or Steve, or for Isaac to be playable DAMMIT SAKURAI!!!!!!!
  9. I'm actually laughing my ass off if the Grinch of all things is going down in history as part of the leak of the Smash Ultimate Roster! XD (on a side note, I am perfectly fine with this roster)
  10. Smogoon Josh

    So, another Smash Bros Leak has come to the forefront...

    I wish. Decidueye, Geno, AND Shadow? Yes please! But I doubt it. October 24, no Ken, final character + demo... I take every "leak" with a grain of salt because I don't want to hype myself up and be so disappointed Ultimate becomes my most hated game ever (cough Sm4sh suck @ss cough). Although if it were true I'd still be sad about Isaac. Decidueyefan4life
  11. I think Decidueye could totally be an echo of Greninja. His ghost typing would make it possible and Water shuriken could just be Spirit Shackle. I really hate to be a downer though, but Incineroar is actually who they choose Imma be pretty damn pissed. You have a choice between Tony the Tiger's cousin who can't really bring much new to the smash series (fire, wrestling, we have those already) or an Archer Owl who might not be too original moveset-wise but I argue brings way more than Incineroar could. I know I'm biased, but I think Incineroar is just one of the worst Pokes ever brought to the series and to have him represent in Smash I think is a huge dissapointment. Sorry for being such a hater though. If you like Incineroar that's totally fine but that's my opinion.
  12. Smogoon Josh

    Video Games you Played When you Were Younger

    BRUH don't even get me started on how many times I've thought "Intelligent Systems, why can't you revive AW the way you did FE man?" A sad story indeed. Especially since Days of Ruins was just okay, and it would really suck for the series to end like that. Dual Strike is still a classic for me though.
  13. Smogoon Josh

    Video Games you Played When you Were Younger

    Too many to count, but Advance Wars is a series that really sticks out. Always got my older brother to get me past levels I couldn't beat lol! Every direct I wait for Advance Wars 5, but deep down I know It probably won't come for at least a long time still...
  14. I'm getting back into Pokken and I'm curious if there's any Pokken players here who wanna battle each other. If so vote on what kind of battle and I'll make a group tomorrow around 1-2 p.m. Also FC if anyone cares... 3. You mentioned “around 1 or 2 pm”. There is an inherent flaw with that. You didn’t stamp time zones. So 1 or 2 to me might be 3 to 4 for you or 1 to 2 am for some of the people in this community from the opposite side of the world. AHHH totally forgot about the timezone thing. Sorry! I live in Pennsylvania so I'm Eastern Time. I went ahead and just created the group. ID is: 45243198909167 I have life stuff to do soon but starting around 1 p.m. ET I'll be free until 6 (that direct you feel me? :D)
  15. Smogoon Josh

    Skull Kid in Smash...

    So I've never played nor have I the intention of playing Majora's Mask but it seems like Skull Kid might be coming to Smash with the hints (sort of) dropped in the last direct. Is he really that requested/popular and could he work in Smash? I'm asking because with the limited newcomers I'm kinda picky about who gets in, and I think ANOTHER Zelda character is overkill but I want to know if he's be a good choice. (Although since we have Chrom and K. Rool and it's likely Shadow could get in I guess I can't complain too much )