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  1. I think Decidueye could totally be an echo of Greninja. His ghost typing would make it possible and Water shuriken could just be Spirit Shackle. I really hate to be a downer though, but Incineroar is actually who they choose Imma be pretty damn pissed. You have a choice between Tony the Tiger's cousin who can't really bring much new to the smash series (fire, wrestling, we have those already) or an Archer Owl who might not be too original moveset-wise but I argue brings way more than Incineroar could. I know I'm biased, but I think Incineroar is just one of the worst Pokes ever brought to the series and to have him represent in Smash I think is a huge dissapointment. Sorry for being such a hater though. If you like Incineroar that's totally fine but that's my opinion.
  2. Smogoon Josh

    Video Games you Played When you Were Younger

    BRUH don't even get me started on how many times I've thought "Intelligent Systems, why can't you revive AW the way you did FE man?" A sad story indeed. Especially since Days of Ruins was just okay, and it would really suck for the series to end like that. Dual Strike is still a classic for me though.
  3. Smogoon Josh

    Video Games you Played When you Were Younger

    Too many to count, but Advance Wars is a series that really sticks out. Always got my older brother to get me past levels I couldn't beat lol! Every direct I wait for Advance Wars 5, but deep down I know It probably won't come for at least a long time still...
  4. I'm getting back into Pokken and I'm curious if there's any Pokken players here who wanna battle each other. If so vote on what kind of battle and I'll make a group tomorrow around 1-2 p.m. Also FC if anyone cares... 3. You mentioned “around 1 or 2 pm”. There is an inherent flaw with that. You didn’t stamp time zones. So 1 or 2 to me might be 3 to 4 for you or 1 to 2 am for some of the people in this community from the opposite side of the world. AHHH totally forgot about the timezone thing. Sorry! I live in Pennsylvania so I'm Eastern Time. I went ahead and just created the group. ID is: 45243198909167 I have life stuff to do soon but starting around 1 p.m. ET I'll be free until 6 (that direct you feel me? :D)
  5. Smogoon Josh

    Skull Kid in Smash...

    So I've never played nor have I the intention of playing Majora's Mask but it seems like Skull Kid might be coming to Smash with the hints (sort of) dropped in the last direct. Is he really that requested/popular and could he work in Smash? I'm asking because with the limited newcomers I'm kinda picky about who gets in, and I think ANOTHER Zelda character is overkill but I want to know if he's be a good choice. (Although since we have Chrom and K. Rool and it's likely Shadow could get in I guess I can't complain too much )
  6. Smogoon Josh

    Who Should I Marry In FE Fates Conquest

    I'm straight but if I had to pick I'd say Xander, Laslow, or Leo, since I always used them and they were some of my favorite Nohr characters and I'm sure they'd make a pretty good Kana.
  7. Smogoon Josh

    Smash Ballot was rigged. Called it.

    I think you're misunderstanding. The article shows that data was added for Bayonetta not very long after the ballot was announced, which means they started working on her probably before the ballot was even announced. What I'm saying here is that (For Sm4sh at least) you're votes didn't mean anything and the outcome would have been the same no matter who "won".
  8. I knew there was no way Bayonetta actually won. Apparently this has been known for a bit but I just found out yesterday. So that makes me wonder, if Ultimate has a ballot are people going to call them out for it? https://sourcegaming.info/2018/07/03/bayo106/
  9. Smogoon Josh

    How's the weather?

    It has been on and off STORMING every 5 minutes for the past 4 days here. I don't mind though. Love the rain. It's still hot and muggy though...
  10. Smogoon Josh

    Favorite Pokemon Gens?

    We here on Reborn seem to love Gen 4. It's only natural, we all have good taste and class. Oh, and I love Vanniluxe too even though 5th gen is my 2nd least fave. Always use it on my team. Klinklang..... eh
  11. Smogoon Josh

    Unusual things you've done

    A friend of a friend who I didn't know at all let me and two other people hop on the side, back, and other side of his wheelchair and all four of us rolled down a hill with no way to stop and with a road a car could have came out of without us seeing it. I eat chocolate chip cookie dough by rolling it up into a ball, flattening it between my hands, pick out the chocolate chips, reroll chipless cookie dough then eat it litle by little. I actually liked the Emerald Chapter of the Pokemon Adventures Manga. Quite a lot actually.
  12. Smogoon Josh

    Is this weird to do?

    Could always use both. They're pretty different moveset/statwise iirc. You don't need a super duper op team for this game. I use lopunny and meowstic m and I don't have much trouble.
  13. Smogoon Josh

    On that Disgaea kick

    Damn I love the Disgaea games. I started out with 5 oddly enough once it came out on the Switch. Took me a little to really get into it, but man once I did... It hasn't left my switch in about 3 months now... I've been flip flopping between 3 and 4 because I wanna know what happens (I go into all of them blind) and the first for the ds here and there. Even though I only started playing them when 5 came out I'm absolutely hooked. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a new rpg to play or those who love, love, love, LOVE grinding. Ya'll who already play it know what I'm talking about. Any other Disgaea fans here?
  14. Smogoon Josh

    what do you think of Bronzong?

    I kinda like it I guess. Playing through 4th gen 8 million times as a kid warmed my heart up to so many pokemon in that game. ...Although, it's design around it's eyes do look a little like
  15. Smogoon Josh


    Banned for not having proper punctuation. <-----